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  1. Troubleshoot subwoofer amplifier SMPS board with laboratory PSU
  2. HELP!! (Schottky or UltraFast) (SMPS feedback)
  3. SMPS Trouble Shooting Help Please
  4. Newbie Questions about transformer
  5. High Power Toroid Power Transformer Questions
  6. DC-DC converters for analog: high or low switching frequencies
  7. Common mode choke core type
  8. Phantom power supply from tube power transformer
  9. Balance mains question
  10. Linn Valhalla (PCAS 022) excess current problem
  11. One transformer per rail?
  12. Dual battery psu with low voltage switchover?
  13. Screen grid voltage regulator
  14. Super Regulator
  15. Connecting Two amp to a transformer
  16. Kicker kx700.5
  17. Help me solve my buzz, please!
  18. LT1963 simple pcb
  19. Gate driver transformers
  20. good PSU buffer caps
  21. Phase shift in gate drive transformer
  22. some electrolytic caps shootout
  23. buck converter
  24. Ampeg SVT-8 Pro Power Supply Help
  25. Help w/ vintage Marantz AC wiring
  26. Encasing my first power amp
  27. Really basic question...
  28. how to connect psu ground to isolated phono pre?
  29. PSU design filter (damped&smallC)-LC-RC
  30. SP dummy load info
  31. Best Flyback Design Tool?
  32. help designing swithing psu 12v (dc) to 36ov(DC) 30ma for guitarpedal tubeamp
  33. Sorting out my tranny
  34. Strange PSU
  35. I shouldn't have to ask this question, but...
  36. Dual Voltage power supply ??
  37. Janus reg vs other recommendations?
  38. Split-rail DC from DC laptop power supply?
  39. How do you layout a printed circuit board like this
  40. Help with Common Mode choke needed
  41. Universal Guitar Padal power supply
  42. Ultra clean universal guitar pedal power supply
  43. Through hole much too large
  44. Capacitor size after zero-feedback PS
  45. Electrified case
  46. Power conditioner from a 5KVA power transformer?
  47. Reflektor-D builds
  48. Which diode specifications for equivalence?
  49. 12 v power supply
  50. uc3845 forward converter smps
  51. Cheap high voltage high wattage dual rail SMPS devices
  52. Inrush Current Protection for Power Amp PSU
  53. power supply for IRS2092S chip amp
  54. PSU replacement for my analogue 28/24/2 mixer
  55. rule of thumb multipliers for PS rectifiers and filters to achieve required voltage
  56. Slow charge
  57. need ac power for amp
  58. Simple 20 volt DC from 220 AC circuit
  59. A1000SMPS 1KW SMPS Turning on and Off when Powered On. Help!
  60. Switch on/off protection
  61. Which Capacitors Should I Use?
  62. power supply with chokes
  63. PS Help
  64. Transformer secondary calculations.
  65. Volt dividers after Power supply for different parts of the circuit ?
  66. bipolar vs unipolar, generic power adapters ?
  67. -15 volt regulator
  68. Help Identifying unknown Transformer
  69. Half B+ taken from center tap
  70. Edison Solar Power Supply Unit (ESPSU)
  71. SPST or DPST power switch?
  72. Fast recovery diodes
  73. problems with diy 24v linear PSU
  74. Soft start circuit design and other psu issues
  75. smart battery charger
  76. inductor current rating
  77. LM317/377 Regulator Trimming Resistor
  78. Need Help Building a Power Supply
  79. What can I use this badass transformer for?
  80. power supply regulator and EMI/RFI
  81. Switching a transistor off
  82. step up or down
  83. eBay 12v battery help!!!
  84. Half bridge tube smps 2.sec.transf. back to back ? ?
  85. 3 legs regulators best swap
  86. Temp compensation in floating lead acid batteries ?
  87. softstart, lightbulb test and old caps
  88. Fast start-up Capacitance Multiplier
  89. Will this preamp supply work?
  90. PSU designs
  91. Calculate mains fuse
  92. Humming problem in Chipamp
  93. IR2153 Full Bridge + 4 x EI33 from ATX 1200W
  94. Universal transformer
  95. Buzzing brings me down
  96. Torridal Transformer designing
  97. Regulator and Delay help
  98. External power supply - DC or AC umbilical ?
  99. Use and mods to Analog Metric SR50 Shunt Regulator
  100. DGND AGND on PCB
  101. Hiraga
  102. TA1000PS - PSU for audio amplifiers with protection, sofstart and fan controller
  103. LC Low Pass Filter Design.
  104. powering a class D amp with a tube pre amp. Please help.
