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  1. Dual Supply for Low Power but Sensitive Circuit
  2. FULL BRIDGE SMPS: With or without poly cap in primary coil?
  3. Push-Pull SMPS spikes recuperation
  4. Tube PSU differences
  5. Radio Shack Transformer 273-1512
  6. Voltage Regulator(s) for Bench Supply from Laptop Wall Adapter
  7. Good 13.5V up to 5A PSU
  8. [NOOB] Power supply mayhem
  9. Efficient current limiting for a dc/dc SMPS?
  10. LM2576 Inductor
  11. Reducing transformer voltage...
  12. Questions when designing a syncrhonous SMPS (75W)
  13. Any disadvantage to multiple parallel caps for PS?
  14. I need a power supply for sp5700
  15. Smoothing modified sinewave Inverter
  16. Tuna can shield
  17. Wiring Transformers Using The Series Parallel Scheme
  18. ESP soft start circuit
  19. Is this a practical HV supply?
  20. Silly question
  21. how to build a regulated psu to drive an op-amp?
  22. Need help stabilising PSU
  23. Afzal
  24. Learning Project - Buck SMPS
  25. SMPS Greenhorn
  26. Can I replace transformer drive with optocoupler in halfbridge smps?
  27. Li-Ion Charger Using Max 1555
  28. curious defect
  29. Tranny capability question...
  30. The simplistic Salas low voltage shunt regulator
  31. Help w/ Battery Selection
  32. Tube PS using 6H30 into a 6550
  33. Another look at the LM317 and LM337 regulators
  34. Low noise Regulated +-12v supply?
  35. VELODYNE 110V to 220V
  36. Batteries Revisited
  37. 15v / 200a Help!
  38. 120V DC Lead battery desulfator! Lightbulb and Bridge Rectifier!
  39. Mounting snap-in caps
  40. 15mA 120V AC Power supply dessign
  41. Will this work?
  42. Want testing report
  43. janus shunt reglator Help me !!
  44. Connectors for shared power transformer
  45. Graetz Bridge Questions
  46. High power SMPS design.
  47. Can I do this?
  48. Sharing gainclone PSU with other circuits
  49. Need help with voltage doubler
  50. Choke Input Filter on Class A PS
  51. Temperature compensated MAIDA
  52. Linear power supply causing mains hum at speaker
  53. 5V dc power supply
  54. Difficulties with DC/DC converter 12V to +/-40V, 8 amps
  55. cheap DIY PURE AC regenerator
  56. HF noise on unregulated PSU - help!
  57. Smps In Development
  58. Clean DC supply?
  59. Piezobee -a very simple and cheap power filter
  60. DC Power supply questions, advice appreciated!
  61. Rod Elliott's capacitance multiplier supply
  62. Car computer SMPS
  63. Halogen transformers
  64. help with designing a power supply
  65. are these caps okay?
  66. were can i find how to configure sg3525 as a half brige
  67. Simple power inductor calculator
  68. monitor voltage input
  69. SLA batteries as power supply. What's needed?
  70. When to use 317 and 7805?
  71. High Current Regulated Power Supply For Gainclone: Design Thread
  72. Bipolar Variable Power supply for protoboard
  73. Grounding with separate enclosures
  74. sync of SG3525
  75. Phase inverting one half of a push-pull parrallel channel before recombining?
  76. Chipamp PSU layout
  77. VA rating needed for 2x60W
  78. CFL inverter
  79. How could you run a set of speakers with two different amp classes?
  80. 2 IC SMPS for car audio, how stupid is this?
  81. Voltage regulation for TL494?
  82. Trygon RS60-7.5
  83. problems unifying grounds
  84. Confused about transformers
  85. +/-80V 7Amp SMPS
  86. Looking for the ideal linear SMD voltage regulator, any suggestions?
  87. About a PWM power inverter
  88. Power supply photo`s
  89. Projector Power Supply Repair Needed
  90. Need SMPS Gate Drive Transformer
  91. Chipamp PSU- TP resistor across fuse??
  92. How to disassemble EI cores?
  93. can someone draw a PCB for a SMPS for me?
  94. SMPS question
  95. will this transformer do?
  96. Isolation after transformer considered isolated?
  97. 50Hz UPS
  98. Projet SMPS very popular, with a change made by me, will it work?
  99. On Off pop annoying, odd mix of system.
  100. Trim pots
  101. Best low noise regulator?
  102. Reclaimed transformer
  103. Is there any "best" power supply design?
  104. Winding a Monster Toroid, Hum & Voltage Sag
  105. R/C battery and charger
  106. Rectifier for lighting transformer
  107. LT Dual Tracking 3A Regulated Power Supply 1.25V to 20V
  108. 11.5-12.8v to 13.8-14.4v boost
  109. Simple TL594/single MOSFET offline SMPS
  110. need a PS for a pre, DAC, and headphone amp
  111. Power Trans Winding Parallel AC or DC?
  112. DC-DC Cuk converter (advice please)
  113. Rectifying multiple secondaries..
  114. What does this notation mean?
  115. Boost controller for +48VDC?
  116. SMPS by by Christophe P. Basso or
  117. clc filter
  118. Confused about a transformer's power rating
  119. Mains Filtering
  120. Transformer Winding
  121. Boost converter
  122. Woes with protection components
  123. voltage reg ic for +-16v 2amp
  124. SG3525 Frequency
  125. LM3886 Power supply
  126. Seperate/Dedicate 12V Power Supply for TT's Motor
  127. One trafo-two amps?
  128. Weight differences of transformers
  129. Determining CM Choke values
  130. SMPS PCB Layout Advice
  131. forward regulation of push-pull average current mode control?
