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  1. TDA1541-N5?
  2. Newbie with transformer troubles (parts issue)
  3. Found a dac in a box for peanuts. Without power supply.
  4. Anyone else looked at these higher-end-ish bt APT-X modules?
  5. Marantz CD6002 Tray
  6. Drawer belt for Cambridge Audio D500SE?
  7. Sony CDP 707ESD skipping after a few minutes
  8. question:How to build How to build music player with tda1543 use rapspberry pi B+?
  9. Dual mono pcm1794
  10. Picked up a megamicro microdrive.
  11. Upgrading a Sony CDP-270
  12. PCM2706 TDA1305 DAC suggestions?
  13. Look for Mic/Instrument level ADC to I2S or SPDIF
  14. Bluetooth output and aux in connection
  15. Qa660-AUNE x6-DV20A FPGA
  16. Questions about a WM8741 dac circuit
  17. CD Player Pioneer PDS-505 new Clock but where to steal 230V?
  18. How to replace belt in cd player DENON DCD 820
  19. Does CDM1 mkII play CDRs and can it be made to play them?
  20. Marantz CD6005 versus NAD C542
  21. Experience with Auralic mini?
  22. Internet Radio vs Broadcast Radio - Bandwidth ?
  23. Regular CDs sound better than SACDs
  24. SaviAudio SA9618
  25. Can anyone identify this Crystal chip?
  26. Upgrading an old digital audio system to bluetooth wireless?
  27. Mark Levinson No.31 Reference transport
  28. Kit CD Players?
  29. no sound after cap change
  30. Sony KSS-210A on AMC CD8a, strong noise
  31. USB driver for Windows 10
  32. high capacity, modestly priced personal DAP?
