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eXn 19th September 2004 09:22 AM

Please help 3 questions
1. I have an 8" rockford fosgate punch subwoofer that is blown. Is there any way to have that fixed?
2. Does anyone have schematics for a subwoofer?
3. How do I know what connections go where in the wiring harness from the radio to go to the amp?

Im 16 and I want to learn all about car audio. Please give any advice not only for these 3 questions but anything that would be helpful to know. Thank you all so much.

SY 19th September 2004 10:58 AM

1. "Blown" can have many meanings. I'd take the driver to a Rockford dealer and have him take a look and see what can be done. As a diy beginner, you could probably do a surround replacement, but you wouldn't want to try to replace/rewind a voice coil or do a recone. At least, not yet. Gives you something to shoot for.

2. There are probably ten million design plans for car subwoofers floating around the 'Net, of which five million of them can be found by reading some of the stuff in the auto sound forum right here.

3. If you want to really learn about this stuff, and I think it's a GREAT thing for a 16 year old guy to want to learn, get some basic books on loudspeaker design (like some of Weems's books or, when you're ready, Dickason) and specialist books on auto sound (I've seen a few, but just don't remember the titles/authors). Check over on the AudioXpress site- they've got a book or two which might be just what you need.

And I'll move this thread over to the auto sound forum, where there will be no shortage of suggestions.

clayton 19th September 2004 07:52 PM

Re: Please help 3 questions

Originally posted by eXn
[3. How do I know what connections go where in the wiring harness from the radio to go to the amp? [/B]
What kind of radio & amp do you have(make & model)?

zagisrule! 19th September 2004 10:00 PM

The amp requires 12V straight from the will need to run a hefty cable from the + battery terminal to your mounting location, add a fuse holder/fuse, and attach the ground of the amp to the car ground wherever you can get a good connection.

Other connections obviously include the audio signals, which are RCA cables leading from the back of the head unit, connecting to the amplifier inputs. Another wire to run will be the remote turn on, which goes to the wiring harness of the stereo or any other switched low-current 12V supply. You want this 12V line to be 12V only when the car/stereo is on...and it must be 0V when the car is off!

Schematics for subwoofer? They are pretty straight-forward man. There is a coil (or two) and the coil leads to the binding posts. That is all there is to it :)

As far as fixing the subwoofer, cheaper woofers are not very servicable, you can not really open up the unit and replace individual components, and having a repair done professionally would likely cost more than a new one. If you can get a repair done under warranty that would be cool...but why did it blow? What amp were you running, and what are the symoptoms of the "blown" woofer?

17 years old (I am with you man!)

eXn 20th September 2004 04:20 AM

In reference to question number 3, I was unsure what wires are for what input. Is there a way to tell or do I just need to experiment plugging things in and changing fade/balance to see what it powers?

Konrad 20th September 2004 08:31 AM

Nope dont experiment. Read the manual first.
1: Read the manual.
2:Read the manual
3:Read the manual as the input and output markings are usually clearly deskribed there.

maybee you can find somthing here, when finish reading the manuals:

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