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  1. IEC C8 power socket, main ground and security
  2. Re thermal fuse
  3. ltc3265 datasheet question/error?
  4. Recommended Text for Grounding & Shielding?
  5. What can you tell me about this power supply?
  6. How do you fuse your PSUs? (for people outside UK)
  7. Transformer powering two circuits
  8. Safety concern on external HV PSU
  9. Dual Power Supply help
  10. How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?
  11. LM317 6.3V 0.9A how much should be the voltage supply?
  12. Help reverse engineering choke specs.
  13. Switching -12V with Mosfet from digital logic
  14. Powering active speaker
  15. DAC power supply - degrees of separation
  16. Cascoded MOSFET with 2015 Jung Universal Regulator
  17. Marantz Restoration
  18. Transformer help needed
  19. Toroidal transformer: multiple secondary outputs
  20. Power Supply for LM3886 Gainclone amp
  21. parallel after regulator?
  22. toroidal transformer rewind
  23. Choke Input Filter with small value cap
  24. Are LT1963 and TL1963 equivalent parts?
  25. Ground Loop Breaker
  26. PSU recommendation needed for mic pre.
  27. DIY 2V-10V power supply for binaural mics
  28. Best capacitors for power supplies update
  29. Where to put a second choke in PSU
  30. Jung regulator with fast output start
  31. nuforce amp board hypex (or any other brand psu)
  32. PCB or kit for bipolar LM317/337 supply
  33. VA rating
  34. Mains inlet... to filter or not to filter?
  35. Transformer Choice
  36. Lm317/337 supply help needed
  37. Behringer SMPS Model UB-SPSU2 with TOP245Y (used in Mixer Model UB1204) death
  38. Maddening ripple hum
  39. linear unreg PS using multiple identical transformers in parallel?
  40. DC-DC 7-50V to 3-45V Max 6A
  41. Single chip buck with programmable voltage and current like LT8613
  42. Tuning a Jasmine LP2.0 Power Supply
  43. A Series-Shunt regulator: The "ZiggyReg V 2.0"
  44. PSU for Apex XLR Pre
  45. 12v DC to 12V ac - does this inverter exist
  46. Goldpoint Virtual Ground
  47. TDA7492 power supply
  48. Power Supply for line level application
  49. A new DC12V Power supply
  50. Cheap linear power supply.
  51. Connecting IEC filter
  52. Which Connex SMPS500?
  53. [LTSpice] Beginner - help with capacitor multiplier?
  54. Suggestions how to raise the IPS V on Reg PSU
  55. how to convert power to polar volts: 48v to 15-0-15?
  56. Auto mains voltage and frequency detection and configuration
  57. Exceeding valve diode plate voltage ratings
  58. Need help regarding soft start
  59. Carver to Naim conversion
  60. Strange LM337 behavior
  61. Help needed with a regulated power supply
  62. Need transformer output resistance of PSUD
  63. Cap-mult improvements ideas
  64. integrated amp hum through speakers
  65. Power Amplifier Noise Filtering Question
  66. help with wall wart ac/ac power supply
  67. power supply circuit in subwoofer
  68. 4 channel amp grounding, star gnd, hum
  69. Power grid spikes - bad for smps?
  70. Chinese Linear low power/noise - quality?
  71. LT1083 regulator, low voltage behavior
  72. CLC Rectifier
  73. Sony Power Board Question - How do I turn it on?...
  74. Li-Ion/Li-Po based dual PSU
  75. Back to back mains transformers
  76. How to measure LM317 output voltage help!
  77. fixing/upgrading micro seiki dd-35
  78. Measuring PSRR
  79. Linear power supply
  80. Need help with HP 6434b power supply
  81. Modified APEX Stabilised PSU for ESP p3a-p3b
  82. Help Wiring transformer to tube buffer please!
  83. Rectifier Diode - as part of filter ? / Component noise ?
  84. Wiring new toroid tranny
  85. CD buffer PS resistor guesstimate?
  86. changing diodes/rectifier in mcintosh mc2505
  87. 100 VDC power supply caps?
