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  1. Cerwin Vega Stealth SX440.4 Repair
  2. 4CH 1200W ICEPOWER AMP/ I changed it
  3. Class D newbie attempting project
  4. Lepai LP-2020A+ DC offset survey
  5. tas5630 and cap coupling the output
  6. Explanation and Basic Schematic of a Self Oscillating Class D Amplifier
  7. Which TDA to choose ?
  8. In search of a 8000 watt class d board?
  9. Bridged setup with 2 class D amps
  10. Anyone tried a UCD topology as a high level modulator for radio?
  11. TAS5630B output protection relay
  12. unstable class-d kit youtube beware
  13. TDA8950TH 2.1 digital Class D Amplifier audio input heeeeelp
  14. Noise from my TPA3122D2 amp
  15. Class D/T and radio interference?
  16. Indeed Mini Cute/SMSL Amp-03 dimensions
  17. TAS5630b 4-Channel PCB
  18. Stupid guy wants to build class D amp
  19. Cooked my Sure TDA7492 50wpc?
  20. citronic ppx 2400
  21. Ground Loop with USB 5v adaptor
  22. I need 12v for my class d module. Dont have the money for batteries lifepo4. help
  23. Amplifier w/swappable OP AMP (speakers)?
  24. Help wanted to build ICEpower 500ASP amplifier
  25. Class D IC running hot with just filter connected?
  26. what is the Output phase
  27. Simple Class D using IR2011
  28. Big Class D Recommendations
  29. What level of maturity has class D reached in the commercial industry??
  30. Crossover help
  31. New Sure TDA7492
  32. TA2024 AA-AB32155 gain regulation
  33. Fixed "mistakes" on great sch :)
  34. NC400 with linear PSU?
  35. stacking cores
  36. Broken Amp6
  37. Connex IRS2092 Amp Module Pinout?
  38. class D 1000 watts peak
  39. IR2011 and IRFB4019
  40. Topping TP60 vs HLLY TAMP-90 vs ?
  41. how to read a datasheet of power amplifier
  42. Phase Shift or Polarity Inversion??
  43. Inexpensive classD amp ?
  44. Diyparadise Gabrielle
  45. Fosgate MOSFET cant find any info?
  46. TDA7498 Class D Sure Amplifier modified
  47. Tk2050 : Sure Vs HifiMeDIY
  48. Hypex Amp meets RelaiXed Preamp
  49. the OVERLOADB pin on the TA2020
  50. Ideal Current Mode Class D (CMCD) question
  51. best place to by headphone amps ?
  52. Class d amplifier rail capacitors
  53. 1.5Kw class-d
  54. Tannoy TS12 has suddenly very low output
  55. Dual input T-style amp
  56. Custom boombox buzzes when you touch the controls (Lepai 2020) *pics*
  57. Boominator / Thodio IBox Replica Iphone Speaker System
  58. Sure Electronics TPA3122 amp power supply
  59. make changes sure 4x100 tk2050 amp...
  60. Predictive Energy Balancing amplifier
  61. Self oscillating class d with BD modulation, it's possible!
  62. Looking for suggestions
  63. Help understanding functionality of class d boards on ebay
  64. Amp6 Basic Assembly
  65. Level shifter turn-off acceleration
  66. Hypex Ds1.2 quick question.
  67. ICEpower 50ASX2 Build.
  68. Class D university project help
  69. IRS20124 eagle lib and ltspice model
  70. D2-Audio Bass Amp
  71. Amp in a Can
  72. Plate Amps?!?!?!
  73. infinity reference 310a
  74. Topping TP60 versus Marantz PM6004
  75. Class D amp in a vintage amp
  76. class d amp modules
  77. Your favourite self oscillating topology
  78. Need Help Choosing An Amp For A Kicker CVT 10, Possibly two!
  79. 41hz and Amp6b Fault
  80. Batteries and Class D
  81. Battery *SYSTEM* for portable class D
  82. 25W TDA7492 and 50W TDA7492 ???
  83. few amplifier choices in 12vdc, help!
