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  1. High frequency SMPS for audio
  2. Major inrush surge problem with Toroid, HELP!
  3. Custom power transformer requirements
  4. Threads for SS High Voltage Power Regulators?
  5. A slightly different question about parallel rectifiers
  6. triac replacing transformer is it possible????????????
  7. Old mini Atx Powersupply
  8. Help with rewinding a transformer
  9. Power supply for my laboratory bench
  10. why sound best??
  11. Velleman 200W amp
  12. non-isolated power supply?
  13. Simple question on reverse polarity protection
  14. 750W inverter
  15. Soft Start again
  16. 12V to 160V@500mA ?
  17. Massive 3000 power supply trouble
  18. possible transformer VA ratings
  19. Help with 0 - 120 V linear DC power supply
  20. Need some help designing an SMPS for a car amp
  21. Need help!
  22. Extreme DIY: Building a homemade nuclear reactor in NYC
  23. Super PSU transformer
  24. smps in seriel for tube power supply
  25. Voltage regulators that work ~50V?
  26. Citation toroid for TT
  27. What's the skinney on using a SMPS for Hi-Fi?
  28. Peak or not peak, that is the question?
  29. Quick question on connecting this power supply
  30. Tranformer size how much is too much?
  31. Help Calculating Voltage after Rectification
  32. 230VAC to 5VDC 2A SMPS power supply design needed.
  33. Need transformer material datasheet
  34. Have 7v ac need 6.3v ac, need simple ideer
  35. PA input voltage simple precision regulator
  36. Help please,need to build a power supply for a car amp for home use
  37. +5V high current low noise regulator?
  38. help with transformer
  39. Power supply for 2 x fosgate P200.2 Amps
  40. SMPS Transformer Cooling
  41. Transformer questions
  42. Tryin to find a transformer
  43. help looking for a space saving isolation transformer for a portable tube amp
  44. (help) behringer mx9000 ps revisited
  45. 2 transformers per channel
  46. Ross Powered Mixer PC-4110MT transformer wiring
  47. The poor man SMPS
  48. Current Transformer: New Idea
  49. capacitor value
  50. Where to buy step-down toroidal transformer with electrostatic shield?
  51. Help need with PS for Idiot
  52. Amp needed for speakers
  53. External power supply / dangerous voltage?
  54. Placing regulator chip close to amplifier
  55. [Newbie] IP317T +1A 18V transformer - How much power?
  56. Externally programmed and adjustable regulated outboard amp power supply
  57. Buck converter using TL494?
  58. Using SMPS
  59. Need to clean up power...
  60. Design choices 12>>40V 100W ETD29 SMPS
  61. Will this work with regulators?
  62. 500W or more
  63. simple ic for 0-100% duty cycle PWM
  64. Push-pull SMPS (12V to +-25V) question
  65. Power supply For TDA2030A
  66. SMPS design for a car amp....not sure which topology to go with
  67. Help for Full Bridge 800W quasi resonant SPM
  68. Just a nice video ...
  69. Two Transformer Balanced Power Unit
  70. Wire Kit for Battery
  71. Modifying Powersupply
  72. How easy is it to replace a transformer in a linear power supply?
  73. Wire DC Power Jack for 9V Battery
  74. choke loaded power supply
  75. Light Bulb Tester
  76. toroidal transformers help
  77. orion 2100 HCCA amplifier
  78. Does this two circuit have the same output?
  79. Toroidal hum/buzz. Modifyed Venus PS-400A
  80. Confusion about star grounding?
  81. Automotive input magamp PSU
  82. Synchronous Rectification
  83. Power supply problem
  84. Connecting 2 bridge rectrifier
  85. half-bridge to full-bridge
  86. Isolated PFC Topology choice, 800W.
  87. Transform computer supply into 400V supply for tubes
  88. Possible to rewire this PSU from 220V to 110V?
  89. Newbie question about transformer?
  90. Solid state rectifier for SE guitar amp (Vox AC4)
  91. Problem with dual tracking power supply
  92. mAh Testing... finding out...
  93. PWM controllers with built in FETs?
  94. the 1.25v of lm317
  95. Use of dual transformer for mono amp
  96. +/- 12v dc PSU Required
  97. 15v Halogen switched mode power supply
  98. RECOMENDATION for 40khz push-pull smps
  99. Linear Power Supplies with Torroidal transformers
  100. does have possibility to build a SMPS flyback 13.8v 50A ?
  101. SMPS flyback, transistor problem
  102. How to connect two secondaries to get a central tap
  103. My 4Kw smps finished
  104. 7ch TDA7294 PSU
  105. Need Schematic for Xantrex 1750 Prowatt Inverter
  106. 2kw inverter charger
  107. torridal designing software
  108. solen vs cerafine
  109. atx power supply inductor operating max. frequency ?
