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  1. Help on capacitor in power supply
  2. EI-96 transformers of different age.
  3. The ultimate amplifier SMPS. What comes after LLC? Single stage PFC.
  4. Power supply output
  5. Nanocrystalline power transformers
  6. Kool My toroids for LLC-switchmode
  7. li-ion 3s/4s charging....
  8. Questions about Shunt Reg's
  9. CRCRC considerations, capacitor values
  10. Quick battery question
  11. A negative bias rail from a tap with bridged HV - possible?
  12. Excessive Main Caps
  13. Need Help with reducing noise of my boombox
  14. Most useful 5 taps between 300V-720V...
  15. AKG headphone amp V6HP mod power problem
  16. I Want output for Power Supply ARTESYN 7000817-Y000 / 1629W
  17. Polarity - external 12V AC power supply
  18. best chokes for clc power supply
  19. IS my PSU problematic?
  20. Another option for an inductor input filter?
  21. Choke in power supply ground
  22. Help with an Musical Fidelity A1
  23. What can I safely build with a 50VA transformer?
  24. 2KW-3KW Audio SMPS
  25. Common mode filtering in Offline SMPS?
  26. who would build me a Geddon clone ?
  27. OLDO - Open source power supply modules
  28. li-poly/li-ion charging ic getting warm?
  29. Wiring dual coil transformer for best performance
  30. Preamp Power Transformer Replacement ?
  31. Transformer Sizing
  32. Must we really use X2 capacitors?
  33. Does the signal current loop around an amplifying device include any local decoupling
  34. Question regarding DC stepup
  35. Power Supply for TDA7293
  36. How much does reducing power reduce the conducted EMC scan plot?
  37. Repair help sought for 60V @ 50 Amp linear supply
  38. power supply switching
  39. Additional diode after bridge rectifier?
  40. Covert a Dual rail psu into 2 positive rails, possible?
  41. PSUD2 Gurus, I need help...
  42. old voltage stabilizer as possible isolation tranformer
  43. Voltage doublers, with rigour
  44. screened twisted pair for power
  45. Transformer out of Fisher soundstage RS-909
  46. Wall wart supply for cmoy
  47. TO247 dual diode with common anode
  48. Switching 12V power supply
  49. HK Torroidal transformers
  50. Nos Rubycon noise filter
  51. PSU Testing in circuit
  52. Sagging Positive Rail Help.
  53. Please help on TL431 schematic
  54. PSU suggestion for LM1875T based chip amp.
  55. Active bridges - what next?
  56. 5v 1A linear regulator possibly uses pwm??
  57. 0V, GND schemes
  58. Studio Grade PSU help pls
  59. 36V DC TO 24VDC?
  60. 25-0-25 Transformer For Independent Rails
  61. Power Plants and Ideal AC
  62. 5v to -+15v boost converter recommendations?
  63. SMPS question RE: Chinese 12V 8A supply
  64. Sorting a simple PSU circuit & winding
  65. Bypass capacitor theory
  66. Zener thermal drift
  67. Diode voltage drop question
  68. toroidal transformer mounting, insulated?
  69. What Size Main Power Supply Capacitors...
  70. SMPS with 3 independent outputs
  71. Easy-peasy constant-current supply module for PCC88 tube filaments?
  72. Adding adjustable over current protection to large server SMPS units?
  73. 115/230vac selector switch
  74. 3S/6S Lithium Battery Pack
  75. Mains filter: John Risch
  76. Faraday Cage needed ?
  77. proper ferrite bead usage
  78. Positive sensing zero-crossing detector.
  79. wiring question
  80. Voltage doubler options - please review
  81. Snubbing a relay coil
  82. Using existing 18vdc output from amp without polluting supply?
  83. Spec'ing current reqs on trafo secondaries
  84. Another Shot at dual Voltage PSU
  85. what's the job?
  86. SMPS for a class A Jean Hiraga 30w
  87. Power Supply math problem.
  88. Will LM317 maintain max voltage if input is lower than required
  89. Mains power: how to recreate a phase?
  90. Salas 5v for WaveIO
  91. Different ways to wind a transformer centre tap?
  92. Salas Reflektor vs SSLV
  93. Boston ac. Hps 10ho panel no power supply
  94. Repair sub power supply circuit - ADAM A7X
  95. Need help!
  96. 12v DC trigger on/off
  97. PCB layout in shunt regs
  98. most efficient low noise load regulator when you don't want line regulation?
  99. Strange Forest of Noise with Linear PSU
  100. I miss the ground
  101. DC-DC converter based PSU for line level applications
  102. LM3886 power supllies
  103. dc converter too hot
  104. Solar Power Upgrade
  105. PSU Question
  106. Repair of Mean Well RSP 2400-24
  107. Relay cut-off / mute
  108. Simple Math: Errors in The Radiotron, 4th ed. (?)
  109. SMPS Power inductors & Flux fringing
  110. Really interesting behavior with BOOST DC-DC converter
  111. not using a secondary on toroidal
  112. Single rail power from dual rail SMPS
  113. Proper grounding scheme
  114. 50V rated capacitors with a 29VAC transformer OK?
  115. Help, for problems in 12VDC Linear PSU.
  116. newbie PSU building thread
  117. Flat pack transformer experience: a lot of EMI and buzz
  118. Circuit for charging capacitors/batteries in parallel?
  119. Charging 10x AA NIMH's in series with no balancing?
  120. LT8331 -- Single chip high voltage dc-dc converter
  121. OP AMP input error (LM7121)
  122. LL 1662 Lundahl mains isolation transformer
  123. 250 to 300 volt regulated 300ma linear supply
  124. Two ways to make 12.6v, which is preferred?
  125. Test circuit for regulating charge to capacitor
  126. 2016-10 200mAh NICD -0.3v?
