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  1. How To Measure Capacitance of Panel
  2. immersive technology almost here
  3. Open CLS II stators - the best way to do it?
  4. Soliciting ideas for an ESL Soundbar
  5. Dipole AMT/Ribbon or similar for OB? DAyton?
  6. Heil, the 70's and Konig....
  7. Infinity RS IIA
  8. Apogee and Magnepan woofer panels
  9. How to measure bias voltage on Acoustat
  10. What Is The Step Up Ratio Of This Schematic
  11. Mitek ZSE 380 / Need advise and help
  12. Martin Logan Monolith III Transformer Specs
  13. Who sells pre-made ESL panels?
  14. Replacement ribbon with copper foil
  15. Ideas for BG Neo 8
  16. Removing Conductive Coating from ESL Diaphragm
  17. question on ESL panel size vs "sound quality"
  18. Half-Muffs
  19. Duetta magnet pattern misalignment
  20. Monacor RBT-95 T/S parameters?
  21. bg neo8 into Infinity Kappa 8
  22. Walsh driver
  23. Almost Invisible speakers
  24. Scintillas - Help identify
  25. Help me fix these poor ML Sequels
  26. A Guitar Stand For Martin Logan Staters
  27. How To Hook Up Electrostatic Panel
  28. ribbon tweeter magnet placement
  29. Multicells re-visited
  30. HV Transconductance Amp - Idea
  31. Nxt Designer Software
  32. Muraudio: World's First Monopole ESL
  33. 1/8 Sphere Electrostat Driver - Possible?
  34. Help Finding Magnets
  35. Spectra 1100 Screeching
  36. bi amp acoustat 2+2 se triode for top
  37. carver ribbons?
  38. disintegrating magnet in Aurum Cantus ribbon tweeter
  39. First time ESL builder
  40. Audiostatic ES500 - advice
  41. Raise Bias voltage, leaving step up same?
  42. rebuilding quad esl63
  43. louvre panel solvent (acoustat)
  44. ESL transformer question
  45. anyone use permastat as a coating?
  46. Manger open baffle mounting techniques
  47. AudioStatic ES100 loosing charge over time?
  48. EMIMs vs Neo 10s
  49. Martin Logan Sequel II dead panels
  50. How much tension do you put to stretch on your full range ESL diaphragm?
  51. Glue for wire stators
  52. Museatex - Melior One
  53. Apogee Duetta Signature Crossover
  54. To Prime or not to Prime....That is the question.
  55. [(re)Build] Manger based system
  56. magnetic tape use for full range planar speakers?
  57. Using cabinet as integral partof crossover
  58. Ionovac plasma tweeter installed in power plants
  59. Mylar long term stability
  60. Old step-up transfo smoked my amp channel..help?
  61. (Planning) Rebuilding Manger based system. Would love your thoughts.
  62. loose stator wires on acoustats
  63. Styrofoam planar speakers from Radio Shack circa 1973
  64. Toroidal Transformers for ESL Panels
  65. Building a large curved ESL
  66. Bohlender Graebner RD75 with Acoustic Elegance Dipole15 Open baffle Project
  67. Anyone Ever Try Reflector Speakers ?
  68. Getting feet wet with first planer
  69. Woofer or Subwoofer to pair with Sawafuji midrange and tweeter?
  70. The Great Heils... or AMT
  71. Building Acoustat panels
  72. m logan center channel
  73. Martin Logan Aerius i
  74. Martin Logan Aerius i HT Board Transformer Kaputt !?
  75. jbl 175
  76. 2 Neo10 or 4 Neo8S for dipoles
  77. Question regarding the B&G RD75's
  78. B&G RD-50 dissected
  79. Using the Di in Dipole
  80. trying to get around FEMM and a push pull magneplanar
  81. magnepan solderless wiring pads
  82. Plasma Tweeter Design Qs
  83. owner of
  84. magnepan IIa tweeters
  85. group buy magnets for planar driver ?
  86. Piezo film speakers
  87. ions and rubber, 20-20KHz, I don't get how it works...
  88. Tribute transformers for Apogee Full Range
  89. tips on cleaning planar
  90. Planars, Classic drivers OB or others ?
  91. New Dayton Audio Heil-type tweeter listing
  92. Additional magnets for Magnepan...?
  93. Martin Logan CLS schematics
  94. Tympani 1D Rewired with Foil Help with XO
  95. Magnet recognition
  96. Transformer confusion
  97. ESL for Ipods......
  98. I always wanted to ask...why Bias voltage on ESL?
  99. Changing Bookshelf to Fullrange
  100. PLUTO CLONE (sort of)
  101. Disassemble Martin Logan Requests & mounting them on a wall
  102. Neo3 PDR power handling
  103. Ripole cavity resonance question
  104. If you had a lot of ESL panels....
  105. Acoustat 2+2 C Mod Repair
  106. Apogee Centaurs- going active
  107. New AMT drivers from Mundorf
  108. Carver amazing ribbon repair
  109. Ever use the Beston RT002a dipolar?
  110. Norris Acoustical Heterodyne™ - What happened?
  111. Dayton wright parts
  112. After 10 years, starting with my first ESL
  113. Acoustat 2+2 Give away..
  114. Linaeum Ferrofluid Replenishment ?
  115. Acoustat 2+2 transformer base
  116. First ESL attempt
  117. Conical horns 600Hz and up
  118. Closed-Loop Amplification with Driver Cone Position Fedback
  119. ESL with drilled PCB board
  120. eBay Elvamide
  121. Recoating Martin Logan Aerius Panel
  122. My Jazzmans
  123. hair brained idea?.
