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  1. Is this going to be adequate: MKP Power Caps
  2. smps transformer
  3. What should be the deadtime for Hbridge circuit???
  4. Half Bridge SMPS, gapped transformer ?
  5. modifying number of turns on trafo
  6. Blowing a power transformer winding open
  7. Voltage Regulators - Sensitivity?
  8. Broskie's HPS1
  9. DC Filter Choke Working Voltage Question
  10. Power Supply Preference
  11. 5v to USB?
  12. What are clips used for on transformer core
  13. My new 1200W SMPS
  14. TDA2030A Power Supply bridge mode
  15. Special power supply and preamplifier for STK086
  16. Are good supplies for analogue also good for digital?
  17. Simple TDA2003 PSU design question
  18. HV CRC PSU
  19. Panasonic TS HA vs BHC Slit-Foils
  20. Linear PSU for laptop
  21. Synqor DC filter
  23. Amp6 smps amperage question
  24. powering up an esp project 99
  25. Multiple regulators - What is the end-output-impedance?
  26. LM3886 amp with NE5532 volume control board
  27. Regulating flyback w/ separate secondaries
  28. SMPS 350W 35-0-35V
  29. Beginner question about V, A and my Topping
  30. Power transformer question
  31. 7815T in a TO-220 package
  32. Wiring a transformer for amplifier board
  33. Making Symmetric Power Supply from Single with 4x ATX power Supply?
  34. About ETD Cores
  35. Help to known my transformer power
  36. Help with PS under load.
  37. Power Transformer Noise (not Hum)
  38. Bybee Music Rails Problem
  39. SMPS Core Selection?
  40. My new 1.5kW SMPS Some reviews
  41. Simple, low noise power supply
  42. SMPS number of turns
  43. Working LED's from 54Volt
  44. Forced cooling of toroid transformer
  45. smps
  46. Can MOV (varistors) be wired to each primary in a universal dual-primary transformer?
  47. Some thoughts on the T-Reg
  48. Fuse positioning in PSUs
  49. Simple 12v adjustable help
  50. two transformers into one
  51. High voltage timer
  52. Shunt regulator on ebay-how good?
  53. Asymmetric half bridge
  54. NE555 turn on delay problem
  55. Bipolar capacitor
  56. Mystery Transformer Identification
  57. Transformer voltage droop
  58. Multiple Toroid Transformer Secondaries
  59. Reasons LT regulator fails under load
  60. First Build PSU questions.
  61. CRCLC For Chipamp
  62. Quick question about transformar VA raiting
  63. DC earth fault detection
  64. Three bigger transformers or Nine smaller
  65. mains filter - maybe worse ?
  66. 807 regulated supply
  67. Help finding power transformer for 5.1 reciever system
  68. Toriodal Material for a Power Transformer
  69. Use of TI DC/DC converter in a preamp circuit
  70. Components after a Solid State Relay
  71. Transformer modification
  72. TL494 output driving
  73. 2 capacitors and a rectifier
  74. Good Maxim article about SMPS efficiency
  75. Need Battery Charger Circuit with Autor Power Off
  76. psu for lme49810
  77. Is this PFC or not ?
  78. Super caps...
  79. Losing some volts, or not.
  80. 120VAC-15VAC split power supply
  81. Offline power supply for USB / 5v
  82. Understanding what's going on with my PS
  83. Hammond 269AX to run 6 ECC88s?
  84. Can I increase current by combining transformer secondaries like this?
  85. Linear Power Supply for SOtM tX-USB
  86. cheap +/- 15V power supplies
  87. toroidal transformer
  88. Blown parallel FETs?
  89. Error amplifier compensation desighn in SMPS
  90. Hey guys, see if you can help.
  91. using only part of transformer primary - problems?
  92. connecting lots and lots of capacitors in a PS
  93. psu transformer impedance??
  94. help with LM3886 amp project
  95. Question about 2*xV Transformers
  96. Constant voltage transformers
  97. Unregulated SMPS Efficiency
  98. Helix board 12 power supply voltages
  99. Need a second opinion
  100. required a fullbridge topology schema
  101. help with LM3886 amp project
  102. neutral to ground voltage?
