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  1. leader function generator
  2. +\-50v supply help
  3. Implementation of components
  4. TL431 Based CSS & Shunt Reg for +/-15V
  5. Electrolytic Capacitor Question
  6. 81V Regulated Power Supply for a Nytech CPA602
  7. Changing a 12VDC -> +/-35VDC SMPS to a 120VAC -> +/-35VDC SMPS
  8. Advice on Powering/Recharging a Mobile Stereo
  9. T splices in the PSU: that bad?
  10. Litz wire peeling techniques
  11. Simple discrete shunt bipolar supply for opamp
  12. Simple regulator sanity check?
  13. What shunt regulator should I build?
  14. Softstart delay
  15. Power Supply Mains Filter
  16. USES for OLD Rectifiers and SCRs
  17. base theory of self osc and sample circuit
  18. needed idiots guide to powering with batteries
  19. Transformer type identification help
  20. Crossover Bi-amping (12VDC), what to do?
  21. Power supply when mains voltage in unstable
  22. Question about Bobken regulator and current output
  23. Crude idea to modify PC ATX PSU for Tube Amp
  24. Can't Tell if Power Supply is Dual Rail
  25. improving Digi002r Power supply!
  26. Would this work (class d power supply)
  27. Uni SMPS
  28. Connected a transformer wrong, I think
  29. Can LM337L be Used in Preregulator Mode
  30. what shematic for switching power suplply
  31. Calculation formulas for c-core/double c-core transformer
  32. Transformer calculations for Jlh for quad esl amplifier
  33. Which Maida output scheme do you prefer?
  34. Variac set to "low" as soft-start for large transformer?
  35. Car battery as UPS backup
  36. MDA fuse for a glass fuse.
  37. AC converter vrom 220V/50Hz to 110V/60Hz for Krell HTS-5.1 or Sunfire Theatre Grand
  38. "Rewire" Amp Transformer from 120V to 230V
  39. Wiring a toroidal transformer!
  40. Lenard's Series Pass MOSFET Tube Regulator Qs
  41. Holden And Fisher Transformers
  42. Power supplies to fuel some wild projects
  43. My voltage doubler - is this works?
  44. "Special" power supply
  45. Smoothing Supply
  46. Smoothing Supply
  47. RN-20 Chinese transformer connecting to JHL Amp board
  48. http://www.selectronic.fr
  49. Question: Tube Regulated Power Supply
  50. basic power supply questions
  51. power on/off dc surge
  52. DIY Mains conditioning Power bar (Mains DC, and Mains voltage)
  53. Help with B+ 325 supply
  54. Just bought a TDA8950TH 2.1 digital Class D Amplifier Board 2*150W+250W (AM160)
  55. Tapping 12v from a NAP140 clone PCB board
  56. 15VAC Dual adjustable regulated PSU 5V-25VDC
  57. Monster HTS 3600 MKII
  58. R Core transformer noise
  59. Power supply for my Aikido mixer
  60. power supply subtitute for topping d20
  61. please advise MUCH better chip than 7815 for 15V
  62. Choke to be wound calculation assistance request
  63. Regulating battery to 9V
  64. 18V + 18V Power Adapter = +/- 18V Power Supply ?
  65. +/-12vdc, 5volt digital ground?
  66. Soft Start Collection
  67. varying filter cap values?
  68. Shunt Reg… need help
  69. How to make simple battery PS for phono preamp?
  70. BEHRINGER PMP4000 power source
  71. Amplifier Does Not power up
  72. Universal PSU Capacitor Group Buy
  73. transformer power for gainclone amp
  74. Capacitance Multiplier Power Supply
  75. Draw power from one of two batteries in series
  76. main bridge has diodes in series
  77. SMPS Mac Mini
  78. Thule DVD250B blows the fuse
  79. Hifg Voltage Rectifiers
  80. HV Linear Supply Design - Loop compensation advice needed!
  81. Help cleaning up ripple on 9v 6 chnl guitar pedal power supply
  82. Analog Metric Softstart Board
  83. please help,problem with my amp....the led indicator like a flip flop.
  84. Power for a 13.5V DC circuit
  85. Power supply, transformer
  86. Bypass capacitor placement
  87. Simple DIY Rectifier?
  88. I need schematic for a 2x9v battery charger
  89. 100v dc from 150?
  90. So nothing is wrong?
  91. Power supply query
  92. Rectified AC vs switching power supply
  93. 1000W SMPS
  94. Hook Up of -24 +24 Power Supply-Help
  95. SMPS 800W for audio applications +/-62Vcc
  96. ground or not to ground..??
  97. Need opinion
  98. Ground question
  99. [DIY]Transducer driver SMPS
  100. LM317 vs MOSFET/BJT resulted PSU for tube poweramp
  101. help with transformer
  102. 4 x 100V AC to 500V DC
  103. Is my transformer defective?
  104. LM78xx output decoupling capacitor
  105. Convert 21V to 15V dc to dc
  106. PS boards in DIY store
  107. External battery charger (PS Vita)
  108. Power supply for TDA7498 Amp?
  109. Lighting transformers as a power supply
  111. I need a 285 regulated PS
  112. Power supply for TDA2030
  113. Boost converters & amplifiers & batteries
  114. +/- 90v smps looking for simple design
  115. IEC connector alternative ?
  116. Modelling an L C R power supply
  117. Feeding PCM1704
  118. Transformers and current output
  119. How to wire AC neon pilot light?
  120. Can you make an smps regulated by adding an lm317?
  121. Broken transformer wire..
  122. Adding a infrared or rf remote to a DIY system
  123. PC PSU To Power Car Amplifier
  124. Transformer energy conservation
  125. Be away from powerpoints
  126. Toroidal transformer wire problems
  127. Transformer Current Testing
  128. Why are Switching power supplies so uncommon ?
  129. PSUD2 and CCS
  130. LM317-337 regulated +-24VDC
  131. LM series adjustable dual power supply
  132. Wanted: Schematic for Lambda Model 28
  133. psrr vs frequency in audio precision(AP2700)
  134. Inductor for magnet power supply
  135. smps forward - need help with bias voltage
  136. high watt smps
  137. LM338 Resistor Wattage
  138. Unusual filtering scheme question
  139. Alpha ca1000 power supply
  140. Help needed for 18v phono stage PS hum
  141. 50V to +/-15 - Best solution?
