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  1. Help Identifying Where the Hum is Coming from!
  2. finger sized ferrite rods
  3. Unbalance sec ac voltage
  4. CD Player Head unit keeps shutting off????
  5. SMPS for tubes - modification
  6. common mode filter design
  7. SMPS 1200/2500 From Romania
  8. maximum voltage for capacitor
  9. Voltages on your Speakers
  10. Critique my UCD400 linear PS
  11. Upper limit of R in CRC any issue besides dissipation ?
  12. wenzel associates finesse shunt
  13. SMPS regulation on secondary side
  14. Power amp - Voltage doubler supply - Why not used?
  15. Battery power for the phono preamplifier
  16. 250watt PSU Idea
  17. driving full bridge using ir2110
  18. Voltage control for an unregulated psu
  19. Power supply for Hifimediy T2
  20. Very basic amplifier volts question
  21. Carvin Stage master 212-Broken Power Transformer
  22. smps troubleshooting
  23. smps troubleshooting
  24. Troubleshooting and Repairing Switch Mode Power Supply
  25. 12V -> 170V DC/DC smps, what's wrong?
  26. Multi-tap Transfomer
  27. common mode choke help
  28. smps from 220/230V
  29. Transformers are close to output boards
  30. Switching power supply problem
  31. Portable speaker power supply
  32. output frquncy of UC3845
  33. What is a better alternative for 317 337?
  34. Do I still need a regulator for constant current draw?
  35. High power SMPS 2kw 400v DC
  36. MOSFET or Bipolar for shunt regulators?
  37. IRS27951 / IRS27952
  38. SMPS with toroid transformer
  39. Any experts in choke loaded tube rectified power supplies?
  40. Toroid Transformer help?
  41. meridian 103d power amp
  42. Help finding matching power supply for
  43. MC34063A dual line in series question
  44. a ground question
  45. SMPS vs LINEAR PS: Let's build up a serious technical review-list
  46. Unknown mains transformer
  47. A few questions regarding regulated PSUs
  48. PSU RC multistage filtering
  49. Turn on...
  50. Transformer for 26-0-26
  51. L07-2693-05 Power transformer
  52. Lightspeed PSU
  53. Ground Question with Wooden Enclosure.
  54. Antek
  55. Power supply 2x24 , 2A[schematic needed]
  56. Power supply for DC compressor circuit
  57. Sanity check on this multi cap supply
  58. Thermocouple meter, measuring MOSFET temperatures
  59. Power Supply for your JAN 6418 projects
  60. how do I lover dc voltages
  61. VCT and RMS V
  62. May I mark this buck, already with PFC, or not?
  63. Blowing Fuses on Power Supply, No Load (F5)
  64. Neon lamp charger
  65. Schematic Ericsson rectifier BML-435 ?
  66. Power Relay
  67. First Serious High Power Audio Supply Questions
  68. New PFC Handbook
  69. suggestion needed for transformer
  70. Hexfred bridges in tube amps
  71. Help with bypass CAPS
  72. looking for simple voltage doubler
  73. how to wind toroid transformer?
  74. Developmental PS for Audio Power Amp
  75. Smoothing Cap / By-Pass Cap Questions
  76. Help with Subwoofer amp
  77. Question about the level on my amp.
  78. GDT loading Question
  79. Power Supply for Thorens 166 mkII
  80. cheap transformer or cheap death?
  81. SMPS offline, HV and LV Design
  82. Can I Use this Trafo ??
  83. Special 9V supply
  84. Transformer for voltage doubler?
  85. Linear post regulator for SMPS, what's your take?
  86. Please !!!Help me:( about SMSP
  87. Power supply help please
  88. PSUD2 question: how do I sim an LCLCL filter?
  89. LM317 cleanup
  90. Li-ion arrangement for CMoy-style headphone amp
  91. One large or many small capacitor
  92. smps 12v inverterhello i am new in this forum , excuse my english it's very bad i
  93. Power Factor Corrector Inductors
  94. 230V single primary toroid in a 115V country
  95. Regulated supplies within regulators (SuperReg)
  96. power supply for hiraga 20 W class a amp
  97. Snubbing or not
  98. where is soft start relay inserted in PSU circuit
  99. is transformer with primary and secondary = isolation?
  100. Enable 12V trigger with audio signal
  101. Need a transformer
  102. 18 to 330Vdc with 97% efficiency.
  103. need advice on fuse value and rectifier
  104. Expanding the output capability of LT1054
  105. WIY2263 (30W SMPS IC) HELP NEEDED
  106. full service manual NAD 7225 pe
  107. 18V phono preamp (super) regulator
  108. Can a Filtered IEC Power Inlet Improve Sound Quality?
  109. 13vac
  110. What type of diode........
  111. A Grounding challenge , please help..
  112. Probably a simple question (SMPS)...
  113. Bringing down the voltage by 10 Volts
  114. SMPS Transformer Primary Turns Calculations
  115. Paragon System-E PS schematic needed
  116. help in rectifier diode selection
  117. diode rectifier suggestion for power supply
  118. Simple transformer questions
  119. Why do I only get 8.9v from a 12v voltage regulator?
  120. SMPS feedback
  121. Great Article On AC Power Harmonic Issues
  122. Toroid ~ grill interaction
  123. 5V regulator for AK4396
  124. Help!Transformer overheating!
  125. Good sounding LM317 PSU
  126. Dropping 50V on psu
  127. Simple Toroid Question
  128. Eccentric Power Distribution
  129. rotel RB-9708BX-mk2 AC 120 TO 220 HOW FIX
  130. Power Supply for Class D: 12V AC
  131. voltage multiplier current demands
  132. NTC questions for Class A
  133. DC noise come from live or neutral?
  134. 470uF for amps psu bypass?
