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MikeFarad 9th March 2004 05:26 PM

Drivers - Infinity, MB Quart or what?
I am trying to find the best driver (for under $200) for my needs. I listen mostly to classical music and jazz and must have fast, accurate and smooth mids & highs. I'm a bit concerned because I understand that many car speakers have a tendency towards hot, harsh high ends. I'm considering Infinity (Kappa42.5I or Reference4002I,452I), MB Quart(Reference RKC110), etc. I read that generally textile(i.e.-4002I) and silk domes (i.e.-452I) are smoother and more "musical" than metal ones(i.e.-MB Quart RKC 110). The Kappa42.5I has a ceramic composite dome which they say is better than either. Has anyone had any experience with these drivers(especially the Kappa42.5I), or have any other suggestions. How do Eclipse drivers stack up? Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA

maylar 9th March 2004 10:17 PM

Infinity Kappa's are also metal (CMMD) and tend to be harsh. But it depends on where they're mounted. I had small Kappa's in my dash facing upward and reflecting off the windshield and they were horrible. But the 5.25's in my doors were far enough away that it wasn't a big deal.

Eclipse makes nice speakers, but I've heard them only in stores. If you want crystal clear midrange for vocals and brass, check out the Kicker Resolution line of components. I love mine.

offroadbum 9th March 2004 10:29 PM

if you can get a set of good uesd MB`s,i`d go for that.
but for the money the kappa`s are some great sounding
drivers. they don`t make your ears tired of listen after while like alot of car speakers have a tendency to do.

jp88 23rd March 2004 09:39 PM

Go out and take a listen to some speakers at your local stereo shops and se what you like. I am extemely happy with my jl audio xr-525 separates with Ti dome tweeers. they are mounted in the kick panels and don't seem harsh there..

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