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  1. Wire gauge from inlet to power transformer
  2. Help about transformer for PWM Power Supply
  3. any tips for replacing caps & I/C's
  4. pioneer a 777
  5. Alchemist power supply
  6. Unknown Toroid VA Rating
  7. Transformer wiring
  8. SMPS for Car (Dual Rail)
  9. Help identifying phono PSU Transistor please.
  10. AC main power to high.
  11. Transformer primary wiring help
  12. mains conditioner
  13. Isolation transformer
  14. Distance of 78xx/79xx Voltage Regulator to Circuitry
  15. Help Identyifying Power Transformer?
  16. 16ohm Earphones with a class A amplifier
  17. Need a power transformer for this audio amp?
  18. Inrush current limiter for DC
  19. Newbie: Required Amps for TDA7293
  20. Dynaco Stereo 410 tranformer metal end caps missing
  21. Capacitors for power supply
  22. Unusual using for LM317/LM337 in a PS for Power Amp
  23. Help and comments wanted on power supply
  24. Unstable Autotransformer (230 > 110v)
  25. Power Supply Noise
  26. Transformer question.
  27. Adjustable 35V regulator PCB
  28. SMPS800RS for 2x HiFimeDIY T4's?
  29. How does the "Jewel thief" work?
  30. SMPS _ shielding options.
  31. NTC recommendation for 0.4F cap 51V transformer
  32. NTC before DC mains filter?
  33. 13.8V 80A Linear PS circuit design analysis for Ham Radio Use
  34. Help finding a Transformer
  35. Symmetrical Pre-regulator from a floating winding
  36. Transformer alarmingly hot
  37. Cheaper Gainclone PSU
  38. Grounding TPS7A4700 based supply
  39. Benchmark's super quiet SPS
  40. Sziklai/Darlington AD817A regulator circuit
  41. Efficient dual rail DC power supply for car audio
  42. Stand alone power supply
  43. Dual rail supply help
  44. What 3VA power transformer meets Energy Star / IEC 62301 sub-1W vampire power spec?
  45. Compact DIY friendly dual TPS7A3301 power supply
  46. CiAudio VDC-SB Power Supply
  47. LM338K not being able to provide current
  48. LT3080 High Voltage Floating Regulator
  49. High Voltage isolated DC-DC converter
  50. SMPS output coupled inductors
  51. Variable power supply for tube amps
  52. op amp rectifier bridge with gain
  53. !!!Newbie topic ;-) 12v to 9v regulator
  54. Would someone please sense check my calcs ?
  55. Which PCB for power supply?
  56. Soft start kit - recommendation needed
  57. Help with Broskie SS tube power supply
  58. Inrush current limiting scenario
  59. Low noise psu 19V 65W 3.42A
  60. BF245B pin out confusion
  61. smps 2000va max for audio with simple component has to find and not expensive
  62. Testing power supplies/ transient testing
  63. Power Transformer Data
  64. recommend 12VDC to about 24VDC booster
  65. Power supply for TDA7294 100w Amplifier
  66. Keen Ocean toroidal question
  67. Mains hum for sure?
  68. Multiple low voltages required
  69. Power Factor and the need for correction
  70. Pico's Simple Shunt Regulator
  71. Puzzler: Transformer hum with soft-start modification on GFA-565
  72. How to connect this choke
  73. Linear announces "negative" complement to LT3080
  74. 18650 battery pack
  75. Help with Glassware ps-14 for Octal 8
  76. SLA batteries wideband noise.
  77. Power transformer for AX84
  78. Western electric J64001AM Power supply - Need help identifying a part
  79. Wiring for several different voltages
  80. LiFePo4
  81. Diy Bench power supply Oscillating with Inductive load.
  82. Tube Amp PS - Feasible Boost Converter?
  83. Supply for amps - help with pcb
  84. Help please. Want to make unipolar power supply from center tapped transformer
  85. Newbie Help! Current vs Watts Question
  86. WTBBB a Quasimodo Test Jig
  87. capacitor outside foil Directions in this situation circuit
  88. 1n400x for gainclone?
  89. Proper way to adjust output voltage
  90. Goofy project, need 300~volts for automotive
  91. Fuses and heat dissipation
  92. Bench Power Supply
  93. blown fuses in dual fuse iec inlet
  94. CCS values
  95. f5 Turbo power supply
  96. Linear regulator (LT1084,LT1083,LM338, )
  97. Plasma speaker... how much amps?
  98. G2 protection Voltage comparator circuit
  99. low noise split power supply
  100. Dirty voltage PC Power Supply
  101. Issue with 48V and 24V power supply for mic preamp
  102. PSU noise
  103. Transformer amp replacement
  104. Gapped cores ... where to buy
  105. Diode reverse voltage w/center tapped transformer
  106. Creating dual supply from two power supplies
  107. LM317 LM337 powersupply
  108. Help with replacing capacitors
  109. Gnd problem please help me
  110. 24 to 48 v high Amperage?