  88. Preamp section unipolar 9v, Amp section +-28.5V bipolar, how to power both?
  89. Terminal Block Multiple Transformers Suggestion
  90. Reducing voltage from +-54VDC to +-40 VDC
  91. low noise Pre-Amp / DAC power supply MJE15034 TL072 Regulator based on STUDER 900
  92. PC Power supply noisy when connected to both 5V/12V output
  93. PCB layout for lm2596t switching reg
  94. Any benefit of enclosing a smps
  95. Simplistic Colpitts oscillators used as low-tech converters
  96. Getting 14 V + (unipolar) from 7 V +/- (bipolar)?
  97. CD buffer PS resistor guesstimate?
  98. Technology for leveling and polishing badly cut C cores?
  99. Need some help with class D power supply
  100. Transformer help
  101. 6.3VAC to 6.3VDC with LM317
  102. Active PFC not working - inductor faulty?
  103. Single PSU for 5 or more Amps ?
  104. sure 3116 mono
  105. Chip to measure voltage/current on amp rails?
  106. Pantum P2200
  107. Reducing AC voltage safely
  108. current rating for chokes in solid state power amp
  109. Please recommend good technical literature about choke/transformer design..
  110. GND connections in an Amplifier using a transformer with two secondary windings
  111. YH11068A 10-32V to 45-390V dc/dc - guess the control ICs
  112. Transformer challenge
  113. 18-24v power supply advice for B1 needed
  114. An amplifier to test chokes
  115. Bridge rectifier on AC mains?
  116. LT 3080 and LT3083 regulator problems
  117. How close should the B+/B- be to each other in a simple Bridge/Filter Supply? No Load
  118. UPS to Transformer to Monster HTS 3600 mkii - weird problem
  119. cresendo power supply regulated drop..
  120. add choke to PS, where to put it?
  121. how to Generating -16V with referenc to +24V Rail?
  122. Looking for a LM317/337 Sprint File.
  123. Oppo Resistor Identification
  124. Different kinds of chokes
  125. Power soft start board / amp delay soft start board what is it ???
  126. Two Jeff Rowland 12's from one SPS ??
  127. Handmade air coil inductor for noise suppression?
  128. -12v +12v from same power source?
  129. soft start circuit mods
  130. Help a Newb? Upgrade/Modify a Jolida 502a Power Supply
  131. power supply protection circuitry questions
  132. Question on Center-Tapped Transformer Voltage Multiplier
  133. USB powering bluetooth = noise.
  134. DIY Kef 107 Kube PSU?
  135. Need help Please
  136. Power supply for MX50SE and hook up
  137. Center Tapped Mains Transformer as Dual Channel PSU Choke
  138. Switching Supply Noise Eliminator
  139. Adding varistors to a psu design
  140. Help with power supply circuit
  141. Help Wiring Transformer to Mains Please
  142. Variable regulated supply
  143. Capacitor Bank Housing
  144. Voltage Multiplier for Amp FE
  145. Choosing a wall wart power supply for a battery powered fan
  146. op-amp power supply line RC filters - why?
  147. Best set of measurements to evaluate power supply design?
  148. Fixing old power supply
  149. Wire colors for dual-rail power supplies?
  150. PFC with MC34262
  151. 110v VARIAC rebuild question
  152. Is it tradition that we use linear PSUs for valve amps?
  153. 1.5v switch circuit
  154. Do SMPS's need earthing?
  155. Why voltage converter at all?
  156. LM317 & 2N3055 Variable Circuit Problems need help !
  157. PCB Layout questions for PSU with ground/power planes
  158. Telos Grounding Noise Reducer what is the principle?
  159. diode damage from inrush current?
