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  1. TPA3116d2 mono subwoofer board: speaker level inputs?
  2. Parallel wiring TDA7492P
  3. Sony S-Master Amplifier Problem - Need Help
  4. Sanwu TPA3116 2.1 board - sub controls question
  5. SLA1500 Sinus Live Class D switching frequency
  6. TDA7429 Bluetooth amp with no sound.
  7. Which TPA3116/TPA3118 modules - and where to buy them?
  8. Edifier S2000 Pro amplifier configuration.
  9. Which Amp(s) for my setup?
  10. Hanging ICEpower 200AC off 200ASC Modules
  11. LJMLJM Modules
  12. pam8403 bad clipping o.O
  13. Anyone tried these?
  14. 100-200 W amp for 16 ohm, up to 500 Hz
  15. Want to run ~1200 watts of car amps in my home
  16. PBTL TPA3118 new hifi design
  17. TAS5613 2.1 Breeze Audio amplifier first thoughts
  18. 7498E and AptX
  19. Is hypex HxR worth it?
  20. KKmoon TDA7492 questions
  21. IRS2092 Power Amp, schematic
  22. Portable Cargo-bike soundsystem improvements
  23. indentify component on ice power 125ASX2
  24. audiobahn a18001dj no output
  25. YJ 3116 Bluetooth problem
  26. help needed indentifying missing parts in klipsch old plate amp
  27. LM 3886 single ended amp???
  28. Dayton Audio DA30 vs TPA3116 2.1
  29. Best budget amp(s) for pair of secondhand 18" subs?
  30. Left channel plays louder on DTA3116S how to solve it ?
  31. Direct Energy HD Amplifiers in Pioneer's model "SC-LX901"-what about Sound quality ?
  32. Prototyping
  33. Interpreting input sensitivity and voltage gain?
  34. Have anyone used this TPA3116 2.1 amp with all these features?
  35. General Class D push pull amp output question
  36. What is the latest and greatest FDA ?
  37. The New Hypex Fusion Plate amps
  38. Sure AA-AB32312 Sound quality
  39. Help. Does anyone have any info about this amp
  40. TPA3116D2 50Wx2+100W 2.1 Channel Digital Subwoofer Power Amplifier
  41. Which IRS2092 Board?
  42. Class D amplifier 1KHz, 5.5KHz IMD measurements
  43. Help identify driver chips on AMP Prology Power
  44. Anyone know the differences between the original ncore nc models and the new MP line?
  45. Which one AMP is better.
  46. Recommendations for retrofitting an old amp with class D boards
  47. Lookingfor Service Manual for Rotel RMB-1077 Amp
  48. TAS5611 Anti Pop Circuit
  49. Amp blown due to shorted output
  50. TDA7492 bass boost
  51. amp6 41hz silent on one channel back up after power cycling
  52. Squealing white tpa3110d2 pbtl
  53. Low power AMPs for active speaker
  54. Zobel Filter design TDA7498
  55. inverter output transformer saturation
  56. Full Bridge Class D 1200 watt Audio Amplifier
  57. Help a beginner create an active bi-amp setup
  58. Friday Hack Chat: [Class D] Audio Amplifier Design
  59. Class D amp for dual coil 8 Ohm sub
  60. Bluetooth speaker project - need help with amp input voltage (TPA3110, MAX9736A)
  61. PAM8610 module wrong connections?
  62. TPA3116 4.1 + Bluetooth (4x50w + 1x100w), to Hiss... or not to Hiss
  63. 5V 2X3W bluetooth amp- are components missing?
  64. Looking for a good Low current draw amplifier
  65. DLCP and UCD 180/400
  66. Correct way to wire amplifier
  67. Hypex ucd180 buzzing
  68. "New" Icepower 125ASX2 amp failed in an hour. Fixable?
  69. PAM8403 Parallel
  70. New POPU VENUS Full Digital Audio Amplifier
  71. Peak Power Measurement
  72. Pre amplifier issues for TPA 3118 PBTL sanwu board
  73. Crossfire VR4000d
  74. Tripath Class-T
  75. L15DSMD Bi-amp
  76. Cambridge SoundWorks Newton T500 Class D: Help to ID & Fix Design Flaw?
  77. Desire to build a Class D amp with analog liner power supply
  78. my first amp/portable box
  79. Cascading Class D Amps, Distortion ?
  80. trouble shooting advice for Hypex UCD 180 hg
  81. bridged amplifier by simply hooking speaker between left negative the right positive?
