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  1. Tube power supply.
  2. Ceramic caps & Piezzo noise on digital stufs
  3. Induced buzz in Hammond 374bx
  4. Identyfying ferrite core material
  5. capacitor across main power switch
  6. Can a toroidal transformers be replaced with batteries?
  7. 10x8 Raw DC board with CR(L)C filter
  8. Quick PS inrush limiting (NTC) question
  9. Newbie looking for a 12v 3a PSU
  10. toroidal transformers
  11. Linear Integrated Circuits and MOSFETs, RCA Solid State Division, Somerville, NJ, 197
  12. LM338
  13. Current Feed back Power LDO regulator
  14. Thru hole bridge rectifier question
  15. Troubleshooting a blown fuse
  16. Help with chokes
  17. Duncan Amps PSU II: Locked Files
  18. Noratel Toroidal transformers
  19. Raspberry PI PSU with TPS7A8300 5V 2A
  20. Can anyone tell me something about my torodials
  21. Low noise toroidal transformer vs Normal toroidal
  22. Proper supply impedance for opamp
  23. High Power Constant Current Power Supply Designs
  24. 12v 100W-150W amplifier or supply for one
  25. audiophonics: power on and delay softstart board
  26. Shunt regulator circuit wanted
  27. SMPS failure. IR21531. Please help.
  28. one power supply for two mixers? possible ?
  29. SMPS overload protection specs
  30. OT (a little): 24 VDC power supply for control system
  31. inrush current limiter
  32. Twist on PS for Car audio amp
  33. any information on this odd power supply?
  34. Heat Dissapation in Voltage Follower Regulator
  35. Convert a System to Single Battery DC Use: Amp Circuit Req. 24v-0-24v
  36. Look ma, no center tap
  37. Help designing LM338 PS
  38. toroidal wiring
  39. upgrade suggestion 645vdc supply
  40. 12V to 19.5V Laptop Computer Boost Converter
  41. Need some help with wiring a SMPS800RS
  42. PSU Smoothing caps change, Now 1 of the internal fuses blows on power up, help :-o
  43. Switching power supplies and stability?
  44. Broadband Noise
  45. Thermal Cutoff Fuse
  46. Understanding PSU requirements for class D
  47. SG3525 ferrite transformer calculation
  48. XLR cable?
  49. Advice on power supply servicing
  50. transformer question
  51. Look for the schematic of the old radio power-supply Schaub Lorenz NG 1000
  52. whats the cheapest way to get 15000uf?
  53. Phantom power from 9V
  54. Build DIY rectifier or buy premade one from Sure?
  55. Power Supply math question .. Hurrah!
  56. Powering amp that needs 2x18V with 2x12V trafo?
  57. Systron Donner TL8-3 Trygon Power Supply repair
  58. Linn Lingo Power Supply, 1994 model breaking down
  59. [NEW] SoftStart+Push Button V1.0
  60. TAS5630 VDD Supply
  61. difference between trafo's
  62. First-Time DIY Power Supply: Capacitor Help
  63. Possible phono power supply?
  64. Sorces/recommendations for Amp Camp Amp PSU?
  65. Got a 6-0-6 v ca 72 VA transformer, what should I do with it?
  66. Should I go off the Bridge or off the regulated supply?
  67. Viz Isotap II
  68. PSU Works on breadboard NOT on PCB?
  69. definitive MOT usage
  70. Looking for a small off the shelf SMPS for active speaker filter
  71. Illustration of critical inductance
  72. Stupid Question?
  73. Power Conditioner?
  74. Build Your Own Transformer
  75. High Voltage adjustable Maida supply problem
  76. Headscratching with voltage & low leakage
  77. Shared power supply
  78. 5v, 3A Linear PS for Pi2/DAC
  79. What does preamp PSU oscillation look like for linear regulators?
  80. 2x18v(0-18v and 0-18v) transformer as a dual transformer
  81. HQ Low noise 4-quadrant PSU with 2xLM3886
  82. NTC thermal shutdown
  83. Drop Wall Wart from 12v AC to 9v AC output
  84. Wima DC-Link as filter cap
  85. Better than a wall wart?
  86. Toroid EMF pickup.
  87. Krell KAV 300CD Transformer Outputs
  88. Power supply for car audio Kenwood DDX5901HD for home use?
  89. FUSE on psu output
  90. 1kW resonant SMPS
  91. Big large capacitor or many small type ?
  92. Boost Converter for Car Audio TPA3116D2
  93. power transformer for Glassware PS-4
  94. What's a voltage regulator for a digital circuit's favourite power supply?
  95. High Voltage Regulated 0-300 supply schematic
  96. Yet another ultra low noise high PSRR LDO - LT3042
  97. Is This Power Supply Possible
  98. Simple push pull design
  99. SMPS sounding better than good linear ps?
  100. GDT, Gate transformer driver
  101. Krell Kav 300cd fault
  102. help wiring multiple winding tranformer
  103. TL431 "dropout voltage" measurement: 1.96V
  104. Primary Waveform in the Half-Bridge SMPS
  105. Power supply question
  106. Please Advice My New Design.
  107. Value for a DC rail shunt cap?
  108. New age circuit construction
  109. Three pin voltage regulator
  110. Odd, slight voltage increase over long time periods
  111. power transformer question
  112. 5Z3P 6N9P EL34 Chinese amp kit
  113. prototype power supply layout idea
  114. Advice/critique on my H-Bridge Design please.
  115. LittleFuse 345 holder/2.5A-SB kinda Just Blew Up haha
  116. X power 1750plus inverter reversed 12v input polarity
  117. Noisy amplifier?power supply
  118. Need advice on Power Supplies
  119. Welborne Labs PS1
  120. Marantz 2235b- P800 PSU problem
  121. 400V and 300V supply voltage clamp?