  160. Sense and Differentiate between Short Circuit and Continuity with Passive Components
  161. SSLV 1.1 Negative rail - failure
  162. Nihm vs Lithium sound quality?
  163. toroidal transformer hum
  164. Need help/advice on a Vacuum State Super Regulator kit
  165. power inverter as HV supply
  166. How should I wire two power supplies to mains
  167. Connecting an Autotransformer to Isolation Transformer
  168. Best way to use 2 coil choke
  169. rectifier challenge
  170. Easy voltage multiplier.
  171. Help choosing a transformer 2 x dual sec. Vs 1 x quad sec.
  172. 110v inverter
  173. Light bulb current limiter with SMPS
  174. Meanwell EPS65S Series Power Supply
  175. combining Secondaries
  176. Rocker switch with neon light wiring
  177. power supply fault
  178. Transformer design for power amplifier
  179. Simplest possible tube regulator -- will it work?
  180. Felicia power conditioner. Does it works?
  181. transformer compatability and rectifaction help
  182. MLCC for high voltage decoupling in SMPS
  183. LCD 16X2 in Old School Battery Charger
  184. Recommend a dual rail +/-35v regulator
  185. wiring 5V and 6.3V taps
  186. Please help with transformer winding colours
  187. PSU turn off noise. Interpretation of scope please.
  188. Delta Electronics ATX power supply
  189. Adding single rail amp to split rail amp power supply
  190. Transformer voltage reduction
  191. Is a CDC power supply a good ideia?
  192. Building CarlosFM's snubberized PSU
  193. Mixing desk power supply
  194. voltage drop (valve rectifier with SS replacement)
  195. Please recommend a full bridge rectifier
  196. 12V 2A CLC Filter values for a noob, 0.4mH?
  197. Soft start kits
  198. Dual rail smps?
  199. Shielding ac adapter
  200. 3 or 4 wires in the transformer primary
  201. Lampizator tube PSU
  202. Smoothing Capacitor Capacitance calculator
  203. Add ferrite to my outlet AC ?
  204. 12v inverter to 240v mains - grounding?
  205. Krell KBL power supply fixes
  206. Snubber for a generic rectifier bridge?
  207. Battery Supply for Bluetooth Question
  208. chandler PSU-1 schematic
  209. Transformer for power supply
  210. These Three Meters ! Met with Rectifier, Once.
  211. transformer wiring
  212. Yorkville SM8 mixer SMPS fault - over voltage
  213. Transformer used implications to output power?
  214. Help with Ultra LDO with bypass tr.
  215. Help with Capacitors type in PSU for 300B amp
  216. Transformer-less, Mains Isolated Simple SMPS with PFC Circuit.
  217. Does a PP amp need to be DC?
  218. Controling a main transformer
  219. Capacitor ripple current calculations in SMPS
  220. LM2596 Regulators
  221. help needed with bias supply from HT voltage doubler
  222. Supercar ps
  223. Help with batteries for Blutooth Player
  224. computer music server power supply
  225. Capacitor Ripple Current vs Operational Temp
  226. FIRST DIY project! 2 chassis design - Power/Wire Implementation Questions
  227. Asus Vivo PC power supply
  228. LT3062 based PSU
  229. DC filter with chokes.
  230. About 9v rechargeable batteries
  231. Powering 4 Components from 2 PSUs
  232. I need some practical transformer winding advice.
  233. Lat internation ss 1000d biwire
  234. Voltage regulators kits on ebay.
  235. New uc3825 smps
  236. how to drop voltage
  237. Looking for voltage regulator
  238. Low duty cycle square wave problem, help pls
  239. PCB Design Question
  240. Music vs Normal Cap for Voltage Regulation Diffrent?
  241. Power supplies ripple _ does it must be really low ?
  242. core air gap maked own way question
  243. increasing the voltage of a transformer
  244. How much clearance around a toroidal transformer?
  245. Unexpected voltages from unregulated power supply
  246. LT 1085 / 1033 advice
  247. Power Supply for Hiraga
  248. What will be my rectified voltage if my Transforemer secondary voltage is 24-0-24 ?
  249. Toroidal core calculation
  250. How to build a Power Conditioner

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