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  1. Switch Mode PS question (Chip Amp)
  2. Noise from TL494 Flyback supply
  3. Please rate this psu design
  4. SG3526 Offline SMPS schematic need please
  5. Simple BIG 12VDC supply ideas wanted
  6. help, unknown toroids
  7. Zener regulated power supply
  8. Offline halfbridge smps gate drive
  9. Preventing +6 Amp surge
  10. Power Supply Umbilical Question
  11. Digital zero-voltage SPS with PID contrlol and feed forward
  12. SMPS driver transformer details needed
  13. Need to power this massive system...
  14. .LAY pcb files
  15. SG3525 feedback with opto
  16. SMPS 35V 10A - please check shematic
  17. in wall speakers and amplifier specs
  18. Best point to join secondaries
  19. Multiple regulator question... regs in series...
  20. Taming mains voltage
  21. Equations,Calculations & Theory of FERRITE TRANSFORMER design
  22. Question regarding LM317 & 100kHz Fsw SMPS passing through
  23. PS voltage without load
  24. I need computer power supply Schematic using TL494
  25. Pfc + Ups = ???
  26. How do I tame screwy voltages on an Xformer
  27. My first 37000uf PSU
  28. Tweaking my discrete component buck converter
  29. voltage rating of sulzer
  30. Exceeding electrolytic cap rating
  31. AC autoranging detector circuit
  32. Comp SMPS capacitor question
  33. Why aren't there any Hi-Voltage SMPSU's ??
  34. Transformer - mystery VA
  35. dual transformer power supply
  36. PSU schematics
  37. using voltage drop to calculate current
  38. Can a toroid be reversed?
  39. Cheap 12V ultra low impedance supply.
  40. Vds oscillation
  41. Vds oscillation at low duty cycle
  42. useing 2 regulators for double voltage...is it possible??
  43. Transformer help
  44. "Surge Suppressor Diodes"...??
  45. Balanced-power transformer for U.S. 115-125VAC
  46. Stupid transformer question I should know but don't
  47. High Current Power Supply 12v, with zener on base
  48. 12v UPS relays Trigger, 1 ~ 11v no trigger
  49. Wiring PLitron 30VA, 2x30VAC
  50. Filter Cap Directly from Rail to Rail, excluding Center Tap
  51. Convert Dac from AC to Battery Power
  52. Help with phase/polarity of transformer
  53. Lossless Snubbered Flyback
  54. Battery powered PSU implementation
  55. DIY balanced power unit with dual 60v secondary transformer?
  56. Help needed: Mains stabilization from 3-phase
  57. car smps reconfiguration
  58. paralleling film caps with electrolytic caps
  59. 130VAC@40A to 130VAC-110VAC
  60. Wiring and grounding options
  61. TL494 transformer less ps for tube amp
  62. 12KWatts PIC16F84/ADC0831 Power Inverter
  63. TL494 current control
  64. Improving a Boss CE-1 Power Supply?
  65. Easy (well not for me) Transformer Question
  66. Power load, dummy load (pic)
  67. Constant current source, am I missing anything...
  68. Should I keep these capacitors on my IEC socket?
  69. fuses for smps current protection
  70. Using Remote Sense Leads
  71. Reducing voltage of TL494 based supply?
  72. Vreg identification
  73. transformer specs
  74. Variable output SMPS
  75. Power Supply??? 12v to 20/24v? Regulated?
  76. Low Voltage (+70V) Power Supply Design
  77. Isolated voltage feedback for SMPS
  78. feedback on this tip2955/lm317 supply
  79. 12V CT push-pull series secondaries
  80. ML #23 shuts itself off after 5 seconds.
  81. Dual supply for LM1875 split supply
  82. Filtering alternator noise
  83. using a choke on a negative supply
  84. Tricky op-amp based VR problem
  85. 70V 5A symmetrical PSU HELP :D
  86. 20khz PWM @2kA, 24V
  87. 14V@ 20 Amps PSU: Smoked PCB after successful testing
  88. Need help understanding TL431
  89. A. Weekes modified Jung regulator
  90. Discrete voltage reg for SLA
  91. Help me please ......
  92. Carver Knight Shadow Power Supply
  93. Need a NTE38 sub.
  94. SMPS & SS amp
  95. cascading power supplies
  96. LM2575 for flyback?
  97. psu protection diodes - specified volatge
  98. SMPS, flyback, or vibrator - how to get 280v off of some batteries?
  99. Need help with preamp PS
  100. shunt line filter help
  101. aux. ps for laptop using SLA
  102. Help with PSU for Tri-Amp System
  103. in a CLC input supply: is it safe to use...
  104. PSU for HP 103AR Quartz Oscillator ??
  105. Favorite Threads and Posts in "Power Supplies"
  106. help with inrush limited circuit from EDN
  108. high voltage power supply
  109. Calculating Bmax and primary turns etc...
  110. sg3525 smps signal pictures
  111. DC Blocking Filter for Mains
  112. Parallel-ing Switching Power Supplies
  113. SMPS For Valve amplifiers??
  114. Please help! Isolation/balanced power question.
  115. Advice for transformer selection.
  116. Damping circuit across secondary?
  117. Power interference on DCX2496
  118. Balanced Power...
  119. ac line filter (emi/rfi) needed for linear psu ?
