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hakentt 21st June 2008 05:40 AM

do amps have parasitic load on car batteries?
I got nice Hifonic brutus 1200d amps in my car and after I leave the car to sit for a week battery dies. But when I disconect the amp from the battery I can leave the car sit two weeks and it would not drain. I did the parasitic load test and seems to me that amps draws some juice at first second of connecting it to charge the capacitors but then it stops. So I don't know about this, any opinions?

Speeed3 21st June 2008 06:39 AM

Firts make sure, that amp isn't on. One strain of power cable touch a remoteterminal etc.

Amps shouldn't draw current if there of, but I have seen amp, that was broken, but produced sound. And it drawed current when it was of. Half of power supply was gone.

luka 21st June 2008 07:03 AM


If you think it is problem in it possible that your battery isn't charged fully? Amp should, I think, use <1mA I think, since everything inside has at that point M ohme resistence, even clock will draw more current. I had similar problem, my battery was not charged at all, music would play, but motor could do only one or two turns, after using car next day for say 2h, I didn't use music, I charged battery fully! Before this I had only 13.8v with engine on, now it is 14.4v or something like that

mandude 22nd June 2008 01:35 AM

Yeah, the amp *shouldn't* be drawing any current, at all.

Keep in mind, you live in Phoenix (looks like), and car batteries and the heat don't get along too well.

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