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ksl 29th April 2003 08:33 AM

has anyone installed a home DVDplayer to car?
any suggestions how to fight vith shocks?

KevinLee 29th April 2003 03:05 PM


I have not installed a home DVD player into a car and I would not suggest it.

As far as fighting with shocks, I can think of a couple ways:

(1) You could simply throw them at your enemy.
(2) You could also use a giant sling shot to catapult them at people.
(3) You could also make a nice body armor out of them but I imagine this would be very heavy.

On a more serious note, I do believe that you would need the 50/60hz cycle to be present in your ac signal to your DVD player. I am not sure if this could happen in the car's 12 volt environment.


Kevin Lee:)

Rino odorico 29th April 2003 03:13 PM

Try this...
Well, the mobile environment prob. was never taken into consideration when the engineer designed your DVD player. With that said, be expecting that it may skip or not work properly when it's cold, or driving over heavy bumps (some work very well for years...others not so lucky).

To make it stable in the vehicle, you may want to solidly mount it where the floor itself is strong by some metal brackets...90 degree style ones attatched directly to the chassis (also dampen underneath with some kind of material...Dynamat/stuffing etc).

To make the connections, it's simple. Same as you would at home...just make sure your video screen will accept your DVD's type of connections (sounds simple, but some screens only come with RGB style connections). Next, just get a proper inverter and your done (at least match the wattage rating of the DVD...more is better...less heat and noise).

Hope this helps,


ksl 30th April 2003 09:30 AM

what kind of suspensions do you recommend?

Rino odorico 30th April 2003 03:42 PM

Well, it doesn't have to be anything very fancy, just solid. The damping material under the unit is there to absorb any resinations and stray moisture that may occur.

The brackets should be made of something solid, like steel, similar to say the brackets that would hold a CB radio to a vehicles dash. Try to mount the brackets directly to the floor of the vehicle (or something very solid were your mounting it), also, when mounting the brackets to the DVD player, try to mount to the case itself.

Hope this helps.

ksl 30th April 2003 06:54 PM

the plan is to have the DVD-reader and IR in the center-console and other stuff goes to the back of thye car.

planning to install the reader part vertically, then it's more schock-resistant

Rino odorico 30th April 2003 07:14 PM

Vertical...may present a problem...maybe
Mounting the reader vertically may become a problem...doubt it was desighned to be anything other than horizontal. It may work perfect sitting still (vertically), but go for a drive and it may start to skip and and reset. Sorry...seen too many have this problem in the past. You can however (to get the thing to fit into the console better), try to remove the housing of the player to expose all of the internals. Then mount the DVD transport remotely...BUT, it must be installed into a DARK solid enclosure to work properly. Also, you will be inviting all of the eliments out to play, so take heed in how well you design the enclosure for noise, moisture, dust, heat, little fingers, little paws get the hint.

Also, about remote mounting the Mechanizm...never tried this myself, extention cable may present some what of a head scratcher...too long of cable may not work properly...wrong data...jitter etc.

If I sound cautious, about removing the mech., like I stated above, never done that before.


zx3chris 30th April 2003 09:28 PM

car computer
i have a whole computer in my car-- no heat/vibrations problems, and it is mounted next to a bp1503

check page 3.


Rino odorico 1st May 2003 01:25 PM

Hey Chris....
Hey Chris, ya comps. can work in vehicles fairly easily, just have to find the room for those darn things.

Your sig says you live in New Jersey, how does the comp. work in the winter?

Besides the carpet, is there any other type of damping material (looks like it was done for looks, but also functions as damping)?

When you play movies, are you doing so off of the hard drive or the disc drive. If off of the disc drive, even while driving?

Just curious...had ...never skips if you use the hard drive....even in the 160dB's (music, not from a generator).


Matttcattt 1st May 2003 03:41 PM

cool, i want a computer in my car :drool: :D

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