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frompie 3rd March 2012 05:30 PM

Can a Subwoofer break windows?
What do you guys think?

Rullknufs 3rd March 2012 06:12 PM

I think it would take a lot of subwoofers to break a car window. I mean, try striking the window of a new car with your hand. I'm pretty sure your hand would give up before the glass would.

Breaking house-windows should be possible, but will also need a lot of subwoofers because the room is larger than a car but the glass is not as strong.

frompie 3rd March 2012 06:27 PM

you are right i know car windows are very strong ,but i think like you said will need lot of subwoofers:)

fr33kachu 3rd March 2012 06:33 PM

Good article. I think it would be more interesting if you could find some of these guys that claim it's true, you can blow out your windows and some of the people that are on the other side of the fence saying it can't be done with the amount of power that can be generated in a cars electrical system. I personally can say I couldn't do it with my show car in the mid 90's to early 2000 as I was maxing my electrical system out, ( I had to replace my alternator and my marine battery numerous times), with my PPI Art Series amps (about 1500w at 12vdc), PPI PAR, 4 12" Kickers, 2 Fosgate Punch 1" Tweets, 2 Fosgate 4x6s, and 2 Fosgate 6x9s.

Djinfamousj 3rd March 2012 09:08 PM

I was once informed that the windshield in a car is designed to allow an object to almost freely pass through it fromthe inside out so as to cause minimal damage if a person was to hit it during an accident. This was explained to me after almost putting my uncovered rear end through the one in my friends dads truck when we hit a bump in the road whilst I was mooning the car infront of us (young and stupid time of life). Also, i did seemingly crack the corner of the windshield in my 84 cutlass with no more than a pair of cheap ($30cdn each) 10" jensens and a "300w" jensen amp from walmart in a 3.5ft^2 sealed box.
I think it may simply break down to age of glass, music being played, and the ability to get a good seal inside the vehicle.
Oh, also had a civic hatch back that we could blow bubbles through the windshield seal with a single 15" cerwin vega (non stroker).
All this happened back in the late 90s

Djinfamousj 3rd March 2012 09:41 PM

Sorry, my last post should have said 3.5ft^3 sealed box...

AKHeathen 4th March 2012 11:23 AM

breaking glass has to do with surface tension. this is whay many times, you can beat a window with large objects having blumt, wide dispersed surface, and relatively low natural resonance multiple times, and most of the impact is absorbed and dispersed as window flex, and movement in the seal. i.e. craow-bar, or large rock (fist, if you will). then, you take a real small peice, like a tiny rock, or ceramic, and fall the window with a little haste behind the force, not grunt. the crack in your window was most likely a result of either a metal burr contact (most common in fords) or previous chip/fracture that spread from flex. had a near perfect window in my little yota, which i lightly tapped with a 1/4" rachet pulling the dash for some crushed velvet touch-up. a miniscule near invisible rock micro-ding spread to a 6" crack instantly. later, the windshield went on to flex nearly 2" with no further damage. (2xL7-15's on a ss1000sx in 12cu under 30hz. dual alts, batts, etc, etc, yatta-yatta) most likely that a seal will give out, or damage found, before glass will break. if you are really wondering "why replace/upgrade?" then the answer would be the flex. the simplest way to look at it- more flex= louder outside (the flexing part becomes an external speaker transfering, or cancelling/relieving the pressure inside) the less flex= spl inside (pressure/energy contained). by the way, the windshield is designed to not break into slabs and gillitene your azz when it breaks. what you are thinking of is that a windshield is designed to move more freely outward as a unit, than inward, and yes, it is counted as a structural peice of the car. breakage from uncalculated/coincidental weakness that allows breakage in different forms is an effect, but not a part of the design they rely on. "in theory" you should be able to force the windshield outward in one piece, though it is a very rare occurrence.

m4ick 4th March 2012 04:42 PM

If seen many many many cracked windshields caused by sub woofers. A good friend of mine has been through 3 in his rodeo while competing in the 150s. I've never heard of the tempered windows breaking though.

Cal Weldon 4th March 2012 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by Djinfamousj (
I was once informed that the windshield in a car is designed to allow an object to almost freely pass through it fromthe inside out so as to cause minimal damage if a person was to hit it during an accident.

You guys might want to look up the different glasses used in cars. There are usually two types:

Laminated for the windshield and tempered for the sides. The back window is usually tempered also.

Different animals altogether.

AKHeathen 4th March 2012 10:24 PM

I would look into why they crack in the mere 150's repeatedly. Likely one of 3 factors-. A problem with the vehicle mounting surface, improper install, or cheap Glass. . It is common to find some shops using thin, or poorly recycled glass. I've seen s10 factory glass survive 170's

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