  127. PSU
  128. Battery box with voltmeter does not work
  129. APERO : Voltage regulator based on an idea of G. PERROT
  130. Transformer hum
  131. PSUD usage questions
  132. Damped LC filter for low pass (1500Hz) filtering
  133. regulator puzzle
  134. help for a beginner?
  135. How to calculate transformer secondary resistance ?
  136. Capacitor long term overvoltage
  137. switch mode power supply for good amplifiers
  138. the new Linear Technology - LTM4643 nice
  139. Advice on scavenged Nakamichi AV-10 power supply, please.
  140. Mains power to usb charging without a wall wart(UK)..?
  141. Toroid or EI ? Pros and cons plz...
  142. 220V to 110V Stepdown Transformer. Can it be reversed ?
  143. How to wire transformer
  144. Toroidal 50hz buzz after short?
  145. PSU voltage sag vs nominal current
  146. Reverse-engineering + fix of a wireless charger
  147. Please criticize my PSUD simulation
  148. A "filterless" supply
  149. Opinion on ground loop
  150. Where I can start..?
  151. I found some nice heatsinks for discrete diode bridges
  152. SMPS300RS 24v Behaving Strangely
  153. Help Me Choose a Transformer (PLZ!)
  154. GOSS Band?
  155. LM317/337 dual supply
  156. unusual bridge rectifier
  157. LT3042 universal PSU PCB
  158. AP24D4 relay replacement
  159. Why Schottkty's?
  160. 12v wall wart + 12v DC to AC power inverter = NOT overunity?
  161. How do you design power supplies?
  162. SSHV2 vs. 21 century Madia Rev. 2
  163. Kirchhoff’s Law repealed!! {PSUD}
  164. Hypex Smps 400/180 vs Connex Smps 300Re
  165. Power supply - Millett Tube Mic Preamp
  166. Power transformer question
  167. Power Supply for "Engineer's Amplifier"
  168. Power supply filtering confusion
  169. Instek GPD-3303s Power Supply
  170. Linear PS upgrade VS. Walwart... SONIC improvements???
  171. Crazy Audio high voltage shunt regulator
  172. Opinions on ebay PSU design
  173. Technical question about Audiophonics Linear power supply
  174. Is PSU power rating the whole story?
  175. Amplifier Board for 400 watt 2x48v Transformer
  176. Capacitor value?
  177. PS Choke in ground leg
  178. 24v 5A rechargeable battery system
  179. How much capacitance is really enoughi
  180. Question about a power supply
  181. computer power supply
  182. What's the secret behind BATTEROO?
  183. a quick question about LLC SMPS
  184. Fets
  185. "Magnetic ballast" as power choke?
  186. At a loss
  187. True Dual Mono?
  188. Car battery charger design
  189. PSUD (Power Supply Unit Designer)
  190. SMPS for headphones amp ?
  191. Need Power Supply Help
  192. Clamping Hot and Neutral with TVS: worth doing?
  193. Musikal Fidelity E20/E30
  194. My take on the winding's phase-finder (AKA "Phasedots tester")
  195. use single side of dual supply
  196. LT3751 Driven, +/-400V Shunt Regulated Supply
  197. Which power switch???
  198. External psu to dac and headphone amp
  199. I don't know anything about psus, and i need one...
  200. Is there a reason why the output caps in this regulator don't match?
  201. Design for Power Supply with 24-0-24V 2A transformer
  202. Help me find a new Power transformer
  203. 2 box monoblock power supply advice needed
  204. Snubber Calculations
  205. Power supply el84se hook up
  206. Power supply blowing indicator lamp
  207. pcb or voltage regulator module for charging
  208. Best 5V SMPS ?
  209. Supply bypassing using 2nd order RC LPF
  210. small power transformer
  211. rail fail protection
  212. hot battery
  213. Topping A30 power supply recommendations?
  214. Dual Bank Floating Supercap Supply
  215. Any dummy 5X20mm fuse ideas?
  216. Switch mode power supply help
  217. Rca ground shocks
  218. Power Supply for Starving Student hybrid?
  219. Power supplies differences
  220. Dual 18 volt 5 amp power supply
  221. Single power supply for two amps
  222. Critique my capacitor board for Adcom GFA-535/545
  223. Single power supply for multiple (raspberry pi+amplifier) devices?
  224. Battery Charger Circuit
  225. SMPS power supply
  226. Power supply fo A class
  227. Lm317 tracking prereg phase issue
  228. Pi filter or not?
  229. Mei amplifier won't power up
  230. CLC Filter using the windings of two identical E+I Transformers
  231. Test Bench : SMPS240QR from Connexelectronics
  232. bridge rectifier
  233. SMPS audiopower Roberto PUPELLA
  234. Need a +15, -15, +48v supply
  235. Incredibly dumb LTspice question: simulating amp load for PSU
  236. Transformer---just need reassurance.
  237. LM317/337 Schematic Questions.
  238. Thermally Conductive Epoxy
  239. interesting ripple rejection claims
  240. Power supply replacement recomendations
  241. Power supply for JLH2003 & F5 Amplifier
  242. dual secondary question
  243. Inductor question
  244. 12 VAC power supply for audio amp
  245. LM10 Power Supply 0-50V 0-2A with temperature protection
  246. Schematic of flyback powersupply in Labgruppen FP13000
  247. Dumb moment - grounding center tap
  248. Thermistor Identification
  249. Transformer in separate case
  250. cap multiplier after the regulator?

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