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Predsy 25th July 2004 01:13 PM

need solution for wiring problem... I think
Hi all i am new to all this, I have recently installed a boss BA-2900 amp to my pioneer head unit and getting a really high pitched noise through the rear speakers withut the engine running and an alternator whine with the engine running, I have so far replaced the wiring to the head unit and re-grounded the amp and moved positions. The rca and power wire to the amp is on different sides of the vehicle but still have noise. Ihave installed this in a Holden commodore vn station wagon with 5 speed manual.
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

tuneman 26th July 2004 02:30 PM

how's the deck and the rest of the system set up? whats running what! are all the speakers of the amp or are some on the deck etc. need a bit more info on how its wired :)

could possibly be a ground loop problem! whats the amp screwed to? if its screwed to the chassis try isolating it, if its on a wood pannel or something try running a single piece of wire from the amps frame to ground!
mabe running a seperate rca lead to see if its that'

Predsy 27th July 2004 11:17 AM

i have rewired the head instead of using the original wiring.
the 2 front alpine s/type 200w speakers are running of the h/u, the boss BA-2900 4 channel amp is just sitting in the wagon part with the power wire running down drivers side of vehicle to the battery, the ground wire is screwed to the chassis and has be tested atseveral different locations, the remote wire is running with the rca's down the passenger side as it is a new set of rca's with the remote wire incorporated in it. the rear alpine s/type 250w speakers are connected to the amp and the boss 1000w subwoofer is connected to the other 2 channels. Have tryed running a seperate remote wire from the amp to the battery with the h/u turned off and rca's unplugged from h/u and had no noise but when rca's unplugged from amp the noise is still there so i think that tells me my h/u is still fine?. So far tryed 3 differnet sets of rca's and also tested the lot of it in a different car with same results.

tuneman 28th July 2004 11:24 AM

sounds like you've got most stuff sorted out, is it possibe for you to try another amp? cause if it does the same in another car it could be an amp fault! i have heard of some of the the boss amps being pretty dodgy(faulty) and having lots of 'hiss' regardless of the gain setting.

your deck is most likley working fine, try running a wire from the amps heatsink(or screw on the frame something bare') to the cars ground! when its on and see what happens.
other than that perhaps see the people you got it from if it is new

you could search the forums for some help, its quite extensive so someone else may have experience with the same amp as you

Predsy 28th July 2004 11:40 AM

Thanx for the reply tuneman, On friday my h/u & amp are going to motion audio in bendigo vic to get tested & if it turns out my h/u is ******ed more than likely i will go & get a new alpine h/u & amp as i would rather have all the same brand components. I will never shop at strathfield car radios again as there after sales service is very horrible as the amp etc has been back for testing and they couldnt find anything wrong with it and refused a refund or return for credit.
Anyway thanx for the help and will let you know what happens.

minitruck_freq 29th July 2004 02:39 AM

check out

click on Tech. then click on Setup. then click Noise Solution Checklist. ;)

xplod1236 29th July 2004 04:07 AM

Try adding a capacitor. I had alternator whine comin from the speakers of the h/u and the subs (amp is hooked up using speaker level inputs), and then I added a capacitor, and the whine is gone.

tuneman 30th July 2004 08:53 AM

thats an expensive fix isn't it :)
he shouldn't need a cap' theres no reason it shouldnt work fine as it is, a cap should only be considered after everything else is sorted, there just jewelery anyway!

im in no argument about the strathies comment :D there good for cheap stuff but not much else!.

Predsy 30th July 2004 12:07 PM

Hi all just saying thanx to every 1 that made suggestions regarding my audio noise prob, it turned out to be faulty rca's at the back of my h/u and was really cheap to fix and finnally got my system thanx every 1.


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