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  1. memphis 16-mc500d Need help missing CAP
  2. Help specifying a 12v amplifier / Full range speaker combo
  3. Noise issue from bluetooth source or TDA7498, Help me find.
  4. Class D push pull. Dead time required??
  5. Power Supply for TAS5613
  6. Amp for high power mobile PA
  7. ICEpower 50asx2 btl
  8. Noise problems
  9. Buzz and crack with amp and preamp
  10. Amp suggestions for no noise and Bluetooth?
  11. Pre-amp
  12. ICEPower A-series input voltage questions
  13. Power light flicker on Class-D board - capacitor needed?
  14. The Good Sound, The Bad Reliability and the Ugly Service: a story of endless problems
  15. Class D investigation.
  16. Behringer PMP4000 Distortion and low power
  17. Hypex NC400 vs NC500 vs Anaview AMS1000 evaluation ...
  18. Best Class D for Base Amp
  19. New tpa3110 Bluetooth boards on eBay
  20. TPA3255 Amplifier for Car Audio System
  21. crossfire cfa1000d power on but no output sound
  22. a chinese amp balancedin board
  23. Absolute beginner. First amp. TA2021b
  24. TPA3110 (Sure Electronics)
  25. IRS2092 + IRFI4019 Questions
  26. Calculating approx. battery life
  27. Class D stereo to mono summing?
  28. Mackie IRS20957s startup wrong
  29. What values are these caps? -- replacing Velodyne SPL II amp caps
  30. IRS2092S Amp for Car subwoofer
  31. IRAUDAMP7S L20D shuts off for half a second as mid/high-volume
  32. Fullbridge Class D PA ultra high power
  33. Hypex smps1200/400 PS feeding ucd180 modules
  34. audible hum with two Sure TA2024 boards on same source
  35. NC400 low gain for low volume
  36. UCD400 OEM versions
  37. new class-D amp IC from Analog Devices
  38. YJ-IRS2092-200W for 250W Subwoofer?
  39. Self oscillating amplifier 2.2kW / 4R
  40. TPA3116 Cutting Out
  41. Recommend Amplifier Power for my PA 15" Woofer Speaker ?
  42. TPA 3116 power supply
  43. irs2092 strange problem
  44. Single Ended Hypex UcD or similar
  45. Amp recommendations for boombox
  46. Earthquake PHD2 help
  47. Need help with truepath kit from 41Hz
  48. Chinese 2.1 amp, super cute. Opinions?
  49. Opinions on the SMSL SA-36A Plus?
  50. dual nc400 + SMPS1200
  51. How to add headphone jack to amp?
  52. Unknown Board DC12V TPA3116 amplifier board DIY L163-9
  53. Sure Electronics AA-AB33182 Temperature
  54. classdaudio.com - anybody ordered from them recently?
  55. Lepai LP-2020A+ vs Lepai LP-2020TI
  56. Project Moshulu : a journey into class D
  57. First time DIYer, have some extremely noobish questions.
  58. Rockford Power 1000 5CH.
  59. TPA3118 SANWU noise problems
  60. ATI AT528NC
  61. Hi-end woofer amplifier problem- Zobel in flame
  62. Class D chip selection help for guitar amp
  63. Problem With Driver Board Emphaser 15000D
  64. New class D from China - UcD?
  65. Sanwu TDA7492P + Bluetooth 2.1
  66. Good quality inexpensive premade class d amp?
  67. Custom Bluetooth Speaker
  68. Amplifier board modifications
  69. On a method to use tubes as switching power devices in H bridge circuits
  70. Problem matching 2Ω amp board.
  71. Issue with new ATI NCore amp.
  72. Choosing an amp for my 2-way mono speaker
  73. JBL Northridge E-150 problem
  74. Powering ATC
  75. Noise Floor PAM8403
  76. 'T-Amp' - in an ideal world...
