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  1. Lepai 2020a+ and FM Signal Interference
  2. Does anyone use C14 (3 prong computer plugs)?
  3. New to DIY speakers
  4. No conversion, direct PWM source to amplifier speaker system
  5. TDA8932 amp chip running very hot
  6. class D: Audio vs motor control
  7. Does bluetooth CSR8635 have opamp?
  8. 26 volts ?
  9. A replacement volume knob for the PE DTA-1 t-amp
  10. Class D for a first DIY project
  11. Board for small home audio system
  12. IPA K1400.2 Hypnosis Class D Full Range - What Do You Think?
  13. Will any of the D-amps run on 500ma?
  14. Class d amplifier resolution
  15. Question for the amp gurus
  16. Help with 2.1 amplifier
  17. Musical Paradise MP-303
  18. Most quiet simple class D board with no BT?
  19. Need help with base.
  20. Class D bluetooth Amp summary comparison
  21. TDA8954 at 4ohms bridge
  22. Tas 5630 Wind Noise
  23. MiniSHARC + OPUS + Hypex plan feedback?
  24. US xterminator XT4000D AMP
  25. Best Amp Board for spare Totoidal Transformer?????
  26. Easiest turn on/off pop fix
  27. sure TA2024 D-class control volume
  28. Class D with built-in bluetooth?
  29. Minimum TDA7491HV circuit?
  30. I'm overwhelmed
  31. Any other ICs sound as good as Tripath T-amp?
  32. Hypex Ucd400OEM offset problem
  33. What Gauge Wire Do You Use?
  34. Leaving one output channel disconnected on TPA3116
  35. Fosgate Power 1000 (Old school) repair helpHi guys
  36. Hypex UCD 400 Modules Question
  37. TDA7492 Inductor Heat
  38. SMSL amplifier - Heavy distortion in one channel - troubleshooting?
  39. No Compromise Boombox (Build Log)
  40. Opinions on Sure JAB2 TPA3118/TPA3116 board amps with Bluetooth 4.0
  41. Amp for JBL Control SB-1 Sub
  42. Building basic boombox
  43. Building an active prosound subwoofer.
  44. iraudamp9 amplifier click repeatedly and will not start
  45. Beginner build advice - starting from an amp board
  46. Class D speaker impedance
  47. Searching for the highest possible DF amp
  48. Kilpsh sub repair with cheap TPA3118 board
  49. difference between two tpa3116 amps
  50. possible for Topping TP21 to bridge and used as a mono block?
