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pape 28th May 2004 02:03 PM

help troubleshooting XTANT 603x problem!
My Xtant 603x recently stopped working. One second it was playing find at low volume and with no pops or anything, no more sound. Checking the amp it was still on (power led). It turns on and shuts off properly, just no sound.

So I opened her up, nothing is burnt. Here is the strange part. On the board there is test points for voltage: +-18v (reads about 20), +-25v (reads about 30), +-42v (reads 42), and the kicker the +-52v reads .5 volts .

I tried testing all the tranistors (8 STP60NE06-16) and rectifiers (4 and I don't remember the part #'s) on the power supply. They seemed ok, I also desoldered the rectifiers and tested them off board, they check out. I guess I can take the transistors off and test them, but 8 is a lot of them and the solder used on the board doesn't like to stick to my desoldering braid.
Any other ideas on possible problems or what I should look for?

Note: Some idiot had mounted it to MDF at one point in time and being as the mounting screws are under the cover and the screws he used didn't like MDF, a screw fell out and shorted out one channel. So he replaced all the transistors on that channel and everything worked fine for 4 months until this problem.


Sorry for the length.

pape 1st June 2004 04:26 PM

hmmm was wondering if this would be better off posted in the Amplifier : Solid State forums? or is this the right place.

djQUAN 2nd June 2004 05:01 AM

if you have an oscilloscope, check out all the waveforms on the primary and secondary of the transformer.

pape 2nd June 2004 01:36 PM

I do and will try that tonight.
It is a pain in the neck lugging it to my car all the time, hmm time to buy a 12v powersupply.

I was studying this:, to get a better understanding of an car amp power supply. It is a similar setup I think, except it seems to have 2 seperate supplies off of the one transformer. Each going to a bank of 4 STP60NE06-16. Learning little by little.


djQUAN 3rd June 2004 06:27 AM

one more thing, you could do some retracing of the foil paths and see the components related to the output which dos not have any power going out and seeing which components are bad.

Paradise_Ice 4th June 2004 12:34 PM

Could you not just ask Xtant? email them and detail your problem, am sure they could help, but maybe they would just blow you off, I think you have checked alot but may have missed something, God know i have done that in the past, take your sweet time and just check everything, i suspect that the transformer may be goosed, oh you dont need a 12 volt power supply, just use a battery.

pape 4th June 2004 02:35 PM

yeah I played around more yesterday. One of the FETs (P60NE0) and one of the Rectifires (FEP16CT) were making a chirping sound, all others were silent. Not sure what that means.
Also I think the point labeled +-52v on the board must be +- 0.52 since that is what the meter reads exactly.

Anyways I ordered new rectifiers and transistors and will replace them next week.

Thanks for the help.

pape 7th June 2004 12:51 PM

Hmm just thought of somethings. Since there is absolutely 0 voltage at the speaker outputs, I am wondering if it is something with the turn on delay. What would a delay circuit look like? It would kind of make sense.

pape 7th June 2004 01:33 PM

I figured out where it is, it is using a TIP30C for switching I think. More looking when I get home from work. I will figure it out someday.

Paradise_Ice 7th June 2004 03:35 PM

How did your amp stop working? I dont know much about Xtant but they work on certain voltage ranges right? no less than 11.5 and no more than 16 v, I am trying to buy a X1001 so i can make a copy. i live in Scotland and its only for my own personal use,so dont worry about me ripping anyboy off. How do you rate your Xtant? am having second thoughts now, yours seems troublsome.

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