  103. usign redundanct power transformer as CLC choke
  104. SMPS power up problems.
  105. 35volt @15amp offline smps based on SG3525 needed
  106. Computer power supply mod?
  107. Pin out for E SATA hard disk power supply
  108. Is there a difference between these two methods?
  109. Hello, a query about power supplies
  110. lm338 regulated power supply
  111. Charge pump DC doubler
  112. LLC resonant converter
  113. Ripple in unregulated supply for class-A amp
  114. Power Supply - Naim Clone
  115. HP 6269B 0-40V@0-50A REGULATED DC POWER SUPPLY for DIY amplifier
  116. PSUD2: data on UU5 and UU6 rectifiers
  117. Is Higher VA always better? and Avel close or Antek exact?
  118. New TI SMPS for Audio App. Note
  119. German military are selling C3g tubes
  120. feedback relating core usage
  121. Regulated Power supply design suggestions and updates for LM1875 stereo amplifier
  122. Replacement for 10M45 / CCS
  123. EI or double-C core for class A Amp?
  124. Using two positive voltage regulators for a dual polarity power supply
  125. Regulators from Jims Audio.
  126. Tool for sizing linear unregulated power supplies
  127. Can I use a 2x35V transformer as a center tap transformer?
  128. how to estimate transformer sag under load
  129. recommendations for reservoir capacitor type
  130. Shunt regulator with pos and neg outputs.
  131. Strange ripple on rails when amp is connected
  132. Toroid Transformer Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  133. How to control power of two or more devices
  134. Vintage preamplifier power supply problem
  135. 20 millivolts on chassis
  136. Mr. Jung's new shunt regulator!
  137. LM317 tracking pre-regulator and current regulator
  138. Transformer for Subwoofer
  139. DC/AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  140. Help for fix my powwer supply
  141. Buck/Boost component calculation
  142. Dual Section Capacitor
  143. Transformer shielding
  144. Beginners Transformer Question
  145. Car battery as power supply
  146. Poles and zeros for two transistor forward?
  147. SMPS for Class B amplifier?
  148. Where to buy SMPS
  149. Mosfet gate drive transformer...is ok?
  150. Values for muting function
  151. Gapping an SMPS transformer core.
  152. Tube power supply and hot regulators
  153. TDA2052 power supply.
  154. Sandwich winding for coupled inductor?
  155. Inductor design: Minimum or effective area?
  156. Ferrite core for Boost PFC inductor.
  157. Replace regulator with Belleson Super Regs. Which ones?
  158. how to wind coupled inductor on toroid
  159. Advice on a +150VDC/-100VDC power supply
  160. Behringer Europower PMH1000 blown psu fixed
  161. Voltage doubler introduces noise?
  162. Help with SMPS
  163. Bridge rectifier power rating question ?
  164. 12VDC Step up to 300VDC
  165. Help selecting a power supply : 3xSure 25W amp + PGA2310 preamp/vol. (Australia 240v)
  166. How to test Power Mosfet IXTA36N30P TA36N30P
  167. build power supply
  168. Dual bank auto-switching supercapacitor power supply?
  169. How to split single 40v into +/-15v ?
  170. Please help with power conditioner scheme or accuphase ps 1210 /1220
  171. Leakage inductance value is realistic?
  172. help regarding transformers
  173. Question about transformer
  174. Bench Power Supply
  175. Toroidal Transformer additional windings
  176. HELP - please explain "bench" power supply outputs
  177. two amplifiers, one transformer
  178. 101 transformer question
  179. ATX PSU Modified for 25V
  180. Question about IC Power Supply Winding
  181. Auto switch on for Power supply possible?
  182. powersupply for TK2050 2*100w amp
  183. lm337 negative bias supply. Minimum load?
  184. One amplifier, two transformers
  185. ripple current measurement
  186. SMPS feedback loop for audio amp supply
  187. Power supply for Phillips CDPro2
  188. Schematic for 12v NimH battery charger
  189. Flyback to supply 30W Class D amp
  190. Motor to generator mains regenerator.
  191. Help with ferrite material type
  192. Implications of boosting transformer voltage
  193. Transformer Winding Convention - Dual Primary?
  194. Bad transistor in Mac Preamp
  195. Voltage reference
  196. Some LM317 Bode Plots
  197. use symmetrical transformer for single supply amp?
  198. Powering IRS2092
  199. Question arround the Power Supply of Linn's Preamp LK-1
  200. Seek pure sine wave oscillator schematic ...
  201. Ideas for Dual +-28V and 2A Audio power Supply with PFC
  202. 2 x 115-2x500 to 2 x 240-2 x 1000?
  203. Fixed Linear Regulators a possibly stupid question
  204. Switching out euro transformers?
  205. HUM From an amplifier
  206. LLC converter too low transient response.
  207. LLC converter operating in capacitive region
  208. Mundorf M-Cap Supreme as bypass cap?
  209. Belleson Superpower regulator, here's the schematic
  210. SMPS noise reduction technique
  211. Fixing PS toroid whining on car amp.
  212. Ceramic resistor question.
  213. regulated power suuply for Texas TPA3100D2 evaluation board
  214. Suble hum in 2.1 system, not ground loops
  216. SMPS must be rated twice the class D power
  217. Psu / battery recharging
  218. Flyback transformer core of T.V. or Monitor
  219. Newbie PSU mod
  220. variable constant current source?
  221. Help with SMPS Transformer
  222. What's wrong with Ac line filters
  223. Need a 2W Bipolar DC - DC Converter circuit to make a dual rail power supply
  224. Flyback SMPS for high power....eg...350W
  225. Low duty cycle for full bridge SMPS?
  226. LLC converter
  227. Imported goods and UK Mains Voltage
  228. Will this sufficiently power my class D amp?
  229. 48v Phantom voltage from 30v smps
  230. 12V AC for 5Y3GT filament?
  231. 120v 60hz 2.5a Transformer
  232. HP 9100-4274 transformer
  233. HOMEMADE Dual output adjustable psi (Lm317+ka7912
  234. BA033 replacement?
  235. smps design using 12Vdc to CCS for LED lighting
  236. Mesa boogie strategy 110 to 230 volt conversion
  237. Low-Profile Torodial Traffo
  238. downside of using computer bus capacitors?
  239. new Thread by splitting into Linear and SMPS?
  240. Building a 24v battery pack to tbi millenia
  241. Toroidal transformer help!
  242. Help needed for tube power supply design with unknown choke..
  243. Adaptor question
  244. Quad 405 transformer removal
  245. SMPS with output supply of +-70V for audio amplifier
  246. Questions re: ripple in this simple shunt zener PS
  247. 24v SLAs Resistor Voltage drop
  248. Glassware PS-1 problem
  249. Power supply for 2x4 Minidsp
  250. Power Supply Voltage Regulator Problem

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