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ppia600 31st October 2007 03:49 AM

epicenter, sub bass processors, which do you like?
That is.. if you like any. My friend used an original unadjustable epicenter in his truck for years, it sounded pretty cool but you could just switch it off with the knob when you go tired of the effect. The newer audiocontrol epicenters don't turn off with the knob, so you just turn the effect down. Last year, the one I bought new seemed to affect sq and spl when it was turned down so I had to build a relay box to reroute the rca signal around the epicenter with the flip of a switch. Well, I eventually sold the epicenter, it seemed to difficult to keep it adjusted correctly.
Recently I started to miss the magical fake bass notes the epicenter created. Now, I'm thinking of getting another to mess around with, but maybe one of the "cheapo" ones like the "soundstream", power acoustick, or similar generic ones. They all seem to be the same makeup, just different colors and designs. (same knobs and other controls, imagine that, haha) Has anyone had experience with the cheapo "epicenter" wannabes? Do they do the same thing as the epicenter, or do they just boost low frequency bass? I might just get one to tinker with, but if they suck I'd rather not. If I want extra bass I can just hook up the old LA Sound LCX 2X18, its definately good for that. Opinions??? Advice???? Criticism???? Haha

Denver5.5 31st October 2007 01:20 PM

Hate Em..
As a former installer I always hated those things, very unnatural sounding and hard to keep tuned tuned correctly as you mentioned. I came across lots of Epicenters in the IASCA lanes when I was judging and they always seemed like a crutch for systems with poor low end or bad EQing. Is there a reason you want to use one? I mean, some types of music just aren't meant to bump. :rolleyes:

ppia600 31st October 2007 06:16 PM

Yeah, you get tired of the unatural sound of it, but sometimes certain songs totally lack low end or the recording sucks. Its cool to play some old rock that lacks low end and it totally creates a new experience. On music that already has deep bass, my epicenter pretty much added a little distortion and almost cancelled out the actual notes, that is why I built the relay box to be able to compare the two different sounds easily.

Clipped 1st November 2007 03:31 AM

i wouldnt mind having a epicenter that could be switched on and off and adjustable....the last one i had was back in 1993.

but i do remember alot of people hooking them up wrong, they had to be hooked up before any crossovers to retrieve the harmonics.

nowadays with the proliferation of cossovers built into cd decks, i seriously doubt the majority of them are being hooked up correctly.

i have a phoenix gold basscube, that works pretty good to find the 'q' of a box as well as a subsonic filter, but the subsonic could use a steaper slope.

ppia600 1st November 2007 03:00 PM

I'd forgotten about the bass cube. What does it do? Seem like just a parametric bass adjustablility to add or subtract bass at the perfect frequency. Is that what it does??

Clipped 2nd November 2007 02:02 AM

if i remember correctly it's :

1.a parametric eq used for finding the 'q' of a box, narrow or wide.
2. has adjustable boost around 40-45 ish hz
3. has a subsonic filter which can be set to a fixed point or it can track the 'q' and set it just below.
4. output voltage will equal input voltage.

it works at all but the highest volumes when clipping starts to occur, then its affects are less pronounced....dont know why though.

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