  105. Suggestions for Bipolar Power Supply PCB
  106. Power supply for amplifier fan
  107. Beginner TA3020 Kit PSU Questions?
  108. atx transformer homemade smps
  109. Transformer winding
  110. Film capacitor across secundaries - good or bad?
  111. Passive, low pass filter issue.
  112. Some mains wiring help.
  113. Beginner is an Understatement
  114. cap multiplier suggestions wanted
  115. SMPS IR2153 problem and review
  116. Gerbers - Low noise Power Supply for pre-amp type circuits
  117. Bewitch 300b fried power tranz.
  118. DIY toroid transformer shield
  119. 12V battery powering amplifier with a bridge rectifier
  120. Burning Fuse
  121. Enough current to turn on 3 mosfets?
  122. Why do power supplies have dedicated Live and Neutral connections?
  123. Voltage Doubler & Normal Full Wave Rectifier on Same Winding
  124. Lead acid battery with capacitor bypassing
  125. Simple question regarding heatsinks for diodes
  126. Can an Epcos B41560 or B41580 be a Filter capacitor?
  127. How to connect the SMPS
  128. MOSFET Series regualtor for valve amp
  129. flat wire toroid supplier
  130. three 6V SLA for powering TPA3116
  131. 12N60C MOSFET substitute
  132. Reusing old transformers
  133. Trying to hook up a Lepai LP168HA to my car
  134. A kind question about PSRR ... does it change with freq in the audio band ?
  135. Rush Cascode Regulator
  136. Gate drive transformer advice
  137. FAKE LM337s or, what did i do wrong?.......
  138. Dual rail 337 pnp and 317 npn?
  139. Hammond Transformer Question
  140. Pedalboard Power Supply Polarity
  141. Noise from 12-24v stepup
  142. Basic V/R question
  143. Broken Mains Conditioner
  144. Taskam Midistudio 644 PSU
  145. testing correct wiring of common mode choke
  146. The 2n3055 voltage regulator
  147. AC adapter noisy for older guitar pedals
  148. Noise on ground
  149. linear PS +12, -12, +5v, help building
  150. 12 volt /5 amps off mains vs 12 volts/3 amps off battery power for mini-amp?
  151. Backpowering from USB
  152. Problem with LM2577-ADJ
  153. DAC regulators advice
  154. help mosfet soa and graphs please
  155. Hypex SMPS400A180
  156. Need some help about transformer rating for amplifier
  157. (ask) SMPS ATX PROBLEM
  158. Jolida SJ202a Power Transformer
  159. Belleson.com down
  160. Heater switching power supply with LM2576HV doesn't work
  161. LFP battery supply for power amp
  162. LM317/337 as current regulator
  163. Power supply transformer selection for valve amp
  164. Regulated, dual-voltage power from DC-in
  165. Really simple psu explanation for amps.. where to look?
  166. Power supply for a Class A hybrid 6N11 headphone amp
  167. inrush current limiters for 3.3kva and 1,000,000uf per rail capacitors?
  168. better rectifier
  169. Using half of a center tapped winding
  170. auto-discharging large caps
  171. Recommendation for premade bipolar PS board?
  172. looking for current limiting tutorials
  173. Pls recommend me good linear regs
  174. SMPS for small signal analog circuits
  175. Diode Tutorial & How to build an AC to DC power supply - NOOB FRIENDLY VIDEOS
  176. Kenwood Protection Circuit Help Needed. PSU Voltage High.
  177. can I use converter to 24v from 12v battery
  178. Broke my Toriodal (zero dac)
  179. +/- 8V TO +/- 5V
  180. Power supply recommendation for simple hybrid headphone amplifier
  181. weird buzz when PSU is turned off
  182. Cheap SLA Charger???
  183. hi power SMPS
  184. Transformer choice
  185. Simple power supply for 12Ax7 buffer tube.
  186. preparing a new smps
  187. How to deal with powerup surges due to high output capacitance.
  188. First 300v regulator. Please check
  189. Capacitor power
  190. Why not Schottkys ?
  191. AC to DC power supply schematics?
  192. Simplest 19VDC/4A from 220acV/50Hz??
  193. Bypass caps?
  194. Hot isolation transformers
  195. Capacitance vs Ripple current
  196. current controlled cutoff advice please
  197. transformer is buzzing
  198. Battery Bank for Audio Gear
  199. power input question
  200. is this possible with a 12vac wallwart
  201. PSA-1225 Power supply diagram
  202. I need help with voltage regulators
  203. mosfet bjt advantages siries pass reg?
  204. Wiring Lap Top battery question
  205. multi device PSU
  206. Using inappropriate op-amp for high side sending
  207. Single to dual DC
  208. what guage/AWG cables do you use your for your amps?
  209. Transformer Query
  210. Nuforce iDo power supply upgrade?
  211. Increase out current of ICL7660S
  212. Program for designing with common regulators
  213. Power off "pop"
  214. Seeking off the shelf flyback transformer
  215. trasformer for kenwood GE-5020
  216. output filter inductor design
  217. Some basic questions on transformer with two secondaries
  218. feedback compensation dc dc
  219. 'wind up' amplifier
  220. Question re: Transformer vibration
  221. optimising psu for load?
  222. Modifying Ebay Boost Converter for Tube Amp B+
  223. Easing up inrush current buring relays in DIY trigger
  224. Choosing the right toroidal transformer
  225. Same value Big caps and small caps
  226. diode at smps
  227. Preamp - Mic - Speaker Help
  228. connection of lm317 to body?
  229. Confused with Toroid Transformer
  230. IGBT emitter to gate diode
  231. push pull converter 12Vdc to 310 V dc drain voltages problem,im confused
  232. hopefully sorta simple question. powering a chip amp
  233. 4A-5A Regulated 12-15V Supply
  234. Simple HF noise filter for 300VDC supply?
  235. Parallel Tube Rectifiers
  236. Sealed lead acid power supply circuit
  237. Tantalum bypass .1uf after the psu caps? Reduced RFI?
  238. Color coding
  239. Problem with voltage doubler circuit
  240. Denon PMA-520 Power supply
  241. will this power this amp
  242. X capacitors across power switch causing it to stop working?
  243. Covert to Variable voltage
  244. Stupid question re: Center Tap
  245. Power supply for mixer
  246. Is anyone familiar with this Transformer
  247. Glassware Janus Shunt or regulated B+ (like Salas) for tube headphone amp?
  248. Low noise symmetrical PSU TPS7A4701 and TPS7A3301
  249. paralleling 10uf polyster to the psu bank increases sound quality? any benefits?
  250. Klipsch RW-12D power supply with issues

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