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  1. Leakage inductance value is realistic?
  2. help regarding transformers
  3. Question about transformer
  4. Bench Power Supply
  5. Toroidal Transformer additional windings
  6. HELP - please explain "bench" power supply outputs
  7. two amplifiers, one transformer
  8. 101 transformer question
  9. ATX PSU Modified for 25V
  10. Question about IC Power Supply Winding
  11. Auto switch on for Power supply possible?
  12. powersupply for TK2050 2*100w amp
  13. lm337 negative bias supply. Minimum load?
  14. One amplifier, two transformers
  15. ripple current measurement
  16. SMPS feedback loop for audio amp supply
  17. Power supply for Phillips CDPro2
  18. Schematic for 12v NimH battery charger
  19. Flyback to supply 30W Class D amp
  20. Motor to generator mains regenerator.
  21. Help with ferrite material type
  22. Implications of boosting transformer voltage
  23. Transformer Winding Convention - Dual Primary?
  24. Bad transistor in Mac Preamp
  25. Voltage reference
  26. Some LM317 Bode Plots
  27. use symmetrical transformer for single supply amp?
  28. Powering IRS2092
  29. Question arround the Power Supply of Linn's Preamp LK-1
  30. Seek pure sine wave oscillator schematic ...
  31. Ideas for Dual +-28V and 2A Audio power Supply with PFC
  32. 2 x 115-2x500 to 2 x 240-2 x 1000?
  33. Fixed Linear Regulators a possibly stupid question
  34. Switching out euro transformers?
  35. HUM From an amplifier
  36. LLC converter too low transient response.
  37. LLC converter operating in capacitive region
  38. Mundorf M-Cap Supreme as bypass cap?
  39. Belleson Superpower regulator, here's the schematic
  40. SMPS noise reduction technique
  41. Fixing PS toroid whining on car amp.
  42. Ceramic resistor question.
  43. regulated power suuply for Texas TPA3100D2 evaluation board
  44. Suble hum in 2.1 system, not ground loops
  46. SMPS must be rated twice the class D power
  47. Psu / battery recharging
  48. Flyback transformer core of T.V. or Monitor
  49. Newbie PSU mod
  50. variable constant current source?
  51. Help with SMPS Transformer
  52. What's wrong with Ac line filters
  53. Need a 2W Bipolar DC - DC Converter circuit to make a dual rail power supply
  54. Flyback SMPS for high power....eg...350W
  55. Low duty cycle for full bridge SMPS?
  56. LLC converter
  57. Imported goods and UK Mains Voltage
  58. Will this sufficiently power my class D amp?
  59. 48v Phantom voltage from 30v smps
  60. 12V AC for 5Y3GT filament?
  61. 120v 60hz 2.5a Transformer
  62. HP 9100-4274 transformer
  63. HOMEMADE Dual output adjustable psi (Lm317+ka7912
  64. BA033 replacement?
  65. smps design using 12Vdc to CCS for LED lighting
  66. Mesa boogie strategy 110 to 230 volt conversion
  67. Low-Profile Torodial Traffo
  68. downside of using computer bus capacitors?
  69. new Thread by splitting into Linear and SMPS?
  70. Building a 24v battery pack to tbi millenia
  71. Toroidal transformer help!
  72. Help needed for tube power supply design with unknown choke..
  73. Adaptor question
  74. Quad 405 transformer removal
  75. SMPS with output supply of +-70V for audio amplifier
  76. Questions re: ripple in this simple shunt zener PS
  77. 24v SLAs Resistor Voltage drop
  78. Glassware PS-1 problem
  79. Power supply for 2x4 Minidsp
  80. Power Supply Voltage Regulator Problem
  81. +-45vdc regulated power supply schematics needed.
  82. secondary in parallel/series with primary
  83. Unregulated power supply output impedance
  84. About RCD snubber ckt
  85. magnetizer power supply
  86. What makes it a "Lab" supply?
  87. Preventing the inrush current saturation in a toroidal/EI transformer
  88. 5V Linear power supply design
  89. heater regulator
  90. Power transformer question
  91. 9VAC Wall Wart Power Supply
  92. 20 Khz 800 volts power supply for ultrasonic welder
  93. How to build 24v 2A Single Rail?
  94. Tube Power Supply Help
  95. Using constant current source as voltage regulator
  96. Hiraga power supply
  97. constant current vs current limit
  98. DC-DC variable voltage and current lab power supply
  99. Help needed for Pioneer SA-500.
  100. Bipolar Supply, Unbalanced Load
  101. Some One Guide This SMPS NEWBIE
  102. Ventilating Transformers
  103. Tranny with multiple primary winding
  104. Remote control switch for power amplifier
  105. Gainclone preamp problem, something wrong with psu?
  106. convert +12 to +/-12
  107. LM1084 5.0 need 6v
  108. Power sensor/detector
  109. Wanted - Schematic diagrams for Artesyn ( Sun V880 Server ) Power Supplies.
  110. Cap for tube power supply
  111. Quick question on grounding procedure
  112. Correct Fitting of DC Blockers
  113. possible to achieve 1kw with uc3842?
