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Harmoniz 23rd February 2006 09:31 PM

Monoblock Decision - assistance please...
Hello to all!

First time for me here, all the way from around the world in a little country named Malaysia! Greetings from the east! Happen to stumble by this great forum, and immediately decided to become a member. Hope it's all right...

I am in the midst of a total makeover for my caraudio, and have already bought most of the stuff. However, among my last buys would be the amp of choice to run my subs.

So here goes,

I have two Kicker Comp VR (05CVR124) dual 4 ohms rated 400RMS/800watt max each, yet to be installed. From my understanding, these things can only be wired either at 4ohms or 1ohm.

Now, here in Malaysia there are several monoblocks in the market, but what caught my overall fancy is the:

1. Phoenix Gold Xenon 1200.1 Class D mono (1200RMS, 1-4ohms)
2. JL Audio Slash 1000/1 Class D mono (1000RMS, 1.5 - 4ohms)
(however the JL is still yet to be found in my shores)

Like I said, what caught my fancy is that the models above give out the same output power between 4 - 1 ohms. I would like to run my subs at 4 ohm; dont wanna risk running the amp heated at 1 ohm.

However, there is also another amp that caught my eye, but a 2 channel, which was the:

Soundstream Van Gogh VGA 1600.2
400RMS@4ohms x 2
800RMS@2ohms x 2
1600RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms mono, bridged

Now my plea for help would be:

1. Of the three above choices, which would be the `best'? (eh suitable would be a better word, i think)
2. Any unpleasant experiences with any of the amps mentioned above?
3. With regards to power draw, what should I look out for?
4. If i were to choose the soundstream, would i be making a mistake?

There we go. I sincerely hope all gurus and enthusiasts alike can assist me on this.

Oh yea, since I'm new, err.. don't flame me okay, ain't so well versed in this field myself. But then flaming is the quickest way to learn!

Thanks all, especially for reading (and replying of course!)


Harmoniz 24th February 2006 01:11 PM

Ahem...anybody? Please?

swordfish689 24th February 2006 02:09 PM

Hey, all those amps are very good choices. I would never run an amp into 1 ohm, for everyday use it's much better to keep around 2 ohms. here's some suggestions that you might use.

you can wire each sub so its in 2 ohms and then buy a 2 channel amp. say you buy a mtx thunder 942. Each sub would get around 450 watts each. Or you can buy 2 mono amps , one for each sub. Just buy smaller amps for each sub.

or buy another sub and wire it like the picture and buy you one mono amp.

Harmoniz 24th February 2006 05:52 PM

Thanks swordfish for the reply.

Hmm I have considered getting 2 channel amps and bridging the before, like you the lowest I will go on any impedance is 1 ohm.

I also like to give a lot of headroom form my amps ie. 2 kicker comp VRs at 400rms each x 2 = 800rms.

After quite an extensive research on wanting to run on 4 ohms and also rms requirements, I have finally arrived (amps which are available here only) at those 3 types.

However, based on your suggestions, I am quite enticed to run 3 subs (DVC 4ohms) and arrive at 2.67 ohms. Must calculate my boot space now haha

Thanks again for the input, swordfish! U rock!



Harmoniz 24th February 2006 07:31 PM

Ooops type there.

Actually would only go down to minimum 2 ohms. However, 4 ohms will always be the preferred choice.

Okay, anybody else would like to help me make up my mind?

Why choose monoblocks D over 2 channels, bridged?


Minds 3rd March 2006 04:08 PM

it'ok to run into 1 ohm esp. you have 2 VRs and you want to put on class D amps, they designed to work on 1 ohm not on 4 ohms. i think if your amp really2 on D Class u dont have to worry about the heat, because class D is not hot as a/b one. i have one more suggestion for you : Kicker KX/SX 1250.1 or Orion 1200D :)

Glowbug 3rd March 2006 05:50 PM

I don't see the issue with running at or lower than 1 ohm if the amp's stable down to that impedance :)

As for your question, I would probably choose the Soundstream or JL.

Harmoniz 3rd March 2006 09:49 PM

Thanks Minds and Glowbug for the replies and advice.

I have thought of running them down to 1 ohm before. Based on your inputs, I understand that Class D are designed stable to run at 1 ohm, without having to worry about excessive heat compared to Class AB amps.

However do I have to worry about power draw when running at 1 ohm? If this is true, then I might have to also consider upgrading my alternator and battery also... erk!

Please correct me if i'm wrong on this :)

Oh yea, the Kicker and Orion amps `slurp!'. However, both brand of amps cost and arm and a leg over here *sigh*. Is it quite rightly priced in Indonesia, Minds?


Any specific reason why you chose the SS (2 channel) amp as opposed to the Phoenix Gold? The Jl is a fine amp, too by the way.

By the way, HOW is the reputation of Phoenix Gold over there?

Again, thanks a bunch for the input, guys!


Glowbug 3rd March 2006 11:37 PM

Not all Class D or T amps are stable to one ohm...

The big advantage of Class D over A/B is operating efficiency, as I'm sure you're aware of. There are very few true A/B amps that operate at very low impedances because of this reason, US Amps, Alpine, and Boston Acoustics makes a few that I know of, but they take insane amounts of current to make a lot of power at those impedances...


Any specific reason why you chose the SS (2 channel) amp as opposed to the Phoenix Gold? The Jl is a fine amp, too by the way.
Mostly because I'm not a fan of the recent PG lineup. I have a Tantrum 1200.1 and 500.2 in my current install, but the new PG's don't impress me as much. Now, if you could find a used Tantrum 1200.1, the choice would be a lot more difficult ;)

Minds 4th March 2006 04:11 AM

i agree with glowbug, some class D doesn't run into 1 ohm like MTX thunder 6500D or the newly launched orion "economy class".

the class D doesn't drew out as much amps as a/b in 1 ohm my suggestion is that you change your battery to deep cycle dry accu ones such as stinger or SVR or Optima Yellowtop


Oh yea, the Kicker and Orion amps `slurp!'. However, both brand of amps cost and arm and a leg over here *sigh*. Is it quite rightly priced in Indonesia, Minds?
no sweat - -' it hefty around here only JL that almost doesn't have price bias than in the us.

thankfully we have in indonesia some semi local brands called Harmonic Drive Technologies. Their designs somewhat seems like orion 1200D but with half the price, of course with the components "downgraded".

the price for HDT is about 403 sing $ ORion is about 877 sing $ in here.

i dont like PG because their power seems too soft for me (esp the 4 channel octane - -' don't sense any power from them) but the price quite hefty.
maybe for two VR's u can go for Diamond Audio (don't know the price there)

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