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Zero Cool 29th May 2006 08:55 PM

Good News Nakamichi Lovers!

It is with honors that I present some new information about Upgrading your aftermarket Nakamichi CD Changer! I have successfully completed a Test using a Nak head Unit and a Sony 10 Disc CD changer and it works! A Nak deck can control a Sony (and probably others) CD changer from the H.U. controls!

So far tests have been completed using a Nak Head unit and two older Sony CD-A15 and CD-A30 10 disc changers. I will be continuing to test Sony models as they become available to me. I have high hopes of finding a 10 or a 12 disc changer with MP3 playback capabilities for those of us with Nak Head units!

Now don't get excited just yet. An external box will be required for this but making one is no big deal. While the Nak can control the Sony changer functions. The audio from the changer to the deck is on different pins. An adapter box to either break out the audio, or adapt the audio pin to pin will be needed. Details on constructing such a box to follow so stay tuned! If there is demand, i may make up a few extra boxes or cables.

anatech 29th May 2006 11:07 PM

Good work Zero Cool!

I used a Sony controller for doing warranty work as the Nak head unit was too darn $$$. With Nak's blessing I might add.


Zero Cool 30th May 2006 03:12 AM

Well I have done some more testing and it looks like the sony is an exact pin out. The problem lies in my test head unit.

I have two Nak TD-45Z decks. One in my BMW and one that was in my Acura. I traded in the acrua this weekend and i yanked out the Nak before doing so and that is what i have been using for testing.

It seems that there is something different between these units. The one in the BMW only uses the 13-pin cable to connect from the changer in the trunk to the head unit. But the deck i pulled from my acura, doest transmit the audio through the 13-pin cable. there may be something wrong with the deck i dont know. but if i pull the audio off of the 13 pin cable and feed it in the CDC port on the back of the nak. everything works just fine!

And I cant plug the Sony changer into the BMW's Nak system as the gender is wrong. and i am NOT pulling that deck out, no way! what a major PITA that was to get it in there.

So i think i will rig up a gender bender to try. It may just be a drop in solution.

Now the hard part. finding a good Sony 10 disc changer to use. It seems all the new changers use Ai-Net and i cant seem to find a Ai-Net to 13-pin adapter just yet.....

Making progress...


philcuore 31st May 2006 07:06 AM

gooday mate,

I got CD700 that has non-stop problem on *MECHA ERROR*
and the Disc Changer for that cost me an arm and leg to get it.

Oh so does the repair for the CD700...

If so you have broken the da vinci code for the CDC controls by using SONY changer...

Please help us !!!

Phil (

Zero Cool 3rd June 2006 04:58 AM

Well i have done some testing and as it turns out. the older sony changewrs with the 13-pin connectors plug right in and work with most nak decks!

The Sony changers have a shot cable that extends from the changer with a Male 13-pin plug. These come with a long extension cable that plugs right into the back of the Nak decks. you must use that cable with a nak.

Nak Changers have a femal plug in the changer. the Nak cable has male plugs on both ends so you have to use the sony cable.

I have 3 nak decks here i used for testing. 2 of the 3 work as is with just the 13-pin cable. the analog audio is sent down the 13-pin cable.
One of the Nak decks would control the changer but wouldnt pass the audio. further testing revelaed that it is a issue with the radio. Either the deck is not working correctly or it was designed to work with a nak changer that has external RCA jacks on it like a MF-51.

So, if your nak deck only uses the 13-pin cable, you can plug a sony changer right into it.

I am still looking for a 13-pin ti Uni-link or Ai-Net adapter.

I have found that Kenwood changers have the power and ground on opposite pins! use caution when testing.


Puggie 3rd June 2006 11:47 AM

Clarion M-bus also uses the 13-pin connection, the pin outs are:

1 - SI/SO
2 - SCK
4 - SRQ
10 - +B (14V)
12 - GND
Shield- GND

ocaukrell 4th June 2006 10:55 AM

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This might help you, from a freind of mine thats been doing nak since 1983.

His website is -->

Zero Cool 4th June 2006 01:44 PM




niteowl 16th June 2006 04:22 AM

To get audio out you need to add a couple of jumpers to the 45Z . Go to CN505 near the 13 pin connector (CN504) and add the 3 jumper chips ( J303L, J304, J303R) that will correct your problem.


niteowl 16th June 2006 04:25 AM


Originally posted by philcuore
gooday mate,

I got CD700 that has non-stop problem on *MECHA ERROR*
and the Disc Changer for that cost me an arm and leg to get it.

Oh so does the repair for the CD700...

If so you have broken the da vinci code for the CDC controls by using SONY changer...

Please help us !!!

Phil (

I could fix it. problem is I'm in Canada. I also have the same unit and a bunch of parts.

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