  82. Icepower 500ASP and 500A
  83. LTSpice model IRS20957S ... or the like
  84. ICEPower 250ASP Help - LED flickers
  85. The Red PCB Symetrical IN Asymetrical PSU TDA8932T
  86. Planning first amp, need hand-holding
  87. BOOMP...BOOMP...BOOMP from my TPA3116
  88. Newbie tpa board troubleshooting question
  89. Hypex UdC400 : Old OEM or new 400HG kit ?
  90. Stereo to mono amp solution with mono bridge
  91. TPA3116D2 2.1 amp. power on/off pop
  92. Modify a class D subwoofer amplifier in full range class d amp
  93. My 1st Class-D Amp -TPA3255 with PFFB
  94. Berhinger PMH5000 Power supply problem.
  95. Distortion problems with a TDA9850 module.
  96. Adjusting the high side OC on IRAUDAMP9
  97. Power T500-1BD help w/parts??
  98. Stability issues with a closed loop class D amp built with TAS5103
  99. 5000.1 boss amplifier
  100. New Sure AA-AB32971 with pumping hum
  101. MiniDSP balanced + Hypex Ucd250LP build
  102. The function of these caps and resistors is??
  103. Making a class d amplifier
  104. Diy Build
  105. Bus pumping
  106. will this psu work with....
