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  1. Reservoir capacitor lifetime?
  2. wierd rectifier output
  3. Need help with DAC wiring w/R-Core tranformer
  4. JIMS Audio Kubota Regulator
  5. DC Inverter help
  6. Iso Transformer
  7. How to get +17V 0 -17 V dc with 2 regulated 17 V dc ?
  8. supply problem
  9. Surge arrester recall
  10. help me plzzzzzz
  11. toroidal core power
  12. TL431 or 6V8 Z-Diode
  13. UPS transformers for Audio amp?
  14. Battery/Alternator probelms ? helllpppp!!
  15. SMPS
  16. Voltage doubler and Negative generator
  17. Power MOSFET as simple analog switch
  18. Samsung Hometheater SMPS Repair
  19. Will this single power supply work for Minidsp, Gainclone AND Cold Amp S250?
  20. layout of ps for my mosfet amp
  21. Finish full stabilized 1200W power supply for my new project
  22. Just how noisy is a switched mode power supply?
  23. Question on power entry module
  24. Simple, no-math transformer snubber using Quasimodo test-jig
  25. Variable PS question
  26. Transformer operation
  27. Quck Q on split power supply ground reference?
  28. How to mount a toroidal transformer vertically?
  29. 24V DC, 700mA
  30. [ask] calculating ampere in toroidal transformers
  31. 2N3053 TO-220 equivalent
  32. "Noisy Transformer (Clicking)"
  33. Full wave centre tap versus bridge
  34. Transformer output?
  35. Speaker relays vs power supply softstart relays
  36. Explaining a PSU
  37. STK4192 amplifier circuit?
  38. Wharfedale PM700 Power Supply blown
  39. SMPS recommendation
  40. CCS + Zeners or resistors for 450V reference
  41. Battery charger for wider voltage range
  42. 48v Power supply for McCurdy Phono Pre
  43. Resettable fuses in power rails thoughts
  44. Regulated Negative Power Supply
  45. Bipolar ps from single ended transformer
  46. Ground Box, what is inside?
  47. effects of faulty lm78xx?
  48. Capacitor Support Apparatus
  49. Soft Start for EI Transformer necessary ??
  50. What diodes would you recommend?
  51. Thule PR-350B Upgrade
  52. PSU for esternal DAC
  53. Converting Kraken power supply from 220v to 110V
  54. Newbie asking about transformer
  55. 12 volt power supply
  56. ~180v regulator schematic needed!
  57. build power on 2 P88 and 1 PL 504 / 511
  58. Choosing a Power Transformer for Blame ST
  59. Power supply for LCD digital multimeter
  60. MB12A25V20 ok for audio
  61. Zener vs Led as reference
  62. Transformer Rating using dual bridge rectifier
  63. USB with separate linear power supply
  65. 317 based Charging circuit for battery powered Getto Blaster.
  66. design and construction of a 1kva switch mode inverter
  67. Quasi-Resonant SMPS For Audio,You need It?
  68. Coursera: Intro to Power Electronics (Course on SMPS)
  69. What to look for in a series pass mosfet
  70. Selecting rectifier diodes for high frequency or SMPS supplies?
  71. Transformer
  72. 6V6 Musical Machine Power Supply Problems
  73. Oscillations with multiple transformer setup
  74. voltage regulator for 6080 tube amp
  75. DC step down buck regulators
  76. LLC converter no load regulation problems UCC25600
  77. 300W SMPS for amp. from PC PSU
  78. Can you do this safely?
  79. Newbie Issues with 12V PS
  80. Upgrading capacitors in home theatre amplifier
  81. Simplified MrEvil / PMI Capacitance Multiplier
  82. Identifying Power Trannie from Sub?
  83. Class D backup power circuit
  84. Amplifier PSU Calculator
  85. Japanese power cord to US three prong
  86. Anode tube power supply (stabilized)
  88. 3200 Volt regulator
  89. +- 50v
  90. LT3080 simple problem ?
  91. 120v to +-70v?
  92. power supply?
  93. Resevoir capacitors for Chip Amps
  94. Help needed with a basic 12 volt high current regulator
  95. Cobbling together 12V for two mono amps.
  96. how to know transformer power rating
  97. Options for getting the proper voltage
  98. Ground not at 0V
  99. fully charged battery
  100. Power supply for DAC,
  101. forte f-45 power supply
  102. Power Supply for Tube Preamp
  103. Is this real? - simulation of parasitics
  104. hot amp
  105. 250V stabilizer ok?
