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  1. advantages of 2 power transformers
  2. +/- 120V,12mA from +12V using flyback?
  3. SMPS making
  4. GZ32 vs ss rectifier
  5. Big size and low capacitance - are there any rules?
  6. How do I determine polarity on a dual primary toroid?
  7. Mains Filter
  8. Stomp box supply
  9. Replacing transformer with DC power
  10. AA DLC PS Solution
  11. Another PSU Transient Load Tester ("chop chop box")
  12. Need Help with TDA2052 Power Supply
  13. Transformer got really hot because I wired it wrong
  14. 12VDC Linear PSU
  15. Full wave center tapped power supply defies the laws of physics
  16. 1.2 kW regulated power supply
  17. Two-section 500V electrolytic caps for cheap (new production)
  18. 0-50V 0-10A Variable SMPS
  19. need help with battery selection for my amp
  20. Tube power supply
  21. First PSU Build help!!!
  22. Suitable chips for 15v down to 3.3v
  23. When to use artificial center tap
  24. PSU sizing and limiting input gain for targeted output / THD ??
  25. MAX1771 stability issues
  26. Is this transformer a good start for a class D amp power supply?
  27. Circuit reduces PS noise by up to 26db
  28. using lundahl anode chokes for power supply
  29. Tungar Power Supply
  30. TL783, extending voltage range
  31. Distorted sine wave on transformer secondary...
  32. half bridge secondary voltage
  33. What swhitch to use for diy amp
  34. Two transformers
  35. Which Universal PSU for various AMP builds?
  36. Speed control for 120vac fan that does not add noise
  37. Can i buld a 5V DC PSU using Toroidal 15V @ 30VA
  38. 5V +/- Powersupply feedback
  39. humming sound
  40. Alternatives for MJ4502 and LM301A
  41. Toroid transformer winding
  42. Isolation transformer - does a cap on the secondary give any benefit?
  43. Stepdown trafo and possible rewind......
  44. What's A Good replcement transforer for Adcom GFA 535
  45. Counterpoint SA3000 power supply
  46. tracking down a possible electrical problem
  47. A puzzler of sorts (grounding problem).
  48. LM317 + 2 Transistors "Class A" Regulator?
  49. Voltage Regulator Question
  50. Heat sink insulators for Indigo "Bash" plate amplifier switching power supply
  51. PSU upgrade for Meitner PA6i Preamp
  52. Marantz M7C HT Regulator Adjustment
  53. Power Supply for ancient Goldmund Mimesis 10 DAC
  54. How do I limit current flow from a Car battery to an amp?
  55. power supply rail voltage too high
  56. Calculating input current
  57. Duel supply from 12V battery
  58. Moved: EU transformer for an Hafler 9505 Transnova?
  59. Store/latch fault signal
  60. Testing a New Design Shunt Regulator
  61. Failed attempt of Jung/Didden superreg PCB redesign
  62. Can I run a CB radio and Sub off of 1 amplifier?
  63. 317/337 based virtual ground PS
  64. When split supply from a single gives uneven rail voltages...
  65. Filtering the HF hash of a SMPS
  66. Reduce Transformer Output?
  67. Building the SBT PSU
  68. Art Audio Quintett Schematics
  69. I need a simple compact rectification & smoothing circuit to power 5v/12v electronics
  70. SMPS advice for headphone amp
  71. thyristor reset
  72. PS for Musical Fidelity V90 DAC
  73. Help please, I'm almost there fixing a SMPS!
  74. Notebook power supply and tube heater
  75. How to start PSU without motherboard - Dell PowerEdge 6850 1470W
  76. Beta testers wanted for discrete regulator
  77. simple zener string for psu regulation for ICs
  78. Use inductors to prevent diode-caused oscillation?
  79. Need wiring help for dual rail in R core
  80. Cap Multiplier: Before or After the Regulator?
  81. Audio Power Tranformer with 6 Primary Wires
  82. Capacitors battle Cheap vs Slighty Expensive
  83. Mystery load current spike in dual rail 9V low-battery cutoff circuit
  84. Schematic for LR8 IRF840 variable PSU?
