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loninappleton 7th April 2013 10:07 PM

Loud cars
Loud cars are what the cops call amplified cars. Putting speakers in the trunk I refer to an amplified car-- a system designed not to listen in the driver's compartment but to produce a vibrating car and sound wave to annoy me as the resident of a neighborhood through which the vehicle moves.

I'm wondering if any amplified customization has to do with microphones in the engine compartment. There's a Mitsubishi in my lot that has the loud car gear installed but when there's no beat going on the car is still loud. What kind of plant can produce this noise and as it legal for street use.

Loud here means that its sound wave is going on in my residence through glass and wall. Sub sonic noise need not be deafeningly loud to be disturbing. It's like getting my guts curdled when the car starts up.

Nanook 7th April 2013 10:36 PM

as someone who sold car audio before the stupid "loud" craze started...
... I never bought into the "loud" thing at all for its own sake, I guess only to the point of a home audio system: dynamics and headroom. I'm in my late 40's now and still have good hearing (thankfully), and I don't really listen that loud in my house. A little loud sometimes, but it is a rare occasion. In car audio, one ligitimate consideration is that a system must overcome road noise for the listener. This can be done easily by making sure there is sound damping material installed throughout the interior of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, Dynamat and similar products are quite expensive, and there's the rub. If it doesn't make it louder, most younger folks won't buy it. Sort of like a kid who wants to build horsepower, but really needs brakes, shocks, tires and steering components. We (as in older folks) can advise them, but most will not listen to us anyway.

Originally Posted by loninappleton (
Loud here means that its sound wave is going on in my residence through glass and wall. Sub sonic noise need not be deafeningly loud to be disturbing. It's like getting my guts curdled when the car starts up.

Significant bass can curdle your stomach if there is enough content below 20Hz (as in seismic 12 Hz or lower) at a high enough level. It used to be that the loudest things we heard were at rock concerts, but some of these SPL machines can dwarf the sound levels coming from a live concert. ( Loud Rock Concer,115dB, 15 mins or less can create permanent damage, look here for some examples.

I bought some quite good car audio stuff about 15 years ago at a closeout price, but have never installed it into any car as I hadn't had one of suitable quality. I now have a vehicle with suitable quality to justify the installation of an "upgrade", but just don't have the interest to actually do it.

For any car audio fans: I'm not really trying to disrespect you other than your noise pollution is why you guys get (or should get) ticketed. The point of making it loud is to win sanctioned SPL events. If you aren't involved in these do yourself a favour, consider quality over quantity and dampen your interiors. There are less costly alternatives to Dynamat out there (as little as 35 per sq. ft.). Please save your ears for those events (even SPL competitions only place a microphone for an RTA inside the passenger compartment). Good home audio costs way less than car audio:)

loninappleton 7th April 2013 11:31 PM

Thanks Stew,

I've seen many post from you over at Full Range which is where I only ever monitor new remarks on the DIY forums.

The SPL contest is going on in the neighborhood. I have contacted my city representatives who say that they are giving out lots of tickets in the downtown (prob'ly during bar run on Friday and Saturday night) but I can't get anybody nailed out here in the neighborhood. Since I spoke to the police chief about this in person at city council meeting (after being introduced to him by the mayor who bailed on my questions) nothing has been done.

My take on it is that any amplified equipment not in the driver compartment is a public address system and should be regulated and ticketed like anyone with unauthorized use of a bull horn (nearly everyone.) And this noise doesn't sound like the popsicle truck going through the neighborhood.

I also think that this is done by this white neighborhood's kids and they are afraid of backlash from the neighbors either implied or overt.

All that is beside the point. I am pushing for new ordinances. I did wonder about that loud Mitsubishi Eclipse though. It sounds like it has a locomotive engine in it.

Nanook 8th April 2013 03:00 AM


This could be tough thing to quash. Depending on the year the Mitsubishi could be a hatchback. Now if the car is owned by someone in an apartment building or condo complex a complaint can be made to the manager and/or condo board. If the manager/condo board make a serious effort and have the rights to do so, the result could be eviction or forced sale of condo if warnings are not heeded. You need not live in apartment or condo within a complex for this to be effective: a complaint can be made against the owner(s) of an apartment. If the car is "visiting" then the owner/tenant within a condo or apartment complex could be cited the same from the manager or the condo board with the same results. For some reason, I'm thinking of an apartment complex or condo.

Now if the car is owned by an occupant of a free-standing home you can make a complaint against the owner of the home, via the police or local bylaw enforcement people.

