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bokaylaa 23rd March 2008 07:31 AM

Older PPI equipment
I have threePPi MOSFET amps, the DPX-222 X-over, and the PAR-224 preamp.
DIN cables recovered:
2-10' male to male 5 pin din
1 -6' same
1-3' same

My question - Do I have to use Din cables or can I go with RCA's?

Also, I have not used this gear in over 5 years and the schematic has worn off the X-over. Does anyone know the best way to connect this system? The last car rocked until my wife asked me to remove it. I talked to the PPI people but Directed Electromics bought them and noone could hekp me.

Thanks for any help'


I Am An Idiot 23rd March 2008 01:10 PM

Do the crossover and the preamp units have power, ground and remote wires coming off of them? Do they have RCA inputs and outputs on them? If the answer to both of these questions are yes, then yes you should be able to use RCAs to connect them. If you answered no to either question, then you will have to use the din cables.

tsmith1315 23rd March 2008 02:32 PM


The DIN cables enable the crossover and preamp to run off the amplifiers' split power supply at 30V. That's gives them an advantage in terms of noise and output voltage.
It would be shameful to run an older all-PPI system using RCA's!

IIRC, the 222 has a 12V provision, in which case you could use RCA's for that. I may still have one to look at. If not, I have a picture on my office computer with the inputs/outputs visible. I'll post tomorrow if no one responds before.

ppia600 24th March 2008 01:49 PM

Just turn the amps on with remote wires from the deck and use the din power supply for the crossovers, best way to do it.

tomtomjr 24th March 2008 09:19 PM

The 224 eq runs off of a 15-18V power from the amp. They are on the output side of them. Connect them to the input of the amp using the Din. You have to use the Din cables. No way around it. (no way around it without modification, that is) There is a PPI Phantom power supply that I use to test these. Orion made one too, but haven't seen one in years. They were kinda pricey back then, and what I did on several occasions is to use a Orion 220gx amp , and hide it in the dash. It is a very small amp with the power supply built in. It will run the early Fosgate eq's, Orion eq's and PPI eq's... Do not connect 30V of power to it as someone has replied with. It will burn the eq up!!! 15-18V only.

tomtomjr 24th March 2008 09:23 PM

tsmith1315 24th March 2008 10:53 PM


Do not connect 30V of power to it as someone has replied with. It will burn the eq up!!! 15-18V only.

The DIN cables enable the crossover and preamp to run off the amplifiers' split power supply at 30V
"Split supply at 30V" meaning 30V measured across the rails. As in bipolar, +/- 15V. Sorry to confuse!

I thought I had a pic of the 222, but the only PPI X/O pic I have is of an EPX-205. But there's a good chance the PC board is labeled if you pull the cover off.

ppia600 25th March 2008 12:42 AM

Tsmith was correct. And the ppi crossovers with the din input/outputs all work the same way, + and - 15v = 30 total.

I can't use the din cables on mine unfortunately though. I've got to run all three a600's off my kenwood deck with rca. And no I 'm not going to use some coverter just to change the rca to match din, sound quality would actually be decreased. Too bad car audio companies have shifted away from the din type systems.

tomtomjr 25th March 2008 02:57 AM

Here is a pic of the diagram for the Din. The info of 30V was right, but the person asking the questions did not appear to be a tech. I understand the info, and you do, but 95% of the people on here do not. Just didn't want him to find a 30V power supply to hook it up to. No offense intended.

tomtomjr 25th March 2008 03:03 AM

First try didn't work. I will try again...

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