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seankane 29th August 2011 11:03 PM

Rockford power650 mosfet
Hello everyone.

I have a Power 650 Mosfet that I am working on.

The amp works great but I want to get rid of the DIN plug.

The selector switch reads as follows:

DIN high and low
DIN high rca low

I am wiring new female rca's to both. I am not sure what side of the DIN connections at the board to wire in the new rca's. There are 4 signal holes and 1 common ground shield.

Do I solder the wires to where the yellow and white ones from the DIN plug went or to where the red and black ones from the DIN plug went?

Any advice would be great.............Thanks again.

Perry Babin 29th August 2011 11:43 PM

There were 15v power wires in the DIN. Find them with the meter. You could determine what the other two were by touching the RCA to one of them and to see which channel produced audio.

seankane 30th August 2011 12:03 AM

Why did they use 15v wires in the DIN? Wouldnt you need 4 signal wires and a ground to run all 4 channels or did they run 4 channels from one set of wires?

seankane 30th August 2011 12:08 AM

If I solder the wires to the wrong holes could I damage something? The din has only 6 wires, 2 grounds and 4 signal wires. The signal wires are yellow/white and red/black the ground from each of those was wrapped together and soldered into the board.

Perry Babin 30th August 2011 01:11 AM

If you solder a signal wire to a 15v pad, you could possibly do some damage. If you solder the wrong signal wires to the wrong inputs, you won't do any damage.

seankane 1st September 2011 09:12 PM

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Hello Perry just an update for you and all others that want to get rid of the DIN plug on the older Power 650 Mosfet.

If the amp is sitting in front of you vertically and you are staring at the end of it there are 5 solder pads where the DIN plug was originally soldered.

The 2 on the left closest to the crossover switch are the ones you use for the RCA signal wires and the middle is the ground.

The 2 on the left have +18/-18 vdc, do not use those.

I have soldered new OEM power, ground, and fan wires onto the amp as well as a new OEM speaker wire harness. I also removed the DIN plug and the old rca plugs and soldered brand new rca plugs onto the board.

The amp works really good and sounds great, almost forgot how much power these old beasts really put out and not to forget the AMAZING sound quality.

I have included a pic but its blury and sorry for the horrible paint writing on the pic.......

Perry Babin 2nd September 2011 08:02 AM

Paint has a text function.

I didn't see the question about the voltage in the DIN before. It was used to power their preamp EQ.

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