  135. potting compound question
  136. LT1431 + DN2540N3 + D44H11 Dual Rail Reg
  137. 4 pole caps and bypass caps
  138. PSU Filter section question
  139. Newby question
  140. Using 2 x Meanwell SMPS to get +ve 0v -ve
  141. Dual rail from trafo with no CT?????
  142. Help About 8KW Full Bridge SMPS
  143. 18v rectification ??
  144. Different toroid trans mounting produce different sonic?
  145. SMPS 2x45V 600W
  146. Powering Incandescent Lamp from Transformer Secondary.
  147. Need help on relay for 1200W Trafo soft start
  148. What type of diodes to use?
  149. Nakamichi IA-3 hum/buzz and does anyone have the schematics/service manual?
  150. Elna 15000uF 82V filter caps - blown
  151. 220 to 120 volts convertor question
  152. Getting down to a regulated 150V
  153. checking if transformer will saturate at low freq?
  154. 2 ps in series
  155. Specs on a PS?
  156. Li-Ion supply for ghettoblaster
  157. produce 80Vdc with a 480-277 1 phase power transformer
  158. LiMn or LiFePO4 48V accumulator
  159. 2-Conductor Mains Supplies
  160. Possible Cheap Powersupply Solution for Current Dumping Amplifiers...
  161. Filter Capacitor
  162. 0.83V regulated supply
  163. Why is this Cap getting hot and bulging?
  164. Transformer details of 1-433-573-31
  165. Faulty supply problem
  166. Pyle Power Capacitor, Pyle of what?
  167. Source for Germanium transistors
  168. Using 220V transformer on 110V
  169. hi guys just got a quick question about ajustable regulators for battery charging
  170. Need Negative High Voltage Regulator Circuit
  171. Hammond transformer (simple question)
  172. Upgrading Meridian G68 Power Supply
  173. What kind of line filter shall I use?
  174. replacement of three pin rectifier with new two pin for transformer
  175. smps spilt supply
  176. gainclone lm4780's supply voltage, please advice.
  177. Which industrial transformer to repurpose?
  178. Small SMPS's for preamps/DSPs
  179. Two (or more) transformers to increase power ??
  180. .1 or .01 ps bypass caps
  181. Crying 12V PWM Powersupply
  182. Problem with Hypex SMPS400/67 (OEM V4)
  183. psu problems
  184. clclcrcrc or crcrclclc?
  185. clclcrcrc or crcrclclc?
  186. amp wont turn off
  187. Core choice for power transformer
  188. Battery cut off circuit
  189. Need help on phase splitter
  190. Quick Power Supply Question
  191. Tube rectifier
  192. Mathematically challenged help for lm 317-337
  193. Is this off-line flyback? B+ switch, Startup troubleshooting steps?
  194. Need 16V rails from an F5 Power Supply
  195. Step down transformer voltage
  196. Help repair a power inverter
  197. Sanding down Hammond transformers
  198. transformer primary winding turns
  199. ISCO 494 ELECTROPHORESIS modified to 1200V 300mA
  200. Having trouble with PS math
  201. 7815 and 7915, which type A or C?
  202. GM-3000 diagram
  203. DC amps on the output of a regulated PSU
  204. Stacking Cores
  205. options for high amperage voltage regulation
  206. Rectifier Boards
  207. Erno Borbely All FET low-noise super shunt regulator
  208. Understanding PFC chips
  209. toroidals together
  210. How these work?...smps
  211. Here is an elegant (insane?) way of converting 220V to 110V
  212. What is the elegant way to convert 220? to 110V?
  213. Ta3020 linear psu Design help
  214. Hum in output of powered subwoofer
  215. can some one please help me id this capacitor, its an easy one for an expert im sure!
  216. Audio Alchemy DAC V1.1 power supply
  217. Determining appropriate frequency when winding a transformer
  218. Center-tap Choke
  219. How to connect a toroidal transformer
  220. step down 200W SMPS
  221. Are these line filters any good?
  222. Push-Pull Mosfet Drivers Help Needed!!!!
  223. Stop feedback from capacitors into power...
  224. X2, AC Line Capacitors
  225. Availability of 3-phase AC mains supply at High-power Audio Installations
  226. HQ-CCS
  227. Mounting an External Amplifier power supply??
  228. New Muse PSU for TA2024? Anyone seen this before?
  229. Making a switching supply quieter?
  230. to where do I connect the grounding terminal of an IEC connector?
  231. reducing V and filtering ripple from chipamp PS for op amps
  232. Thermistor for an 120VA toroid transformer
  233. buck converter using LT3845
  234. scheme for slow inclusion around 3 - 4 seconds
  235. Discrete low current HV supply
  236. voltage regulator module?
  237. Diodes in parallel
  238. MCU controlled PSU
  239. Flux Density in Car SMPS Toroid
  240. Noobs guide to smps- web/text references
  241. Mesure DC in AC outlets Cant find what is making noise in my AC 30CCX Help!!! !!!
  242. duel power supply design help
  243. Inductors for CLC filter
  244. 90v to 500v i\p
  245. 6.3 filament from 5vac winding
  246. Hypex SMPS a minor Tweak
  247. Rectifier diodes
  248. High value capacitor between Hot and Neutral at AC inlet?
  249. Computer SMPS driving T-Amp - noise
  250. Question about AC wall wart usage?

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