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Richard Ellis 19th February 2012 07:14 PM

Pioneer TS-6943, TS parameters anyone?
Free is a very good price. A relative gave me a pair of these to complete my 'project' of setting up some music for our new addition.
These are a "cheap" "Four-way" 6X9.........Upon inspection I immediately worked them over...I deleted the plastic coaxial assembly ...the "tweeters" were this ultra cheap dual Piezo units. These are the type of units that one would see inside Laptops working the 'sound'.those went out the window.
The 'midrange' is the only one with a VC...that stayed, changed out the 4.7uF@50V cap. Dropped in another at 16.5 uF.....both VCs' measure in at appx. four ohms. Rewiring the woofer for a coil will be a little too much to mod this thing. So the impedence is going to be way high up at the higher frequencies running the woofer full-range & the mid, now full tweet coming in with that cap.I'll put a series PWR resistor to calm it down. Sounds good set up the way I've done it.
Now onto an enclosure............Does anyone have any TS parameters for this driver??? If not I'm probably going to run it in an OB..........It saves floorspace....I figure on 1.25 M high & .625 M wide.
Pix to come....

__________________________________________________ ____Rick........

TheBaronGroog 24th February 2012 04:10 PM

I doubt Pioneer could tell you! I don't recall having seen the TS for any coax from any "normal" car audio manufacturer, for some higher end comps yes!

Buy a woofertester from Parts Express or there are some techniques for doing it:
Measuring Loudspeaker Driver Parameters

Richard Ellis 25th February 2012 10:59 PM

Thanks 'Baron'.....I guess I'll have to rig up some test sweeps & DIY it...Oh well, "they" do say one must run the tests to get your actual driver TS parameters........& not rely on published parameters. I read somewhere that Vas published figures can "vary by 50%"...........Vary by 50%???? ...Wow!

__________________________________________________ _______Rick....

TheBaronGroog 27th February 2012 04:27 PM

Haha-look for my KEF B139 threads, the spec varied by that much between 2 "matched" drivers!

Richard Ellis 3rd March 2012 05:26 AM

The resonant F is running at 59 Hz,.....not 58, not 60. Now I'll graph it out for the -3 Db & -6 DB frequencies.

__________________________________________________ _Rick...............

TheBaronGroog 3rd March 2012 01:46 PM

So what next? Still going OB or going for a box?

Richard Ellis 4th March 2012 04:35 PM

Next up is the "Added Mass" method for obtaining Vas. An Argentinian Peso weighs 6.35 Grams, I shall attach(W superglue) two of these coins onto the cone & remeasure to find the changed Fs....from there I can do the calculations for Vas. The wildcard for an enclosure is the nutty costs of simple MDF to build it up. A pair of 1.25M by .625M boards is well over 200 Pesos.............200 Pesos will get you a nice Dinner for Six.........a trunkfull of groceries, A dozen bottles of booze.........But then again these 6 by 9s would set one back three times this!!!

__________________________________________________ ______Rick........

TheBaronGroog 9th March 2012 11:33 AM

Don't glue them on! Use bluetack or similar that you can remove later.

200peso gets a dinner for 6? I'm in the wrong country-how are us Brits received in Argentina these days?

Richard Ellis 11th March 2012 07:45 PM

I used some ABC gum from my sons stash......held on just fine, the excursion of the cone wasn't enough to dislodge the coins...& I didn't let the "glue" dry out completely....
The English taught to my 14 YO boy is of the "British" variation...go figure. Although my son could easily 'teach' here.
The 'War' is long forgotten....some bad blood still exists.....most thought it was a bad idea in the first place...with all the men being plain young draftees..
I don't know how you would be tell the truth. It's the older folk here who remember & wring their hands about it.
With the 'dollar peso ratio about 4.25 to can still eat well here...on the cheap.

__________________________________________________ ________Rick........

TheBaronGroog 15th March 2012 02:42 PM

Good stuff:)

Well, if you're going to learn English you've got to learn the right one! American "English" may be easier-but that's down to one guy wanting to simplify things for everyone in America, not 1000s of years of evolution (but then a lot of Americans don't believe in that;))

I wish I had some skill with language, my mother's German (Don't mention the war, lol) but never taught me as an infant and by the time I started learning it was too late (feared resentment from the war and I lived in Merseyside so she wanted me to speak English and not Scouse) and my French, Spanish and Italian are ropey at best. Get your son learning as many languages as possible, while you're young they sink in and can be very useful later in life-wish I could speak Chinese!

When I come to visit I'll use my German passport then;)


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