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Jman554 1st November 2009 11:05 AM

HPA NxV 550 or more
Can these modules be retrofitted into my custom built valve fronted bass guitar amp?

Rhythm Willie 2nd November 2009 08:41 AM

Whilst almost all lead/rhythm Guitar amps are valve, the opposite is true of most good bass guitar amps, so why not?

Bass amps need plenty of kick/drive and consume more current than most valve amps can provide (except for insane money) to get those multiple drivers moving air ( a lot of bass guitarists use one 15" plus 4X10" cabs - the 15" to move air and the 4x10" to give definition/quickness ease of following bass notes in the bands mix).

One of the best live bass guitar sounds I've heard was a Trace Elliot 4x 10" cab rig.

The NXV 500 should provide plenty of grunt as long as a good and well designed power supply is used.

I play lead/rhythm guitar and find my Hughes & Kettner valve amp is at 20W just sounds great on clean and overdrive (IMO much better than their 40 & 60 watt versions) and has plenty of loudness for most places, miked into PA and it just sounds wonderful with plenty of volume. Bass guitars need much more watts however and need quality amps with huge drive such as Aussie.

zenelectro 10th November 2009 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by Jman554 (
Can these modules be retrofitted into my custom built valve fronted bass guitar amp?

500W SS is around the ballpark for Bass gtr live work allowing for decent
headroom - unless you are competing with cranked 100W tube guitar heads
- then you may need even more, depending on speakers - and wear ear

I would recommend OP speaker protection, over current protection and over
engineered heatsinks. I've repaired dozens of high power Bass heads
including GK, Trace Elliot, Hartke, Ampeg, D Eden of which most had blown
OP stages.

The bottom line is think reliability.



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