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tjencks 4th June 2010 07:28 PM

Large Amplifier Case for HPA-nxV1200
Hello all,

I'm building a pair of monoblock HPA-nxV1200's. I am considering purchasing some heatsinks from Conrad and building a case around them. However before I go through all the trouble of getting parts machined to build a case it might just be better to buy.

The power supply on these amps is super beefy and has a 2KVA Toroid which is 9.3 inches in diameter. So if anyone knows of some suitable cases please let me know.


Bengali 11th June 2010 08:34 PM


do you really need conrad heatsinks? they are quite pricey?

I would go with heatsink usa for the sinks and par-metal 20 series for the enclosure. I think you can go up to 7" or 8" for height with max. dimensions of 16" x 16".

I recently did the aussie nxv300 monoblocks with heatsink usa sinks and par-metal 4" x 12" x12".

you should have plenty of room if you go with the 16"x16"

cheers! :D

Bengali 11th June 2010 08:46 PM

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this is to scale so you get an idea of how much room you would have left after the trafo and heatsink.

you will have to check with Anthony on heatsink cut length, how high the chassis would need to be.

lgreen 11th June 2010 10:00 PM

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Ahhhh my friend, don't go for a wussy teeny tiny cramped 12x12x4 case. Get somthing with a little more luxury that's roomy, let your amp breathe and have fun. put in a 5" tall heat sink. Choose a 16x16x6 par-metal case. Monoblocks? put it all in a big case and it will be more impressive!

Hey guess what, save $$ and buy mine! New not even unwrapped (bought from Antek- Antek Ebay site).

I think this cost about $80 before shipping, let me know if interested.

If heatsink usa is barredboss here use them! Conrad is way more expensive.

tjencks 12th June 2010 01:25 AM

Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions and I will keep heatsinks USA in mind. However these amps are pricey in general and I have spend significant money already. When finished I want these two mono-blocks to look like something seriously highend.

That said I don't think the heatsink USA sinks look anywhere close to as good as the Conrad heatsinks. I don't mind the cost of the Conrad sinks its just the shipping cost that kinda bugs me. I was hopping to find a similar product shipping out of the US.

Best Regards,

tjencks 12th June 2010 01:30 AM

Hi Guys,

I am looking for something that actually looks really highend. I do not have a problem with the cost of Conrad heatsinks themselves just the cost of shipping them from Australia is quite a lot of overhead.

I was hoping to find something just a pretty available in the US. I like Conrads black powder coat.

Best Regards,

Bengali 12th June 2010 05:40 AM

the conrads are nice enough to show them externally where as the heatsink usa one's do the job and are better hidden away :D

your only other option are those really nice chassis from hifi2000 I think that's the site. they are made in Italy, very expensive but probably what you are looking for. I've looked at those from the beginning but the added cost for cosmetics was just not pratical in my case.

best wishes on your build! :p

lgreen 12th June 2010 07:10 AM

Given what you said I applaud your efforts, and I agree with Bengali. The Conrads look ok externally. If you want the "high end" look you should pay extra for the hifi200 case and heatsinks.

Here is the link- HIFI2000 Web Page.

You are paying a lot for shipping the Conrads, so its better to pay the shipping from Italy for both case + sinks than just the sinks from Australia, right?

If you do this you will have an incredibly good looking case and heatsinks. There are not many in USA due to the shipping cost and time to deliver. You will have a unique amp that will be envied by all (or at least us).

EDIT- if you muck around on the site and google you can get an english description, distributor, etc...

EDIT2- also you realize that your desire for monoblocks (2 identical cases) forecloses you from other options like getting a broken amp and using the case with perhaps a new front panel from

tjencks 15th June 2010 01:20 AM

Good advice from all,

The hifi2000 Pesante Dissipante is quite a nice looking case especially if you add their 10mm thick milled aluminum face place and their milled aluminum handles. It seems to me there should be something similar to this company in the States but as I have not been able to find one I guess not.

These are gonna be some big freakin amps for sure with the 2KVA Toroid's I've ordered from Signal Transformer. These amps are each going to power one Exodus 18" subwoofer. Which thinking about it now cost wise it would have likely been better to just buy a QSC or Crest amp. However I'm happy to support Anthony and his excellent amps.

After this project I'll be looking to build monoblocs for each of the other channels in my home theater. Still thinking about what amp design to go with but because Anthony is so helpful with his advice and guidance I am seriously considering going with the NVX-300.

One other thing you guys might be able to help me on...I've looking for some really good 160v high uF caps. There are some from Nichicon 4700uF in particular I've been looking for however Mouser does not stock them and they are a shocking $38 bucks each. Any ideas on hard to find high quality 160v caps?

Best Regards,

lgreen 15th June 2010 11:17 PM

You would think that in USA we would have nice source of chassis' but take a look at partsconnexion and you still see the ugly crappy Hammond boxes that control the market. Yuck. Even par-metal who recently introduced boxes with heat sinks has the heat sinks of different color and it looks awful. There is nothing here for you; I know I've been looking for the last 5 years.

Why do you need 160V caps? That amp should not go that high in voltage? If you really need those caps start another thread in "parts"- no one is going to see your question inside here.

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