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willo 21st October 2005 01:19 AM

Car audio Amplifier
Hi, I need an help for my car amplifier.
I don't know if you can help me but I try!
I have an audiophile system, 2 way Dynaudio MD100 + MW160 LQ with a cd-player Nakamichi CD45z (20bit) and my amplifier is a Nakamichi PA1004 (50Watts/ch, 200W).
Before I had a Rockford fosgate POWER 500a2 but the MID and TW are not so good and hi quality as Naka also if the soud now is more soft and smooth (NEAR TO MY HOME TUBE AMPLIFIER Primaluna two 45W/ch).
Now some people suggest me buy a Phoenix gold (which kind of model?), Zapco or old Soundstream but I don't have a good idea what's the best audiophile amplifier of all.
For me is important to have a good power 'clean' and natural sound.
Any answer will be apreciated.



anatech 21st October 2005 02:16 AM

Hi William,
If you're happy, why change the amp? Just wait until you hear something you like better.

I have a pair of older Nak. car amps that I like. And some older ones. I see no need to change for the sake of change.


willo 23rd October 2005 02:08 AM

Thanks Cris, We need to discover a better amp but sometime we find a bad surprise.
I need only more power and in Italy we have the only source of Nakamichi and not amplifiers.
Do you know some reseller in Canada or Usa that can sell these products in Italy.
I found out Onlinecarstereo but they work only with USA.



anatech 23rd October 2005 04:07 PM

Hi William,
I think it's safer for you to buy from within the EU. I am not sure what the lineup is for Nakamichi, but high power was not their market. McIntosh makes really good amps as well, again more high end.

I guess you need to ask the "pounder people". Their definition of "sounds good" is different from mine.


Cal Weldon 23rd October 2005 04:22 PM

I have moved this to Car Audio

sdoom 23rd October 2005 07:03 PM

hi willo ,

as you are from Italy, why not go with a 100% Italian product ? You should really try the big Audison amplifiers.

Those are one of the last real European made - products. Most of those I heard are "warm and strong" sounding and the bigger models deliver plenty of power. You should be able to find a dealer that sells Audison amplifiers where you can test the amplifier in your car.

mr.lex 24th October 2005 10:00 PM

Hi Willo,

You should test audison:) The character of this amp is soft and smooth. In Sweden we always like amps of Italy. Becuse this amp have a realy Hi end character. I's a few manufactures in Italy made realy hi end amps. This car amps have the real hi end home hifi amp!

trusound 24th October 2005 10:27 PM

Sinfoni is also made in your backyard.....incredible amplifiers

sagarverma 25th October 2005 04:59 PM

use sony xplode series.i dunno bout any of the amps mentioned here but i really appreciate sony222 for speakers and sony444 for woofers.
2 each for speakers and woofer (bridge)and u have a great distortion free and blasting o/p.these are class d amps and surprisingly ,no detail is lost even at max volume.
but the woofers and speakers of xplode are not 'heavy' has great woofers and speakers.
i have heard it in many a cars and completely flattered by quality and power.

sdoom 25th October 2005 05:43 PM

Well, sorry for beeing honest. Sony stuff is junk

They have a couple of good head units but the amplifiers are mid range class products. They may be a lot better than the standard korean stuff, but they will never show the quality of an audison amplifier . Why I know ? Because I have fixed probably 20 Sony amps , the older models (XM5540.....etc) are ok as they are very cheap now, but the newer models really canīt compete if you wanna have a high end system.

@willo: If you want to save money, look for an old Generation X Zeus (Hifonics) , this is the last series developed by Stephen Mantz . I used the Zeus for two 15" modified woofers as shown in the pic.


At first I used an AudioArt 400.2 amplifier, a very good and warm sounding amp. It had plenty of power to drive those modified woofers, problem was that I couldīt get rid of the heat at that time so the AudioArt squit working after 30min. because of overheating. The AudioArt would also be a good amp for your needs.

Then I replaced the AudioArt with the Zeus, even more pressure and clean bass, and no problems anymore with overheating. The older hifonics (series 7 , series8) and SoundStream models are also ok, but they have more noise compared to modern amplifiers, that would still be ok to drive a sub, but I wouldnīt use them for normal door-speakers.

But try to find a dealer that will let you test the Audison amplifiers in your car. Independent of what we say, Iīd suggest that you let your ears decide what amp to use for your speakers.


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