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  1. HV Maida PCB or kit?
  2. Voltage balancing resistors for caps in series-paralell
  3. 2 trafos tied in the middle
  4. Question about Transformer VA
  5. DC voltage multiplier for batter powered amp
  6. Can I reduce transformer voltage by unwinding?
  7. Here is the Computation of EI core Transformer Philippines Base
  8. Toriod wiring?
  9. When is inrush relay necessary?
  10. Discuss: Modern Highly Efficient PSUs
  11. SMPS for audio.
  12. power amp
  13. 18 v phantom power supply
  14. PSU for L20 amplifer modules.
  15. Seek Class AB PWD AMP +/- 80VDC Regulated Supply
  16. How to determine the fuse value
  17. Need a few suggestion .... Before I start Building.....
  18. how much room to leave between transformers
  19. Plitron toroidal transformer installation
  20. Flyback with "active" clamp is OK?
  21. Check toroid winding polarity
  22. PSU for preamp and chipamp
  23. Problems with LLC resoant converter
  24. stange core size
  25. 3.3v regulator
  26. Why so many Bridge SMPS's here?
  27. Ground Loop Isolation Help!!! Schematic or circuit needed....
  28. 3.3vdc Discreet 3 pin regulators
  29. LLC Resonant SMPS for Class D supply
  30. Cheapskate Balanced Power Supply
  31. Active clamp flyback SMPS
  32. Continuous power dissipation of resistor?
  33. Shunyata DTCD power line analysis
  34. 7809 with bypass transistor and current limit
  35. Diode Rating
  36. Trouble Designing -/+12 & 24V power supply
  37. HYPEX SMPS-400 Ripple
  38. HQHV shunt regulator!
  39. Magnetising current in a Full-Bridge SMPS?
  40. high current CCS using lm317
  41. When does a MOSFET need a fan to cool?
  42. Single switch flyback for 350W
  43. Gate drive transformer...no v.us value
  44. IR2110(what's wrong)
  45. PS tests
  46. bash and PSB 6i
  47. voltage regulator with two mosfets
  48. Linear Power Supply Kits?
  49. Bootstrap high side drivers are not good?
  50. Proffesional Digital Power Supply 4 Lab projects
  51. 50-200V regulated power supply
  52. SMPS for Stereo Amplifier vs Mono Amplifier
  53. Does Voltage Divider Impedance Matter with LM317?
  54. 500W SMPS for audio
  55. Silly question! :-)
  56. Bench power supply problem
  57. Transient response of smps for guitar class D
  58. One PSU to rule them all!
  59. Maximum power for Offline Flyback(90-265VAC)
  60. Quick noob question about SMPS
  61. DC>DC power supply for DEQX
  62. Making a nearly 2kW power supply
  63. PCB source for the typical linear power supply
  64. Thermal Fuses
  65. Mains Transformer Safety
  66. Power supply for PB12 JBL
  67. PSU Model for a 9V PSU, parts question
  68. Cleaning a car's power supply
  69. LM3886 transformer/bridged diode...
  70. Discrete Zero-Dropout regulator / voltage limiter
  71. Lamda EWS1500-12 SMPS fault
  72. Faulty Connexelectronic SMPS2000R [Resolved]
  73. No caps power supply!
  74. power supply for P3A
  75. having hard time with lm317/337
  76. Power Supply PCB board
  77. SMPS for TPA3123D2 amplifier of Texas Instrument
  78. Voltage Tripler with Diode Bridge?
  79. What to make of this regulator?
  80. Fuse for 5V 1A
  81. Transformer power question
  82. Need to clean up computer p/s noise
  83. Need advice on power supply for TA2020 + DAC
  84. blowing fuse on power cable
  85. car amp problems
  86. Many cheap caps in parallel vs. one expensive "big name"?
  87. Identifying an output transformer. HELP!
  88. Is my power transformer faulty?
  89. Tube Preamp/ Repaired SS PS/PIO Mods/Noise
  90. MERIT P2859 power transformer
  91. PCB track
  92. BD911 got blown in my power supply
  93. Switch mode in powered mixer.
  94. Ripple
  95. Secondaries in series - CT?
  96. Dumb Rectifier Question
  97. Iron Core Transformer Formula
  98. NAD 502 230V conversion
  99. Charging Lithium Batteries
  100. Power supply with forced symmetry
  101. Ground pplane
  102. Probing interest in My inrush limiting design
  103. Question about clamping diode...
  104. 12v to 5v
  105. Isolate SMPS from input signals
  106. Kurzweil SP2X 20Khz sine output, Shutting down
  107. Modified power supply, blown fuses
  108. F1J - Able to identify?
  109. MG15DFX Conversion
  110. Pioneer amplifier voltage selector
  111. HELP, Denon transformer
  112. Iso trans and ac mains filtering advice please
  113. Jaycar Altronics SC-480 Power Supply
  114. Topaz Iso Trannie Was Running Hot
  115. Converting AC amp to DC...
  116. 25 Khz oscillato
  117. advice needed for changing PSU voltage
  118. On/Off switch using momentary push button
  119. Nakamichi OMS-5 CD player power supply needed
  120. Questions concerning ac power and noise.
  121. 6.3vdc form 6.3v ac PSU
  122. Why is DC out less than AC in?
  123. Voltage Doubler ?????
  124. Nichicon Gold Tune Terminal Wiring
  125. Linear or switching power supply in Sound Process
  126. Simple Low Noise Voltage Regulator?
  127. 5V power supply question
  128. Audiotek Cutie mini regulator
  129. Edcor power transformer rating
  130. Best electrolytics for power supply
  131. Need help please
  132. 230/115 transformer windings is phase important?
