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  1. Neodymium magnets
  2. Links To Making Planar Speakers
  3. Diaphragm heat treatment
  4. Lcy 130 Ribbon Ts Parameters
  5. Water vapour speaker?
  6. Ribbon headphones
  7. metal grills from Parts Express!
  8. Blatthaler Speaker?
  9. Leave ESLs Charged or Switch ON/OFF?
  10. Wire Insulation for Wire stator
  11. Is % open area the wrong parameter for ESL stator design?
  12. magnepan tweeter transplant
  13. Sibilance Distortion on SMGs
  14. DBX driverack pa as a x-over for ML M-III's
  15. Line Array question
  16. Use of pre-metalized mylar
  17. ESL tweeter efficiency
  18. Anyone built Acoustat interface ???
  19. Membrane Coatings Martin Jay
  20. Martin Logan Monolith III
  21. Separate panels for bass?
  22. Repairing ESL Panels / Corona problem
  23. Finishing my Maggie Rebuild
  24. My first ESL: works but VERY quiet
  25. diy cowpie-cone woofer
  26. air core inductor vs. iron core inductor
  27. fullrange piezos
  28. safety - esl with kids
  29. Esl Tube Amp
  30. ESS Heil AMT
  31. RTR DR-1 (circular electrostatic panel)
  32. Podium Sound planars
  33. ESL Stiction?
  34. Would this make a suitable bias supply?
  35. Determining the Polarity of a Great Heil
  36. Help with filter for dipoles
  37. Shipping Great Heils
  38. So I got some 6um mylar
  39. 2 tweeters for vertical dispersion?
  40. High-efficiency listening subjects required for informal audition.....
  41. Diy midrange speaker ideas
  42. Heil XO
  43. Powering Electrostatic Tweeters
  44. Magnat Plasma MP-02 Electrode and other
  45. Transformer saturation & leakage
  46. Wire stator spacing guidelines?
  47. ribbon-woofer time alignment
  48. Help ! Please Identify My ESLs
  49. An ESL Experiment
  50. ion-wind lifter
  51. capaciti modules
  52. SE Tube amps with electrostats?
  53. search for very thin (open pores) foam layers
  54. HDPE diaphragm
  55. Ribbon ESLs?
  56. Quick, Cheap & Easy ESL ideas thread
  57. Plasmatweeter
  58. Speakers like the AV123 Strata Mini
  59. has anybody ever seen a "surface driver"?
  60. idea for a planar driver
  61. Acoustat 1+1 from Spectra 1100?
  62. bg neo10 clone
  63. need Acoustat bass transformer...
  64. ESL distortion at low volume
  65. ESL with welding Rod Stators
  66. Rheostat for JansZen I-130 ESL arrays?
  67. high precision high voltage supply
  68. Full range planar speaker using neo magnets
  69. Magneplanar 3.3 crossover schematic
  70. diy esl suggestions thread
  71. where to purchase foil on film?
  72. Transformer bandwidth
  73. DIY Heil's, worth a try?
  74. Quad ESL 63 Panel Failure
  75. Low Voltage amp driving a esl
  76. binding posts directly on neo8
  77. DIY Planar magnetic Hybride
  78. Final Electrostatics???
  79. Wire frames...is there an easier way?
  80. Soap bubble speaker
  81. ML at Best Buy?
  82. noticed a problem with one of my panels
  83. Success with the SMGs
  84. ESL AMT device...
  85. 1cmx2cmx3cm N35 magnets for $1.10! Can I use them in a ribbon?
  86. neoprene spacers
  87. Woofer-in-a-box to go with Songstix Monsoon panel?
  88. Is piezosource in production yet?
  89. ESL Frames?
  90. Conductive coatings
  91. Proposition: ESLs and Class D are a perfect match
  92. Magnetostat first try out
  93. MMG Crossovers - Anyone done this yet?
  94. Help needed with a diy hybrid esl
  95. dayton wright st300a matching / bias trnsformer unit
  96. Ess Elite
  97. Magneplanar SMGs repair/ rebuild
  98. What's the difference between a Magnapan & an ESL type speaker?
  99. 8WPC 300B SET and Magneplanar?
  100. Quad ESL Design
  101. I fixed buzz in Sonigistix Monsoon planar magnetic drivers
  102. Ribbons, how long do they last?
  103. Acoustat 1+1 weak output
  104. DIY super high efficiency/frequency ESL line array
  105. Cheap solid-state power supplies - would these work?
  106. ESS Heil AMT diaphragms
  107. Help With ESL Transformers
  108. Suitable adhesive for Mylar film
  109. Any good deals at SuperMagnetMan?
  110. Sun shines in - I have awoken
  111. DIY ribbons for this particular dummy.
  112. How about theese N52 magnets for a ribbon tweeter project?
  113. FPS transducers - what to do with them?
  114. In-wall (soffit) mounting for ESL speakers?
  115. Anyone heard of a KEF electrostatic speaker ?
  116. ESL distortions ?
  117. Pneumatic Diaphragm Stretcher Performance
  118. How to measure diaphragm tension
  119. Got info?! looking 4 info on the BG Neo 10
  120. ELS passive equalizer circuit
  121. Bring me up to speed on step-up transformers.
  122. Alternative step-up Transformer?
  123. Does anyone have PDF's?
  124. power demands
  125. KLH line arrays - I'm one step closer
  126. rd-75 diaphragm replacement
  127. How is a ESL driven directly by tubes?
  128. La Folia Magnetostatics - has anyone seen these before?
  129. A panel speaker design I've never seen before
  130. Manger transducer
  131. BG RD40, RD50, RD75 distortion measurements?
  132. graphite based paint for ESL coating
  133. DML NXT Speaker
  134. Equilising DIY Electrostat's
  135. Ideal bias supply?
  136. DM 70s
  137. Help with DIY electrostat's
  138. Ionovac distortion
  139. El Cheapo HV source?
  140. Triamping Magnepans
  141. Monsoon planar drivers - has anyone used 'em?
  142. ..didn't know how they sound till i made me one..