  33. Sony CDP207ESP Needs new optical pick up
  34. Wadia 15 remote
  35. PCM2707 usb codec bus powered - galvanic isolation design
  36. Question about Denon DVD audio stage
  37. Sagging CD laser pickup. Can it be repaired?
  38. AudioLab 8200CDQ skipping
  39. NEW Stabilizers for Sony's Fixed Pickup Mechanism - First Prototype finished!
  40. 24-bits of Christmas - free 24-bit Studio Master track every day
  41. E-mu 0204 software?
  42. Raspberry Pi 2 vs. Beagle Bone Black...
  43. Philips' CDM1MKII (CDM 4 Pro) laser makes whining noise.
  44. Newbie questions; Fresh CD player or just a DAC?
  45. considering a cambridge topaz cd10 player
  46. Tip for cheap CD drawers
  47. Help needed fitting Tentlabs clock
  48. Ceramic capacitor for digital signal transfer
  49. Trouble getting eye-pattern off a portable CD player
  50. Bad clock after NOS on CDP-337ESD
  51. S/PDIF Clock Generator
  52. Semipro MP3 Player HW
  53. Marantz 67se or not??
  54. An "industrial" audio DAC
  55. Why the USB/I2S card died ?
  56. Powersupply for Audio Alchemy DDE v1.0
  57. Aqua la Scala MK2 DAC- Capacitors Upgrade
  58. Goldmund Alize DAC technology, how does it work?
  59. Is Crystal CS4328 and AK4328 (Asahi Kasei) same DAC chip?
  60. Wireless player with Raspberry Pi +mini2496 DAC
  61. Test CD's
  62. SME 3009 S2 improved ground issue
  63. CDM -4 differences
  64. Marantz CD84 wont play
  65. My first CD50 mod with NOS
  66. Sony DVP-CX-850D no spin
  67. KSS-272A Question
  68. Which is more susceptible to jitter Multibit or DS dacs
  69. Marantz CD50 bipolar replacement
  70. A Silk Purse!
  71. Philips CDM-2 laser diode
  72. Marantz CD6000 HDAM DC offset
  73. SD card controller ICs
  74. Philips CDV 496 player errors -- bad focus??
  75. Raspberry Pi DAC Help!
  76. Problem with Nakamichi OMS7II CD Player
  77. Nad CD 521 BEE
  78. Another amp cd player mismatch thread!
  79. Diyinhk AK4495 dac
  80. ES9023 Low Jitter Clock
  81. Absolute phase: I'm suspecting to have inverting CD player
  82. USB - spdif tube
  83. Current Output: how to connected to the preamp?
  84. Power supply for built-in battery powered MP3 players
  85. Marantz CC65 SE
  86. Servo board in multiple cd players
  87. Dual AK4495 DAC released, but not from Weiliang
  88. Lowered gain in DAC output stage OP, bass gone
  89. Bought mods for oppo 103D but, beyond my skill set. Need help.
  90. Schitt offers upgrade from Delta Sigma back to R2R ladder multibit!!!
  91. SRC Ad196 is always muted
  92. 4 digit 7 segment LED display, one segment is intermittent, need help
  93. New ESS ES9018 eBay - Opinions?
  94. Apple Music Streaming Service?
  95. Any PCM1704 source?
  96. Make a DAC from this cd player?
  97. microPC + I2s + spdif
  98. DEQ 2496 and why everyone should play with dynamic EQ
  99. Marantz CD75MK2 draw issue
  100. noob with an Oppo 103d looking to mod
  101. Bad Experience with Cambridge Audio
  102. Wanted: schematic for CDM12, CD-Pro2 and CD-Pro2LF
  103. Cabridge Audio D100 Problems
  104. Krell DAC Ref 64 Problems
  105. Philips CD960 falls into pause mode
  106. I'm gonna need some elektric help "Pioneer PD-S505" (First Post/Thread)
  107. Unusual CD Playback Symptoms
  108. AK4495SEQ double
  109. Wadia 21 switchable voltage?
  110. Sound Process or high quality pre-amp
  111. Going active, help and suggestions
  112. Marantz CD-65DX transformer temperature?
  113. quad 99 CDP: disc do not spin
  114. survey: how many KSS-272A should I build ?
  115. Quality CD-Mechanisms are long gone - let us build one ourselves!
  116. Practical Implementations of Alternative Post-DAC Filtering
  117. Kenwood and Pioneer sound decay on L channel
  118. Amanero DAC modules - any good?
  119. Kenwood DP-235 CD stops playing?
  120. New project of DAC with sounding of studio tape recorder
  121. Panasonic MN66271 does it take I2S from cs8414
  122. PWD Boards
  123. Teac DC-D1500 repairs goes wrong
  124. USB data flow monitor
  125. Can we get SPDIF signal out of YM3805
  126. Anybody know anything about Sony CDP-M35?
  127. Quartz Tuner Reads 10khz Out?
  128. Audiolab CD8200 - 'update' then dead box!
  129. Suggestion on a DAC
  130. Serious bug on XMOS with Thesycon audio driver
  131. Vintage McIntosh MCD-7000: Converting from 110V into 230V
  132. A new DAC idea
  133. Some dc measurements on the AK4490 outputs
  134. Panasonic SV-4100 DAT
  135. Onkyo C-7030 Mods??
  136. Mods cd-player Kenwood dp-7090
  137. CD player vs digital music server
  138. Help ! DAC types and sound characteristics
  139. Wondering how long the quality cd player can last?
  140. Tube output for Rotel RCD-971
  141. TDA1543 X 4 NOS passive low pass filter I/V. Wow!!!
  142. Marantz CD63 (Same as Philips CD100) problem - dumbfounded
  143. Wireless receiver with spdif output
  144. Fix for drawer not opening Yamaha CD with KSS-213C
  145. TDA1541A this may be the best DIY implementation yet!!!
  146. Which companies still produce CD/DVD Lasers and Mechanisms?
  147. my ak4490 build...
