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  1. fully charged battery
  2. Power supply for DAC,
  3. forte f-45 power supply
  4. Power Supply for Tube Preamp
  5. Is this real? - simulation of parasitics
  6. hot amp
  7. 250V stabilizer ok?
  8. PSU for Gaincard - Questions
  9. Soft start
  10. LLC Converter maximum gap in core
  11. Efficient 12v to 5v step down converter without noise?
  12. Ripple/Motorboating help with Battery PSU
  13. Power Supply Voltage too High
  14. How to add a proper power meter to an amp?
  15. Where to find 120VAC to12VAC 2AMP POWER supply
  16. Why use a 1N4002 instead of a 1N4007
  17. Double C Core vs Single C Core
  18. Single supply vs. dual supply and noise, I can't find a proper solution
  19. TC Electronics G-Major Power supply failure
  20. Isolation transformer
  21. LT1963 - Pre Regulation
  22. Newbie needs help with small rechargeable battery selection (Thodio project)
  23. question about transformer current rating with a multitap secondary
  24. Identify this transformer...
  25. Please check this schematic.
  26. Lowering earth impedance--Earth spikes in Russ Andrews Book
  27. Building a power supply. Need some help
  28. Inrush protection of a PCB power transformer
  29. computer pci-e power and tri-path amps
  30. Mute Circuit Connections for My PSU
  31. 12vDC to 110vAC converter with 18v battery
  32. Quad secondary FW CT puzzle
  33. Grounding for dual mono PSU and digital PSU
  34. Can a PC power supply be stepped down.
  35. Separate supply for input/driver
  36. Toroid Rewind
  37. Taylor 1363 smps,help needed
  38. Accidentally Shorted Secondary Windings, Advice Needed
  39. Symmetrical power supply with two identical sources
  40. LM338 tracking preregulator and current limit
  41. Modding SMPS for audiophile performance
  42. Rechargeable Setup
  43. Dual Bridge problem
  44. New design with 1KV power transformer
  46. Low Noise/Ripple 24Vdc ±12 Psu (±100mA)
  47. Good Regulator for 7 - 8ma load
  48. Need PSU advice for 2x Class D amp modules
  49. Help for newbie - rechargable supply
  50. Transformer Ratings (for Simulation)
  51. 24 Volt operation Jung Regulator
  52. VA rating for an Iron Core transformer
  53. AC on DC wall warts
  54. Question About Transformer Voltage Output
  55. Must find replacement power transformer!
  56. Reducing voltage, diodes in series, dual PSU
  57. Need some help understanding
  58. Korg Sp-100 works with AC Power Supply but not with DC
  59. Isolated PSU with push-pull regulator
  62. Different Generations of Cree SiC Schottky Diodes
  63. Issue with a softstart module.
  64. Building a high voltage SMPS
  65. PSRR and Regulator Quality (Lm317 Vs Jung/Didden)
  66. Help troubleshoot a PS problem.
  67. Good power supply caps for my subwoofer Amp
  68. Wiring up two trafos to one IEC socket.
  69. HELP - DC45V to DC30V voltage regulator
  70. Need help with car amp PSU
  71. What value resistor(s)to use with capacitors in psu
  72. Honey Badger Power Supply
  73. Tube heater LM317 CCS vs Voltage mode?
  74. Sweet spot for power amp smoothing caps?
  75. positioning two transformer rings
  76. Stereo tri-amp supply - shared or separate?
  77. Transformers out of UPS systems
  78. Isolate or float ground on USB 5v power supply
  79. 1100W 450V Powersupply - Topology and Core
  80. Current Control Using TL494
  81. PSU capacitor - does age matter?
  82. Transformer overvoltage?
  83. What´s noise floor in audio amplifier?
  84. Re-do the PSU of my DVD-P
  85. Super regulator and cable length
  86. 12v to 5v iphone charger getting hot in my enclosure
  87. SMPS help
  88. SMPS question
  89. Noise in audio when charging USB
  90. The toroidal connection misty....
  92. SMPS - hissing noise from transformer
  93. IEC mains filters?
  94. Replace/remove onboard power supply components
  95. 12v power supply for tda8560
  96. Hybrid series regulator
  97. SMPS to Transformer PS
  98. Cap upgrade in full wave voltage doubler
  99. Ham Fest Find (Sorensen DCR60-30B2)
  100. Server power supplies, any good for audio?
  101. Series MOSFET regulator 400V, what the hell
  102. Back-to-Back Transformers Hot to the Touch with Modest Load
  103. Adding additional Capacitors in PS
  104. TubeCadJournal PS
  105. Using multi-SMPS's for a Lab supply. Is it feasable???
  106. detex audio smps xp-5000watts
  107. All I've got is a scope - how do I measure PS stability?
  108. best performing single package 6v regulator?
  109. +5V to +/- 12 V conversion
  110. line filter on secondary?
  111. Quick primary check pls (diagram)
  112. What power supply is this
  113. Inductor Test Rig
  114. Repurposing logitech x530
  115. REGA BRIO toroid transformer
  116. Running 2 class D amps from 1 SMPS
  117. Mosfet reg vs Mosfet shunt reg
  118. What is the advantage of a snubberized power supply
  119. Reversed adjust pin cap on LT1085 - damaged?
  120. which transformer to use for this regulated supply?
