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  1. Need 16V rails from an F5 Power Supply
  2. Step down transformer voltage
  3. Help repair a power inverter
  4. Sanding down Hammond transformers
  5. transformer primary winding turns
  6. ISCO 494 ELECTROPHORESIS modified to 1200V 300mA
  7. Having trouble with PS math
  8. 7815 and 7915, which type A or C?
  9. GM-3000 diagram
  10. DC amps on the output of a regulated PSU
  11. Stacking Cores
  12. options for high amperage voltage regulation
  13. Rectifier Boards
  14. Erno Borbely All FET low-noise super shunt regulator
  15. Understanding PFC chips
  16. toroidals together
  17. How these work?...smps
  18. Here is an elegant (insane?) way of converting 220V to 110V
  19. What is the elegant way to convert 220? to 110V?
  20. Ta3020 linear psu Design help
  21. Hum in output of powered subwoofer
  22. can some one please help me id this capacitor, its an easy one for an expert im sure!
  23. Audio Alchemy DAC V1.1 power supply
  24. Determining appropriate frequency when winding a transformer
  25. Center-tap Choke
  26. How to connect a toroidal transformer
  27. step down 200W SMPS
  28. Are these line filters any good?
  29. Push-Pull Mosfet Drivers Help Needed!!!!
  30. Stop feedback from capacitors into power...
  31. X2, AC Line Capacitors
  32. Availability of 3-phase AC mains supply at High-power Audio Installations
  33. HQ-CCS
  34. Mounting an External Amplifier power supply??
  35. New Muse PSU for TA2024? Anyone seen this before?
  36. Making a switching supply quieter?
  37. to where do I connect the grounding terminal of an IEC connector?
  38. reducing V and filtering ripple from chipamp PS for op amps
  39. Thermistor for an 120VA toroid transformer
  40. buck converter using LT3845
  41. scheme for slow inclusion around 3 - 4 seconds
  42. Discrete low current HV supply
  43. voltage regulator module?
  44. Diodes in parallel
  45. MCU controlled PSU
  46. Flux Density in Car SMPS Toroid
  47. Noobs guide to smps- web/text references
  48. Mesure DC in AC outlets Cant find what is making noise in my AC 30CCX Help!!! !!!
  49. duel power supply design help
  50. Inductors for CLC filter
  51. 90v to 500v i\p
  52. 6.3 filament from 5vac winding
  53. Hypex SMPS a minor Tweak
  54. Rectifier diodes
  55. High value capacitor between Hot and Neutral at AC inlet?
  56. Computer SMPS driving T-Amp - noise
  57. Question about AC wall wart usage?
  58. Smps Transformer series or parallal
  59. E-I core
  60. Help to chose transformer
  62. Help modifying a power supply
  63. Lab Power Supply Design / Build
  64. Wanted: Op-amp with single supply, 32V or more, and rail-rail capability
  65. specifications for Bando ats1540 for pioneer amp a105
  66. two transformer power supply wiring
  67. TNY266 flyback switcher
  68. Fluorecent choke for power supply
  69. connex electronic soft start questions
  70. Smart Battery Powered Circuit
  71. 371b power supply
  72. Switching power supply
  73. Powering the preamp from power amp PSU
  74. How to reduce PWM fan noise
  75. need little help with smps
  76. Using 33000uF caps in chipamp.com PSU?
  77. Q about connecting transformer 6v-0-6v
  78. current limiting for power supply
  79. Voltage doubler questions
  80. How to wire transformer?
  81. help needed with tube voltage power supply
  82. EMI choke before switching power supply
  83. Electronic fuse
  84. Simple rectifier/filter board
  85. cant find a decent SMPS for a current project.
  86. Simple DIY buffer PSU
  87. Solid State Relays
  88. Replacing wall wart questions?
  89. HV B+ switch
  90. PSU for car radio
  91. Museatex Meitner PP300 psup
  92. Help needed on CCS from the PSU Guru's
  93. SMPS to amp Boards connection
  94. 1kW LLC converter
  95. DC-DC step up converter?
  96. Help needed - reservoir capacitor after reservoir capacitor
  97. Earthing Questions
  98. 24v\25amp smps
  99. Impossible Ebay Item - Or not?
  100. Building a bench power supply
  101. Simple SMPS using 8 pin PIC microcontroller.
  102. Regulator topology design philosophy
  103. Power Supply for 500W+500W Amplifier
  104. basic question for a power adaptor with TA2024
  105. flux again
  106. Any problems with SMPS in series?
  107. Cheap Phase/Gain analyzer
  108. 12V AC adapter to 5V
  109. large (>18VA) 9VAC transformers hard to find, 8V? 10V?