  132. Power Supply Requlation
  133. Simple I'm Sure...Wiring 2 Single Supplies to Make a Dual
  134. Diy Psu
  135. SMPS Datasheets
  136. SMPS 12v to +-70V
  137. Noise on laptop charger PSU
  138. self_osc
  139. Behringer DDX3216
  140. SMPS for "isolation": 120in-->~100dc out??
  141. SMPS repair has me stumped
  142. Building a class II PSU (double insulated, no safety earth)
  143. +/-18V & +48V from a battery
  144. I would like to design a power supply
  145. 18v bi-polar dc/dc converters
  146. The Xreg Voltage Stabilizer
  147. DC connectors
  148. Another Linear Pass Regulator
  149. SMPS Trouble, wont start - need some advice! Full schematic
  150. IRFP064 gets burnt
  151. ac side active PFC
  152. SMPS for beginner
  153. Wiring for balanced power ?
  154. need help for basic boost converter!
  155. Full Bridge PWM controller w/ Integrated Gate Drvrs
  156. IR2110 question (help me)
  157. Push-Pull question
  158. Transformer primary winding question
  159. which ferrite beads for mos legs?
  160. 4kw Smps
  161. Peak Current in SMPS
  162. Isolated Transformer
  163. Mosfet line smoother, is it good?
  164. SMPS Hissing & Whining Noises
  165. Funny waveform on 12V->30V SMPS
  166. Fun with Lithium Ion
  167. K6- Switching power supply
  168. Choosing diode Vrrm in a power supply
  169. Simplistic Mosfet HV Shunt Regs
  170. What Power Supply for 12AX7 Preamp ?
  171. install PS in same case as amp
  172. Dose a Capacitor have to be pre charged every time?
  173. Using resistor in sense line to increase range of regulated supplY?
  174. Lm723 - 19vdc In, 14,4vdc Out
  175. Questions on MC33025 current mode design
  176. UC3846 or UC3856 design
  177. Why are they building -15v regs
  178. Transformer winding technique
  179. Keithley voltmeter = "HOT" transformer
  180. PSU problem
  181. Location of voltage-dropping power resistor
  182. Ps Carlosfm
  183. Toroid inrush current in case of short blackout
  184. what makes power transformers buzzing
  185. Bypass capacitors on diodes?
  186. STEPS at 47V?
  187. need help to build Electricity power saver
  188. unstable DSP-controlled smps
  189. Tubecad HV regulator - Modifcation- OCP?
  190. Dummy transformer question
  191. UPS Design
  192. Primary DC blocking capacitor in a ZVT full bridge Design ?
  193. SMPS won't get max voltage/current
  194. newbie can multiple EE cores be paralled for better current handling
  195. Power Supply / Driver for LED Fluorescent
  196. Question about toroidal transformers
  197. Help decipher Magnetics Inc. Specs
  198. 9v Highly regulated/clean PS for guitar fx
  199. transformer winding
  200. Please help me check,Can this dual power use tl431 and a op work well?
  201. Modifications suggestions for The Twisted Pear Power Supplies
  202. Question about voltage multipliers
  203. Negative Reference Voltage
  204. design exercise: inverter for Toyota Prius
  205. Transformer wiring question, series, parallel and center tapped
  206. Driving Eight IRFP064 with SG3525 directly
  207. PS for opamp preamp
  208. Longevity of PSU Electrolytic Capacitors
  209. hide side mosfet driving
  210. Forming main inductor for high-power boost converter
  211. Wiring series and then parallel with switch
  212. PSU Parallel Help
  213. Controlling regulator heat via sinking/shielding
  214. Wich 22nf caps to bypass the diodes?
  215. DSP-controlled boost converter program flow
  216. Sorensen 352-BB Tube-psu SM?
  217. How can I filter out an inverter for less noises
  218. Improving open reel power supply
  219. Half-bridge heat problems
  220. Cap values for tube mic psu
  221. Recommended brands for tube HT psu caps
  222. quick grounding question
  223. Another smps
  224. Not polarized electrolytic capacitor in power supply (LM317 LM337)
  225. Pulse generator using power MOSFETs
  226. 160v/8a
  227. Oscilloscope for SMPS use, a choice between analog & digital?
  228. Using class D amp and x-former for HV supply
  229. can anyone explain this regulation issue?
  230. Prevention of core saturation in push-pull topology
  231. Borbely All-Fet Shunt Regulator
  232. Regulator IC application
  233. Switchmode on the WWW
  234. Mini Maida
  235. TL 494 Basic Questions and Misunderstanding
  236. primary winding for push-pull converter @100amps, 100kHz
  237. Dual secondaries -- quick question
  238. Help required
  239. MONO power supply
  240. 12 vdc to 18 vdc isolated P-P
  241. Frequency pitch power supply for motor
  242. HV SMPS for tube preamp
  243. bipolar regulated...battery
  244. How to measure diferents PSU.
  245. Regulator for phono amp - vrefs, transistors, etc.
  246. help needed on current control SMPS
  247. current controller ic uc3846
  248. Hot-running 317 / 1086 in Tangentsoft's STEPS psu
  249. Cheap DC-DC upconverter for USB?
  250. Anti-reverse-bias protection diode vs. performance

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