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  1. Linear PSU circuit
  3. Paul Hynes, reliable?
  4. Janus shunt regulator problem
  5. JSR-01 super reg problem with -5vdc
  6. Help me understand ripple rateing please, I'm stuck.
  7. High Current Power Supply (no big transformer)
  8. Beginners attempt at a Bench Supply or Class A Regulated PSU based on LM317
  9. Fast diodes for power amps?
  10. Multi-voltage PS
  11. schematic for audio smps?
  12. SSLV1.1 builds & fairy tales
  13. Is this really an SMPS?
  14. power supply problem
  15. LM3886 as a PSU?
  16. Suggestions on PCB: LM317 As Walwart Regulator (1st Eagle PCB)
  17. Transformers with multiple secondaries - calculaing VA rating
  18. Need help in designing my PSU
  19. Bash Amp Power Supply Repair
  20. AC/DC umbilical cord
  21. 12v Regulator
  22. 360W SMPS lower or higher power (core and freq.)
  23. Virtual CT to divide voltage?
  24. combine stereo channel filaments ?
  25. Transformer problems...
  26. Help with -15V converter
  27. MAX current from AC single phase
  28. DAC PSU - capacitor sizes
  29. Charge a 12V SLA while using the amplifier.
  30. Problem with negative ALW superregulator
  31. power supply bypass cap size
  32. Flyback converter problems (UC3845 + MOSFET)
  33. Final verification of Protective Earth wiring
  34. SMPS Gnd, Chassis-Gnd, and Layer Stack
  35. Help With SMPS Transformer Size ID
  36. dc-dc full bridge boost
  37. My PCB design of Salas SHunt Reg
  38. Power factor correction for audio?
  39. is it possible to make a transformer out of choke?
  40. fear to power it up!!!
  41. 800W SMPS with no Power factor corrector
  42. Power Supply PCB for Randy Slone Totempole Amp
  43. SMPS with split rail output for Class D?
  44. PSU for class D...how reference controller?
  45. Split rail supplys for Class D amplifiers?
  46. Easiest way to supply +-60 and +-45 for cheapie ebay amp?
  47. calculating inrush to a capacitor bank
  48. Tony's latest traffo DIY build
  49. Simple dual PS
  50. LLC resonant SMPS not for guitar amps?
  51. using pc fan for cooling meanwell in case
  52. 40Amp / 700 microHenry Power Inductor
  53. modification of the BOZ power supply
  54. LM317T CCS Improvement
  55. Single 12v and +-12v needed, What options?
  56. DX Amp PSU with DC Protection
  57. PSU's for Squeezebox and USB D/A converter?
  58. 200W SMPS for Class D guitar amp
  59. Regulations for Audio Amp SMPS?
  60. Question: Subsituting Capacitors in Power Supply
  61. 700W PFC above 600V output
  62. how to get a bi-polar dc outputs from a single Battery!
  63. LiFePo4 charger ?
  64. Problem with using UC3855: Low output Voltage
  65. impact of the capacitors value increase
  66. Is this transformer okay?
  67. Simon Series Shunt Regulator
  68. HELP KRELL KRC power supply lead missing
  69. SMP Rails?
  70. Power Supply layout?
  71. WTD 120v AC regulation to 3% schematic?
  72. 12v to 70v 1400w what do you think?
  73. Can someone identify this mosfet manufacturer?
  74. need help with blown mosfets..plz....
  75. How are Transformer Watts Determined?
  76. Replacing Diodes in Vintage HP Power supply?
  77. multiple supply pls heelp
  78. Using a large 60hz toroid transformer as an SMPS transformer
  79. High Voltage Bridge Rectifier Confusion
  80. SMPS Trouble
  81. Half bridge Vs full bridge smps supplies
  83. transformer question
  84. Low Noise Linear regulator power supply
  85. High quality +/- 60v regulator options
  86. RC snubbers for diode recovery noise
  87. High Current Class A Amplifier Supply
  88. driving power mosfet with no gate resistor
  89. Simple regulated SMPS for my Ghettoblaster (pics)
  90. Power source for guitar amplifiers
  91. Duncan Designer II - Use of
  92. capacitor value help
  93. Silicon carbide rectifiers
  94. Duncan Designer II - Use of
  95. Inrush current limiter
  96. MIC pre-amps with switch mode supply
  97. Connecting centertaps together
  98. Regulated supply for power amp
  99. Are different sized power supply caps ok?
  100. LM1117 in DAC power supply
  101. How to connect PSU board to amp board?
  102. How do I measure amperage?
  103. Radio Spares 10,000uf polarity markings
  104. Some Wenzel "Cleanup" Sims
  105. Vicor Ripple Attenutation Module und Switched Power Supply
  106. 2x18VAC instead of 18-0-18
  107. Will this work-zener variable regulator
  108. Replacements reg´s circuits L7805 - Help.
  109. No power output on new SMPS
  110. storage caps AFTER the SMPS
  111. Field coil PS?
  112. power supply guide
  113. Hybrid Bridges
  114. parallel tube rectifier filaments
  115. wat the possiblities ??????
  116. Smallest (smd?) bipolar supply PCB/kit ?
  117. 400W PFC NEED HELP
  118. Local series regulators vs. global shunt regulator
  119. Diode regulator VS IC regulator.
  120. Help needed with complimentary pair.
  121. LM4780 Power Supply Capacitor
  122. arcam A80 Amplifier problem with power on button
  123. line filter
  124. What sort of PSU is this?
  125. 75VA EI or 80VA toroid.
