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Itsme 24th February 2014 11:28 PM

Help: Boss CE-3800D "Static and whining noise"
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I purchased this amp non working and was told it was sent in for warranty repair's a month before it quit again. So I took it apart and found capacitor gut's all over the inside. They replaced all 6 of the 63v 1000uf's filters cap's and 3 input's and output transistors and didnt bother to clean up the mess left from the damage. Now I found most of the inputs and outputs fried so I have replaced them all, but now I am getting an high frequency pitch and static when amp kicks on. Would this be a bad inductor or possibly the driver board? :confused:

tiomilo 25th February 2014 04:28 AM

high frequency pitch sound comes from toroid or inductor coil ?? if comes from toroid is not big deal, just add some silicone glue to firm the cooper wire loose, if it comes from inductor could be shorted or have an issue in the bridge driver board, another symptom of static noise or may be toroid's copper wire lost its insulating layer and making short circuit between them, have to inspect visually inductor and toroid.

Itsme 25th February 2014 04:37 AM

Thanks for responding. I inspected the toroid and inductor coil's but can not see any shorts or arcing. Is there any way to test them with multimeter or oscilloscope?

tiomilo 25th February 2014 04:46 AM

specific inductor coil tester, btw where the noise come from ??

laplace 25th February 2014 04:56 AM

Is the noise coming through the speakers or directly from the amp?

Itsme 25th February 2014 04:59 AM

Amp comes on and works but just have static noise and high pitch whine from speaker.

tiomilo 25th February 2014 05:20 AM

mmm so weird , low pass filter have to limit the high frequency to speakers, those four brown caps near speaker output after inductor coil. and could come from preamp sector

Itsme 25th February 2014 05:30 AM

That is what I thought, being a mono sub amp with low pass x-over, should not have high frequencies. Should I rewind inductor coil then?

nonprof 25th February 2014 06:03 AM


Originally Posted by Itsme (
That is what I thought, being a mono sub amp with low pass x-over, should not have high frequencies. Should I rewind inductor coil then?

maybe you should play the amp and try to touch the coil of the output inductor or move it a little, check if whinning reduces or increases. You will have an idea if this inductor has something to do in whinning.

Or if you have scope locate the frequency of the whinning sound compare it with the frequency of the power supply or of the driver board.

Itsme 25th February 2014 08:44 AM

Ok, I tried moving and tapping on the coil and it does cause the static or Hum to fade in and out, but it kinda does this all over the board. It seems like it gets quiet the closer i get my hand to the inductor and some other areas of the board. I think I will go ahead and re-wrap the inductor since I have everything anyway and I will report back what happens.

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