  122. Choosing and designing my own AC-DC power supply
  123. Cheat Method to Power a Subwoofer?
  124. cheap toroidal any good
  125. UV LED flood light, power supply
  126. Improving zener follower regulator in preamp
  127. Regulated supply help
  128. Will these transformers be beneficial to me in anyway?
  129. BEHRINGER lpa1180 rev j
  130. Power supply
  131. Line Current for (XFormer + Rectifier + LDO)
  132. Questions regarding the build-up for 100A 12V SMPS
  133. LT3080 PCB
  134. Ebay Regulated Supply Opinions
  135. The SMPS HYS3C300 - No STBY + -7V identification element
  136. pls help to choose right trafo for burned
  137. 48V PSU- Trimpot frying
  138. LP Filter for Adjustable Pedal Supply
  139. Can one tell if PSU is the problem just by listening?
  140. Hum on ayon cd player power supply
  141. Glassware rotary on/off switch
  142. How to calculate the size of the heat sink
  143. Improving capacitance multipliers
  144. Tentlabs Shunt Reg Schematic
  145. hypex ucd400 power supply
  146. What power supply for P7 mini preamp
  147. Relay contact protection
  148. Realistic STA-250 Repair
  149. PSU for 12v set up - please help!
  150. Using IR2101 as LO-HI side driver IC
  151. how to apply transformer snubber to a centre tapped secondary and 2 diode full wave?
  152. PCB hole with solder current rating. need confirm?
  153. Parallel caps, wire resistance
  154. Advice on PWM controller for 12v battery use.
  155. questions on simple mosfet regulator
  156. Transfromers position
  157. Noise floor 8 dB higher on 3 prong vs 2 prong "cheater" jack?
  158. Low voltage tube based supply for turntable?
  159. Positive and negative voltages from 2 LM350
  160. phx7nq60e equivalent
  161. electrolitic capacitor types for amps/preamps
  162. Where to put the largest capacitor?
  163. 1.2V Regulator
  164. Snubbing quandaries
  165. Coleman Supplies
  166. fusing pri
  167. Field Coil Power Supply DIY
  168. Chokes in the return line - bypassing the HV problem?
  169. Turns ratios help needed on SMPS.
  170. Choose a AC to DC switching supply
  171. How do I best re-start an old power supply?
  172. How to wire a power indicator LED from a bipolar PSU?
  173. Is there a problem with this transformer, or the capacitors?
  174. +/- 15 volt power supply
  175. Choke BEFORE rectifier
  176. Schottky negative power supply?
  177. Choke power supply guidance
  178. Power supply
  179. Poly caps in place of electrolitcs?
  180. 12v Power Supply Build Request for Driverack PA2
  181. Inductor power rating
  182. wiring secondaries on a 1,5kw autotransformer
  183. Help with understanding electrical output/demand when using a computer PSU to 12v amp
  184. Power transformer repair or rewinding needed.
  185. Voltage Doubler PSU-Newbie
  186. Another Odd Power Transformer
  187. Transformers: two single secondary vs single dual secondaries
  188. I need power supply help, single winding transformer AC-DC
  189. sr-4a receiver amp
  190. sr-4a receiver amp
  191. Confused about DC supply board
  192. Is there any harm in using an overspecified power transformer?
  193. Power LDO PSU with TL431
  194. tapping 12v power suppy to 2 equipment
  195. Transformer for 1kW SMPS.
  196. Selecting Power Transformers for Tube Amp
  197. How to hookup an illuminated power switch or button
  198. Delay circuit, more delay time needed
  199. How to wire a rotary rheostat to my cooling fan
  200. Tip on noiseless transformer.
  201. Building my first PS
  202. dual-mono PSU question
  203. Just move the psu transformer to an external box... Easier said than done... Help!
  204. Amp goes off with the bass
  205. PSU for Metrum Octave nos dac
  206. PS to AMP6B from 41hz and Rasperry Pi
  207. Interesting Power Transformer
  208. speaker inductors used in psu?
  209. Pulling My Hair Out
  210. Multi Power Input Paths
  211. DC Mains filter to remove buzzing trafos
  212. Aragon 4004II - rewiring from 240V to 120V
  213. regulated or not for claas d?
  214. OK to wire the transformer this way?
  215. linn Valhala Power supply
  216. +-80 v SMPS -DIY READY
  217. determining a transformer's quality
  218. Transformer shielding, will this oversaturate?
  219. About AV receiver power cable?
  220. help on lt1085 dropping voltage on load
  221. Need comment on Simple Regulated PSU layout
  222. Adjusting for high mains voltage?
  223. Anyone identify this socket ???
  224. toroidal mechanical noise
  225. Extracting extra rail from one secondary to avoid unbalancing currents
  226. How to figure out toroid winding current capability?
  227. highest quality 1n4007 diode ?
  228. Looking for Transformer
  229. DIY regulated PSU
  230. 2500 Watt SMPS transfomer specs needed
  231. Quick newb question - transformer wiring
  232. half voltage from transformer
  233. Best regulated SMPS
  234. Building a Cyrus PSX
  235. Wireless power transfer
  236. toriodal load temp
  237. Wiring up a very small battery pack
  238. Tube preamp psu
  239. Replacing Mallory CGS capacitors in an APT power amp
  240. Parasound C2 keeps turning off
  241. How to make +/-17.5 v power supply?
  242. More transformer questions
  243. How to spec a Toroid Backwards??
  244. Z906 Logitech Problem Help!!!
  245. Klipsch RW-10d amp parts (BASH)
  246. Schottky vs ultrafast recovery diodes in DHT power supply
  247. psu for preamp
  248. 5x5 Super regulator
  250. Subwoofer power supply

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