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ionomolo 8th June 2008 06:51 PM

Loudspeakers suggested to use with chipamps
As you may have read, i have asked in other threads which loudspeakers in the 1K$ range could suit a chipamp.

The idea is to power them with an amplifier based on the forthcomming AN-1625 whose power supply i'm already building (+/- 65V 5A per rail in mono-block construction and separate housing for the supply).

The problem is not that i havn't searched but rather that i've searched too much and found everything to be contradictory. :(

My preferences are Midrange > Clarity (or air or how do you want to call it) > Bass. This doesn't mean that bass isn't important for me, but that i won't care about it if the loudspeakers have no midrange.

The loudspeakers forum would not suit that because this is not about diy loudspeakers but rather about finding a part to suit a chipamp (a very notable part, i know).

My choices are between the monitor audio ones, which have received both good and bad reviews (for being bright), the kef ones, the b&w ones and the tannoy's. One thing that freaks me about the tannoys (DC4T-DC6T is that they aren't on the "audiophile" press). And there isn't a single user opinion telling to have listened and found them horrible. There is also a sonus faber (concertino domus) loudspeaker in that price range which has received terrible reviews. There are some people praising the DC6-T. Any input?

Hope that people with similar amplifiers and tastes will give me some advice.

Nuuk 8th June 2008 09:27 PM

I've heard GC's with the Monitor Audio GR60's and the sound was much as you say you like. You may find a s/h pair for around your budget.

ionomolo 8th June 2008 09:30 PM


valleyman 9th June 2008 12:34 AM

Why not take your amp to a dealer and try it out with as many speakers as they'll let you? It'd be fun as well as very helpful in making a decision

ionomolo 9th June 2008 08:12 AM

Yes, and probably he would have a hard time to keep selling $1500 amps : ).

But if we are a bit realistic, the probabilities to find a seller letting me connect that ugly-looking (wonderfully sounding) diy thing to $1000 gear are pretty low.

valleyman 9th June 2008 02:03 PM

Well, since you plan to use this amp with $1000 speakers it's a given that you're sure it wont harm them. or at the very least are willing to assume that small risk, so go in, ask to try and just let them know you'll pay for a pair of speakers if they're damaged by the amp.
To be honest, I think the dealer might be interested to hear your amp anyway, just so long as his other customers don't know how much it cost!

Edit: Also, before taking the stance that finding a dealer to let you try it out will be very hard, just call around a few nearby and ask, that's easy, won't take long and worst case scenario you have ruled out the possibility of listening with dealers

ionomolo 9th June 2008 02:28 PM

A not-so-bad idea.

I'm working on a class A amp that sounds i won't say very good, but rather in a way that pleases me a lot, but i'm also expecting the release of a national application note on how to develop an "Ultra high fidelity" amplifier.

As you pointed out damaging expensive loudspeakers isn't an option so i plan to delay buying those loudspeakers until i make my mind about which one i prefer and i have a version not in prototype stage. If it looks up to the task i will try it.

valleyman 9th June 2008 10:40 PM

out of interest, why not DIY the speakers? I suppose one major downside is you can't try before you buy so to speak unless you can find someone nearby who has built a pair and will let you have a listen

WJMIII 10th June 2008 02:25 AM

I'm with valleyman - get a pair of 8" Audio Nirvana full-range drivers and have the cabinets built for you at about 1/2 the $1000 cost

plenty of great midrange, super detail and clarity

ionomolo 10th June 2008 10:25 AM

Wow... these are very efficient and have a nice impedance curve... well, with a megapeak, but i really prefer a megapeak to a megadip!

I will go for these and use them with a class A amps. Lowthers aren't a good idea? The driver is not as expensive...

Will the design of the cabinet ruin the efficiency? I have only a single thing to tune for my amp (Sziklai vs EF) and i will dip into loudspeakers.

Hope they aren't "bassless"...

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