These are only ideas, but I think they could work.

anwaypasible 8th April 2013 04:03 AM

truth is, the wood & nail industry knew there would be vehicles with speakers loud enough to shake a house.

there is far more mental & emotional pollution going on in the world.

loninappleton 8th April 2013 04:06 AM

Yes, no doubt hard to quash.

There's a chance it will sort itself out. The couple has three cars here. An old beater was acquired for the missus and now a Jeep Commanche is also in their stable with Mitsu. At most two cars are allowed per apartment unit not including 'visiting.' No one has made any big deal about it so far.

They have new baby and a toddler. He's recently returned from Iraq. It would make sense if the fun car got sold as impractical. But no action on it yet.

loninappleton 8th April 2013 04:13 AM


Originally Posted by anwaypasible (
truth is, the wood & nail industry knew there would be vehicles with speakers loud enough to shake a house.

there is far more mental & emotional pollution going on in the world.

Dump trucks are not allowed in neighborhoods as too noisy and most areas do not permit semi tractor trailers or straight trucks either. Yet passenger diesels like a Ford Triton which make just as much noise are not questioned. I hear these things tearing around here all the time. Fortunately we have winter and the windows are closed for few months.

This apartment building is built strong and was likely put up in the late 50's. I hardly hear anything through the wall with the neighbor's tv going. But low sonics travel much farther and do not have to be loud to be upsetting.

anwaypasible 8th April 2013 04:36 AM

the trucks not being allowed in the neighborhood are because the weight will crush the road, causing a need to repair the road.
plus there is the possibility that your local government has dug caves underground that they don't want to see caved in because an excessively heavy truck drove over it causing the soil to break loose.

being upset about loud is your equation to deal with.
you either can put up improved sound isolation, or you can ask the landlord about it.. otherwise they are going to tell you to move to the country to relieve your 'upset'

you can't expect to share the world with other people and get by without insurance or sensibility aimed at the other person (and in retrospect, yourself).

think about how the industry aims their focus to allow people to share & be next to eachother.
for example.. all the work done with the combustion chamber inside a motorcycle's engine to custom engineer the chamber for the acoustic output characteristics.. because we all know some people will want a louder exhaust to simply be heard as if it helps keep them safe .. and those same people building the engines don't want their infants hearing to be damaged while in the backseat sitting at a red light in traffic.
yet the blame is equally placed upon the parent who had the window rolled down, perhaps more than equal since the complaint comes from the parent.

same is true for the speakers, you can hear the combing.. but you might not know of the phase missing that would really cause a drastic difference, yet again though.. there are measures in place with the FDA too, because they know infants roll past construction zones with loud machinery at work.
they know police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances blare their siren of the governments action & responsibility.

people in these situations need to stop & think exactly what it is they are trying to teach the other person, and then come to a conclusion about the 'words of advice' as to the sensibility & sanity of their teaching.

you might say 'save your hearing' without knowing any bit of dedication towards bringing the sensitivity up inside the home or workplace
because to the bystander, it might look like the person is experiencing putrid waste with each & every single time they drive down the road with the radio loud.
but if the loud only happens 45 minutes each day, while the rest of the day goes to sensitive hearing .. then the insane person would likely be the person without enough notes taken, as the truth outweighs the sensibility brought to question.

anwaypasible 8th April 2013 04:43 AM

simply another person's existance is upsetting to a selfish person, but that doesn't imply sensibility & rationality should stop progressing from that point.

selfish is how strong people move forward, but it is sad that many people simply aren't selfish enough.

you can view how selfishness can grow simply watching a wheel spin.
the wheel spins faster and the vision gets blurry, the wheel spins faster & the wheel looks like it stops spinning, the wheel spins faster & it looks like it spins backwards, the wheel spins faster & it looks like it stops spinning again, the wheel spins faster & it looks like the wheel spins forward at a different speed, the wheel spins faster & it looks like the wheel is spinning forward at 'regular' speed.


people's amount of selfishness fit into each rate of speed.

KTMrida4life 8th April 2013 08:22 PM

As usual, the SQ guys think the SPL guys are ignorant rude idiots while the SPL guys can respect SQ.

I personally love flat out SPL but can respect and appreciate a well done SQ setup, or any setup for that matter. Not everyone whose car is loud rides around full tilt through neighborhoods. To be honest, most that do that are usually pretty quiet and sound terrible and running junk equipment. When I say quiet, I mean <140db. Usually running kickers/Hifonics/Lanzar/Boss/Pyle/etc. in a sealed box or ported prefab box tuned to 55hz.

I personally turn my stereo down in neighborhoods and usually at stoplights and have it up everywhere else.

Theres no feeling in the world like getting hit with 155db @ such low frequencies, like 30-45hz. Also at those levels, dynamat will not help you, or keep the sound inside the vehicle.

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