  148. Factory cd lifespan
  149. Modification of RME UCX
  150. Sony CDP X777ES won't read disc
  151. White noise problem
  152. Philips CD 960 capacitor exchange
  153. Marantz CD63 Ki laser fault question
  154. Philips RC-40, RC-60, or Marantz RC-63 remote
  155. ES9018 SABRE 32 - 44.1KHz OK - 96KHz so so - 172 and up KO
  156. ESS Sabre32 Reference Board S/PDIF Locking Problem
  157. Replacing a Brushed Motor with a Brushless Motor - Advice needed.
  158. ASUS Xonar U7 measurement/ action plan
  159. Source selecting IC
  160. Installed New KSS 150a in my Adcom GCD 575
  161. USB powered ADC (pcm4202-cs8406)
  162. Linn Mimik / Loewe Legro - Problem with drive control
  163. Denon DCD-1290 no sound
  164. playstation 1 audiophile
  165. Roksan Caspian/CEC 880CD FL display tube?
  166. Yamaha DVD-S2700 laser pick up
  167. i2s reclocker 74AUP1G79
  168. Yamaha DKS 800 RCA filter repair
  169. Need help to get AK4396 CS8416 ebay DAC working
  170. Cambridge audio D500se static popping noise on one channel
  171. TEAC VRDS 10: transport on the cheap
  172. Audio to and from USB
  173. Sony KSS-190A adjustment
  174. modified 5.1 AV receiver, 2-way crossover on each channel using DSPs
  175. Video delay circuit
  176. SU0 xmos u8 dac + AK4490 questions
  177. Parasound CDP-1000 misalligned laser?
  178. DAC suggestions for Ellam FLEX 3w speakers
  179. Replacing output caps in Nakamichi CD Player
  180. Any Experience with the Muse Mini - TDA 1543?
  181. What's my TDA1541A S2 Worth?
  182. Suggestions to improve old audio note dac 4
  183. pink triangle cardinal cd transport
  184. What were they thinking with this bluetooth receiver??
  185. Marantz CC-45 similar enough to CC-63 to follow mod list?
  186. EAD DSP-7000mklll service manual
  187. Blu-Ray, whats in the box?
  188. How to build an XMOS-based DAC
  189. California audio Labs Tempest II
  190. Who can tell me it's brand and modle
  191. how to remove drawer from wadia 21?
  192. Krell CD1 circuit
  193. Need Help for Marantz DVD810 Laser Pickup
  194. Strange KSS-151A failure
  195. Philips CDM4/25 service manual
  196. Cambridge 340C Laser Pickup
  197. mains earth -> signal grounding
  198. Connecting a source direct to amplifier
  199. Help! Need service manual for NEC CD610 (or CD510)
  200. MiniDSP 2x4 kit VS miniDSP 2x8 kit
  201. Replacing cd100 CDM-0 with CD960 CDM-1
  202. The Best TDA1541A differential out NOS DAC
  203. Reducing CD player output: suggestions?
  204. Working on a linn karik
  205. SONY CDP950 recap mod not playing
  206. Help wth hooking Sony ES Toslink to Sony ES preamp coaxial
  207. Dac Audiophonics WM8741+ WM8805 modification !!
  208. Rotel RCD-971 tray won't close sometimes
  209. How to reduce dac output gain?
  210. WIMA cap direction? Using 2 Polar caps to make a BP
  211. Marantz (CD63KI) how do I lock transport?
  212. Tuning modifications for Weillang DAC AK4495?
  213. Your favorite DAC?
  214. What is the OEM of this Bluetooth SPDIF receiver
  215. About using TL431 shunt regulator for TDA1541 PSU
  216. Onkyo DX-C340 pcm output?
  217. WM8805 how to connect new Remote controlled inputs,
  218. Problem... Random Tic's, Click's etc..
  219. SOny CDP950 upgrade - caps etc
  220. Compose i2s data stream to verify real bit perfect by oscilloscope
  221. Optimum cluster size for cd quality flac files
  222. Chinese DACs worth it?
  223. Philips CDM-1 and CD-R, CD-RW
  224. Which is the best sounding Tube D/A Converter Ever?
  225. Philips CD304 Tray Motor
  226. Meridian T-504: capacitors replacement
  227. Saa7824 Nuetrino clock injection question
  228. Digital source and valve amp combo. Good or bad set up?
  229. How much DC can be at a CD player output without harm to amp/speakers, etc.
  230. Service manual CEC 891CD
  231. Can someone recommend a better portable CD
  232. downsizing the components (speakers amp etc)
  233. Marantz bd8002 mods
  234. AMC CD8a CD player
  235. Reinventing the Swing Arm Mechanism - looking for allies!
  236. Audiophile grade "low noise" SD-Card?
  237. Sony yeds 7 and 18 test disc for my Kenwood 3300 and 1100 cd players
  238. AKM4399 i2s DAC with CM6631A
  239. Replace caps of Arcam Alpha 9 CDP?
  240. No sound Yamaha CD-S700 to DacMagic 100
  241. Dac optical input now noisy.
  242. cirrus wm8281 and other codec chip experience?
  243. Philips CD 304 MK II doesn't mute on pause
  244. Linear power supply for DAC/Raspberry Pi etc.
  245. sonic frontiers SFD 2 schematics
  246. Commercial available Lossless SD Card Player without integrated DAC
  247. Connecting CDPro2 to Soekris R2R Dam1201 DAC with I2S
  248. DAC PCB choice help & advice :)
  249. Philip CD951 broken CDM9
  250. iPhone Speaker Playback

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