  85. Half-Bridge SMPS with PFC
  86. Era Transpac LC325 5a power supply question
  87. 24VAC 50VA transformer project suggestion
  88. Coil for Active PFC stage
  89. SU power calcs
  90. power solutions for portable 19-24v tpa3116
  91. SMPS welding inverter soft LVI switcher.
  92. Fusing an SMPS
  93. 2400VA
  94. 10kW SMPS Amorphous / Nanocrystaline core
  95. TPS7A49 ultra low noise LDO - trouble
  96. Cooling of bridge rectifier
  97. nuforce icon hdp power supply
  98. Yet Another Transformer Identification Thread
  99. Asking about Power supply #PS1 of Audible Illusions
  100. Odd taps on Raphaelite PT
  101. old diode
  102. SMPS capacitance questions
  103. Best option for 9V rechargeable batteries
  104. Replacing diodes with Schottky type ones in PS - any drawbacks ?
  105. Old Style DCB1 vs Hot Rod DCB1? whats the difference in sch?
  106. Salas Extended version?
  107. Weird voltages on toroidal transformer output
  108. 20Amp upto 90V shunt Reg simpler version
  109. Noise reduction with massive choke?
  110. A little tester to determine transformer PhaseDots with no scope or signal generator
  111. Please help to choose a step-down controller chip
  112. Microphone pre-amp phantom supply
  113. TPS7A4001 vs Salas shunt Reg
  114. Synchronous Rectifier Controller
  115. Amp power Supply
  116. One secondary voltage and two biases
  117. 6 tap auto transformer/Variac help please
  118. general smps power supply troubleshooting question
  119. Mains filtering for a digital equipment.
  120. My spin of a DC filter board
  121. Power Supply Caps - Standard vs Audio
  122. Specification of a toroidal transformer
  123. looking for diodes
  124. 12V trigger and triac
  125. LM317 Based Tracking Preregulator Dual PSU
  126. Can i use SMPS as a Toroidal transformer?
  127. Powering Stompboxes With Dual Supply From A Single Battery
  128. Supply capacitors for Voltage Regulators
  129. LT1963A & LT3015
  130. Why use tubes in the power supply?
  131. Board mount SMPS for a preamp or active crossover
  132. ir remote, control signal, or audio input power on circuitry?
  133. Filter Cap Question for Power Regulators
  134. Waveform deformation and voltage drop in transformer
  135. Building my own Voltage Regulator
  136. Building a 3,3 volt rechargeable circuit
  137. 4 Pole AC Mains
  138. Quad 303 main caps 5600uf too much?
  139. PSU rectifiers (alternative to On-semi B40250TG)
  140. having problem with negative salas
  141. signal ground to earth connection
  142. Stabilizing DC heaters [newbie]
  143. Ohm's Law application: choosing a resistor
  144. Tube power supply.
  145. Ceramic caps & Piezzo noise on digital stufs
  146. Induced buzz in Hammond 374bx
  147. Identyfying ferrite core material
  148. capacitor across main power switch
  149. Can a toroidal transformers be replaced with batteries?
  150. 10x8 Raw DC board with CR(L)C filter
  151. DC-DC converters
  152. Quick PS inrush limiting (NTC) question
  153. Newbie looking for a 12v 3a PSU
  154. toroidal transformers
  155. Linear Integrated Circuits and MOSFETs, RCA Solid State Division, Somerville, NJ, 197
  156. LM338
  157. Current Feed back Power LDO regulator
  158. Thru hole bridge rectifier question
  159. Troubleshooting a blown fuse
  160. Help with chokes
  161. Duncan Amps PSU II: Locked Files
  162. Raspberry PI PSU with TPS7A8300 5V 2A
  163. Can anyone tell me something about my torodials
  164. Low noise toroidal transformer vs Normal toroidal
  165. Proper supply impedance for opamp
  166. High Power Constant Current Power Supply Designs
  167. 12v 100W-150W amplifier or supply for one
  168. audiophonics: power on and delay softstart board
  169. Shunt regulator circuit wanted
  170. SMPS failure. IR21531. Please help.
  171. one power supply for two mixers? possible ?
