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  1. SMPS Dual Supp
  2. Four PSU questions
  3. 300B's inserted wrong. OMG!
  4. Best Books, Application Notes and Threads concerning the Design of SMPS
  5. Transformer setup
  6. Power problem with KRK VXT-8
  7. 0V output with a 7809 at startup
  8. Small PS
  9. amp not working
  10. swapping caps in an old SMPS
  11. Mundorf mlytic Ag 2 pole vs 4 pole
  12. Toroidal center tap, or not to tap that is the ?
  13. EMI/RFI shielding
  14. Guitar Pedal power supply shorts to ground
  15. Transformer ID and Lead ID unKnown Help Needed
  16. 4 channel +/- from dual secondary
  17. How to improve an existing SMPS to use it with class D amplifiers
  18. Power Supply to Power Sound System - Indoor Show
  19. Rectifier Diode Snubber;
  20. Help with LM317 current limit indicator
  21. decouple power pins
  22. How to power Power Supply Regulator
  23. cables from power supply to tube mono blocks
  24. Shunt regulator +-15V
  25. PSU/schottky diode rectified
  26. Questions about building SMPS
  27. please help to identify a diode (power supply related)
  28. Power supply design question
  29. wiring on/off switch
  30. Marantz CD-50, 60 and 75dx transformers?
  31. Power supply for a 12AU7/IRF510 headphone amplifier
  32. Power supply build
  33. Which power supply for a TDA7293 board?
  34. powering a 50 w amplifier by battery???
  35. Voltage increase in powersupply
  36. How do I add delay start to a SG3525?
  37. Help with wiring r-core transformer
  38. Dual Secondary or single center tapped psu?Ground advantage?
  39. Is this transformer arrangement legal?
  40. Toroidal transformer help
  41. Floating chokes?
  42. Antek Shielded transformer mounting bolt and other grounding questions
  43. how to measure 10.000uF
  44. How to regulate battery power
  45. psu damage input connection
  46. Looking For A EI Decent Transformer
  47. How do I bootstrap this IC?
  48. Negative voltage linear regulator for a preamp
  49. why sag?
  50. Conversion of +/-37v Amplifier SMPS +/-75vdc ?? PLEASE HELP
  51. A simplistic HV delay timer
  52. How to improve transient load response of an LM317 voltage regulator circuit?
  53. Technics SU-8080 Twin PSUs
  54. Do I really need a power supply for my home recording studio?
  55. Too much ampere into class D amp?
  56. Preregulation CRC for Belleson Regulators
  57. PSUD2 Help
  58. Toroidal Transformer Inrush & Capacitor Slow Charge
  59. R-Core Crash Course
  60. Output impedance of the LM317 at 1Mhz?
  61. Power Supply Rectifier question
  62. TL494 Getting Hot - Car Amp SMPS Fail
  63. Mr. Jung's ultra-low noise VREF - the GLED431
  64. Fixed -5v regulator for dac?
  65. Complete PSU with ADM715x regulator
  66. Triac / Optocoupler power switch
  67. Transformer coil for Naim 140 PSU advice
  68. United Chemi-con 35V 56,000uf cap power supply
  69. Removed hum in class a amp by swapping transformer
  70. LT1761ES5-5 alternative
  71. AMS 1117 alternatives
  72. Best Resistor Selection For Snubber
  73. TPS7A4701 regulator pcb design made pls check
  74. Need help with alpine Mrv-f409
  75. I heard about the Linear Audio article on Soft Recovery diodes, and ...
  76. Chromecast Audio plus Class D amp, how to power them?
  77. Struggle with TPS7A4701
  78. Building power supply for O2/ODAC & Raspberry Pi
  79. Transformer orientation - does it really matter?
  80. Lowering heat and power in power supply - ideas needed
  81. hacking the power supplies
  82. Minion Style Power Supply
  83. One power supply for 2 amp chips
  84. Technical note from repair of Crown XLS 602
  85. When does a centre tap become a 0 volt/ground line?
  87. Power Supply for 4 channels of Hypex UCD 180
  88. Transformer question
  89. circuit to identify the ground and Neutral and turn on the amp
  90. How to mount a bunch of snap-in caps?
  91. Question about a LM317 circuit
  92. Using an LM317/Lm337 PCB to make a zener regulated or capacitance multiplier supply
  93. Snubber won't supress PSU rectifier noise
  94. Jung regulator revisited
  95. Duel rectified linear power supply drawing for copper clad
  96. Tamura A-4004 question
  97. 15V power supply output voltage help
  98. 3 Pin Power Supply
  99. Battery supply questions
  100. HP DPS-800GBA; Getting stand-alone PS to work
  101. Charging/maintaining 18v of SLA battery with 20v laptop PSU?
  102. Voltage Regulator FIltering Caps
  103. 5Z3C or 5Z8C for a GM70 PSU?