  110. current transformer in older AT psu-s
  111. Behringer europower pmh1000 blown psu
  112. TAS5706A Class D Power Supply (Linear vs SMPS)
  113. Power Supply Help Needed
  114. Effect of combining capacitors?
  115. Wall wart alternative/AC power supply design & housing questions
  116. Mosfet Quiet Bootstrap
  117. Capacitor questions for a 6x4 supply.
  118. Isolation Transformers Power Requirements
  119. PSU for multiple amps/effects
  120. Tube preamp PSU
  121. LC networks in typical audio PSU applications
  122. Xentek 5kva isolation transformer runs hot!
  123. 15-0-15 supply slightly unbalanced
  124. Power Supply Case Size
  125. Bleeder Resistor
  126. Bleeder Resistor
  127. QP-4275 Power supply repair
  128. Cyrus 3i Modification to use PSX-R
  129. History of SMPS in audio ??
  130. What size of screw and torque screwdriver do I need for Cambridge Audio A1MK3?
  131. unstable emitter followers and odd behavior
  132. HI currenr Regulator
  133. Virtual ground in power amp applications
  134. Four pole (Jenssen) Capacitor question
  135. Electrolitycs?
  136. A circuit diagram from PCB layout and components
  137. where buy transformer
  138. Can I drive a valve circuit with no mains transformer?
  139. Keantoken's CFP cap multiplier
  140. Active Wharfedale Diamonds Transformer
  141. balanced ps from 2 lead tranny
  142. mains filter
  143. How to rate current from SMPS??
  144. Offline full-bridge SMPS
  145. Need help cleaning my waveforms on a simple half-bridge
  146. very simple question
  147. TL431 comparison
  148. LM337 and AN-181
  149. Help connecting power wires in Amp Head
  150. Need to knock a few volts off..!
  151. Is it worth potting the transformer and PSU caps of my Firstwatt f2
  152. Monster Cable HTS 5100mkii
  153. Adjusting a SMPS output
  154. Hypex SMPS - 12V Trigger (25mA)
  155. Scored preamp power supply, want opinions
  156. Batteries for power amps?
  157. Low-noise mains power for my device?
  158. 0 to 100V digitally controlled supply
  159. Question Regarding Soft-Start
  160. 35+35 800w smps
  161. 0ne 100uF cap or ten 10uF caps (or two 200uF caps...etc)
  162. Computer power supply
  163. Simple Xformer+R (oh, mysterious R!) question
  164. Using PC PSU for Sure 4x100 amp board
  165. quasi variac controlled wallwart
  166. preamp supply LOW power LOW noise LOW cost
  167. how do i convert 220VAC to 220VDC?
  168. Snubbing power switch properly
  169. Synchronous rectifier
  170. Mfg: ReQuest IMC IQ88
  171. Topologia of the fountain ATX seventeam, design of the trafo
  172. soft start help
  173. Commercial Mains Filters - Good or bad idea?
  174. Xfrmr secondary phasing
  175. Need a little help with UPS as inverters
  176. cheap simple way to drop 3-5v
  177. What happens with an output choke on a SMPS
  178. SMPS Core question
  179. Unregulated Power PCB
  180. Problem with tube regulator?
  181. New fan for KEPCO SM-160-1M
  182. dual lm3886 41hz supply?
  183. Inexpensive low profile 50,000 uF 60V caps in PSU
  184. Battery management system - how complicate is it ?
  185. Dual PSU layout - how does this look?
  186. Placing capacitor close to a power transformer
  187. Compare IGBT-losses and MOSFET-losses
  188. How to schematic switching power supply full bridge ?
  189. SLA Batteries - Advantages over Wall Warts
  190. How much does a 300 VA trafo weigh
  191. Any tips on how to include two power supplies safely and efficiently?
  192. How to protect circuits from reverse current flow?
  193. MOSFET body diodes in phase shift smps
  194. Questions
  195. need a smallish 24v 5A power supply ..
  196. When selecting DC connector plugs and sockets how do you make sure they match?
  197. power down
  198. First Power Supply
  199. ARC style regulated psu, tubed
  200. Choosing transformer for desired wattage
  201. Discrete Regulator for VAS and Input Stage
  202. Question about measuring DC output ripple
  203. Protection of variac...
  204. LTspice - problem simulating simple rectifier
  205. Eliminating Battery Charger Noise in DIY Stereo
  206. two-stage soft-start for large toroidals
  207. Help : any tips to get +/-24v from SLA 48v Battery
  208. ground noise
  209. Crown CL2 service schematics needed.
  210. Lets build a POWER CONDITIONER! input needed.
  211. Odd SMPS. Please, can you help me with it?
  212. Tube PS for mic pre help
  213. 12 vdc to 19vdc 5a
  214. series electrolytics....
  215. Marantz 2215b Transformer and personal build
  216. toroidal trafo help
  217. Power supply for T-amp and pre-amp?
  218. Building a "stiff" supply and need some input...
  219. can anyone tell me what this is and where to order a new one?
  220. Need help on Delta 1010 PSU mods
  221. How do i build a 12v power supply ?
  222. First filter cap - Big or Small?
  223. Why voltage dropped in my new transformer?
  224. simple design not working.
  225. Charging 12V SLA with bike dynamo / generator
  226. DAR PLUS E-I transformer dead How to work out voltage?
  227. Adjustable +/- 0-50V 0-5A Power Supply Schematics
  228. Simple (?) Capacitor question
  229. transformer wiring causing brain melt down
  230. Adjustable negative voltage supply
  231. Why does my SMPS show poor regulation?
  232. 80's boomboxes - how did they power the amps?
  233. Power Supply Wiring
  234. Opinions on power supply.
  235. Quick Q - 2 SMPS supplies in parallel
  236. selection of optocoupler.
  237. Help with rectifier circuit
  238. 18V AC+ 12V AC to +/-15V DC??
  239. looking for a high voltage (1kv) transistor
  240. Transformer soft-start with relays
  241. Power supply thoughts...
  242. supply change
  243. power resistor value ohm an watts??
  244. needing some ideas for a radio controlled car re capacitors!!
  245. flyback design issues
  246. Wire diameter in SMPS transformer - confusion
  247. 7915 regulator troubles
  248. need to clear about voltage of diode rectifier for psu
  249. I need a PSU for 6 LM3886's
  250. Connexelectronic a350smps or meanwell usd350?

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