  142. Transformer volts & VA vs. output power experimentation
  143. help identifying this part?
  144. How to take apart Eagle brand receptacles?
  145. Peavey CS800, no Power
  146. Smps with IR2153 for audio amplifier
  147. Sanity check - back to back transformers and CT
  148. regulating smps output
  149. Transformer with strange output- 240V- 5.5mA
  150. Suggestions on regulating -70v
  151. Can one hear a switching power supply?
  152. ZVS smps
  153. Single PS powering several boards
  154. Power Supply -50V gnd +50V
  155. Tired of troubleshooting the TL431 - let's switch to batteries (TNT inDiscreto)
  156. Synthesizer power distribution
  157. adding current limiting to a power supply
  158. LM350 max. output voltage
  159. High current voltage regulator using lm7824
  160. Is there any thing wrong with this design
  161. Morgan Jones 2 Transistor Regulator
  162. Need help designing a rectified circuit to AC-power my DC power supply
  163. Power for active crossovers in Active monitors
  164. Toroidal transformer unpackaging and mounting
  165. Parsing the Supertex LR8N3 HV regulator
  166. TDA2030 battery supply?!?
  167. on chip negative voltage regulator with positive supply voltage
  168. power amp and extern supply ?
  169. 15V Batteries
  170. High Voltage Variable Supply on a Shoestring
  171. Batteries lifepo in Europe?
  172. Some mains transformer power supply options
  173. Single Supply Rectifier: 2 Diodes OR 4 Diodes?
  174. Request help with odd looking CCS fed shunt reg circuit and load current ability.
  175. supply power problem
  176. PWM SG3525,IRFPS3810 for 5KW power inverter
  177. TL431-related (circa) problem - TNT Indiscreto power supply
  178. 12 SLA charging circuit for amp
  179. SuperTeddyReg - help needed in calculating values
  180. Can you tell me output ampere of the transformer?
  181. Push-pull converter with atx transformer?
  182. CRC Power Supply Resistor Rating
  183. HexFred vs. Hyperfast Diode (1200v)
  184. Giaime Ugliano Maida regulator
  185. Earthing a double insulated Amp
  186. PS design for tube pre-amp
  187. PSUD high ESR question
  188. Amek Einstein PSU
  189. +-85volt regulator
  190. battery power supply for classT/D amp
  191. Voltage doubler?
  192. Design of SMPS
  193. Laptop power supplies for amps
  194. PSU filter capacitor value vs. output voltage swing
  195. Is this Gonna Work?!?
  196. Preamp quadruple power supply - Opinions
  197. Power Supply for AK4395 board
  198. Powering amplifier from two coil transformer
  199. Battery PSU with voltage meter.
  200. Power Supply for LM1875
  201. +/-15vdc 7815, 7915 Power supply
  202. Winding two 350 VA amps - 240 Volts input
  203. Synthesizer power supply
  204. Chip amp power supply
  205. Power supply for Car amplifier
  206. DIY Benchtop PSU, what about these.....
  207. Any opinions about this battery desulfator ?
  208. +&- 45VDC from 12-15VDC @25A output
  209. Powering a high-end USB DAC
  210. Is this also a type of Switching Power Supply
  211. Pseudo ground
  212. Synthesizer power supply
  213. +/- dc power supply
  214. xbox 360 powering an amp question
  215. Tube rectifier and first capacitor
  216. Pyramid R P S not working properly
  217. Anthem D2v power supply regulators
  218. Transformer secondary resistance
  219. Modern 317/337 alternatives?
  220. Power transformer ratings and cross-sectional area.
  221. Transformer VA question
  222. Transformer specifications for NAD t773?
  224. Simplest way for low-VA 220V->110V ?
  225. Function and Value for Resistor after Rectifier
  226. good YouTube Tutorials
  227. Huge voltage drop on PSU
  228. Extra turns on transformer secondary
  229. Rewind primary 100v/240v?
  230. Pioneer PD-F407 CD changer dead
  231. Adequate cooling
  232. do someone now this ic.
  233. Problem with Sugden Optima amp
  234. PC PSU for [in PC] Audio use
  235. Can't share power source with TLE2426
  236. Laptop power supply for T1 Hifimediy amp?
  237. Power transformer question
  238. HV PSU'S, Of any use ?
  239. Electrolytic rating advice needed for filter application
  240. Rechargable Battery for BoomBox
  241. Problem With SMPS
  242. Questions regarding 2 case builds.
  243. Starting my first DIY build by modifying an existing amplifier, any advice welcomed!
  244. Transformer specs for Dynaudio monitor
  245. High voltage, programmable power supply?
  246. ? Re Adcom GFA 555ii
  247. First Build (Stereo LM3886) in need of psu advice
  248. Mounting of electrolytic capacitor
  249. Power Supply Voltage problem
  250. SMPS mains Safety

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