  77. TDA 7492P not working when powered
  78. Amp plays audio for a moment then goes silent
  79. Class D İr2153
  80. Outputfilter Yamaha YDA138 (Scythe sdar2000)
  81. FDA: Alientek D8
  82. Adding digital interface in class D amp
  83. Potentiometer for TPA3110 AMP
  84. Can you recommend a good sub amp?
  85. I don't understand Amp specs
  86. How to configure Bluetooth name and pin
  87. Thoughts on best Class D power supply?
  88. Maxamp20 speaker matching and connection
  89. Two amps into a speaker
  90. Connecting ice amp with balanced inputs to unbalanced pre
  91. SMSL SA-98E & TDA7498E - opinions/mods
  92. Differences in Sound Quality between Various Amplifier Modules
  93. Pics of speakers used in 3116 2.1 setup?
  94. TPA3118 vs TPA3116 vs IRS2092
  95. 3000 Watt Class D I'm looking for
  96. 10K PEC "Shunt" resistor value?
  97. Blown Hifonics Brutus BXI 8000D
  98. Icepower 700asc
  99. Denon to DIY class-d modules a worth while upgrade?
  100. An Amplifier Chip with Built-In Equalizer
  101. What's the logic behind pricing of TAS5630 boards?
  102. Which tpa3110 board?
  103. College Project - Very little knowledge.
  104. 41hz amp9 rev 1.01
  105. Best TDA series class D amplifier
  106. Class-D Overheats at low voltage / current
  107. loud white noise sound coming through subwoofer (BASH 500W amp)
  108. Modding Taobao digital amps
  109. TAS5630 question
  110. SMSL SA-36A PLUS vs SMSL SA-36A PRO
  111. differential UCD AC analys?
  112. Layout advice
  113. Sure Electronics AA-AB32313 2x400
  114. Class D wireless speaker problem with common ground
  115. IRS2092 vs TDA7498 sound quality
  116. Sure TDA7492 vs. HIFIMYDIY T1...My first impressions
  117. Experience with 2.1 boards?
  118. Which class d-design for active crossover?
  119. TDA7498 with 4 ohms - what could go wrong?
  120. single drive/speaker portable system. NOOB HERE!
  121. Sure Electronics AA-AB32281 2x200W
  122. BASH 500s Input voltage
  123. Buying Anaview modules
  124. I have a Buttkicker donor. +/- 70 volts. D possible?
  125. question about single rail supplied amp boards
  126. Class D 4-Channel for Active System
  127. Noob Q -> TPA3116 2.1
  128. Newbie needs amp help for 60w+60w speaker project
  129. Strange volume issue
  130. Where can I buy some icepower 300asc modules?
  131. Output Filter Temp Concern
  132. My new TPA325x DSP/Bluetooth/X Amplifier made for mobile Application
  133. Dual 2 x 50 W BTL TPA3123D2 PCB
  134. Giant killer..
  135. ICE 300ASC modules standby mode ...
  136. Switching Range
  137. Power supply noise problem.
  138. Have I destroyed my amp?
  139. Passive high pass filter before Topping TP22
  140. IRS2092 Failure Modes
  141. Looking for an amp for a project
  142. Picking a loud class D amp for 5volts...
  143. needed help in class D amplifier gate driver circuit.
  144. Needing schematics diagram for mmats d 500. 1?
  145. Mmats d 500. 1 owners manual, schematic diagrams?
  146. Class-D amplifier -> SLA Battery
  147. Kenwood Excelon x542 power supply blown
  148. Why big guys do not like the TPA chips?
  149. TPA3116 mono amp board
  150. Aux input for TPA3116 bluetooth amp
  151. TAS5630 PBTL to replace TPA3116D2
  152. Anyone find a relatively cheap tube preamp that works well with class D?
  153. IRS2092 reset problem
  154. IR2011 High side gate voltage problem
  155. DROK
  156. Boombox circuit design recommendations
  157. Comparison of (5) Class-D amp boards
  158. Class D Output Filter Ceramics C0G vs X7R
  159. Memphis 16-ST1000D DC On Output Issue
  160. Pioneer PRS-D2000SPL problem in protect
  161. TDA8932 for small 3way speaker.
  162. STA 508 output amplitude drops when load applied
  163. 2Ohm Speakers and YJ IRS2092 200W Board ?