  104. need a little help with identification PT
  105. Fender Transformers
  106. Switch for High Voltage Taps
  107. A bit of fun with this very unusual LDO regulator
  108. password control panel generator set
  109. Noob needs a quick help
  110. Big choke Little choke
  111. Powersupply
  112. Is there any good 12v power bank?
  113. LM10 as HV regulator
  114. Indicator light in bleeder circuit to indicate when Caps are still charged
  115. Need a Beefy (600ma, 250V) Regulated B+ for an OTL
  116. TSE Power Supply
  117. How Do I Modify Commercial LM723 Regulator Circuits
  118. Unusual Centre Tapped Transformer
  119. Sun Fender SR8520 P mixer
  120. Audio concepts legend C30 pre amp
  121. Fully regulated power supply
  122. Chargecontroller for LIFePO4
  123. Treating dual primaries like one is a secondary
  124. Vinni Rossi Pure DC-4-EVR Ultracapacitor Technology
  125. I need a 24vdc, 5 amp regulated supply
  126. AC Power Problem
  127. Please help me find a power supply for this dac/amp that claims to take anything with
  128. diy power supply
  129. simple low noise regulated supply
  130. nominal current
  131. Thermal considerations for Fairchild SDIP bridge rectifiers
  132. Noisy LR8 circuit
  133. LM7805
  134. Rod Coleman raw supply circuit board
  135. Longwell plug top with LPF
  136. Regulated Power supply for amp
  137. Replacing power supply capcitors on Laney amp
  138. Power supply board with loudspeakers protection
  139. diode going into a tube rectifier
  140. elliot smps project89
  141. Xentek XE240-12
  142. Capacitance
  143. Isolated sub chassis
  144. HOT ROD Dcb1 questions
  145. Adding Primary Turns to reduce the Secondary Voltage.
  146. First power supply clarification questions
  147. double the current, keep the voltage?
  148. HV Tube bench power supply
  149. HV Supply in Heathkit
  150. Simple voltage regulator
  151. Is This a Bad idea? -"Capacitor box"
  152. Hgh current regulators
  153. Can anyone identify this power supply noise?
  154. Some help with building a battery power supply
  155. DIY filament PS for 6AS7G
  156. Solid state power supply for tube amplifier.
  157. Power Transformer Rating Mythology?
  158. basic question about audio power
  159. Dropping Transformer Voltage
  160. 230V Distribution Box with DC blocker and 2 stage AC Filter
  161. Need help about Toroidal transformer core
  162. inductor in series with transformer primary to reduce secondary voltage?
  163. Need to drop vdc voltage in my B+ supply
  164. Help me to find this power recepticle.
  165. how to wire antek transformator to E-01 AMP?
  166. Capacitor bank for ps supply filter
  167. Ultra-Fast Avalanche Sinterglass Diode for small current psu rectification?
  168. Salas Bib questions
  169. Power supply CD PRO2
  170. Connect to what?
  171. Converting my Sun Audio monoblocks to IEC and safety earth
  172. Luxman RV-357 Standby LED Indicator???
  173. dc/dc isolated transformer
  174. 3-pin PSU's for 1.2V, 3.3V and 5V?
  175. Marantz PM4400 - Change 230V to 115V
  176. output impedance in shunt reg sim
  177. Need Power Supply
  178. Power relay
  179. 5AR4 in a input choke
  180. Question on Vacuum State SuperReg
  181. 48V phantom power supply keeps blowing fuse
  182. Laminations - who needs 'em
  183. What choke is best
  184. Which power cable between separate power supply and dac?
  185. 4-pole cap in bipolar power supply
  186. Variable Power Supply
  187. ATX supply -> Cmoy, single or split?
  188. xd218 4x10000uF 100v board
  189. Variable-delay output muting PCB for preamps, linestages, et al
  190. Single touch power on/off switch
  191. NAD VISO 1 Power Supply
  192. LLC resonant power suply design
  193. Noob Trafo question
  194. Power supply ratings when using step down voltage regulators
  195. Stacking board level heatsinks
  196. Proper RC Snubbering
  197. Help lowering noise in big series pass regulator circuit
  198. Bucking transformer current load
  199. Leakage inductance of a transformer
  200. Lithium-ion power bank
  201. Help with discrete voltage regulator
  202. LiFePO4 battery psu for PUC2 Lite USB-AES converter
  203. PSU RC filter vs. VR regulator tube
  204. Boost Converter w/ positive AND negative output
  205. 55 MHz opamp + MOSFET pass xitor in 1 amp Voltage Regulator
  206. Multipurpose Transfo,Dual (+/-)DC Power for Pre and Power Amp 's
  207. Harman Kardon HK775 mono amp capacitor power rating
  208. Reccomend a small transformer for power supply?
  209. designing a DC to DC buck converter Layout errors.
  210. Power supply for tube preamp - Help!
  211. Help with inductor and capacitor values?
  212. power supply
  213. Power transformer question
  214. Dual Transformer Power Supply Chassis Grounding?
  215. Power conditioning IEC inlet filter with earth line choke?
  216. power supply for tda7294
  217. Mosfet suply switching steps 3 p / class H amplifier
  218. Pros and cons of using Dual transformers in amplifier
  219. Switchmode ICs
  220. smoothing caps getting warm
  221. ARC SP8 tube reg rebuild
  222. Noob Question: Wiring a battery system
  223. Input switch / Mute delay using 555
  224. B+ ripple filler filtering
  225. Hot chassis death traps
  226. 300V & 12.6V regulated power supply.
  227. Nat Semi datasheet app note improved my power supply
  228. DIY mains synthesizer
  229. Schematic and measuring results for Connexelectronic SMPS300RE
  230. Is this how to create a full wave rectifier?
  231. A good power supply for the LDR attenuator?
  232. r core for drd amp
  233. Strange part in Mcintosh MC-225 power supply - please help
  234. How do I Wire this switch?
  235. Wallwart PS Suppliers
  236. Replacing caps 50uf with 47UF
  237. Power supply questions for modular DAC project
  238. Floating PSU
  239. Fusing transformers
  240. Where can buy those earthing rods?
  241. PSU Question
  242. Can I connect 2 LM317 regulators to dual supply rail?
  243. VA rating needed for Single End Power Supply
  244. Evaluating Tube Diodes as Rectifiers
  245. Switchmode transformer
  246. power supply wire 6 and 7
  247. Need Help with Power Supply for TDA7294 Chip Amp
  248. Damaged Transformer?
  249. Diode help! 18VAC --> diodes --> CRC 44mF-0.22R-44mF --> 24VDC @ 1.5-2.0A
  250. Would it be better to have the AC power supply in an external case

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