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unky 19th January 2010 02:11 AM

Problems with Planet Audio Amp
I have a Planet Audio VX 2004 Amp that was working since 2006. Then I beging to hear cracking sounds and the sound went in and out from the left front speaker only, sometimes without notice and sometimes when I hit a pothole. I check the all the connections and reverse the input and speaker wires to make shure it is the amp. This problem is intermitent, some days it sound fine and anothers the problem came and go. I reconnect the ground wire and take apart the amp to see if it have a bad connection inside but everything look rigth. I need help in pointing out a direction where to look.

jol50 19th January 2010 02:25 AM

Hook the amp up and play music then gently wiggle or adjust the RCA plugs, gain control, any other switches/controls, speaker terminals, etc. while you listen. If not the amp check speaker wires and RCA cords. If nothing gently bump the amp, could be an internal connection that will be harder to find. Sometimes you can tap the board with a piece of wood or plastic if a bad solder you can't see. If it is one channel then you can follow that channel sometimes. Try the exterior stuff first.

Perry Babin 19th January 2010 02:34 AM

Before you do anything else, try moving all controls/switches through their entire range to see if any make the problem better/worse.

If that isn't the problem, remove the cover but leave the semiconductors clamped to the heatsink. Insert a 10 amp fuse in the B+ line. Power up the amp with a speaker connected to the defective channel and with audio driven into the channel.

With a non-conductive probe (fiberglass, plastic, wood...) push on various parts of the board to see if you can find one area that's more sensitive than others. If you do, then start pushing on individual components to see if you can find one that is particularly sensitive to movement.

mikovich 24th March 2011 08:04 AM

Its almost definately the RCA's.. Wiggle the rca's where they input to the amp. i have a planet audio amp i have had for almost 10 years without any problems... except that i have a truck with extended cab and have zero extra room for my hi & low amps.. so they are monted on my custom dual 10"woofer box.... and the bass has shaken the solders and connection lose and they need to be adjusted and tightened.. i have even used super glue "GEL" to keep the rca's from shaken loose.. the smallest vibration will cause a horrible feedback to screech (not to be mistaken for screech off saved by the bell) through my hi end 6 1/2' has taken many tries to repair this and even with adding glue to the rca terminal on the amp and attaching the rca's wire input as well to the amp rca inputs using the same glue gel... i also used rubber fasteners to space out the amp from touching the box, which also helped.. now mine works fine, but if you are cranking out bass as i will need to re-do this apllication at some pointin your amps life span.... another way would be to by a new amp with new connections and ect.. but since i spent like $600 on the amp and stuff..i deemed it not economicly viable to replace a normal functioning amp... or you can throw out your subs... but wheres the fun in that... if you dont have subs and you still have thnis issue when hitting road bumps.. then just simply tighten the screws that are between the red and white amp rca inputs, and this will fix your issue.. and if it that simple for you to fix this issue...then u should do less online research and more manly tinkering with random screws and other small adjustments... BUT PLEASE DISCONNECT YOUR AMP FROM ITS POWER SOURCE before attempting any adjustments... remover your fuse somewhere between the battery and amp...or you may fry your amp, your vehicle, or your may eletricute yourself... try not to do any of these! and goodluck.. if anyone has any ideas to add to this or other things i to can attemp.. please let me know!

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