  111. LM317/337 Series Tracking Preregulator - preloading with CCS.
  112. Best choose of different PS designs
  113. Transformer Help
  114. DC power supply for DAC
  115. Help identifying resistor
  116. Light Bulb Current Limiter FOR 230V MAIN
  117. So i have build a super Regulator and cant measure its performance
  118. How to determine the needed B+
  119. New Workshop Sounds....
  120. High current OP Amp as DC Voltage Regulator IC?
  121. Soft start question
  122. Shunt reg PCB, anyone familiar with this one?
  123. Bought wrong PT, how can I save this project?
  124. How to calculate power of unknowm transformer
  125. High Voltage supply for an Electrostatic speaker
  126. How to understand description of different transformers
  127. Chokes
  128. Beginners PSU bridge question, building external psu for power amp
  129. PSU with different voltages
  130. Hum problem in DAC - weird behavior - need help
  131. Hello and "historic" Power Supply
  132. Step down transformer to step up Pultec
  133. Temperature Controlled Fan For Laptop
  134. Looking for good quality toroid transformer manufacturer in China
  135. electrolytic cap suggestions for smps and tube
  136. transformer hum
  137. Converting un-switched to switched outlet (vintage receiver)
  138. Automatic transformer tap switcher for bench power supply
  139. APPJ mini 2013 RF issue
  140. power amplifire circuit
  141. Single Wall Supply for Pass B1 and Bugle2
  142. Power supply negative rail
  143. Validate PSU
  144. Soft start w inrush limiting and bypassing
  145. help with mosfet
  146. Help needed for building LI-Ion 9volt battery charger
  147. Randall right 100 no power
  148. Inductive Spike for Push-Pull car audio supply
  149. Hum in active speaker caused by floating flyback SMPS
  150. Suggestion for my setup
  151. Which Capacitors After LM78xx/LM79xx?
  152. Maxwell Supercapacitors instead of 5V linear power supply
  153. NAD 2140 simple issue
  154. PSU for BA-1
  155. Power supply HELP!!
  156. Is this right? PSU smoothing caps connect + to - ... ?
  157. External PSU EU regulations, need help with formula
  158. Cap for 12volts power supply
  159. power bml 435/2 ericsson
  160. eBay 800W +/- 50V SMPS PSU, anyone tried this?
  161. Adding Torodial winding - wire splice
  162. Pi filters
  163. Single and Split Supply from 1 PSU... Possible?
  164. Connecting Didden-Jung Super Reg Sense Lines
  165. Nissan Leaf Range Extender
  166. Filament secondaries in parallel
  167. SMPS Dual Supp
  168. Four PSU questions
  169. 300B's inserted wrong. OMG!
  170. Best Books, Application Notes and Threads concerning the Design of SMPS
  171. Transformer setup
  172. Power problem with KRK VXT-8
  173. 0V output with a 7809 at startup
  174. Small PS
  175. amp not working
  176. swapping caps in an old SMPS
  177. Mundorf mlytic Ag 2 pole vs 4 pole
  178. Toroidal center tap, or not to tap that is the ?
  179. EMI/RFI shielding
  180. Guitar Pedal power supply shorts to ground
  181. Transformer ID and Lead ID unKnown Help Needed
  182. 4 channel +/- from dual secondary
  183. How to improve an existing SMPS to use it with class D amplifiers
  184. Power Supply to Power Sound System - Indoor Show
  185. Rectifier Diode Snubber;
  186. Help with LM317 current limit indicator
  187. decouple power pins
  188. How to power Power Supply Regulator
  189. cables from power supply to tube mono blocks
  190. Shunt regulator +-15V
  191. PSU/schottky diode rectified
  192. Questions about building SMPS
  193. please help to identify a diode (power supply related)
  194. Power supply design question
  195. wiring on/off switch
  196. Marantz CD-50, 60 and 75dx transformers?
  197. Power supply for a 12AU7/IRF510 headphone amplifier
  198. Power supply build
  199. Which power supply for a TDA7293 board?
  200. powering a 50 w amplifier by battery???
  201. Voltage increase in powersupply
  202. How do I add delay start to a SG3525?
  203. Help with wiring r-core transformer
  204. Dual Secondary or single center tapped psu?Ground advantage?
  205. Is this transformer arrangement legal?
  206. Toroidal transformer help
  207. Floating chokes?
  208. Antek Shielded transformer mounting bolt and other grounding questions
  209. how to measure 10.000uF
  210. How to regulate battery power
  211. psu damage input connection
  212. Looking For A EI Decent Transformer
  213. How do I bootstrap this IC?
  214. Negative voltage linear regulator for a preamp
  215. why sag?
  216. Conversion of +/-37v Amplifier SMPS +/-75vdc ?? PLEASE HELP
  217. A simplistic HV delay timer
  218. How to improve transient load response of an LM317 voltage regulator circuit?
  219. Technics SU-8080 Twin PSUs
  220. Do I really need a power supply for my home recording studio?
  221. Too much ampere into class D amp?
  222. Preregulation CRC for Belleson Regulators
  223. PSUD2 Help
  224. Toroidal Transformer Inrush & Capacitor Slow Charge
  225. R-Core Crash Course
  226. Output impedance of the LM317 at 1Mhz?
  227. Power Supply Rectifier question
  228. TL494 Getting Hot - Car Amp SMPS Fail
  229. Mr. Jung's ultra-low noise VREF - the GLED431
  230. Fixed -5v regulator for dac?
  231. Complete PSU with ADM715x regulator
  232. Triac / Optocoupler power switch
  233. Transformer coil for Naim 140 PSU advice
  234. United Chemi-con 35V 56,000uf cap power supply
  235. Removed hum in class a amp by swapping transformer
  236. LT1761ES5-5 alternative
  237. AMS 1117 alternatives
  238. Best Resistor Selection For Snubber
  239. TPS7A4701 regulator pcb design made pls check
  240. Need help with alpine Mrv-f409
  241. I heard about the Linear Audio article on Soft Recovery diodes, and ...
  242. Chromecast Audio plus Class D amp, how to power them?
  243. Struggle with TPS7A4701
  244. Building power supply for O2/ODAC & Raspberry Pi
  245. Transformer orientation - does it really matter?
  246. Lowering heat and power in power supply - ideas needed
  247. hacking the power supplies
  248. Minion Style Power Supply
  249. One power supply for 2 amp chips
  250. Technical note from repair of Crown XLS 602

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