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100db 3rd October 2007 10:01 AM

Phoenix Gold Ti mod. / upgrade
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I just bought a brand new PG Ti 600.2, because it brand new, so I would like to know if there is any potential on upgrading & modification before I break the seal ( void ).

Anybody experienced modding this amp before ?

Got this picture from the web site, it look like there are 4 to 6 of 8-pin dip opamps on the input / pre section of this amp. Any body know what are they and what's the functional of each opamps ?


Perry Babin 3rd October 2007 01:58 PM

The image is at full resolution (2800+ pixels wide). You will have to tell your browser to display it full size to read the numbers. Or... save it to your hard drive and view it with different software.

There's one in the lower corner out of view. It's another BA4560.

You're unlikely to get any audible improvements from changing the op-amps. I'd suggest that you enjoy it as it is.

Justonemoreamp may know how each one is being used. It's the only one I've seen and I didn't have to do any troubleshooting on the preamp board.

Clipped 3rd October 2007 02:54 PM

hey! someone else from thailand !

for the opamps that i can see, the amp uses TI (texas instruments) ne5532's

if you want to experiment with different brand ne5532's you wont have much luck, because if you go to Ban Moh (electronics district)looking for that ne5532 all you will find are the same TI ne5532's

TI rules the ne5532 market here...and you may not even hear any difference if you do have a chance to change them.

1moreamp 3rd October 2007 05:43 PM

NE5532 and JRC4560 are used, Which means you will need to select two different replacement op-amps.

You will need to retest the amp to verify any qualitative results and to check stability alone with such a upgrade.
There will be 6 NE5532 and 4 JRC4560 op-amps to replace. there is no replacement for the LM13600 used for remote bass gain < LPL >

I answered your e-mail also. :cool:

100db 4th October 2007 03:12 AM

Hi All,
Many thanks for your reply.

Thanks for a nice pic Perry Babin :D


hey! someone else from thailand !
A small world, isn't it ?
I'm thinking about swab the 5532 with other series from BB / Ti like 2134 or the LM 4562... but I'm just afraid that these opamps functional as a DC-servo or protection cercuit or kind like that, which won't give much improvement on replacing them.

I've some opamps left in my little tin can which can be used for experiment with out any further investment, I just want to make sure that I'll gain something and not blow up this amp or my speaker's dust cap before breaking the void ;)


I answered your e-mail also.
My apologies, I just realised that my e-mail address didn't update after I sent you an email. Now it's updated please kindly forward to my new address "ballst22 at_hot_mail_dot_com".

I don't know if anybody has a service manual or a shematic of this amp or not. Otherwise I will try to trace it from my picture vs. Perry's...... tracing 2 sided pcb is a real pain :bawling:

100db 4th October 2007 03:34 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Initially I bought this PG amp to be a reference of this little chip amp -- LM-4780 gain clone when I'm tweaking / tuning it. But....

Let's give it some more time to break-in :rolleyes:

Perry Babin 4th October 2007 03:34 AM

These are not going to be for protection or DC servo. They are likely for the input isolation, gain and crossovers. Make sure your op-amps are unity-gain stable. Otherwise, they may oscillate or cause other strange noises. Use sockets so you can easily swap out the ICs.

1moreamp 4th October 2007 10:55 PM


I don't know if anybody has a service manual or a schematic of this amp or not. Otherwise I will try to trace it from my picture vs. Perry's...... tracing 2 sided pcb is a real pain

Well PG does not release schematics normally, and if they did I am sure because of my contact with them that it would come with a non disclosure- non proliferate agreement. But the parts ID and count I gave you are completely accurate by whatever means I may have at my disposal I did the BOM count myself to make sure. ALL the IC's with these markings are on the upper board and right at the input caps on the lower main board right at the edge. The other ICs on the upper board are used as switches for the passive component for the crossover < these are analogue switches passing feedback and filter loop circuitry and cannot be changed out like op-amps. PG does not use switches directly on passive components in their crossovers like cheaper amps other people build. Electronic switching is used to isolate the mechanics from the electronics. A common source of noise and trouble on older and lesser equipment.

Stick with the NE5532's which are input and output devices and the JRC 4560 which is used as filter elements in the crossovers. There you go, a fair picture of the circuitry layout in a few words. the JRC's are filters, the NE5532's are input buffers for the RCAs, and output buffers for the Crossovers, and the input buffers for the main amp channels.
The LM13600 is the remote bass LPL op-amp, and is only in circuit for a low pass situation either out the rcas or in to the amp. If bypass is selected the LM13600 is bypassed and out of the circuitry for the bass audio only.

That should make it very easy on you now, at least I hope so.

Very best on your efforts :) :cheers:

Perry Babin 4th October 2007 11:56 PM

These will give you a bit better chance of succeeding.

100db 5th October 2007 05:49 PM

Hi Both,
2 of the last posts is really help, thanks much !
I get a feeling that the void will be torn right after the 100 hrs burn-in period :D I would like to learn that how far the standard amp can go before start tweaking.

I've read your email yesterday, tried to reply today but problem logging on to my hotmail... don't know why but the logo keep turning with out anything on the page. So, I would like to take this chance to reply and say "THANK YOU" for your great advice ;)

Perry Babin,
Many thanks for nice pictures, much easier for me to work on !

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