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  1. multi device PSU
  2. Using inappropriate op-amp for high side sending
  3. Single to dual DC
  4. what guage/AWG cables do you use your for your amps?
  5. Transformer Query
  6. Nuforce iDo power supply upgrade?
  7. Increase out current of ICL7660S
  8. Program for designing with common regulators
  9. Power off "pop"
  10. Seeking off the shelf flyback transformer
  11. trasformer for kenwood GE-5020
  12. output filter inductor design
  13. Some basic questions on transformer with two secondaries
  14. feedback compensation dc dc
  15. 'wind up' amplifier
  16. Question re: Transformer vibration
  17. optimising psu for load?
  18. Modifying Ebay Boost Converter for Tube Amp B+
  19. Easing up inrush current buring relays in DIY trigger
  20. Choosing the right toroidal transformer
  21. Same value Big caps and small caps
  22. diode at smps
  23. Preamp - Mic - Speaker Help
  24. connection of lm317 to body?
  25. Confused with Toroid Transformer
  26. IGBT emitter to gate diode
  27. push pull converter 12Vdc to 310 V dc drain voltages problem,im confused
  28. hopefully sorta simple question. powering a chip amp
  29. 4A-5A Regulated 12-15V Supply
  30. Simple HF noise filter for 300VDC supply?
  31. Parallel Tube Rectifiers
  32. Sealed lead acid power supply circuit
  33. Tantalum bypass .1uf after the psu caps? Reduced RFI?
  34. Color coding
  35. Problem with voltage doubler circuit
  36. Denon PMA-520 Power supply
  37. will this power this amp
  38. X capacitors across power switch causing it to stop working?
  39. Covert to Variable voltage
  40. Stupid question re: Center Tap
  41. Power supply for mixer
  42. Is anyone familiar with this Transformer
  43. Glassware Janus Shunt or regulated B+ (like Salas) for tube headphone amp?
  44. Low noise symmetrical PSU TPS7A4701 and TPS7A3301
  45. paralleling 10uf polyster to the psu bank increases sound quality? any benefits?
  46. Klipsch RW-12D power supply with issues
  47. Advice on dual power supply needed.
  48. Please recommend Low noise regulator for 60V
  49. need a variable PSU
  50. Question about Voltage Multiplier
  51. Managing ATX power on etc with a TPS3510
  52. 12v to 18 volts converter
  53. Fuse and Diode blown on switch off
  54. Repurpose an X-BoSoZ PSU
  55. Pure USB powersupply
  56. anyone relocate an onboard 120/220 voltage selector switch?
  57. Xpiq ECM40USxx
  58. non feed-back emitter follower reg
  59. A very trivial way to check power supplies noise.
  60. Battery power amp has virtual earth point(+13v?). bi ampable with mains grounded amp?
  61. Bipolar cap as local decoupling ?
  62. multi-feed pwm 12-24v adjustable bench supply controller.
  63. Identifying AC mains smd devices (possibly PTCs)
  64. Apex A-class PSU problem
  65. JFET RIAA Phono power supply - which batteries are best?
  66. Charging 8 AA Batteries in Boombox?
  67. Slowblow fuse burns after power's been removed
  68. Where to find power supply or transformer ?
  69. LT1084 based power supply for NAS digital streaming
  70. Combine different sized rectifier caps?
  71. Toroid Primaries Question
  72. Bypass Caps
  73. Amps from China VS Crown Refence1
  74. simple tl431 regulation
  75. Pi filter for a 12V DC supply
  76. UK supplier of R or C core transformers?
  77. lm723 variable supply schematic question
  78. HQ low noise 5Vdc 2A PSU, kit or ready made?
  79. dual power supply noise issue
  80. AnTek Toroid Grounding
  81. 220 -> 2x50V whit IR2153 and PCB
  82. Interested in ADM7151 regulator?
  83. Multiple amp modules powered by one or two PS
  84. Question about electrical shock
  85. unused secondaries
  86. transformers and noise
  87. Interesting power supply module on Kickstarter
  88. transformer identification. need help.
  89. Paul Hynes power supplies nobody does it better
  90. GreenForce power supply
  91. Recommendations for a quality 'Off the Shelf' SMPS
  92. Filtering of HF content
  93. 0 on input VAC
  94. Electrolytic capacitors physical size
  95. Tascam M-2600 Power Supply Problem
  96. Laptop power supply 4 pole/ 4 pin plug and socket
  97. Problem with Jung regulator
  98. Switching Power Supply Safety & Mounting?
  99. variable voltage input=output inverter
  100. Local PS bypass caps.. are these good for audio?
  101. Can't we make SMPS simpler?
  102. Anyone Own a Diamond Audio D3 1000.1 amplifier?????
  103. Using the LM117K Adjustable Regulator
  104. Learning how to BUCK DC-DC
  105. Lepai LP-2020A+ amp with Anker Battery Supply
  106. Breaking my head over AC+DC heater reference
  107. diy power inverter
  108. Flyback SMPS question.
  109. Pi filters
  110. Center Tap VDC and -VDC and still use the 48VDC phantom power without doubler?
  111. Filter Choke Question
  112. Mounting toroidal transformers without proper monuting kit
  113. Constant voltage / constant current transformers
  114. Power smps for welding.
  115. help to make a simple psu for my LM3886
  116. TL431 High Voltage Regulator - How to get it thermally stable?
  117. ultra low noise like 50uV from the psu for 80V 15A possibility?
