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S Merlington 20th January 2013 02:01 AM

Precision Power 2150AM
Anyone know what power supply fets belong in this amp??

Got the amp and its missing all of the outputs and power supply fets along with other things..

warpedhifi 20th January 2013 02:05 AM

Is it the white one? If so, I will check when I get home, unless you find out before.

S Merlington 20th January 2013 02:10 AM

Yeah its the white one Also i need to know the value of the gate resistors for the power supply fets..

Someone has changed them and right now they are 470 ohms is what in the amp but that doesnt seem right ..

seankane 20th January 2013 02:14 AM

Cant you just use IRF3205 FETS and 47 ohm gates?

Those seem to be the most reliable and robust P/S FETS I have used thus far.

S Merlington 20th January 2013 02:19 AM

The owner of the amp says he wants it as close to as orginal as possible..

So wondering what the orginal fets and gate resistors were ??

He collects theese amps and told me to try and find all the orginal part numbers if possible ...

Perry Babin 20th January 2013 02:21 AM

I can't tell you what they used but the IRFZ34s were commonly used in the older amps with very high value gate resistors. If you use anything like the Z44s, you'll have to change the gate resistors.

S Merlington 20th January 2013 02:24 AM

Would the Z48's work or would the Z44's be a better choice??

If either will work what do i need to change the gate resistors to ??

Also do you happen to have a high res pic of the board (power supply fet section) ??

right behind the power and ground wires the board is marked C29 but only has 1 thru hole to i dont know what goes there

Perry Babin 20th January 2013 02:32 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I only have photos of the 2150M.

The Z44s with 100 ohm gate resistors will be better than the originals. If you use the Z48s, use something like a 68 or 75 ohm resistor.

S Merlington 20th January 2013 02:36 AM

Ok so i missing the cap..

So would the 200mf 50 volt cap be good to use in this amp also?

And if so is it a BI-Polar cap ?

Perry Babin 20th January 2013 02:47 AM

It's 2200uf. It's a standard capacitor.

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