  84. PCM3070 and TruePath software
  85. Amp suggestion for woofer.
  86. Drive channel inverted- How is this done right?
  87. DPS-500/D & CD254
  88. Hertz subwoofer with Hifonics amp.
  89. 6N137 LTspice model
  90. Volume control question
  91. Building a Hypex Ncore...
  92. Balanced current interleaved PWM class d output stage
  93. AMP15-PS-XP kit
  94. Choosing transformer VA-IcePower 500A into Scintilla
  95. MCD-255 advice needed!
  96. Tekko builds a smaller version of the BIG class D
  97. irs3000d
  98. icepower 125asx2
  99. Simple, yet decent triangular wave oscillator
  100. Lepai LP-2020A+ Vs. Lepai LP-168HA.
  101. sure electronics 2x100W blown??
  102. Sure Rotary Encoder implementation
  103. requesting Sinclair X-20, X-10 information
  104. Experimenting with tripath output filter
  105. SMSL SA-S1 low volume noise
  106. Lepai LP-V3 Killed my Tablet!
  107. AMP10 instructions
  108. Power connectors for Sure board
  109. Buy or Build?
  110. Need help choosing amp design for project
  111. IRAUDAMP 9 with 1700W 2 OHM - IRS2092 IC - who build an test
  112. Power up - loud snap
  113. Have on order car amp PPI P900.4 -> 4x100w 4 ohms w/12v, under $200 new....
  114. Active tube preamp with TDA7492 ?
  115. Looking for advice on selecting an amp for 12V supplied portable system
  116. Class D amp problem
  117. My new Hypex NC400 chassis
  118. Question about IR's iraudamp7s design
  119. I need Amp6-Basic assembly instructions
  120. Mos-Fets replacement
  121. ClassD Open Source Development Board
  122. caps for 4/8ohm with TA2020
  123. Flying Mole DAD-M100
  124. Tripath TK2050 into high impedance load
  125. Lepai T2020a relay
  126. Building (2) 10" Portable System, parts purchased
  127. TAS5630b PCB order for you ;-)
  128. Schematics for an opti2000d driver module
  129. Micrometals / Arnold inductor design software
  130. Solid Class D/Class T amp for party setting.
  131. No "AIR" in class D? Yes or No?
  132. sure electronics modules?
  133. Troubleshooting: T-amp with SLA battery, no sound output
  134. Linear Power Supply - How-To
  135. Redoing grease under transistors shorting out now
  136. 12,000W Amp with DSP for $599?
  137. Sure TDA7492 board - adding a standby and volume pot (bass amp)
  138. Newby help if you'd be so kind.
  139. kicker 750.1 Green light no sound
  140. Chapter Audio Couplet Any idea which D-Amp they use?
  141. pop up noise on Arjen's Mk2 t2020
  142. TAS5630B Heatsink Question
  143. Receiver & amp setup
  144. TDA8920BTH BTL, transformer question.
  145. Pioneer VSX-D711 "DSP NG"
  146. Help me understand the differences.
  147. Who sent me those Class-D amps to test?
  148. Hypex UCD180 (OEM) - how to bridge?
  149. High quality boards?
  150. INSOD-AMP
  151. MTX Thunder Elite 1501D Burnt Board
  152. Help with identifying TA2020 board
  153. TDA8950J hiss noise
  154. Small amp with Bluetooth (cheap) for desktop speakers?
  155. Adam A7x amp type?
  156. amps hums with only AC source input, help
  158. What's wrong with Class-D?
  159. Testing PKN XD2500 ClassD Amplifier On DUMMY Load.
  160. The most revealing, unforgiving and detailed class-T amplifier on the market ?
  161. amplifier going out with a pop. Bad ground?