  164. Active Hypex-Genelec - What SMP?
  165. Power saving mode or power booster
  166. Volume Control
  167. TPA3255EVM to complete amp (advise needed)
  168. IRS2092 + TC4420 + IRFB4227 (3x) DeadTime Problem
  169. Suggested PREAMP for a Ncore400 system
  170. My Wyred4Sound died
  171. Pre-amp output
  172. Lepai 2020a+ and FM Signal Interference
  173. Does anyone use C14 (3 prong computer plugs)?
  174. New to DIY speakers
  175. No conversion, direct PWM source to amplifier speaker system
  176. TDA8932 amp chip running very hot
  177. class D: Audio vs motor control
  178. Does bluetooth CSR8635 have opamp?
  179. 26 volts ?
  180. A replacement volume knob for the PE DTA-1 t-amp
  181. Class D for a first DIY project
  182. Board for small home audio system
  183. IPA K1400.2 Hypnosis Class D Full Range - What Do You Think?
  184. Will any of the D-amps run on 500ma?
  185. Class d amplifier resolution
  186. Question for the amp gurus
  187. Help with 2.1 amplifier
  188. Musical Paradise MP-303
  189. Most quiet simple class D board with no BT?
  190. Need help with base.
  191. Class D bluetooth Amp summary comparison
  192. TDA8954 at 4ohms bridge
  193. Tas 5630 Wind Noise
  194. MiniSHARC + OPUS + Hypex plan feedback?
  195. US xterminator XT4000D AMP
  196. Best Amp Board for spare Totoidal Transformer?????
  197. Easiest turn on/off pop fix
  198. sure TA2024 D-class control volume
  199. Class D with built-in bluetooth?
  200. Minimum TDA7491HV circuit?
  201. I'm overwhelmed
  202. Any other ICs sound as good as Tripath T-amp?
  203. Hypex Ucd400OEM offset problem
  204. What Gauge Wire Do You Use?
  205. Leaving one output channel disconnected on TPA3116
  206. Fosgate Power 1000 (Old school) repair helpHi guys
  207. Hypex UCD 400 Modules Question
  208. TDA7492 Inductor Heat
  209. SMSL amplifier - Heavy distortion in one channel - troubleshooting?
  210. No Compromise Boombox (Build Log)
  211. Opinions on Sure JAB2 TPA3118/TPA3116 board amps with Bluetooth 4.0
  212. Amp for JBL Control SB-1 Sub
  213. Building basic boombox
  214. Building an active prosound subwoofer.
  215. iraudamp9 amplifier click repeatedly and will not start
  216. Beginner build advice - starting from an amp board
  217. Class D speaker impedance
  218. Searching for the highest possible DF amp
  219. Kilpsh sub repair with cheap TPA3118 board
  220. difference between two tpa3116 amps
  221. possible for Topping TP21 to bridge and used as a mono block?
  222. Building a loud amp..help!
  223. Help for a first timer? Class D reccomendations
  224. DC Voltage Converter
  225. Connecting Power and RCA inputs to a TAS5630.
  226. Help troubleshooting broken sub amp (MS909W)
  227. TPA3116 4.1 Amplifier subwoofer issue
  228. Some Class-D questions!
  229. Class D Definitive Tech Troubleshooting
  230. 8 pole tpa3116-8
  231. Loud pops and crackling from Hypex PSC2.400d
  232. TAS5611 YJ board high pitched squeal over 16v
  233. What do I need to make the ICEpower amps work?
  234. Question about IRAUDAMP9 schematic
  235. Mosfet replacements for Mordaunt Short ms909w sub amp
  236. Boss NXD3500 car amplifier hooked to an Onkyo 7.2ch home amplifier
  237. Help with cheap amplifier purchase
  238. Sound improvment
  239. L30D
  240. TPA3116 Based 5.1 System
  241. NC400 vs ucd400 vs T4
  242. Why isn't this system LOUDER?
  243. L25D by LJM low amplification
  244. Mosfet Totem pole for giant class D amp
  245. Auto on/off for an Amp
  246. CLASS T amp with TA2022
  247. Help a beginner in choosing a 4 channel amp configuration
  248. MTX 81001
  249. Dayton Audio DTA-1/2 Sonic Impact Revision 2 pcb help
  250. Class D amplifier pops

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