  110. High Speed PCB Layout
  111. Surge on power on causing major headache
  112. transformer for Legend Stage MK2 (65-0-65V)@10A
  113. Can I parallel LT1763 to double the current?
  114. power supply
  115. Shunt regulator using LM317 & LM337
  116. High quality, high voltage (~250V) reservoir caps for PSU
  117. How to drop voltage and current
  118. +/- 28V 3A supply
  119. High current low noise linear regulator?
  120. Psu based on an-1849 note from ni
  121. Advice Needed: PS for STK 463 chip
  122. SMPS nearly finished, not stable
  123. 35khz High Frequency AC Supply (Tube design)
  124. Commodore 64 Floppy Drive Transformer
  125. SMPS input 127Vac, output 13.8VCC / 200A, true or fake ? to see this video:
  126. 35khz High Frequency AC
  127. Thermal Compound Short a SMPS?
  128. Compensating for PS parasitic capacitance
  129. On soft start circuits and safety
  130. 230v 800va toroid on 115vac
  131. Which 24v dc power supply for T amp?
  132. Power transformer amperage
  133. 83mF Capacitor...Tripath smoothing
  134. srpp psu
  135. usb power noise filtering
  136. Question regarding a PFC output cappacitor selection
  137. Phantom power supply
  138. hand made 800VA EI Transformer
  139. no centre tap tranformer only 500va standard
  140. 48v power supply design questions
  141. adding and using secondary windings
  142. New power supply for Logitech Duet
  143. Sine Wave Inverter
  144. 4000VA Toroid Transformer Problem
  145. Quick question about shunt regs and CCS
  146. a free but not working Stabylex 12 VDC power supply to any one
  147. sg3525 spice model needed !
  148. To series connect dual secondary or not?
  149. PWM Controller ICs Choices
  150. use of dc-dc converters in high power amps supply
  151. Bridgeless PFC help
  152. Several psu ground question.
  153. Stable switching speeds for IGBTs in SMPS design
  154. LM4562 decoupling...
  155. Powering multiple opamps - cascaded rails or starred?
  156. Resistor Gate
  157. commercial smps
  158. mains light bulb tester.
  159. "Power On" Led using bleeding resistor. An Issue ?
  160. Need power supply for msb link iii dac
  161. Full bridge Converter Design
  162. Farnell Transformer- cheap 300VA 2*30V
  163. Shorten leads of primaries to connect them in series ?
  164. diy bybee quantum purifiers?
  165. Any schematic for a diy power line sniffer noise Detector ?
  166. meanwell ???
  167. What fuses to use
  168. Piling two toroidal transformers
  169. multiple SMPS
  170. Exodus RFI/DC Filter, any OPINIONS?
  171. How do I know what a transformers VA is?
  172. coupled output inductor in dual smps
  173. Want to make a DIY 19" rack power conditioner. Please help?
  174. zero standby power supply
  175. reliable UK distributor for 2SK170,2SK370
  176. Speed control for syncronous motor
  177. another transfomer question
  178. A-class Preamp PSU
  179. F5 psu layout
  180. Replacing a wall wart with a bigger transformer
  181. Battery Pack Burnout
  182. 7W dissipation in linear reg.= 100degC???
  183. Is Trafco a trusted company in Belgrade?
  184. Toroid xformer hookup question - Antek
  185. Sqeezebox 3 separate powersupplies????
  186. Wiki on Shunt regulation
  187. help with disigning 3 phase AC to DC converter
  188. comining rail to rail and rail to ground decoupling?
  189. Swapping in transformer?
  190. Voltage doubler, tripler or other creative solution?
  191. toroid with single 240v primary on hexateq softstart?
  192. Transformer grounding questions
  193. Do larger caps age better then small ones?
  194. CAPS ! One big or 4 small ?
  195. How to control the cooling fan ... ?
  196. HexFRED and SMPS?
  197. KV PS capacitor options
  198. Need SMPS circuit for LM3886 based audio amp
  199. Soundcraft Folio Schematics
  200. spike problem !
  201. Some questions about transformer
  202. Preamp Power Supply Question
  203. Air-Core Transformers with applications in Tesla Coil design
  204. HF Trafo Core Selection
  205. VA, how do you size?
  206. supply question
  207. Power Resistor Question
  208. Amplifier PSU design needed
  209. transformer question
  210. Can you do this?
  211. LM317 and LM337 regulators
  212. Make Amp PSU From Salvaged Parts
  213. Help designing a psu pcb - fuses where?
  214. Transformers?
  215. how warm should a transformer be?
  216. Are Hammond 2-300 series ratings misleading?
  217. Is it hard to build a voltage step up converter?
  218. LC Audio low noise DC power supply
  219. Mains filter
  220. aussie av1000
  221. aussie av1000
  222. Digital Safe Soft start unit
  223. help me i need a linear regulated power supply for my amp
  224. Turntable Motor Power supply
  225. LM350 regulator problem
  226. Behringer sps 600
  227. Dual caps for S.S. PS filtering
  228. Help - dead power supply in assemblage dac
  229. Using 220v transformer with 110v mains
  230. core sources
  231. Are this capacitors good for my aleph 2 psu?
  232. Anyone have experience with SMPSpowersupplies.com
  233. +15V pre-regulate for classD amp
  234. Powering servo motors
  235. Noob transformer question
  236. Do These "New" Caps Look Used?
  237. Which stepdown transformer give equivalent of 18V DC
  238. Schematics help, what component is this?
  239. Broken toroid?
  240. Micromega STAGE 6: help with noisy transformer
  241. BH curte tracer.
  242. Questions about Vishay 60APU04 Ultra Fast Soft Recovery DIODE
  243. Power Conditioner Issue
  244. Chosing the right power for auxiliary supply
  245. Dual 12v SMPS
  246. Soft/Slow start - high current - low voltage class A PS for a Pass F5 amp
  247. Soft Start needed for SMPS?
  248. Opinions on tnt-audio power supply?
  249. Sony TA-1055 transistors
  250. Where do you get your transformers?

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