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steele6794 10th December 2012 12:58 AM

subwoofer help

I'm starting to make myself a little crazy trying to decide what I should replace my current single older 12w3 with. I have been reading forum discussions for over a week and starting to go in circles. I am looking more for a SQ oriented subwoofer oppose to just being loud. I plan on using a sealed box at 1.25 but have no problem getting another size if a recommended sub calls for it. I would like to reuse my alpine 600rms x1@2ohm amp. I listen to mostly rock(AC/DC and Type O negative being my favorites) and occasionally some techno if i'm in the mood for it. I would only like to run on 12' sub. My biggest reason for wanting to replace the W3 is that I feel it lacks the "punch" I want. It seems to get low if need be but for kick drums ect. I can hear it but I can't feel it. So I guess I'm looking for tight bass that I can feel in my back.

I have been looking into the 12w6v2 used, Dayton HO which I'm leaning towards now because of price, ID's, Idq's, IDmax used. sa-12's, ect. Every time I get set on something I read someone's opinion that makes me reconsider.

So to sum this all up, I am looking for something that will be an upgrade in every way over the W3. SQ, can get louder if need be, and most importantly of all, that punch in the back. I'm also looking to spend under $300.

Sorry for the long post but I hope I gave sufficient information. I just can't stand the forum searching any more and needed some professional help here. Thank you

evianamp2011 11th December 2012 12:34 AM

Have you tried the old 12w6? That should be a good step up.

The 12w6v2 goes for around 200.00 used, do unless your only buying one, your going to go over your budget trying to get two w6v2's.

I have a pair of 12w6v2 in a probox (turbo bass) with a kenwood kac-x401m (mono, 4 ohm load right now so I'm getting 300 watts total) and boy do those subs hit. My brother in law stated that am not given them enough power because he has seen them move (excursion) a lot more.

steele6794 12th December 2012 03:53 PM

Yea I am looking at the 12w6's as a top pic. I'm also looking at the TC sounds Epic 12" the Dayton HO 12" and the SSA DCON 12". I will tried sealed at first and if i'm not happy go ported to specs.

heydanchan 13th December 2012 01:35 AM

I don't think the 12W6 is a step up. It is an outdated design. The Xmax of the 12W6 is 11.1mm. Which W3 version do you have? All versions of the W3s have higher Xmax ratings.

I'm running two ported 12W6s (each in a 2.2 cu ft ported enclosure), and I'm upgrading because I want more low bass.

I'm incredibly indecisive but I finally decided on a single Alpine SWR-1522D for sound quality based on this review of 10" models.

Car Subwoofer Review 2013 | Best Auto Subwoofer | Car Audio Subs - TopTenREVIEWS

The Alpine scored 2nd place after the 10W3v3. My top priority is SQ. That is why I did not go with the SA-15 even though they are incredibly popular. And don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the SA-15 isn't good for SQ. I'm just saying that there doesn't seem to be much information about the use of that driver in an SQ application. Everyone seems to be using it to be just loud.

Look at what one SA-15 can do! 158.1 dB!

15" subwoofer test in the Boswell DDBEAST... Sundown sa15d2 - YouTube

You might want to take a look at the T/S parameters of the new Alpine Type Rs. They can fit into incredibly small enclosures and play flat. Their 20mm Xmax and 72mm p-p Xmech are also very impressive.

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

But before you buy anything, have you considered trying your W3 in a ported enclosure? You might like it. I recommend putting it in a 2 cu ft enclosure ported to 30Hz (or use JL's recommended ported enclosure). There are several vented enclosures available for around $50 shipped on Amazon and eBay. Watch out for Atrend though. Their advertised volumes might not be accurate. I bought an enclosure that was advertised as 2 cu ft but after accounting for the port volume, the net volume came out to be 1 cu ft!

I ended up buying an enclosure from this seller on eBay. Their advertised volume was spot on.

enclosure from brightstarcaraudio | eBay

I got this enclosure and ported it myself.

2 Hole Dual 12" Extra Deep Grey Subwoofer Sub Speaker Enclosure Box | eBay


Originally Posted by jeanious2011 (
Have you tried the old 12w6? That should be a good step up.

heydanchan 13th December 2012 02:06 AM

You might also want to audition a bandpass enclosure. Those "hit" pretty hard from what I've read, so they should be perfect for reproducing kick drums.

And you probably already know this but I gave a link to a dual 2 ohm Alpine but since you need a 2 ohm load for your amp, you'll need the dual 4 ohm version.

I bought my SWR-1522D from this store. At that price you won't get an Apline warranty but the store gives you a 1 year warranty. That store has been around for quite a while, so that why I trust them. I've used them several years ago.

Alpine SWR-12D4 (swr12d4) 12" Dual 4 Ohm Type-R Series Car Subwoofer


Originally Posted by steele6794 (
Yea I am looking at the 12w6's as a top pic. I'm also looking at the TC sounds Epic 12" the Dayton HO 12" and the SSA DCON 12". I will tried sealed at first and if i'm not happy go ported to specs.

Perry Babin 13th December 2012 05:56 AM

Most bandpass enclosures are designed to produce a strong peak. They can be designed to produce a wider response but that's makes them much less impressive. When designed for a strong peak, they often produce only a VERY narrow band of frequencies efficiently. Ever hear a car playing a song and you repeatedly hear only one note of strong bass? That's because that's all it can produce.

You may be able to get what you want from the woofer that you have. Changing the crossover frequency may help. The enclosure can also make a big difference. Even changing the orientation of the woofer in the vehicle can make a big difference. It's also possible that the amp isn't producing enough power to give the punch that you want. Punchy bass requires more power to reproduce than low, resonant bass.

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