  121. Some brief questions on SMPS's filtering and grounding
  122. traces/placement psu board for class A amp
  123. Transformer specs?
  124. Two Transformer connect ground together
  125. Possible to reconfigure Toroidal Transformer?
  126. DC sub for AC voltage
  127. Volt-Ammeter
  128. smd CRC filter
  130. 3V lithium battery physics
  131. SMPS for Mixing Console
  132. LM329 LTSpice model needed
  133. Acurus L10 Powersupply
  134. What transformer is this?
  135. Transformer selection for CK260 CanaKit
  136. Laptop batteries?
  137. 7815 and 7915 output problems
  138. Center tap offset 12vac
  139. Measuring stray inductance of a transformer with two sec. windings?
  140. Q:Transformer tray inductance measurement
  141. Shared current Power Supply
  142. Switching power supplies vs transformer
  143. Multiple parallel caps in a PS is there a downside?
  144. Info on toroidal
  145. PSU noise - distance between blocks - cables length
  146. Tascam DM-24 P. S. Schematic
  147. Re-using 12V PC/Bench supplies with 30V TK2050
  148. Upgrading PSU in old audio amplifier...
  149. Dual pos. regulators after an SMPS
  150. Martin Logan Dynamo power supply
  151. Virtual ct on a trafo with no ct
  152. PWM-controlled dual PSU
  153. Mosfet regulated 400V PSU oscilation help
  154. Control Shutdown (enable) pin of LT1963A voltage regulator with Open collector
  155. Differential use of transformer secondary ?
  156. Polarity protect diode
  157. leader function generator
  158. +\-50v supply help
  159. Implementation of components
  160. TL431 Based CSS & Shunt Reg for +/-15V
  161. Electrolytic Capacitor Question
  162. 81V Regulated Power Supply for a Nytech CPA602
  163. Changing a 12VDC -> +/-35VDC SMPS to a 120VAC -> +/-35VDC SMPS
  164. Advice on Powering/Recharging a Mobile Stereo
  165. T splices in the PSU: that bad?
  166. Litz wire peeling techniques
  167. Simple discrete shunt bipolar supply for opamp
  168. Simple regulator sanity check?
  169. What shunt regulator should I build?
  170. Softstart delay
  171. Power Supply Mains Filter
  172. USES for OLD Rectifiers and SCRs
  173. base theory of self osc and sample circuit
  174. needed idiots guide to powering with batteries
  175. Transformer type identification help
  176. Crossover Bi-amping (12VDC), what to do?
  177. Power supply when mains voltage in unstable
  178. Question about Bobken regulator and current output
  179. Crude idea to modify PC ATX PSU for Tube Amp
  180. Can't Tell if Power Supply is Dual Rail
  181. improving Digi002r Power supply!
  182. Would this work (class d power supply)
  183. Uni SMPS
  184. Connected a transformer wrong, I think
  185. Can LM337L be Used in Preregulator Mode
  186. what shematic for switching power suplply
  187. Calculation formulas for c-core/double c-core transformer
  188. Transformer calculations for Jlh for quad esl amplifier
  189. Which Maida output scheme do you prefer?
  190. Variac set to "low" as soft-start for large transformer?
  191. Car battery as UPS backup
  192. MDA fuse for a glass fuse.
  193. AC converter vrom 220V/50Hz to 110V/60Hz for Krell HTS-5.1 or Sunfire Theatre Grand
  194. "Rewire" Amp Transformer from 120V to 230V
  195. Wiring a toroidal transformer!
  196. Lenard's Series Pass MOSFET Tube Regulator Qs
  197. Holden And Fisher Transformers
  198. Power supplies to fuel some wild projects
  199. My voltage doubler - is this works?
  200. "Special" power supply
  201. Smoothing Supply
  202. Smoothing Supply
  203. RN-20 Chinese transformer connecting to JHL Amp board
  204. http://www.selectronic.fr
  205. Question: Tube Regulated Power Supply
  206. basic power supply questions
  207. power on/off dc surge
  208. DIY Mains conditioning Power bar (Mains DC, and Mains voltage)
  209. Help with B+ 325 supply
  210. Just bought a TDA8950TH 2.1 digital Class D Amplifier Board 2*150W+250W (AM160)
  211. Tapping 12v from a NAP140 clone PCB board
  212. 15VAC Dual adjustable regulated PSU 5V-25VDC
  213. Monster HTS 3600 MKII
  214. R Core transformer noise
  215. Power supply for my Aikido mixer
  216. power supply subtitute for topping d20
  217. please advise MUCH better chip than 7815 for 15V
  218. Choke to be wound calculation assistance request
  219. Regulating battery to 9V
  220. 18V + 18V Power Adapter = +/- 18V Power Supply ?
  221. +/-12vdc, 5volt digital ground?
  222. Soft Start Collection
  223. varying filter cap values?
  224. Shunt Reg… need help
  225. How to make simple battery PS for phono preamp?
  226. BEHRINGER PMP4000 power source
  227. Amplifier Does Not power up
  228. Universal PSU Capacitor Group Buy
  229. transformer power for gainclone amp
  230. Capacitance Multiplier Power Supply
  231. Draw power from one of two batteries in series
  232. main bridge has diodes in series
  233. SMPS Mac Mini
  234. Thule DVD250B blows the fuse
  235. Hifg Voltage Rectifiers
  236. HV Linear Supply Design - Loop compensation advice needed!
  237. Help cleaning up ripple on 9v 6 chnl guitar pedal power supply
  238. Analog Metric Softstart Board
  239. please help,problem with my amp....the led indicator like a flip flop.
  240. Power for a 13.5V DC circuit
  241. Power supply, transformer
  242. Bypass capacitor placement
  243. Simple DIY Rectifier?
  244. I need schematic for a 2x9v battery charger
  245. 100v dc from 150?
  246. So nothing is wrong?
  247. Power supply query
  248. Rectified AC vs switching power supply
  249. 1000W SMPS
  250. Hook Up of -24 +24 Power Supply-Help

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