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Eufouria 16th April 2008 08:33 PM

Portable Mp3 player speaker amp
Hi I've been working on a portable speaker system for my mp3 player and up to this point have been using old computer speaker amplifiers to little success.
I came across Gainclone amps and was wondering if this would be a practical application.
Weight is a minor issue as it already is rather large and and extra few pounds wouldnt matter.
Would it be possible to power the amplifier through a battery supply?
Also what sort of footprint do these amps usually have?
Is there any online store which sells all the part neccessary for construction for a reasonable price?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


dfdye 16th April 2008 09:13 PM

How much power do you think you will want? if you are looking for battery power, this sounds like an application for a class D amp due to the efficiency.

Also, I have heard of people driving Sonic Impact amps via 12V batteries to good effect. Buying that amp as a module and ripping the guts out to use in your portable system would get you a more efficient amplifier than most any chipamp solution.

Eufouria 18th April 2008 01:56 AM

That looks perfect. thanks for the help.

Buckapound 18th April 2008 02:43 AM

Yes, check out the Class D forums, and especially look for the Tripath-based designs.

These offer superb sound for a portable device and are 80%+ efficient and run great on widely available 12 v. batteries. You can buy a Sonic Impact and rip it apart (and upgrade the input and power caps), buy a preassembled board, or build from a kit.

There are two flavors of the 12v Tripath chips: the 2024, which has a 15 wpc into 4 ohms spec, and the 2020/2021B, which offers 25 wpc. You'll get better battery life with the former, but slightly more sound from the latter.

I suggest you look at the kits at, especially the Amp 6, and if you're a killer solderer, the amp 32. Prices are very good, and in my experience, the sound beats the pants off even a well-modded Sonic Impact.

Have fun.


Bearman 18th April 2008 03:42 AM

Excellent advice there Buck. I put a Amp32 in a small Ratshack project box and use a external 8 AA battery holder for the 12v.

I take it backpacking with me and it's great to have tunes 50 miles away from nowhere.

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