  51. Building a loud amp..help!
  52. Help for a first timer? Class D reccomendations
  53. DC Voltage Converter
  54. Connecting Power and RCA inputs to a TAS5630.
  55. Help troubleshooting broken sub amp (MS909W)
  56. TPA3116 4.1 Amplifier subwoofer issue
  57. Some Class-D questions!
  58. Class D Definitive Tech Troubleshooting
  59. 8 pole tpa3116-8
  60. Loud pops and crackling from Hypex PSC2.400d
  61. TAS5611 YJ board high pitched squeal over 16v
  62. What do I need to make the ICEpower amps work?
  63. Question about IRAUDAMP9 schematic
  64. Mosfet replacements for Mordaunt Short ms909w sub amp
  65. Boss NXD3500 car amplifier hooked to an Onkyo 7.2ch home amplifier
  66. Help with cheap amplifier purchase
  67. Sound improvment
  68. L30D
  69. TPA3116 Based 5.1 System
  70. NC400 vs ucd400 vs T4
  71. Why isn't this system LOUDER?
  72. L25D by LJM low amplification
  73. Mosfet Totem pole for giant class D amp
  74. Auto on/off for an Amp
  75. CLASS T amp with TA2022
  76. Help a beginner in choosing a 4 channel amp configuration
  77. MTX 81001
  78. Dayton Audio DTA-1/2 Sonic Impact Revision 2 pcb help
  79. Class D amplifier pops
  80. class D amp powerup
  81. MP7770 class d-amp - a rare bird?
  82. Adding capacitance to a power supply.
  83. Tpa3118 output filter values
  84. Class D and AirPlay
  85. Looking for a good sounding 4 channel amp board
  86. Power amplifer difference
  87. How is the PSU so small for this TPA3116 amp?
  88. How efficient is the Pioneer GM-D8604
  89. Couple of questions on Class-D Amplifiers
  90. ICEpower 200ASC compatability
  91. Panasonic sa-xr45 schematics?
  92. Power Acoustik a3000db amp
  93. Break-in heat ?
  94. PTD900MK1 Class D
  95. Hypex DS2.0 compatability with balanced input?
  96. I built an 8 channel Class D amplifier for a sound installation.
  97. Amp INPUT impedance
  98. Help with Hypex UCD 400 Connections
  99. TPA3118 Mono Board Doesn't Work
  100. Upgrading from NAD to Hypex or Newclassd
  101. Testing of a digital class D amplifier
  102. TPA3116D 50wx2+100w why they said 3A?
  103. Amp wiring causes how much distortion?
  104. Class D amplifier - Very high DC offset voltage
  105. 2.1 TPA3116 with 3 channel inputs?
  106. 8 channel amp based off the TPA3116
  107. Caps blew up...
  108. Need help with buying amplifier board
  109. DIY speakerbox build. Complete. Thoughts?
  110. TDA7498 input bias voltage
  111. Bridging Class-D Amplifiers- The Old Fashion Way
  112. Turn off pop.
  113. digital feedback for amplifier
  114. CxD500 driverstage supply Q
  115. 48v dual voltage and the IRS2092
  116. camco q 10 class D power amp
  117. Recommended CHIP for 50w Amplifier
  118. Class D for Bass Amps - Best recommendations
  119. Do Class D amp still have high frequency issue
  120. Orange bass terror using irs2092 x2 btl weird noise
  121. What causes amp distortion at high output
  122. TPA 3116D2 2.1 advice
  123. Help finding info on amp-basic v1.20 TA2020
  124. High frequency signal at output.
  125. MW Mean Well dual use
  126. My little Bandpassfilter
  127. TDA8954 input capacitor
  128. Who actually measures distortion
  129. Class-D Subwoofer - Speaker Impedance question.
  130. DSP plate amplifier solution with FIR filtering?
  131. "Phantom Powered" 48v Class D Powered Speaker
  132. 110V Crown XLS2500 plugged into 230 V !
  133. 80v DC amplifier kit
  134. OEP20W?
  135. SMSL Q5 Pro Mods
  136. ICEPower ASC300 Standby question
  137. Understanding amp type vs. battery life
  138. Digital Ammeter Not Reading Amplifier
  139. 4 channels of budget power. Sudgestions?
  140. I Built a Boombox
  141. Filter for audio analyzer
  142. SANWU TPA3116 + CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.0 - Noise Fix
  143. car amp agako CA2000D issues?
  144. Upgrading from SMSL SA-36A Pro, which one?
  145. Is ST FFX the same as DDX ?
  146. Help with TPA3118 project
  147. My "Baby Boomer"
  148. Class D in a vintage car
  149. Should I DIY or just buy a commercial amp?
  150. IRS2092S High power 250W Mono Channel Digital Amplifier Class D HIFI Amp Board
  151. Help with a poorly 41hz Amp6
  152. Ncore NC400 problems - pops and cuts out - help!
  153. TPA3122D2 Pot Problem
  154. My tpa3118 board - comments/critiques?
  155. Reckhorn D-2-0 Mini amp
  156. Has anyone tried Class-D current driver?
  157. SMSL SA-36A vs SMSL SA-S3
  158. 100-200w D clasd subwoofer module, pcb recomendation
  159. Designing a classD amp input transformer - step by step guide
  160. Newbie planning 6ch amp build.
  161. 50W x2 TK2050 Distortion Problem
  162. Fatman S-State 60
  163. High-power TDA7293 555W ?
  164. Building a Class D amp acting like Class A. Is it possible?
  165. Interfacing external ADC and H-bridge IC to a Virtex5 FPGA
  166. Power amplifier based on dx1000 class D amp
  167. ~100+ watts mono board without on/off thump?