  118. Tl431, MOSFET shunt voltage regulator
  119. Linear PSU's in Parallel?
  120. regulated supply oscillation or whatever that is
  121. Series Pass Regulators driven by 3-terminal regulators
  122. Cunning Virtual Ground Circuit...
  123. Help identifying a PS
  124. Make your Printed Circuit Board (PCB):
  125. help id
  126. Which Resistor is the OPTIMAL Choice for Earthing/Grounding yourself ?
  127. 4.4VA 56VCT transformer powering more than I think it should (and not sagging)
  128. Voltage Tripler for Bias Tap
  129. Measuring power supplies - some results by Bjørn Kolbrek
  130. PSU transformer wiring help?
  131. ultra low noise PSU recommendations for VAS of the LME49830
  132. What would happen if ?
  133. Current capability of litz wire.
  134. Difference in +V/-V -- OK?
  135. help comparig & choosing between 1X230V or 2X150V transformers
  136. SMPS choice with 110/230v input
  137. A simple LT1763 based 5V PSU
  138. Zener Follower - what did i do wrong?
  139. LifePo BMS and audio quality
  140. Limiting resistor values
  141. Power transformer from Marantz SR2700?
  142. Transformer Help??????????????
  143. robbing from the positive rail
  144. LP-2020A+ power supply noise
  145. Anyone have the 3C6A ferrite material specification Sheet
  146. Power supply caps: They're not all equal
  147. Amp PS Building rookie questions
  148. How to check how dirty is the AC mains voltage
  149. Anyone here build power supplies as a service?
  150. Audible Illusions L1 Hissing Noise
  151. How to deal with Litz wire
  152. Parallel noise filters/traps for mains.
  153. milliamps, milliamps where do you go?
  154. Hooking up Power-One supply
  155. Question about tube amp supplies.
  156. ILP transformer va?
  157. How to knock the voltage down?
  158. decommissioned 3Par battery. help please?
  159. Help with 250V regulator
  160. Thoughts on running LED's from high voltage into a constant current sink.
  161. Control-to-Output or Open-Loop Measurement
  162. Bevois Mains Transformer
  163. Using off-the-shelf noname smps for gainclone/d-amp
  164. Noisy toroidal transformers
  165. Secondary wiring w/ 2 different windings
  166. Dc rail voltage increase on power Amplifer?
  167. NiMH Battery and charger, charge and run?
  168. 2kW Full Bridge SMPS Design
  169. 250Watt Class D Amplifier IRS2092S and IRFI4020H-117P
  170. Is it possible to use separate batteries for preamp and amp
  171. O-Audio Bash 500 psu schematics?
  172. Isolation transformer questions
  173. BASH amp from PSB Subsonic 5i, blown fuses
  174. current limiter power dissipation
  175. Buy used Pioneer A-400 then modify or buy brand new amp?
  176. grounding
  177. ebay dc booster
  178. I need a help about SG3525
  179. I need help ,SG3525 car amplifier smps
  180. Current regulator circuit for Bench Power Suppy
  181. Any pitfalls to running SMPS in series?
  182. parallel transformers
  183. LM317 over 37Volt ?
  184. Power supply for DIY 2.1 Kit
  185. Checking an old variac to see if it's safe to use.
  186. PS Filter
  187. Negative Power Supply
  188. Chaining power leads
  189. Home AC Voltage too High
  190. how to make cap6 inductors...?
  191. RC chains capacitor swap
  192. 3 Phase question
  193. Unregulated power supplies and noise
  194. Question on Building a separate power supply for F5TV3
  195. First PS problem switch on/off
  196. Comments on the a 350W Power Supply Build
  197. CheapoModo: quick and dirty transformer snubber bellringer jig
  198. Using Switching Converters in audio circuits
  199. Need some help?? Dont want to give up!!
  200. Recommended replacement for these bridge rectifiers
  201. Rectifier tube plate curve
  202. 12v battery draining
  203. First stereo amp build.
  204. LCD Repair, when not caps
  205. Newbie power question
  206. Power Supply Troubleshooting--No Voltage from Secondary Winding
  207. FR304 gets short circuit
  208. any benefit to this layout?
  209. resonant SMPS with Wurth WE-LLCR transformer
  210. transformer for F5TV3 question about Antek AN8234/ AN8434
  211. Question about Electrolytic Cap polarity
  212. Teac C-3X Pwr. Transformer Info. Needed
  213. Psım Full Bridge Feedback & Output Voltage Problem
  214. AUX PSU Check
  215. Surge protection - extension lead or MOV?
  216. 150Uh wanted on etd34
  217. Mystery Power Pop
  218. Transformers from technics SU-V8
  219. Current probe
  220. acoustic noise after transformer sort
  221. control two positive voltages with TL431CP
  222. series capacitors and bleeder resistors
  223. Soft Start Module Power Up
  224. Balanced DC output from a single 12v battery
  225. Powering a Car Amp for Home Use
  226. Can I use this supply
  227. Problem when powering heaters from +/- regs
  228. Soundcraft 400b
  229. Can I use this supply
  230. Analogue Metric Shunt Reg problem
  231. How much power can I get with IRFP460 PWM Full Brdige
  232. Transformer Windings
  233. Isolation transformer as power supply for tube amplifier
  234. Gapped power transformer as a choke
  235. Output Rectifier - Transformer Sound
  236. Power supply with transformer and batteries = fewer caps?
  237. Capacitor across diodes
  238. DC/DC converter for 12V/1A to 12V/2A
  239. Help for 500-600W 50V PS
  240. Clean switching of power MOS-FET
  241. Maida regulator ADJ bypass
  242. Need help with voltage regulator
  243. Why do I need regulator for small current?
  244. 100VAC Power Supply for Turntable?!
  245. Minimum power of transformator for SymAsym?
  246. Ripple vs Impedance D-C SET Questions.
  247. Time delay to slowly charge a capacitor bank
  248. LLC SMPS using PIC16f506
  249. Abletec, 900 Watt peak class D audio amplifier power supply +/- 53V DC
  250. Repair a Victron Multi Plus for safe power

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