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  1. Current regulator circuit for Bench Power Suppy
  2. Any pitfalls to running SMPS in series?
  3. parallel transformers
  4. LM317 over 37Volt ?
  5. Power supply for DIY 2.1 Kit
  6. Checking an old variac to see if it's safe to use.
  7. PS Filter
  8. Negative Power Supply
  9. Chaining power leads
  10. Home AC Voltage too High
  11. how to make cap6 inductors...?
  12. RC chains capacitor swap
  13. 3 Phase question
  14. Unregulated power supplies and noise
  15. Question on Building a separate power supply for F5TV3
  16. First PS problem switch on/off
  17. Comments on the a 350W Power Supply Build
  18. CheapoModo: quick and dirty transformer snubber bellringer jig
  19. Using Switching Converters in audio circuits
  20. Need some help?? Dont want to give up!!
  21. Recommended replacement for these bridge rectifiers
  22. Rectifier tube plate curve
  23. 12v battery draining
  24. First stereo amp build.
  25. LCD Repair, when not caps
  26. Newbie power question
  27. Power Supply Troubleshooting--No Voltage from Secondary Winding
  28. FR304 gets short circuit
  29. any benefit to this layout?
  30. resonant SMPS with Wurth WE-LLCR transformer
  31. transformer for F5TV3 question about Antek AN8234/ AN8434
  32. Question about Electrolytic Cap polarity
  33. Teac C-3X Pwr. Transformer Info. Needed
  34. Psım Full Bridge Feedback & Output Voltage Problem
  35. AUX PSU Check
  36. Surge protection - extension lead or MOV?
  37. 150Uh wanted on etd34
  38. Mystery Power Pop
  39. Transformers from technics SU-V8
  40. Current probe
  41. acoustic noise after transformer sort
  42. control two positive voltages with TL431CP
  43. series capacitors and bleeder resistors
  44. Soft Start Module Power Up
  45. Balanced DC output from a single 12v battery
  46. Powering a Car Amp for Home Use
  47. Can I use this supply
  48. Problem when powering heaters from +/- regs
  49. Soundcraft 400b
  50. Can I use this supply
  51. Analogue Metric Shunt Reg problem
  52. How much power can I get with IRFP460 PWM Full Brdige
  53. Transformer Windings
  54. Isolation transformer as power supply for tube amplifier
  55. Gapped power transformer as a choke
  56. Output Rectifier - Transformer Sound
  57. Power supply with transformer and batteries = fewer caps?
  58. Capacitor across diodes
  59. DC/DC converter for 12V/1A to 12V/2A
  60. Help for 500-600W 50V PS
  61. Clean switching of power MOS-FET
  62. Maida regulator ADJ bypass
  63. Need help with voltage regulator
  64. Why do I need regulator for small current?
  65. 100VAC Power Supply for Turntable?!
  66. Minimum power of transformator for SymAsym?
  67. Ripple vs Impedance D-C SET Questions.
  68. Time delay to slowly charge a capacitor bank
  69. LLC SMPS using PIC16f506
  70. Abletec, 900 Watt peak class D audio amplifier power supply +/- 53V DC
  71. Repair a Victron Multi Plus for safe power
  72. filter resistors location on a single capacitor PS
  73. Series Shunt regulated power supply??
  74. Strange Problem. Grounding issue?
  75. Using a DC power supply in place of a AC transformer
  76. High current voltage regulator
  77. Kepco 815b power supply
  78. power supply conundrum
  79. Help with specs on Plitron toroid
  80. ferite core turns
  81. A very, very simple soft start circuit
  82. Balanced 230v mains supply - oppinions please!
  83. Shunt resistors in parallel to a load?
  84. Lepai T2020A+ and 12v 4500mA Rechargeable Battery?
  85. ELV light transformer buzz in mains
  86. dumb question about LM317 series.
  87. Replacing electrolyics in a power supply?
  88. How to measure noise of a power supply in LTSpice?
  89. -15V-0- +15V supplies from 2 Wallwarts
  90. another Duncan PSUD question...
  91. Switched power supplies better sometimes?
  92. question about transformer current capability
  93. Power Supply Regulator Replacement Help
  94. Asking for help: TEAC A_H300 thermal fuse gone
  95. Help With Winding a Switching Transfomer
  96. Question to build a 20V high current power supply
  97. soft start help
  98. Oscilloscope picture & Tororid +Bridge Not what I expected.
  99. Resistor before transformer
  100. LM317+TL431, really?
  101. Voltage feedback for IR2153
  102. How to test a Toroidal Transformer
  103. Powersupply Caps upsiddown
  104. Understanding shunt voltage regulator circuit
  105. First DIY PSU, based on CREEK OBH-2
  106. Battery Powered DAC Charging diagram?
  107. Non audio: High current voltage regulator?
  108. Question about Duncan PSU designer
  109. Rectifier caps; go for the huge ones?
  110. what happens when a transformer is very heavily loaded?