  168. Anyone tried the IRS2092, how is it?
  169. Modify TK2050 for 2ohm loads???
  170. Rockford Fosgate T30001BD Preamp Problem!
  171. Great Class D power supply 12 VDC - 17 AMP!!!
  172. Planet audio 2250
  173. TPA3118 + LN-BT02 clipping?
  174. Iraud 350 problems :(
  175. Skar 4500
  176. How to modify a class D amp to work below 20hz?
  177. Adding line in to tpa3116?
  178. klipsch sw-115 amp broken
  179. Pioneer Sm-3000 blowing speaker
  180. TPA3116 eBay/China Speaker Protection Board recommendations
  181. Y148 maximum input voltage
  182. Sure 4 channel amp boards?
  183. SMSL SA 36 chip update
  184. need amp for 85wpc towers
  185. 41hz AMP15-PS-XP kit HELP ANYONE?
  186. problem with tda8954th
  187. Low distortion opamp IC which can drive PWM input
  188. Balanced Class D Switch
  189. what D amp give best sound.
  190. removing hum (noob question)
  191. Does anyone make good quality cheap amps like the Helder Audio ones?
  192. Ongoing project with FDA chips, I2S input and >40W?
  193. Sure TPA3116
  194. DROK LM3886TF 60W 20~28V amplifier on Amazon Prime
  195. TDA7492P big current on start up
  196. nobsound mo-gu drok f900 dual tpa3110 amp
  197. Half my Channels are dying! :(
  198. TDA8950 Class-D BTL Stereo Amplifier Board
  199. Hypex selector switch question
  200. How to prevent popping sound on power on on TDA7492P Amp?
  201. Using only one channel on the Behringer iNuke NU6000
  202. Efficient amp
  203. Class D Buying advice
  204. help with PAM8320, aq new 20W class D mono amp
  205. Offline amplifier
  206. Interteknik amp - who knows it?
  207. Issues with simulation of Digital class D amplifier using Cadence AMS
  208. Class D amps for portable and non portable speakers
  209. TPA3116 mono (red)
  210. I see a project using Class D for all-in-1 speaker
  211. Anyone played with the pioneer elite d3 class d amps?
  212. TPA3244 and TPA3245 TI class D
  213. 54v - 0 - -54v DC class d amp
  214. Beginner friendly IC
  215. Beginner Mod Guides?
  216. Silicon Chip Classic D input sensitivity
  217. TA2022 LJM swollen resistor, why?
  218. New supply tracking technology for Class D
  219. Need help with amp repair!
  220. Discussion: does class-d needs speaker protection?
  221. Trimming DC offset and BTL TA2022
  222. best setup for a portable sub-sat system?
  223. All Full digital amplifier, dead or alive?
  224. ZECK CA1600 amplifier - need help to repair the am
  225. Powering TDA7492P
  226. Add aux input to TDA7492P
  227. Dead Channel Issue with SURE IRS2092
  228. DIY Integrated amp build : questions on attenuation
  229. Help Adding an Output Stage to a 555-Based PWM Amplifier
  230. Bought a TPA3116 : Notice static at mid-higher volume
  231. Best amp for 1000 watt 4ohm sub?
  232. Removing LEDs from Lepai LP2020 possible?
  233. Some people wonders: Can class D do the power advertised?
  234. PA AMP 4 x IRS 2092 Full bridged 2 x 1000W RMS 4 OHM - 200 USD - real power or Fake ?
  235. Hypex UCD 180 with battery as power supply.
  236. T7498 4ohm
  237. Amplifier output to other channel input
  238. IRS20957 Schematics & Gerber Files
  239. Power Supply Requirement for IRS2092 6x100w
  240. Compact power supplies
  241. Digital noise on TPA3116 - I2S DAC - Raspberry Pi combo
  242. DIY air cored inductors (how I made mine).
  243. Wireless charging to eliminate ground loop?
  244. Question: Bridging output after impedance transformers
  245. portable speaker project (tpa3118)
  246. cross conduction idea
  247. eBay class D board for car audio
  248. PAM8406 (and PAM8403)
  249. Help with CxD2160+SMPS320RxE build from Conneselectronic
  250. From 12v to +- 60v where to buy?

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