  114. Regulated +80V Supply ....
  115. Where can I get transformer for this (USA)?
  116. Power Supply Resevoir Size
  117. Power Transformer gave out..need help!
  118. Audio DSP Power Supply
  119. Question about Solar panel charging for my boombox
  120. Another Soft Start Circut
  121. DPS-600 fast regulated smps for Wire-Amp
  122. crossed wires
  123. What's wrong with a PSU like this?
  124. Where do you buy your toroidal transformers from?
  125. BOSE 1602
  126. How to measure rectifier recovery current pulses
  127. Anyone here understand volt-amps?
  128. New power supply for Quad 405
  129. Rectifier giving out over 3x AC voltage
  130. Do batteries still rule?
  131. 50V Power Supply
  132. Beginner Help.
  133. Preamp remotely turning on Monoblock PSUs
  134. Polytone power supply rehab..can u help?
  135. 12v AC - 300v regulated DC switched power supply
  136. Regulated Capacitance Multiplier Supply Board
  137. 2kw pull-push offline smps
  138. Dual supply using 2 transformers +170-0-170
  139. What SMPS topology is this?
  140. Negative and positive regulated supply:same winding?
  141. Power supply cap mod
  142. Relay between power supply and IV stage causes an audible click
  143. lm338 psu
  144. help finding used SolaHD Power Supply
  145. Selectronic Rcore Transformers
  146. Convert SMPS from half to full bridge
  147. Power supply simulating problem
  148. What's wrong with this circuit?
  149. Tranny hookup
  150. Tranny hookup
  151. select power for bridge rectifier
  152. LM317 safe operating temperature
  153. Droping Resistor.
  154. 845 Heater Power supply problems
  155. Relay to turn on amp using 12v trigger
  156. DIY KIT Power supply for Squeezebox duet and Touch
  157. Toroid transformer and big voltage drop
  158. How to power these boards on DC?
  159. Quick (stupid?) question on paralleling PSs
  160. PSU choke
  161. Snubber caps with sic rectifiers?
  162. UC3854 LTspice model
  163. High voltage step-down switching regulator
  164. Revie my +-15V and +5V power supply
  165. 6V6 veriable tube regulated
  166. help with power supply, really stressed
  167. TNY256 - what is that "Y1 Safety" capacitor for ?
  168. Single vs Parallel Capacitor
  169. Minimax MW1125 to power NE5532
  170. smps for car audio with TL494
  171. usb power supply for audio
  172. Tivoli Model One - Supply overvoltage, where to look for repair
  173. Need help:Power supply Capacitor!
  174. Logitech Z5500 220V 50Hz to 220V 60Hz
  175. Actual power rating of resistor?
  176. series regulated power supply with feedback for Nelson Amplifier
  177. Transformer mains wiring
  178. Guitar Pedal Power Supply
  179. Anyone listened to Li-ion batteries?
  180. P/S Cap Orientation Question
  181. Small, high quality 15v PS to drive an SE/SE Wire
  182. the best design for a <15A linear regulator for solar power supply
  183. ASK HU power supplies
  184. Toroidal transformer isolation
  185. Power transformer question.
  186. Trip GFI
  187. Circuit for mic phantom power
  188. fuse type and rating
  189. How to Configure Audio Input as Power Switch?
  190. how to simulate schematic
  191. Why no FWB output for SMPS
  192. Power transformer question, any helpful suggestions welcome
  193. +/-15V supply for op-amps
  194. rca 14BT power supply
  195. Variacs - testing, listening?
  196. Power Supply Problem Help!!!
  197. TA2020 Amp and 12V 7Ah SLA Battery??
  198. I super need 12V to +-85V 20A POWER SCH
  199. Sola Transformer?
  200. General Power Supply Questions
  201. Power transformer
  202. Flyback with LT1372/1377
  203. Isolated vs non-isolated DC converters for car audio amplification
  204. Replacement transistor for DTC 143 es
  205. Y1 and Y2 Capacitor in SMSP circuit
  206. Loading Papa's regulator with 2 F5 channels?
  207. Winding SMPS transformer
  208. 576W SMPS for car audio amplifier
  209. Were did the power go
  210. 24V 4.5A PSU fell in my lap. Using it as mains power and NiMH Charger?
  211. PSUD help - 26 heater
  212. using Lambda SMPS as constant current source
  213. Charging 12V SLA from car
  214. 2SK1020 inverter switching
  215. TL431 Problem in SMPS circuit
  216. Capacitor advice needed
  217. Inductors in Power Supplies
  218. 24VDC to ~15VDC without a regulator
  219. Building my own 24V Battery Pack. Chargers?
  220. Mains relay help please :D
  221. Need help with a Sherwood rd 6502 transformer.
  222. power supply 6d22S
  223. fixing torodial xformers to a chassis
  224. SMPS topologies.
  225. snubber designing for full bridge power supply
  226. 12VDC power supply
  227. smps switching frequency and noise
  228. 1kw offline smps new
  229. strange ripple noise in DC power supplies ?
  230. 7905 bypass current
  231. Transformer secondary voltage reduction
  232. Linear LED driver
  233. Variac power supply simulation in PSUD2
  234. LTspice simulation
  235. transistor as power switch
  236. 10.2VAC for 9VAC units?
  237. Power conditioner filter
  239. HV Regulation using variable series LV supply?
  240. PSUDII simulation vs reality
  241. Hammond 182V24 and 182S24
  242. Please help me mend this power supply board.
  243. Boostor, an ideal companion for a Circlophone on the move
  244. Isolation Transformer
  245. 12 VDC to 120 VAC inverters
  246. Capacitance Multiplier question
  247. Dual Polarity PSU Question
  248. Dual voltage from a battery
  249. LM317 CCS in DC Power supply - Does HF performance matter?
  250. How to fix it?

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