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Flyin11 27th September 2007 01:42 PM

Tweaking a system
I know I did a thread yesterday on wiring 2 12" subs...but I thought this one should be in it's own thread instead of carrying on with that topic.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on maybe the best way to tweak your system to get it to sound to your liking? I was wondering because I went with where the gain on my amp was for my 1 10" Kicker Comp Sub from my old car and just slightly turned the gain up and down and have also been adjusting the Bass and Sub controls on my head unit to try and get it to that great all around sound I use to have...but it's not coming along quickly. It took me 2 years or more to finally hit it right on my old setup but now of course I have 2 12" Punch Subs in a ported box and it's going to need some adjustments. I thought I had it just right when I didn't touch the gain and it sounded pretty good but I wanted more punch so I slightly turned the gain up and now it seems to be too much power at that volume level because it's loud but you don't feel the hitting force or sound of it. When you turn down the volume it sounds so much better and you can hear the hitting in the subs and that's what I want only at a louder volume so you could feel that. So I was thinking maybe I could turn the gain down a bit and compensate by maybe turning up the bass on the head unit a notch or the sub output? I am beginning to wonder if it's because the box is ported and maybe it would sound better to me in a sealed enclosure? One thing I hated about my bandpass box I had once back in 94...You had to have it at a low volume for it to sound good...if you turned it up loud, it lost it's punch. Wasn't too sure about a ported enclosure though and thought I'd give it a try...It sounds good, no doubt but that question about a sealed box still lingers in my mind...

What are some good tips for tuning a system? Start from 0 on the gain on the amp and move it little by little? My PPI amp is so old I don't have a knob I can just turn by me and I can sit it in the seat next to me and adjust it as I go down the road cause of the lack of wire and stuff to extend it up to the seat...So I have to lean over and and adjust the gain with a screw driver every morning to adjust it.

Just wondering if anyone has any good tips :cool:

MadMutt 29th September 2007 01:13 AM

Being a ported box, if you want to increase the punch, try extending the port.
Just experiment by adding some tube outside the box.
This will raise the tuning of the box, giving a sharper rise at the Fb.

I am talking about actuall 'punch' or 'kick', NOT overall output level.

ocool_15 29th September 2007 03:06 AM

Are you using a Loud or Loudness function on your deck?


Originally posted by MadMutt
Being a ported box, if you want to increase the punch, try extending the port.
Just experiment by adding some tube outside the box.
This will raise the tuning of the box, giving a sharper rise at the Fb.

I am talking about actuall 'punch' or 'kick', NOT overall output level.

Lengthening the port will lower the fb all else being equal. Shortening the port would increase fb.

MadMutt 29th September 2007 03:27 AM

Sorry yes I stand corrected.
Back to bed for me.....

Clipped 29th September 2007 01:37 PM

box specs and ride please...

Flyin11 30th September 2007 02:40 AM

Can't do anything port wise to the box as I purchased it from Crutchfield...I didn't make it...THe best way to show box specs are this:


2003 Honda Civic Coupe EX

I have a old school PPI Sedona Series 100ix that's pushing 180 watts into a 4ohm load bridged. Crossover frequency is 90Hz. I don't know...I'm trying all I can and it just seems like it's not punching or hitting enough. I'm looking at purchasing a Rockford Fosgate Punch P3002 that puts out 300watts bridged into a 4ohm load. I think that will give me the hit I need. I just thought 180watts would be enough but I guess not...Oh well...

MadMutt 30th September 2007 02:46 AM

Try lowering the xover to around 60, this should enable you to turn the sub amp up a bit without it sounding out of place.

Flyin11 30th September 2007 03:12 AM

Wish I could but I don't have a adjustable X over on this PPI...This is one of the older models that have the SIP frequency chip and that's the one that came with the amp and I bought this amp back in 94 so I can't find any other crossover pins to try. If I take that out, the amp doesn't operate in Low Pass mode and then would be Full Range and it sounds terrible like that :dead: Only thing adjustable on this amp is turning the X over on or off and the gain. Why I think getting another amp with crossover controls and bass control is the way to go...and with the extra added power, it should hit right where I want it. My only concern is my electrical system...The amp in there now is running a 20amp fuse in it and throwing out 180watts with no flicker in the lights or anything which I love but now the Punch amp I'm looking at has a 40amp fuse and punching 325watts (Looking at a different punch amp) and I just don't want any headlights or anything to flicker on it. I heard from a audio specialist at Audio Express that there should be no issues whatsoever (when I asked about the 180watts I would be pushing cause my 94 Toyota Paseo that I use to have, lights would flicker) as Hondas have excellent alternators and they have installed much bigger systems into other cars like mine with no issues at all. Right now no flickering but I guess we'll see after I get the amp :cool:

Clipped 30th September 2007 07:26 AM

who hooked up the amp to the speaker box?

are you running the subs with the amps left/right terminals?


do you have the subs parralled and the amp bridged?

which way is your box facing?

Flyin11 1st October 2007 12:36 PM

The amp was installed by a local audio dealer in my area...I could have done it myself but I did not want to mess anything up elctronically (like near the computer or fuse box) on this new nice car.

Subs are 8ohms that are wired parallel bridged to the amp to produce a 4ohm load.

Box has the subs facing towards the trunk...back of the car. I have found that has produced the most bass feel.

I actually have come a long way this weekend. I made more larger gain adjustments cause I wasn't feeling it before and I have to say...I'm feeling it now LOL :eek: :) It's probably at where I want it right now as a lot of the songs I wanted to listen to sounded pretty damn good this morning. Some though still don't sound quite right. So not sure what I might do now...I might look into getting a sealed enclosure and take the subs out of the ported box and stick them in there for maybe more of a accurate response in the bass. I'm the kind of guy that likes everything to be sounding good and in perfect harmony..not just the bass. I'm trying to decide to either do that or get a new amp with different crossover frequency control and a bass knob to have the system sound good at the volume level I want it at. I might not need another amp but for someone who loves music as much as I do and loves a good system, I want to sound the best it can so maybe another amp might be the way to go.

Do you think a sealed enslosure would sound better for 2 12's though?

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