  120. One big transformer or several small ones. Which is better?
  121. Check my PSU design and LTspice sim
  122. H-BRIDGE , HIGH SIDE direct coupled PNP-NPN transistor driver
  123. transformer for SMPS
  124. Wiring a Step Down Transformer for Isolation
  125. 14vdc to 200vdc
  126. Unloaded LM317/337 behaviour
  127. harmer+simmons sm600
  128. Protecting a power switch from arcs
  129. filterless Peltier PWM
  130. transformer wiring
  131. transformer question (dual secs same as centre tap)
  132. rectifier diode in series with AC heating element to save energy?
  133. Exploding 7915
  134. mains regeneration
  135. A Few PSU Questions???
  136. Delay matching in IR2xxx low and high side gate drivers
  137. Browns book errors
  138. Fluke 407D Power Supply
  139. Continous Mode High Side Switch
  140. Toroidal specifications Ac Ae
  141. Floating ground power supply
  142. Magnetic shielding
  143. buck regulator
  144. High And Low Side Phototransistor Opto Mosfet Driver
  145. Question about autotransformer ( 230V to 115V )
  146. SG3525 for driving ferrite itself?
  147. power trannie
  148. High(er)-voltage, low noise v-reg?
  149. PFC question
  150. Power Supply Design
  151. LM317/LM337 accuracy
  152. PA amplifier design
  153. Dedicated PSU for DEQ/DCX2496
  154. DC/DC 12V-15V inducterless Transformer Circuit needed
  155. 12V push pull PSU. Need help.
  156. 1000w out offline flyback
  157. Supply for dual mono pre-amp
  158. Low ESR caps in SMPS
  159. Class AB Power Supply Design
  160. Linear PS help
  161. Help a dummy, save a life. PSU recycling...
  162. How can I resolve this problem ?
  163. Cases of spoiled LM338?
  164. Power Transformer for MF NuVista CD Player
  165. Image/Photo
  166. Are electrolytics evil?
  167. transformerless PSU with regulators
  168. Problems with LM78XX regulators???
  169. lowering caps ESR
  170. AC to DC circuit design
  171. tranformer wiring problem
  172. StepUp dcdc smps (car amp)
  173. Variable Pc PowerSupply (modification)
  174. 3 terminal regulator with 3 terminal shunt reference
  175. Terminals for 12V DC/DC input
  176. Building a PSU for an external firewire soundcard
  177. MOSFET driving with transformer
  178. Jung/ALW reg issues.
  179. Battery PS: Virtual ground or single supply?
  180. Easy PSU question - help me make this 12v DC power supply better.
  181. Power Supply For Pre/ Head Phone & Phantom... (PCB)
  182. What's really going on in that TL431
  183. LM350 Based Variable PSU Problem
  184. Question about PSU in seperate chassis
  185. Drivng a IGBT module
  186. HELP !!! My regulators are oscillating
  187. Question about caps on transformer primary
  188. Battery Vs conventional PSU
  189. what is the percentage of current across Ground ?
  190. LM338 current Regulator allowing modulation
  191. Super shunt regulator: dedicated plans?
  192. Equation for LM317 and LM337 +-15v
  193. Krell preamps voltage regulators
  194. linear pc power supply?
  195. Noob Transformer Question
  196. preamp supply w/ 48v power
  197. Are these caps safe?
  198. Charging batteries with a variable power supply
  199. Charging batteries with a variable power supply
  200. Battery-Powering a Trent TA-10 & a Citypulse DA2.03e
  201. Nuuk's Gainclone buffer PSU
  202. line filter design.
  203. Linear regulator for power amp
  204. Noob Question Re: Transformer
  205. Laptop battery power supply for extended life
  206. Gainclone Power Supply
  207. Switching power supply and preamp.
  208. Dual battery PSU with low voltage changeover
  209. Average-CMC smps, what about this one?
  210. Thoughts on this datasheet PSU ? LH0041
  211. SG3525 problem
  212. 12V DC/DC for amplifier. Current limiting?
  213. DIY Benchtop PSU
  214. 220V Voltage Stabilizer for home theter
  215. SG3525 loop
  216. where to connect + wire for Vout?
  217. What cable for outboard supply ? (pics)
  218. SG3525 for Inverter
  219. Thyristor based power supply for Gailcone
  220. Regulated or NonRegulated PSU.
  221. PCB: LM338 Regulated Snubberized PSU
  222. variable power supply for refrigeration compressor
  223. Selecting coupling cap for half-bridge offline SMPS
  224. PS for phono stage
  225. PSU with Multiple 7805 //
  226. MOSFET retrofit in switching power supply...
  227. 2 secondaries ,2 rectifiers and 2 regs, - rectifier overheats
  228. New to Circut design:help!
  229. How to build a +/- 60VDC high amp power supply
  230. Solid State power amp supply
  231. Building a +/15V +/-8V DAC PS
  232. SMPS for class A amps?
  233. Why MUR860? Why not bridge module?
  234. SG3525 as square wave generator?
  235. Using single CT supply with LM3886
  236. where to buy ferrites
  237. Dc Power For Crossovers
  238. At Pc Power Supply Conversion??.
  239. SG3525 problem
  240. Power supply for LM3886
  241. What are SMPS supplies?(Feeling ignorant)
  242. Can you help me choose capacitors for my amplifier's power supply?
  243. Help: MAX629 DC-DC converter
  244. SMPS questions
  245. transformer VA and supply voltage?
  246. Connect PWM to IR2112 to MOSFET
  247. improvements to this design
  248. soft start needed?
  249. CRC Power Supply design, help me understand it
  250. Power Supply and Pfc Photo Gallery

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