  172. SMPS overload protection specs
  173. OT (a little): 24 VDC power supply for control system
  174. inrush current limiter
  175. Twist on PS for Car audio amp
  176. any information on this odd power supply?
  177. Heat Dissapation in Voltage Follower Regulator
  178. Convert a System to Single Battery DC Use: Amp Circuit Req. 24v-0-24v
  179. Look ma, no center tap
  180. Help designing LM338 PS
  181. toroidal wiring
  182. upgrade suggestion 645vdc supply
  183. 12V to 19.5V Laptop Computer Boost Converter
  184. Need some help with wiring a SMPS800RS
  185. PSU Smoothing caps change, Now 1 of the internal fuses blows on power up, help :-o
  186. Switching power supplies and stability?
  187. Broadband Noise
  188. Thermal Cutoff Fuse
  189. Understanding PSU requirements for class D
  190. SG3525 ferrite transformer calculation
  191. XLR cable?
  192. Advice on power supply servicing
  193. transformer question
  194. Look for the schematic of the old radio power-supply Schaub Lorenz NG 1000
  195. whats the cheapest way to get 15000uf?
  196. Phantom power from 9V
  197. Build DIY rectifier or buy premade one from Sure?
  198. Power Supply math question .. Hurrah!
  199. Powering amp that needs 2x18V with 2x12V trafo?
  200. Systron Donner TL8-3 Trygon Power Supply repair
  201. Linn Lingo Power Supply, 1994 model breaking down
  202. [NEW] SoftStart+Push Button V1.0
  203. TAS5630 VDD Supply
  204. difference between trafo's
  205. First-Time DIY Power Supply: Capacitor Help
  206. Possible phono power supply?
  207. Sorces/recommendations for Amp Camp Amp PSU?
  208. Got a 6-0-6 v ca 72 VA transformer, what should I do with it?
  209. Should I go off the Bridge or off the regulated supply?
  210. Viz Isotap II
  211. PSU Works on breadboard NOT on PCB?
  212. definitive MOT usage
  213. Looking for a small off the shelf SMPS for active speaker filter
  214. Illustration of critical inductance
  215. Stupid Question?
  216. Power Conditioner?
  217. Build Your Own Transformer
  218. High Voltage adjustable Maida supply problem
  219. Headscratching with voltage & low leakage
  220. Shared power supply
  221. 5v, 3A Linear PS for Pi2/DAC
  222. What does preamp PSU oscillation look like for linear regulators?
  223. 2x18v(0-18v and 0-18v) transformer as a dual transformer
  224. HQ Low noise 4-quadrant PSU with 2xLM3886
  225. NTC thermal shutdown
  226. Drop Wall Wart from 12v AC to 9v AC output
  227. Wima DC-Link as filter cap
  228. Better than a wall wart?
  229. Toroid EMF pickup.
  230. Krell KAV 300CD Transformer Outputs
  231. Power supply for car audio Kenwood DDX5901HD for home use?
  232. FUSE on psu output
  233. 1kW resonant SMPS
  234. Big large capacitor or many small type ?
  235. Boost Converter for Car Audio TPA3116D2
  236. power transformer for Glassware PS-4
  237. What's a voltage regulator for a digital circuit's favourite power supply?
  238. High Voltage Regulated 0-300 supply schematic
  239. Yet another ultra low noise high PSRR LDO - LT3042
  240. Is This Power Supply Possible
  241. Simple push pull design
  242. SMPS sounding better than good linear ps?
  243. GDT, Gate transformer driver
  244. Krell Kav 300cd fault
  245. help wiring multiple winding tranformer
  246. TL431 "dropout voltage" measurement: 1.96V
  247. Primary Waveform in the Half-Bridge SMPS
  248. Power supply question
  249. Please Advice My New Design.
  250. Value for a DC rail shunt cap?

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