  124. Beyma TPL Rear Chamber Experiments
  125. Martin Logan CLS membrane re-do
  126. Dipole Speakers for Keyboard
  127. Could somebody tell me what these are worth?
  128. How do you create a planar diaphragm?
  129. Designing easy to use wire stator. with HPL and a CNC router.
  130. Options for (very) small transducers for earbuds?
  131. BG RD50 Repair - no output
  132. Stacked Quad ESL 57
  133. Series-Connected Single-Ended Output Transformers in ESL
  134. ESL project parts for sale
  135. Very interesting advancement in electrostat membrane technology
  136. Apogee and Magneplanar Integrated
  137. Few questions about B&G RD's?
  138. Are Apogees Bass Panels Unrepairable?
  139. BG Radia 520i midbass drivers?
  140. Involve Audio Sonic Panels
  141. is a Dipole exotic?
  142. Why this one goes lower?
  143. Magnepan Ribbon Tweeter Question
  144. Another segmented ESL
  145. Horizontal use of B&G RD75
  146. NEO10 + NEO3 dipole?
  147. Just bought a (1970) pair of ESL-57s
  148. Wire gauge Magnepans
  149. Rebuilding Transformer box for Apogee Full Range
  150. Looking for old Fostex FS41Rp planars
  151. Sound Projector? i.e. a propper soundbar DIY style? - thoughts?
  152. Unabashed Apogee Ribbon plug
  153. Apogee Buzz Fix
  154. String mounted dipole
  155. wich foil/capacitor to harvest for ribbon ?
  156. Acoustat Spectra 1100 parts
  157. Soundlab A3 high voltage circuit
  158. Hot glue to repair Magnepans?
  159. Direct driving Apogee Full Range speakers
  160. Fountek NeoX vs NeoCD
  161. Graphene-based ESL reported
  162. Maybe a stupid esl shape ?
  163. Shock Wave Electrostatic Subwoofer!!!
  164. ESL hybrid
  165. Bookshelf/Desktop ESL's
  166. sony sa-h7900 one esl quieter please help
  167. Magnapan
  168. Apogee Midrange ribbon help
  169. My Second ELS Build.
  170. My ESL
  171. Yet another DIY AMT
  172. weird horn speaker...
  173. Quad 63 step-up transformers?
  174. Name Of Dipole Speaker w/Soft Rubber Membrane
  175. Loudspeaker grill cloth Cheap ?
  176. Ribbon material
  177. Apogee Full Range Crossovers
  178. New technology
  179. BG R50 Questions
  180. Audiostatic ES100 cap change.
  181. EMIT/EMIM sensitivity
  182. Refurb Magnepan Tymphani 1D
  183. Monsoon Dreams
  184. Electrostatic speakers as microphones?
  185. Foster (Fostex) Tweeter Isodinamic
  186. Order of panels in Tympahni 1D
  187. Acoustat panel connections
  188. Rplacement/repair of Infinity EMIT tweeters
  189. Molding stators with plastic like ESL 57's.
  190. ESL Panel Efficiency - First Build
  191. Couple questions about Magneplanars...
  192. B&G's for mids?
  193. Acoustat panels on Servo amplifiers
  194. Making an electrostatic headphone driver.
  195. New planar film driver technology
  196. Martin Logan CLS - Frame Dimensions
  197. Acoustat Servo rebuild/mod questions
  198. rd75 and cxr22
  199. Driving Acoustat Spectra 1100
  200. Wide dispersion by active equalization in a flat (wire) ESL
  201. Flat ESL optimal dispersion by active equalization?
  202. Audiostatic baffle step filter
  203. Full range ribbon
  204. DIY ESL Pannel Parts Shopping in EU.
  205. I'm thinking of a new ELS/Hybrid Design
  206. Help with BG RD75 Monopole Speaker
  207. winding a voice coil
  208. What Sound Level Can Quad ESL57 Produce?
  209. Line_array xover
  210. Acoustat Monitor 4 with Interfaces?
  211. how much electricity do you need to run an esl speaker?
  212. resources on calculating ideal dimensions/distances for hi/mid/low separate speakers?
  213. diy build: questions about wire stators: ideal distance from each other and diaphragm
  214. Martin Logan Purity Help
  215. raal as supertweeter
  216. Coax speaker cables?
  217. Maybe ŕ stupid question
  218. Measure a dipole esl/magneplanar/ribbon
  219. Cardioid bass
  220. If you plan to visit T.H.E. SHOW in the flamingo hotel
  221. A question for our German members...cross over frequency?
  222. My Acoustat Panel Experiment
  223. xover replacement on sd acoustics ribbon speakers
  224. waveguided RD75
  225. distortion From ESL at low level
  226. Martin Logan Aerius fuse
  227. Hum in my ESL's
  228. Neo 8 center speaker
  229. Plasma speaker?
  230. Best DIY dipole speakers?
  231. pt2c-8
  232. ESL headphone driving options
  233. Toroids for ESL's
  234. Pyramid T-1 info wanted
  235. NAGRA's Jean Claude Schlup's Plasma Tweeter and Reverse Engineering from Photo
  236. Stereo Hologram Soundbar
  237. fibrous damping of diaphragms
  238. Explaining the Quad ESL-57 Crossover
  239. Choosing form of neodym magnets for diy ribbon tweeter. Need help!
  240. Planar driven by light ?
  241. Janszen Z-960 Info?
  242. Dirty fuse holders!
  243. Quad 63 in series
  244. Design idea used before?
  245. Testing BG Neo10 at high power
  246. a baby grand piano planar design.
  247. Need Help With Electrostatic Speaker Repair
  248. TWEESL 2020: an electrostatic tweeter with electrically delayed concentric rings
  249. combining 2 sets of 2+2's
  250. ultra cheap and simple omni-tweeter experiment idea.

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