  133. Do domestic Kwh meters (ordinary electric meters) record reactive power.
  134. Upgrade my power supply
  135. pcb safety spacing
  136. Resistor 4R7 / W5
  137. Book is wrong about power stage transfer function for SMPS?
  138. Improving stability and transient response?
  139. Transformer center tap confusion and requirements
  140. MAX5035
  141. info on dynaco st-70 ps choke
  142. PFC-Boost+ BUCK Regulator Combo Controller
  143. SMPS for Class D amps means not possible?
  144. 1st Audio power supply(need help)
  145. Gain of Modulator/Power stage in Half Bridge?
  146. Need advice on replacing power supply caps
  147. Best way to create a dual supply
  148. Obtaining Bode plots for SMPS feedback loop
  149. winding a torroid ??
  150. Filter Cap Voltage Rating
  151. l7915c regulator has 18v output???
  152. Simple HV series regulators
  153. 140V miniature power supply
  154. +/- 15v AC required for balancing converter board
  155. Balanced power feedback experience needed
  156. duel toroidal transformer on mains
  157. paralling four 6A4 Diodes in Bridge
  158. 2000uf x 10 vs 10000uf
  159. PC PSU running a LM1876 on Soundcard
  160. bridge rectifier configuration on secondaries
  161. toroid question
  162. Want To Know What Voltage To Apply.
  163. Tube rectification for DAC SS analogue
  164. Transformer recommendation
  165. Question about V & A in power supply
  166. Meanwell SCN-800 Parallel operation?
  167. SMPS with Microcontroller
  168. Linear Power Supply Text Book
  169. How to determine primary & secondary of a transformer
  170. Wiring an Antek Transformer
  171. Dual secondaries with one bridge
  172. A Quick Question About Ground....
  173. Plus and minus regulated supply
  174. SMPS Blown When Connected to Mains
  175. Cheap high quality filtering?
  176. Amplifier Power supply not working
  177. Ferrite toroidal transformer
  178. Help needed! Connecting PSU caps in // when they are in a block arrangement
  179. Single capacitor for both rails.
  180. 2x1000 W SMPS for audio
  181. Help with Super Cascode Power Supply
  182. need a schematic for 12v dc - 300 dc inverter
  183. Toroidal question
  184. Any one want transfo from Onkyo A-807?
  185. Best Way to Suppress TX AC Secondary Noise??
  186. Amplifier transformer input current on the primary (FBR and Caps)
  187. Testing electrolytics
  188. where can i find this capacitor?
  189. Regulator spec sheets
  190. Help with a Power Supply for Thorens TD146
  191. rockford fosgate t2000-1bd blown power supply mosfets
  192. +/- 60 to +/-20 VDC
  193. PWM input voltage compensation
  194. Round Potted Chokes directions
  195. Popping sound from turning off a power strip
  196. Tv power transformers for audio use?
  197. Ripple current in input capacitor too high?
  198. 6992 Pre Amp PSU, whats wrong here?
  199. No frills, cheap 'n crude HV shunt-reg/hum-killer
  200. Noobie dual secondary question
  201. Center tap toroidal transformer
  202. Resonance of LC output stage of Full-bridge?
  203. Inrush current limiter and choosing a correct relay
  204. Torodial transformer - help with secondary windings
  205. Toroid Toroidal Power Transformer Installation
  206. Simple PSU question .....
  207. PSB SubSonic 5i problems- no go
  208. Help powering electret
  209. 36volt 6amp power supply for LED
  210. Help with choosing a transformer?
  211. HV shunt regulator
  212. Dumb question time - tapped choke
  213. Where is it best to send the rectified DC
  214. universal smps ....without pfc fron end
  215. using a transformer in reverse ??
  216. Somebody help me understand the principles behind this DC blocker?
  217. High power buck converter 36v output for electric vehicle.
  218. Toroidal Transformer hook up.
  219. Simplest regulator for 1500v?
  220. Beginner regulated buck converter, 20-30v in, 13.8v out
  221. IXFH32N50
  222. Quad Rail ATX Power Supply
  223. This project SMPS in English
  224. Preamplifier Power Supply Rail Capacitance, How Much? - DH-101 vs DH-110
  225. Cross-regulation vs transient response ..?
  226. SMPS a converter - help!
  227. Power Supply Bypass Cap?
  228. Current mode and coupled output inductor?
  229. Doing slope compensation with MC34025 full bridge
  230. The schematic for 100W Hi-Fi amplifier
  231. SMPS for Audio with DSP Class D
  232. 100V rated caps @ 35V
  233. Jan's quizz in the February Newsletter
  234. Amp PSU Pops
  235. can i use this rectifier? help thanks
  236. Radiated Emission Tests
  237. floating power supply designs
  238. 230 50hz-120v 60hz
  239. Please clarify power calculation
  240. applying smps to a preamp with rectified power supply
  241. Possible to charge 24 V Battery with 10 Ampere SMPS ?
  242. Switching Power Supply Eagle File
  243. Janus regulator troubleshooting
  244. Power Transformer Issue
  245. need help picking torroid
  246. Bulgin AC power switch
  247. LM723 Voltage regulator
  248. Question: Dc on the Mains from three phase?
  249. Using a 24v SMPS for a 12v board?
  250. Best Capacitor for Bridge Diode Snubber?

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