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Robcrx 4th February 2009 06:16 AM

Old school Hifonics amps ?
Im in the process of trying to find old school amps for a semi old school build..
What do you think of this setup ? will it be clear ? and powerful ?
Do these amps have that "THUMP" when turned on ?

Hifonics Zeus VII for a sub:
Hifonics ZEUS VII 600w VARI-POWER ZEUS 7 - eBay (item 300290282152 end time Feb-08-09 16:04:17 PST)

Hifonics Zeus VII

Hifonics Vulcan for my fronts ?
HiFonics Vulcan 100Watt Amp - Toronto Car Parts For Sale - Kijiji Toronto

Hifonics Vulcan VII


mike49504 4th February 2009 06:21 AM

Thoose amps are 1 of the best amps that were made back in the day when quality meant something.

Thoose amps are uner rated IMOP.
They are very clean sounding amps and true rms power unlike the new stuff from china.

Thoose amps if i remember correctly have a soft turn on and soft turn off so no loud thump.

Ask anyone here and i bet they will agree thoose are some kick *** amps

amc32 4th February 2009 01:43 PM

Excellent choice of manufacture.
Zeus is quite capable of driving today's readily available subwoofers.
(Mostly low efficenty versus old school high efficiecy subwoofers)

The vulcan is a great sounding amp as well.But it's usage should be based on the speakers you plain on driving. Even today's front stage transducers can require some power to achieve their greatness.

For me, I would use the Zeus for my front stage and explore my options for a bass amp. Class D or maybe even another Zeus.

Robcrx 5th February 2009 12:03 PM

thanks guys

tsmith1315 5th February 2009 11:22 PM

Zeus is very healthy amp, but is back from the days when 600W meant serious current requirements.

Going in a Honda? Be sure you can supply the demands, or the amp may suffer a failure. I have a similar Autotek 7600 (Zed model), and have yet to install it primarily for this reason.

See the attached Series VII spec sheet for current draw and note the the 30 amp figure is *average*.

amc32 makes a good point about power distribution. I'd have a hard time installing an old-school Zeus on bass and not matching it with a similar amount of good quality power up front.

I'm not a classD proponent yet, but it would make sense to alternatively consider that for bass while using the Zeus to evaporate your front speakers.

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Robcrx 6th February 2009 01:26 AM

great info here :cool:

acebaker 21st March 2012 10:04 AM

As cars get smaller and factory stereos get better ( though not really that good ) fewer people want their trunk filled with amps, batteries,subs and caps. Class D amps are good enough now to do the subs and have both a smaller footprint and less power requirement. It's hard to beat old school class a/b for mid/hi's though. And u know there good cuz many of them are 20 plus years old and have never been fixed. When they do break they are usually a simple fix. Most new amps ( ie: zed designed Arc Ks-1000 ) use surface mount components that are trickier to work on. I've got 2 Hifonics VIII's that have never been fixed that work fine and a 2yr old Ks-1000 that is fried already.

warpedhifi 22nd March 2012 09:29 AM

I repaired a VII Zeus a last year, the power supply died on it. But for being almost 25 years old, it held up great for it's age. The amp is back in service running a Treo 15 running at 4 ohm's mono. Those are some great amps, but they love the power. That amp is pulling a good 100 amps when running real hard. But the amount of sound you get out of one is incredible. If you can get one, they are worth the money!! I agree with the rest of the guys, run one your fronts and a second on your subs. :)

brooklyn72 3rd October 2012 03:04 AM

Looking for some one who fixes the zeus 600 Vll.please write to brooklyn72

TechStaff@SonicCraft 14th October 2012 12:26 AM

I have several of the VII series, including 2 Zeus. I'm ready to liquidate all of them - just don't have the space to store stuff like this anymore. What is a reasonable median price for them? I think I gave around 400.00 each 6-8 years back.

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