  143. T/S paramaters for maggie bass panel?
  144. Cheap toroid xfmrs for ESL audio
  145. Do I need a cap here?
  146. Small Heil Tweeter
  147. Enough is enough!! RIBBON VS ESL VS MANGER VS REST - > WHICH IS THE BEST!
  148. ribbon mid and woofer
  149. Fostex plus Heil
  150. Woofer for hybrid Janszen 750Hz cross-over
  151. Where did you get your Stator material?
  152. how do i know if my hf on my acoustat 2+2 are the same level?
  153. Heil help
  154. Baffle simplicity yields sonic dipole benefit?
  155. Lightning sound speakers
  156. Bohlender Graebener RD40/RD50 and Magnepan?
  157. Tweeter line array
  158. Replacement parts price increase at Stage Accompany
  159. Cardoid M+T ribbon
  160. Acoustat factory photos
  161. Most impressive full range you've ever heard?
  162. FRP moulds for Midbass Horns In India
  163. ESS Tempest LS-8 tweeter info
  164. Manger v ESL
  165. Pass A-40 safe driving ESLs
  166. Anyone want to answer a stupid question about ESL's?
  167. Could someone explain the ESL High Voltage DC bias supply to me?
  168. What is the science behind the gap?
  169. Safe transport of ESLs
  170. ESL on it's side?
  171. Long term serviceability of ESLs
  172. UCD and ESLs (Direct Drive Amp)....
  173. Low output from one panel
  174. Other ESL build with simple materials available from local grocery stores
  175. Q&A about "small" Maggies
  176. Magnepan Mylar Replacement Question
  177. Suggestions? for 8" woofer for open baffle
  178. impedance of monsoon planar 9 panels
  179. Heil AMT-1s - Can I Still Buy Them?
  180. Array speakers and parts
  181. Are these DIY planars worth buying? I have to decide within two hours!
  182. Gluing questions
  183. phase issues with mounting 2 ribbon drivers next to each other?
  184. Induction planars
  185. Bass Ribbons
  186. TV flyback for ESL (EHT replacement).
  187. space blanket ribbon/planer advice needed
  188. Fostex Ribbons
  189. accoustat and direct drive. big text, small question about igbt
  190. ESL diaphragm contact approaches
  191. ESL Contruction, material for separation diafragm to stators
  192. acoustat question....
  193. Acoustat Troubles - Need Advice
  194. i am searching for this thread
  195. Diy Ribbon Tweeter For ESL PANNEL.
  196. Mylar roller buy, what is a real uses ???
  197. DIY Electrostatic speakers Audio Transformer???
  198. segmented panels
  199. Electrical field strength
  200. Niobium foil-can anyone use it?
  201. Looking for Ribbon foil
  202. Cross over Neo8 PDR and Neo 3 PDR
  203. Building plans Kit pro30D (BG Neo8)
  204. stretching Mylar for curved ESLs, How?
  205. Motor-based planar speakers-can it be done?
  206. Another direct drive thread
  207. want to build a DIY ribbon, need suggestions
  208. Electroactive polymer possibilities
  209. Transformer design question
  210. Alastair Robertson-Aikman Quad ESL 63 arrangement
  211. Koss Model 2 stats
  212. What to look for in ESLs
  213. Ribbons and patents
  214. Impedance plot BG Neo8 PDR
  215. Open Baffle - What's Your Image Size ?
  216. I'm looking for inexpensive conductive paint...
  217. Mixed feedback
  218. Advice for DIY ribbon tweeter construction.
  219. Nixie's MHCD
  220. Help - JansZen Z-600 - dead step-up transformer?
  221. DIY Electrostatic - maximum safe db ?
  222. Soundadvance planar
  223. ESLs for Guitar amp ???
  224. Heils again! Tempest Classic? Which ones?
  225. Would like to learn more about the ESS AMT tweeters
  226. Acoustat bass crossover?
  227. Toroidal mains transformer
  228. Inverted ESL
  229. radio shack tranny?
  230. Manger SWING
  231. plasma tweeter
  232. esl electronics kit?
  233. DEATH by UPS
  234. The ESL Build Thread
  235. Supertweeter and Quad ESL 989
  236. Yet another DIY ribbon thread
  237. Measuring Frequency Response
  238. B&G RD28.1 projects
  239. Coil rods
  240. could you make a transformerless short ribbon work with a series Xover
  241. Horizontal deflection (or high voltage type) transistors to directly drive ESLs?
  242. Where to find magnets???For Diy Planar
  243. Amp impedance setting to drive ESL57s
  244. Active crossover for Martin Logan Prodigy
  245. B&G Neo8 Measurements
  246. Transformer for esl without center tap
  247. Tear in magnetostat membrane: What to do?
  248. Planar B&G RD40 protection circuit
  249. Guidance needed: Cost of restoration vs DIY vs part out....
  250. A different DIY project

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