  107. mono tpa3116 red aliexpress
  108. Class D push pull FET driver calculations?
  109. Resistors for Balanced input signal
  110. Swap of elecrolytic capacitor in D-Amp Behringer Inuke?
  111. Mini desktop stereo amp recommendation
  112. Ghent audio un-contactable?
  113. IcePower amp, and MiniDSP build
  114. TPA3116 remote volume control
  115. Hypex UcD Build Problem with Hum
  116. Hello forum & a bunch of questions
  117. What about SSM3582?
  118. Dsp board for class D amplifier
  119. Bluetooth speaker design problems
  120. Earthquake Sound MINI ME12 Pin Out for P1 (7- pin socket)
  121. only transistors based class d amplifier
  122. TPA3251 2Ch Amplifier Board DIY Design(Compact size/Amazing Performance)
  123. Speaker broken using Sure TPA3118
  124. New FDA amplifier (I2S input): TAS642x
  125. Help with bulk caps
  126. Dedicated PSU for bluetooth to avoid noises.
  127. ICE 125ASX2 module damaged smd varistor near AC neutral line
  128. Subwoofer channel trippin
  129. Best Amplifier for Mono 100w speaker
  130. 3116 vs 3118 vs topping T
  131. hifonics 2400.D1 ceramic resistor
  132. Sure Electronics defective item return
  133. Which is the "best" for 12v?
  134. Hypex UCD400hg Build questions
  135. class d amplifier current output
  136. Sure Electronics JAB2 PBTL Mono Mode
  137. Newbie on Class D, TDA7492, Help!
  138. amp buzzing noise, help
  139. TPA3116 2.1 LPF sounds like a mess
  140. IRS2092 Damage
  141. Cheapie plate amp? With low AND highpass filters?
  142. Icepower 200ASW amp repair service needed
  143. Changing TDA7498 poliester capacitors
  144. I.AM.D V200 WIFI
  145. Cerwin Vega Stroker 2000.1
  146. Xtant X1001 Blown Mosfets *NEWB*
  147. Interchangeable mosfets?
  148. Building a PC-1 'clone' with OPS-U-500-385 rev 'b'
  149. JX 500/1D: need help identifying component values
  150. Ncore diy
  151. Class A
  152. Velodyne MicroVee 1000 rms Class-D Amplifier Humming Problem
  153. Amp without volume button
  154. ICEpower 1000asp DIED....
  155. memphis 16-mc500d Need help missing CAP
  156. Help specifying a 12v amplifier / Full range speaker combo
  157. Noise issue from bluetooth source or TDA7498, Help me find.
  158. Class D push pull. Dead time required??
  159. Power Supply for TAS5613
  160. ICEpower 50asx2 btl
  161. Noise problems
  162. Buzz and crack with amp and preamp
  163. Amp suggestions for no noise and Bluetooth?
  164. Pre-amp
  165. ICEPower A-series input voltage questions
  166. Power light flicker on Class-D board - capacitor needed?
  167. The Good Sound, The Bad Reliability and the Ugly Service: a story of endless problems
  168. Class D investigation.
  169. Behringer PMP4000 Distortion and low power
  170. Hypex NC400 vs NC500 vs Anaview AMS1000 evaluation ...
  171. Best Class D for Base Amp
  172. New tpa3110 Bluetooth boards on eBay
  173. TPA3255 Amplifier for Car Audio System
  174. crossfire cfa1000d power on but no output sound
  175. a chinese amp balancedin board
  176. Absolute beginner. First amp. TA2021b
  177. TPA3110 (Sure Electronics)
  178. IRS2092 + IRFI4019 Questions
  179. Calculating approx. battery life
  180. Class D stereo to mono summing?
  181. Mackie IRS20957s startup wrong
  182. What values are these caps? -- replacing Velodyne SPL II amp caps
  183. IRS2092S Amp for Car subwoofer
  184. IRAUDAMP7S L20D shuts off for half a second as mid/high-volume
  185. Fullbridge Class D PA ultra high power
  186. Hypex smps1200/400 PS feeding ucd180 modules
  187. audible hum with two Sure TA2024 boards on same source
  188. NC400 low gain for low volume
  189. UCD400 OEM versions
  190. new class-D amp IC from Analog Devices
  191. YJ-IRS2092-200W for 250W Subwoofer?
  192. Self oscillating amplifier 2.2kW / 4R
  193. TPA3116 Cutting Out
  194. TPA 3116 power supply
  195. irs2092 strange problem
  196. Single Ended Hypex UcD or similar
  197. Amp recommendations for boombox
  198. Earthquake PHD2 help
  199. Need help with truepath kit from 41Hz
  200. Chinese 2.1 amp, super cute. Opinions?
  201. Opinions on the SMSL SA-36A Plus?
  202. dual nc400 + SMPS1200
  203. How to add headphone jack to amp?
  204. Unknown Board DC12V TPA3116 amplifier board DIY L163-9
  205. Sure Electronics AA-AB33182 Temperature
  206. classdaudio.com - anybody ordered from them recently?
  207. Lepai LP-2020A+ vs Lepai LP-2020TI
  208. Project Moshulu : a journey into class D
  209. First time DIYer, have some extremely noobish questions.
  210. Rockford Power 1000 5CH.
  211. TPA3118 SANWU noise problems
  212. ATI AT528NC
  213. Hi-end woofer amplifier problem- Zobel in flame
  214. Class D chip selection help for guitar amp
  215. Problem With Driver Board Emphaser 15000D
  216. New class D from China - UcD?
  217. Sanwu TDA7492P + Bluetooth 2.1
  218. Good quality inexpensive premade class d amp?
  219. Custom Bluetooth Speaker
  220. Amplifier board modifications
  221. On a method to use tubes as switching power devices in H bridge circuits
  222. Problem matching 2Ω amp board.
  223. Issue with new ATI NCore amp.
  224. Choosing an amp for my 2-way mono speaker
  225. JBL Northridge E-150 problem
  226. Powering ATC
  227. Noise Floor PAM8403
  228. 'T-Amp' - in an ideal world...
  229. TDA 7492P not working when powered
  230. Amp plays audio for a moment then goes silent
  231. Class D İr2153
  232. Outputfilter Yamaha YDA138 (Scythe sdar2000)
  233. FDA: Alientek D8
  234. Adding digital interface in class D amp
  235. Potentiometer for TPA3110 AMP
  236. Can you recommend a good sub amp?
  237. I don't understand Amp specs
  238. How to configure Bluetooth name and pin
  239. Thoughts on best Class D power supply?
  240. Maxamp20 speaker matching and connection
  241. Two amps into a speaker
  242. Connecting ice amp with balanced inputs to unbalanced pre
  243. SMSL SA-98E & TDA7498E - opinions/mods
  244. Differences in Sound Quality between Various Amplifier Modules
  245. Pics of speakers used in 3116 2.1 setup?
  246. TPA3118 vs TPA3116 vs IRS2092
  247. 3000 Watt Class D I'm looking for
  248. 10K PEC "Shunt" resistor value?
  249. Blown Hifonics Brutus BXI 8000D
  250. Icepower 700asc

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