  126. motorboating noise due to transformer?
  127. power for logic dm101
  128. Line voltage selector Revox B750 MK II blew up
  129. Transformer calculations
  130. Help with Victoria Magnetics Transformer
  131. Accu battery for LM3886
  132. Newbie attempt at a full-fledged Regulated PSU
  133. Lancing a wall-wart.
  134. spike problems
  135. Improve grounding - Does anyone know what this is about?
  136. Output voltage Alwsr super reg
  137. Question about 110V to 220V converter
  138. Could someone tell me a bit about this PS?
  139. inrush bypass using smps output
  140. Mic pre and phantom power PSU questions
  141. SMPS feedback path
  142. Boost converter
  143. How to reduce DC voltage ?
  144. Half Bridge SMPS series Capacitor selection
  145. Need recommendation for Salas Shunt type for AXO board
  146. Connecting a Meanwell s-350-27 to the mains power
  147. LM317 experiments and measurements
  148. Mounting an ei core sideways
  149. Tapping a main toroidal
  150. 750W SMPS
  151. need hel with smps txfr .........
  152. regulated PS grounding scheme questions
  153. 120 to 230 voltage automatic switch
  154. Cleaning up SMPS output
  155. Power Supply Questions
  156. I need 15 volts regulator from 40 volts DC
  157. Pre amp PSU
  158. Ground Hanger.....really!?!?
  159. Royer
  160. SMPS Forward Active Reset
  161. Low cost compact power supply for sub-mini tube preamp
  162. SMPS feedback compensation
  163. Permissable voltage sag?
  164. PS for t-amp, switching mode, where to get, DIY?
  165. Need help on RC filter for power supply
  166. 350w SMPS troubleshooting.
  167. Building SMPS for +50v and -50v
  168. Meanwell 27V 13A vs Noname with same spec?
  169. 1000W SMPS Based on IR2110
  170. filament wiring of dual rectifiers
  171. Best sounding SS rectifiers?
  172. help making sense of measurements
  173. EMI Filter Choke Safe?
  174. Transformer VA/current for 6xNE5532?
  175. Dual 12V preamp power supply
  176. Mark Levinson ML1
  177. Would this work? (15VAC to 12VDC & 24VDC)
  178. Beginner's Question : Identifying wires on a unknown transformer
  179. Zeners for shunt regulation and ground offset
  180. Big heavy Siga toroid...any ideas or use?
  181. what if common ground not zero volt
  182. Hypex SMPS's?
  183. Beginners Question
  184. Power Supply
  185. EI Transformer Questions
  186. Switch mode power supply in LCD TV
  187. Definitive Technology PF15TL/1500TL+ 240V AMP - AFAD
  188. Alternative Designs
  189. I need help building a power supply
  190. 300W SMPS design .............. fully tested
  191. I need an Audo Alchemy power supply
  192. need a amp to run a car amp inside
  193. Frequency generator 50-100kHz IC?
  194. Getting 14.4v
  195. Why is it not a Constant Current Source ?
  196. Need a -100V Voltage regulator
  197. 12V low power AC/DC PSU - Capacitor bank after regulator?
  198. Help modify PSU!
  199. Troubleshooting Sherwood RV-6010R surround reciever PSU
  200. laptop transformer
  201. Dual polarity power supply with a single secondary transformer?
  202. High current Jung power supply with HT regulator pcb
  203. earth grounding questions when using shielded cat5 & neutrikplugs
  204. Noisy IC Universal Regulator
  205. +-30Vout with LM31+337
  206. offline SMPS aux supply
  207. H-bridge inverter circuit
  208. Replacing Filtersupply large can capacitors
  209. SMPS IR2153 vs ATX transformers
  210. Protection circuit for IR2110 Class D Mosfet Driver ?
  211. Problem with schottky
  212. Super, basic power supply wiring question
  213. ESP Fan Controller to drive a relay
  214. Help Finding +/- 35V Power Supply
  215. Why transformerless PS = death?
  216. Will this blow my choke to pieces?
  217. Random attempt to improve power supply
  218. transformer and rectifier confuguration
  219. Virtual ground / Rail Splitter using only LM317
  220. Can you make an amp power supply out of a car radio vibrator?
  221. Isolation transformer connection
  222. 14.4vrms Full Load Transformer for Alpine MRV-F400
  223. 63V caps, 62V B+ PSU ehh
  224. Parallel caps in Hafler
  225. Rotel RX-500 panel light?
  226. Using computer PSU with Arjen's Ta2024 mkII
  227. How much (capacitance) is too much?
  228. need help building a switching power supply for car amps
  229. Sony STR-D511 power transformer
  230. help for PSU
  231. Onkyo TX-DS474 Power Supply Modification
  232. Harman Kardon HK 620 transformer is dead
  233. Obsessing about layout
  234. PS with boosted rails for IPS, VAS and Pre-Drivers
  235. NAD C165 Blowing Fuse When Connecting to AMP
  236. Repair Toroid Enamel
  237. How much power to the preamp?
  238. mosfet self turn on
  239. Let's talk gate drive rise time and noise
  240. How to make a power conditioner
  241. No Power Technics 1200 Mk2
  242. Inrush current limiting
  243. The Belleson Superpower, the ultimate voltage regulator ... ?
  244. Please check my first HV regulator
  245. PSU with regulated Supply for front-end
  246. Perfect DC supply?
  247. Too high AC output--How to lower?
  248. my 80W flyback smps
  249. Antek with four outputs - Only need two
  250. ~-1V rail from existing regulated -15V rail - how?

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