  106. PSU for Gaincard - Questions
  107. Soft start
  108. LLC Converter maximum gap in core
  109. Efficient 12v to 5v step down converter without noise?
  110. Ripple/Motorboating help with Battery PSU
  111. Power Supply Voltage too High
  112. How to add a proper power meter to an amp?
  113. Where to find 120VAC to12VAC 2AMP POWER supply
  114. Why use a 1N4002 instead of a 1N4007
  115. Double C Core vs Single C Core
  116. Single supply vs. dual supply and noise, I can't find a proper solution
  117. TC Electronics G-Major Power supply failure
  118. Isolation transformer
  119. LT1963 - Pre Regulation
  120. Newbie needs help with small rechargeable battery selection (Thodio project)
  121. question about transformer current rating with a multitap secondary
  122. Identify this transformer...
  123. Please check this schematic.
  124. Lowering earth impedance--Earth spikes in Russ Andrews Book
  125. Building a power supply. Need some help
  126. Inrush protection of a PCB power transformer
  127. computer pci-e power and tri-path amps
  128. Mute Circuit Connections for My PSU
  129. 12vDC to 110vAC converter with 18v battery
  130. Quad secondary FW CT puzzle
  131. Grounding for dual mono PSU and digital PSU
  132. Can a PC power supply be stepped down.
  133. Separate supply for input/driver
  134. Toroid Rewind
  135. Taylor 1363 smps,help needed
  136. Accidentally Shorted Secondary Windings, Advice Needed
  137. Symmetrical power supply with two identical sources
  138. LM338 tracking preregulator and current limit
  139. Modding SMPS for audiophile performance
  140. Rechargeable Setup
  141. Dual Bridge problem
  142. New design with 1KV power transformer
  144. Low Noise/Ripple 24Vdc ±12 Psu (±100mA)
  145. Good Regulator for 7 - 8ma load
  146. Need PSU advice for 2x Class D amp modules
  147. Help for newbie - rechargable supply
  148. Transformer Ratings (for Simulation)
  149. 24 Volt operation Jung Regulator
  150. VA rating for an Iron Core transformer
  151. AC on DC wall warts
  152. Question About Transformer Voltage Output
  153. Must find replacement power transformer!
  154. Reducing voltage, diodes in series, dual PSU
  155. Need some help understanding
  156. Korg Sp-100 works with AC Power Supply but not with DC
  157. Isolated PSU with push-pull regulator
  160. Different Generations of Cree SiC Schottky Diodes
  161. Issue with a softstart module.
  162. Building a high voltage SMPS
  163. PSRR and Regulator Quality (Lm317 Vs Jung/Didden)
  164. Help troubleshoot a PS problem.
  165. Good power supply caps for my subwoofer Amp
  166. Wiring up two trafos to one IEC socket.
  167. HELP - DC45V to DC30V voltage regulator
  168. Need help with car amp PSU
  169. What value resistor(s)to use with capacitors in psu
  170. Honey Badger Power Supply
  171. Tube heater LM317 CCS vs Voltage mode?
  172. Sweet spot for power amp smoothing caps?
  173. positioning two transformer rings
  174. Stereo tri-amp supply - shared or separate?
  175. Transformers out of UPS systems
  176. Isolate or float ground on USB 5v power supply
  177. 1100W 450V Powersupply - Topology and Core
  178. Current Control Using TL494
  179. PSU capacitor - does age matter?
  180. Transformer overvoltage?
  181. What´s noise floor in audio amplifier?
  182. Re-do the PSU of my DVD-P
  183. Super regulator and cable length
  184. 12v to 5v iphone charger getting hot in my enclosure
  185. SMPS help
  186. SMPS question
  187. Noise in audio when charging USB
  188. The toroidal connection misty....
  190. SMPS - hissing noise from transformer
  191. IEC mains filters?
  192. Replace/remove onboard power supply components
  193. 12v power supply for tda8560
  194. Hybrid series regulator
  195. SMPS to Transformer PS
  196. Cap upgrade in full wave voltage doubler
  197. Ham Fest Find (Sorensen DCR60-30B2)
  198. Server power supplies, any good for audio?
  199. Series MOSFET regulator 400V, what the hell
  200. Back-to-Back Transformers Hot to the Touch with Modest Load
  201. Adding additional Capacitors in PS
  202. TubeCadJournal PS
  203. Using multi-SMPS's for a Lab supply. Is it feasable???
  204. detex audio smps xp-5000watts
  205. All I've got is a scope - how do I measure PS stability?
  206. best performing single package 6v regulator?
  207. +5V to +/- 12 V conversion
  208. line filter on secondary?
  209. Quick primary check pls (diagram)
  210. What power supply is this
  211. Inductor Test Rig
  212. Repurposing logitech x530
  213. REGA BRIO toroid transformer
  214. Running 2 class D amps from 1 SMPS
  215. Mosfet reg vs Mosfet shunt reg
  216. What is the advantage of a snubberized power supply
  217. Reversed adjust pin cap on LT1085 - damaged?
  218. which transformer to use for this regulated supply?
  219. Some brief questions on SMPS's filtering and grounding
  220. traces/placement psu board for class A amp
  221. Transformer specs?
  222. Two Transformer connect ground together
  223. Possible to reconfigure Toroidal Transformer?
  224. DC sub for AC voltage
  225. Volt-Ammeter
  226. smd CRC filter
  228. 3V lithium battery physics
  229. SMPS for Mixing Console
  230. LM329 LTSpice model needed
  231. Acurus L10 Powersupply
  232. What transformer is this?
  233. Transformer selection for CK260 CanaKit
  234. Laptop batteries?
  235. 7815 and 7915 output problems
  236. Center tap offset 12vac
  237. Measuring stray inductance of a transformer with two sec. windings?
  238. Q:Transformer tray inductance measurement
  239. Shared current Power Supply
  240. Switching power supplies vs transformer
  241. Multiple parallel caps in a PS is there a downside?
  242. Info on toroidal
  243. PSU noise - distance between blocks - cables length
  244. Tascam DM-24 P. S. Schematic
  245. Re-using 12V PC/Bench supplies with 30V TK2050
  246. Upgrading PSU in old audio amplifier...
  247. Dual pos. regulators after an SMPS
  248. Martin Logan Dynamo power supply
  249. Virtual ct on a trafo with no ct
  250. PWM-controlled dual PSU

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