  162. Arjen Helder's old version valve pre amp
  163. UCD400HG Module accidently shorted to chassis earth
  164. 41Hz Amp5 Driving Arcaydis DM1
  165. Tripath 0104/0105/2500 module mods?
  166. Small 12v Amps (50w RMS x2 @ 8ohms)
  167. TA-2020 amp with Bose Acoustimass
  168. mtx thunder elite 4001d thermal light on
  169. In search of the best value/performance amplifier... Is it possible?
  170. Car Amplifier Question
  171. SMPS stiffener cap?
  172. BASH Amp Repair Help (From Klipsch Synergy SUB-12)
  173. Audio Amplifier, Current Limiting Voltage Supply problem
  174. Listening to a hypex UcD and Ncore in alblasserdam Netherlands
  175. Loud noise from AMP6-Basic
  176. Sure TPA3122D2 Mods
  177. Quick Amp Capacitor Question
  178. Recommendation for Quad 22L
  179. Sure TK2050 AA-AB32186
  180. IGBT based class D amplifier
  181. Anyone have experiance with the Tripath TDA-2500/0105A modules?
  182. SMSL T-AMP problem
  183. Its not diy but what do people think about these TDA7498E amps on ebay.
  184. Class D amplifier from late 80's need help to repair
  185. lepai lp-2020a+ doesn't turn on, no relay click
  186. Sizing an SMPS power supply for an 8 channel amp.
  187. My class D amp
  188. PWM modulator for class D amp
  189. Starting class D amps, SMPS
  190. Buying a (ready to go) Class D sub amp
  191. Arjen's TA2024 MKV with bluetooth
  192. Is my L25D board connected correctly
  193. Lepai 2020A+
  194. Recommendation needed
  195. New Baby Boomers
  196. What's wrong with my ljm_ljm L25D board ?
  197. Sure IRS2092 Amp Issue, Please Help
  198. Charlize vs toppin tp-20
  199. toppin tp-20 pr arjen amps?
  200. Lepai 2020 - no sound at all!
  201. Upgrading an old Audiodigit?
  202. Behringer B212D woofer fail
  203. Bottlehead Quickie Tube Hybrid Class D Amp
  204. TA2021 treble/ta2020 bass
  205. Replacing the Potentiometer Dual Pot. for Lepai T2020A+
  206. New TPA3122D2 Kit
  207. Volume pot value too high?
  208. Are you getting back to TA2024 ?
  209. Any Suggestions?
  210. TPA models
  211. An amplifier for active setup
  212. how long will stocks of Tripath chips last ?
  213. troubleshooting Phase Technology DP 2000
  214. Low Pass filters for class-D audio testing??
  215. LC AUDIO class D
  216. Indeed TA2021 Class D amp anyone?
  217. why bother with DIY ! ?
  218. TK2050 Biasing and trafo coupling
  219. This cap looks blown...
  220. My camping rig 12-24v sla battery (TAS5613 or TA2020?)
  221. AutoTek SX5750 Diag
  222. Ipad Speaker Box
  223. CAD audio Class D V's FFA Audio Class D sample test
  224. Sure TPA3122 build
  225. Not Really Sure Where to post this. 12v power supply question
  226. pic microcontroller pwm for H bridge
  227. Class D VS. Class T, Help setup with passive speaker
  228. FM Interference
  229. New and compact TA2020 board - opinions?
  230. Want ICEPower 125ASX2
  231. 41hz Amp5 no sound
  232. Noob Help
  233. Amp6 smps quick question
  234. Ideas to make use of space left inside enclosure?
  235. 75 VA power amplifier for 2 ohm speakers
  236. SystemD_2kW, any interest for an open design?
  237. First amp project
  238. High frequency hiss using Hifimediy and a miniDSP - any ideas?
  239. Class D output filter Design and component selection
  240. How can this be!!!
  241. Installation project using T-2 by HiFiMe and balanced outputs
  242. Battery powered audio amp
  243. Caps Recomendation
  244. Amps
  245. Advise on preamp buffer with ta2020
  246. TDA8920-50 BJ J amplifier PCB needed, if not they will be made.
  247. Led blinking on ta2020 and smps after new caps
  248. Opinions on Sure-electronics - Want to build a system
  249. LP-2020A+ mod thread
  250. KingRex T20 or T20 modifications

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