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Oddy88 14th July 2007 03:53 AM

Both AmpFuses blowing on lower tone bass
my cousin has two 1200w 12 sub in a box in his trunk with a 1000w Diesel audio amp and stock car speakers and pioneer head unit,the system seems to work perfect except like when we put in a bass cd and when it starts to go down into the really low low bass like low on the hz scale i guess... the amp cuts off and u look to see that both 25amp fuses are blown that go into the amp,and it will do it over and over again,one think i noticed is that he is using crappy radioshack RCA cables from head unit to the amp...i figured maybe to just go by walmart and pickup the scorche RCA cables they make there for amps but i dno if that wud fix it...i think he is using 4-gauge amp wire i dno if getting like the 2-gauge is what you have to do or what...byw he has a battery capacitator and supposedly a good fuse block a JL i think,thanks for any help

1moreamp 14th July 2007 04:24 AM

2 each 1200 watt 12 inch subs and a 1000 watt amp that blows two 25 amp fuses at the same time.

Well first off thanks for all the info. It says a lot. lets see now, 2 25 amp fuses add up to a 50 amp possible power draw at 12 volts, so 50 times 12 = like 600 watts of power to your 1000 watt amplifier < I would say somebody is fibbing on you in the power department of that amp company>.

I have a 4 channel 800 watt amp and its rated at 125 amps fuse wise so Phoenix Gold must be using bigger watts or amps maybe then Diesel audio does:D :D :D

As for why the amp blows those fuses, well perhaps he has the amp wired to the speaker incorrectly and the amp is drawing WAY TOO much current to be safely operated at. That would explain the blown fuses on a repeated basis.

I would not worry too much as I am sure that the amp will blow if this sort of thing keeps happening.

Blown fuses are God's way of telling you your doing something really stupid with your car equipment lol lol lol

Seriously, you need to look closely at whats what on that install and realize that everything has its limits. And blown fuses are fair sign that your past your limits somewhere.

Good luck, and I would get a bigger amp and bigger wire to the amp. RCAs have little or nothing to do with your troubles your having....:whazzat: :whazzat: :whazzat:

Oddy88 14th July 2007 08:27 PM

k thanks for the help i guess ill try to go over everything and check wires from amp to speaker and maybe get a 2 gauge amp wire if that fails my cuz was wanting a bigger amp anyway i think he wants a 1200w JL amp or he said he might just get another 1000w amp we ben looking at the sony exploid 1000w plus its same brand and everything as his 12's, i just find it funny that it usually only does it on the low bass songs...soon as u put in a bass cd it just turns off...both 25 amp fuses blown...thanks for letting me know its not the rca's i didnt think it was since i think its just a low level signal cable...thx again

luka 14th July 2007 09:53 PM


Bigger wire won't stop fuses to blow. 50A@13v at best is 650w. You say amp is rated at 1000w, but that is max power, its rms or true power (sinus, if it can hold it for any long period of time, more then just 1s) is half that, 500w. So those fuses should be ok. But if you connect speakers in a way what amp can't drive them, like instead of 2 ohme minimum you put 1 ohme on, and if amp doesn't have over current protection or that it is set too high, amp power could be exceeded. Then fuses come into play...

Oddy88 14th July 2007 10:36 PM

k so then the speaker wire needs to be a bigger gauge or just better quality or it might be wired wrong? im not sure about all the settings on the amp ill have to check if there turned up all the way maybe ill try to turn them down some then see what happens i guess,thanks for the info

luka 14th July 2007 11:39 PM


None of the wires will make any diffrence, if you have lower gauge then tha would only couse amp to shut down due to undervoltage, not blow fuses . What amp do you have? Second how are speakers connected to the amp?

Oddy88 15th July 2007 06:49 PM

Im srry the subs are two 1000w sony exploid subs not 1200w will that make a difference at all having a 1000w amp and two 1000w subs,on the battery capacitator it reads like 13.5 i dont know what the problem is i noticed that it overheats while listening to hard hitting bass for a longer period of time but it just blows fuses immediately when u play the super low big rumble bass...i dont know wut the prob is...

luka 15th July 2007 06:53 PM


Does the same happens if you have connected one speaker?

Jebomater 18th July 2007 04:51 AM

How are the subs wired up?

1moreamp 18th July 2007 05:04 AM

Yeah I just repaired a Kicker 360 today the owner left the front office guys in hysterics.
Seems he blew a set of fuses so he installed bigger fuses :whazzat: :whazzat: :whazzat: This time he melted the solder holding the ground lug terminal to the board and it proceeded to melt the plastic end plate, and fall off the board lol lol lol Fuses are trying to tell you guys something.

In this case he was lucky it was just a bad solder joint from the factory that just got worse and worse till it melted plastic and fell apart. It could have been a BBQ in his trunk. Please be safe and fuse things properly, and if your fuses are blowing out them there is something really WRONG with your setup. weather it be the load your driving or even bad wiring or solder that hold the power terminals to the amp board.

Don't guess take the amp to be tested by someone that has a good rep for doing good business in this field:)

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