  111. How much load is too much load on a voltage doubler?
  112. Power Supply for tri-amped speaker
  113. power/ground interference
  114. Transformer connectivity
  115. Full Wave Rectification without Center Tap?
  116. Powering up a dual primary toroid, half at a time.
  117. Virtual Battery PSU
  118. Transformer
  119. Tutorial: Compute the relative power of each winding in a multi-winding transformer
  120. Overdamping RC snubber network
  121. Well my 1000W Silverstone crapped out
  122. Help converting 13.5 volt ac to 20 volt
  123. Get ground for non-centertapped toroid?
  124. toroidal with no information
  125. 12v to 60v pushpull
  126. Modern ultra low noise LDO - ADM7150
  127. Bash amp on a 12" klipsh sub
  128. +-0 24V from 2*SWPS
  129. Help..2 diode full wave unregulated ps for tripath 2024
  130. Minimizing induced power transformer noise
  131. Economical PSU chassis in EU?
  132. Simple single-sided layout for pooge reg
  133. Why does this power supply not work?
  134. Can type RFI suppression iec sockets
  135. Battery supply, how to?
  136. High performance dual mono PSU
  137. Undervoltage protection idea
  138. Feeding 120V to a transformer configured for 240V?
  139. Rebuilding Counterpoint SA-5.1 PSU
  140. High performance PSU and voltage regulator
  141. How much powerfull is this transformer ?
  142. Noob Question: Virtual GND
  143. Voltage drop in LM337 based PS!
  144. High voltage PSU build thread
  145. Use Centre-tapped transformer without using the centre tap...possible?
  146. Looking for Musical Fidelity a100 power transformer 220v
  147. Running a 60Hz receiver on 50Hz
  148. 5VDC to (25VDC @ 4A) converter
  149. Power supply
  150. tranformer reduction amperes
  151. PSU for amp modules
  152. Bleeder resistors in a bank of small capacitors
  153. Power Issues Nakamichi SR-4A
  154. Linear PS for VSSA (through-hole)
  155. 2 chassis solutions: where best to divide the power supply between the boxes?
  156. Regulated power supply using 30-0-30 EI core transforformer for Gaincore am
  157. Help me, I would like power supply can adjust between 0.1 - 0.5 V
  158. DC blockers and mains filters
  159. LM2679 short protection?
  160. Rectifier bridge connection for Gain Clone - dual secondaries, two channels
  161. Battery Chargers for 18-0-18 transformers
  162. Toroidal trans choice?
  163. 9 Volt Battery Charger Query
  164. MC34262
  165. TommyTommy, a PSU for the Calvin buffer
  166. smps transformer
  167. boombox permanent mains supply
  168. 12V Power Supply Help
  169. Old Computer Power Supply Mod
  170. a Capacitance Multiplier with over-voltage protection
  171. Switching PSU for TK2050 Class-D Audio Amplifier
  172. Capacitance multiplier using cascoded Darlingtons
  173. using regulator to limit AC secondary voltage - A possible or reasonable approach?
  174. LM3886 Power supply based on AN1849
  175. Which DIY PCB Power Supply Kit?
  176. TL494 Full Bridge 900 watt DC-DC converter
  177. Receiver illumination. Lower voltage
  178. Power supply board..
  179. Please help on toroidal stepdown transformer
  180. regulated power supply
  181. Grounding / Earthing
  182. Power supply bypass capacitor types
  183. Building myself a "brute force" linear, adjustable PSU...
  184. How to determine which wires?
  185. 12v-12v, isolated DC DC converter
  186. Fake LM2679 ?
  187. AC induction controls low power relay?
  188. Another capacitor ESR meter
  189. LM2679 question
  190. Hickok PS-503
  191. Center tap transformer grounded through caps
  192. Beefing up old PSU filter caps - advice needed!
  193. Help me understand this TNT-audio web page about snubbers
  194. My CMOS 555 chips have taken up smoking.
  195. Help a novice steadily build a linear 12V power supply?
  196. 150W DC-DC questions
  197. Regulated PSU for Single supply Amplifier
  198. Need help with overvoltage circuit - LM338k
  199. TPS7A4700 regulator board for dac AVDD
  200. TVS Diodes
  201. PSUD2?
  202. Dropout voltage LM350
  203. 10a Voltage Regulator Circuit - Resistor Question
  204. Strange power supply regulation problem
  205. Need help with transformer....
  206. re-use PS from DVD player
  207. Simple +/-power supply ideas please
  208. Soft start with Atmel U2008B
  209. Blocking Mains DC Offset
  210. Looking for 12v 24v psu
  211. Power Supply Kit Questions from a beginner
  212. +-15VDC SMPS
  213. single supply op-amp question
  214. Power supply to bluetooth module
  215. Help with PS design
  216. Wiring transformer as 120V for 240V mains (Warning, probably a bad idea)
  217. MOS-FET CCS Issues
  218. Where is my voltage going?
  219. Dual voltage supply problem
  220. Raising the Vin+ on op-amp
  221. Dual rail secondary to single rail
  222. Effects of altering capacitances in this regulator
  223. New PSU for Power Amp
  224. diyAudio Power Supply Circuit Board v3 illustrated build guide
  225. How about this one then
  226. Help identify wires please.
  227. SG3524 SMPS help needed.
  228. Inrush Current on big capacitor bank
  229. Noise reduction on output of SMPS
  230. Converting Dell Server PSU to benchtop supply
  231. Toroid secondary colors help
  232. Help me select the proper transformer.
  233. Please help identify secondaries on my PT
  234. fake lm338?
  235. Low Wattage Bleeder Resistors
  236. A problem with this PS circuit
  237. LCD Panel Meters to Dual Power Supply
  238. Please help! transistor I.D.
  239. inductor for output smps
  240. Dual high V tracking linear regulator for review
  241. ONIX OA21 and SOAP compatibility
  242. resistors across main capacitors in amplifier
  243. power inverter blown
  244. A simple but low noise LT1761/LT1964 PSU design
  245. Capacitor question
  246. Experiences with different SMPS's
  247. Remote PS for Tube-Buffered Gainclone
  248. How hot you run your toroid transformer ?
  249. Linear regulated power supply.
  250. What kind of diodes...

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