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twofake 21st August 2007 12:48 PM

has anyone repaired a Alpine CD changer?
I have searched this forum and the web as well because I am looking for info on why CD changers stop reading Cds. My Alpine CHA-S614 Cd changer has stopped reading CDs. In fact, my home stereo Yamaha single CD machine doesn't read the discs either. I even just got rid of two pioneer home CD players for AUD $15 because they both loaded but didn't read the discs.I very much doubt that all machines have faulty lasers.
On the net I found information about how CD players work and how the disc is loaded and thr laser moves up and down to focus. i also read about adjusting the mechanical mechanism that moves the laser but so far I have not been able to fix either the home player ofr the car player.

I am not concerned about detroying these players as they are useless to me anyway.
Any hints would be appreciated. On the home player, I have replaced the belts which allow the player to load the disc tray and teh belt which moves the laser has been changed as well.

acid_k2 22nd August 2007 07:49 AM

It's strange that :att'n: ALL :att'n: CD player stop reading discs...

In my opinion,

1-you have scracthed/damaged/bad quality burned CD
2-you live in a dusty place, and lens of lasers are dirty :cannotbe:

twofake 22nd August 2007 08:22 AM

Thanks for your opinion. All of th ementioned cd players are faulty. I thought it would have been obvious to check the discs as well as try new CDs (real unburned Cds). No Cd will read.The discs load and often the total time of the disc is displayed but then the disc does not play.It almost looks like teh CD player is paused (but it is not in pause mode).

acid_k2 22nd August 2007 10:27 AM

Read this:

Read? :whazzat: All !!!

well, I solved this type of problem in that way:

step by step:

- open cd-player
- verify connectors and cables
- verify laser-block movement
- clean laser lens
- retry to read cd

not success?

- slightly trim laser current (2%)

:att'n: :att'n: this operation may DESTROY:hot: the laser :att'n: :att'n: ! re-read the documentation in the link!

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