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tomtomjr 10th April 2008 08:33 PM

Audiobahn 34 Inch Subwoofer - Anyone ever build a box for one?
I am getting closer to finally putting my Audiobahn 34 Inch subwoofer into a car. It is a DVC, and 2 ohms per coil. I have a US Amps VLX-400 to run for power. I am currently looking for a small donor car to put it in. Figure I will make the back half of the car the enclosure. Thinking of a Honda 2dr Hatchback or turning my 2000 VW Beatle into the donor. Just curious if anyone on here has had any experience with putting one in a car. If so, have you tried a vented box, or sealed? A lot of work in building the box is required, so I figured I better get it right the first time.

jol50 11th April 2008 06:30 PM

What kind of cubes are you looking at for sealed/vented? Must be a sizable box.:eek:

tomtomjr 11th April 2008 07:00 PM

I am guessing 10-15 for sealed. I have approx 10 cubes on a 32" Clarion for my shop speaker. Sounds great. But the Audiobahn requires 5000W per coil, and more airspace. So I would say somewhere 10 to 15 cubic feet. Here is a pic of the speaker. The small blue thing is a CD, and the small sub is a 10-inch RF. It is a monster sub, and very difficult to move around. I took the sub out of the crate to weigh it, and it was 211 LBS. The box will for sure have to have lots of bracing. I did not get a manual for the sub, and the specs on the internet so far are not much.

jol50 11th April 2008 07:21 PM

Wow, impressive photo there! Certainly bracing will be a challenge with that. I wonder if you could make the box some other way, I mean that is something where wood might not be the best for but other materials have their issues as well. That would make the biggest sonotube ever:cool: If I did it right a 36" tube would be 2.122' long plus driver volume for 15 cubes. Providing you could fit that tube in a car and wanted to.

luka 11th April 2008 10:38 PM


You could/should make steel support, then build normal box. It is sad that you didn't get any spec, btw how much was it?

tomtomjr 11th April 2008 10:47 PM

I am sure it will take some steel bracing. Don't want to hit the brakes and it fly out of the box and decapitate me. That would suck. New, they were something like $5k. I bought it from an audio shop that was using it as a coffee table. They had a piece of glass over it, and that was the table top, with the speaker as the base. Since it was used (as a coffee table) , I got a deal on it. I have had it for about 2 years sitting in the crate in my shop. Just been wanting to put it to use.

Clipped 12th April 2008 09:08 AM

goodlord thats a monster !

how big is the coil on that beast? and the width of the spider?

that sub has a surface area of around 907.46 sqin, thats the equivalent of 5.138 fifteen inch subs.

theoretically if youd want to hit around 40-45 hz, id go with 17.98 cuft...with 251.75 sqin of port area...around 18-22 inches long.

only problem i see is that since the surface area is so large , your gonna need extra room for the wave to propagate and develop...

you might want to tilt the mounting angle around 45-30 degrees and load it.

look into PA boxes with an echo chamber.

tomtomjr 16th April 2008 08:16 PM

The coil is 5" if I remember. Model is AWT-34. Measures 36" across. It is crated, and difficult to move, so I can't get you the specs on the spider. I would like to mount the sub vertical. Thinking I might only be able to do so firing backwards because of the wave. I was hoping someone on here had one, or played with one. I have seen 3 pics of them in cars, and the rest of the pics are of them as coffee tables, or in plexiglass boxes in displays.

Flyin11 17th April 2008 12:07 PM

Reminds me of the speaker from Back To The Future that Marty blows when he strikes his guitar!!! :D :p :rofl:

Clipped 17th April 2008 12:20 PM

this box has alot of punch,you may want to make the opening a bit bigger, the slot port is in the back....also, the position of the opening can be placed on the face/corner immediately to the right of the original location, for better spl response.

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