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  2. ICEPower 125ASX2 Input Buffer?
  3. Dayton T amp Questions
  4. Your Toughts On Pioneer Elite SC-57
  5. 41hz amp9-basic asssembly instructions
  6. L25D
  7. Full-bridge vs half-bridge Class D amplifier?
  8. Signal detecting, power on circuits
  9. Sure TA2024 - Can I get a bit more volume?
  10. Idle power consumption
  11. Where are the commercial class D multichannel amps?fordable modules?
  12. SONOS + DAC + 125ASX2 Icepower - buffer needed?
  13. Improving Topping TP 22
  14. Upgrade UcD180ST to UcD180HG?
  15. Help With Pioneer Elite SC-57 - Output way too low
  16. B&W ASW 675 amp module repair
  17. Blown HIFONICS BXi-1600D (HIP4080AIPZ inside)
  18. Gemini
  19. Relationship between sound envelope, and Measures on Amps (Part-1)
  20. HV class D?
  21. First build: Basic wiring question‏
  22. using class d amps in a 2.1 system.
  23. Found a enclosure for my own 125ASX project
  24. Educational class-D circuit
  25. Clone of IRS2092 reference design board IRAUDAMP7S
  26. Hypex UCD180 Gain Change?
  27. bad Xtant 1001/x amp?
  28. Which class D amp sounds closest to a SET amp while driving full rangers?
  29. AudioPower (DPA-400) Sound pressure improvements?
  30. A Ncore question for Bruno Putzeys
  31. Help; Blown up lepai LP2020A+
  32. needing help with alpine V12 MRD-M500 amp repair
  33. Who is the No.1 in Class-D after Tripath?
  34. L20D IRS2092 basic questions
  35. lepai ta2020(b) no sound when reching high volume
  36. A/B testing board for high power amps
  37. Repair Failures
  38. Help me choose amps for active system..
  39. Charging CCTV li-ions via 5v USB
  40. alpine mrp m 1000
  41. TAS5613- shutting half of it down
  42. jl audio 1000/1 repair help please
  43. jl audio 1000/1 e11 020683
  44. jl audio 1000/1 board question
  45. Single power supply class d
  46. blown channel on Samson 308i class D
  47. Battery Charger broke my Class D amp?
  48. Tripath bi-amp suggestions?
  49. IRS2092 Through hole combined with SMD
  50. Preamp / buffer suggestions for TA2020 / TA2024 boards
  51. Powersoft k series step up
  52. Largest Class-D amp ever?
  53. No sound from Lepai TA2020, no current draw
  54. R174 to R177 values for MMATS 3500.1
  55. DIY 12v trigger
  56. Memphis 16-MCD1000 burnt gate resistors
  57. Arjen Helder TA2024 MKII Feedback Resistors
  58. Yet Another Boombox Thread
  59. Building Speaker with integrated 2020
  60. Class D TPA3122D2 Single sided, all thru hole components
  61. 2-ohm stable, but low power, amp?
  62. Buying a Class D AMP
  63. IRS2092 Through hole working design
  64. Class D amp with sagging input voltage?
  65. AMP KIT Suggestions?
  66. New finished sure TK2050
  67. Amp toast???
  68. Class D amp draws equally from + and -?
  69. Has anyone written a decent book on class d amp design?
  70. Help amplifying microcontroller PWM audio
  71. ClassD/T damping factor.
  72. T3 stereo 300W amplifer board
  73. King Rex PSU and pre amp
  74. Power entry module with filter or ferrit?
  75. The Uber eGaN Half-Bridge Module
  76. Tripath TA2022 / 6N22 tube hybrid
  77. Onkyo M506RS problems...
  78. Parralel TDA8950
  79. TPA3122 not working with 24V Switching PS
  80. noob question about sure's 2x100W amp
  81. what's the difference between SMPS and toroid +supply HG
  82. MiniDSP + CDA-254L + ?
  83. YAUSA - Yet Another Ucd (S?) Amp with SiLabs Chip
  84. class D, 70-80W, 8 OHM
  85. Altec Lansing IM7 IRF7379 Amp Problems
  86. Peak Power duration in guitar amp
  87. Help me with capacitor on board UcD400
  88. Has anyone compare the Sound between Coldamp Sonora, Hypex and Abletec?
  89. Helder Hi Fi TA2020 MKII turns off music
  90. Power supply oscillation and Class D?
  91. Pioneer PRS-D2000SPL problem
  92. CLASS AB Amplifier Vs CLASS D Amplifier
  93. Class D amplifier compensates for PSU?
  94. Where can I buy TA2022's with confidence?
  95. Class D Kenwood Excelon 401m HELP PLEASE
  96. Class D amplifier regulates the power flow?
  97. Heat
  98. Multilevel class-d
  99. Hard clipping classD
  100. Click and Pop TDA2050 32W Amp
  101. Recommend 12V mono amp please
  102. new to amp building
  103. Help! What I should buy?
  104. Arjen Tripath TA2020's (MKII VS MKIII)
  105. DC input jack has 3 terminals ?
  106. Yuanjing Tripath TA2020
  107. ICEpower asx2 line - the practical THD performance
  108. 250Volt N-channel mosfets for class d
  109. Distortion Tests - HifimeDIY T2 / LJM L20D / SURE TDA7498
  110. Suitcase Stereo revisited--Please help DIY--My last resort.
  111. rfi
  112. Charging T-amp battery
  113. class d amplifier line output advice
  114. Sure Electronics -- New low cost 25w-100W board
  115. Ucd400hg blew after 4 years
  116. Output transistor temperature changes with load characteristics..
  117. Driving capacitor with class-D
  118. Good fanless Mean-Well supplies, 24V+, 150-220W
  119. Tripath ta2020 MKIII
  120. Making the move from P-P tube power to Class D/T power...
  121. Can you help me to chose my D amps ?
  122. Which AMP Should I Use?
  123. Adapting old UPS for amplifier case, need help with some basics
  124. klipsch/Bash rw-10d amp broken. need guidance
  125. 7.1 or 5.1 TK2050 8-channel amplifier board
  126. Class D Sure Kit
  127. unsuccessful t-amp mod....please help
  128. OverUnity free energy Class D module
  129. Mini Boombox, what's wrong?
  130. TK2050 vs TDA7498
  131. Bel Canto
  132. Class D Measurements
  133. Mounting tk2050 sure boards in a case
  134. TA2020 vs 2022 vs TK2050
  135. Amplifier for car hi-power
  136. An amplifier without any heating
  137. Sure Tripath 2*100 - How Rise Output Power
  138. Ghettoblaster 2010 by Drakmin
  139. Mmats d class
  140. wanted: APT30M85BVR mosfet
  141. Interested in TAS5630DKDR EVM2 Board ?
  142. Help choosing a amp
  143. Audio Amplification in a Rowing Shell
  144. Yuanjing TDA8920B board unstable - 50KHz
  145. Tiny PAM8610 10W+10W board problems
  146. Improving Hifimediy t2
  147. Class D Amplifier with HIP4080A
  148. Underwater Communication
  149. Mmats class d
  150. GK MB2-500 Repair: Preliminary Q's
  151. Nuforce Icon Amp Dissassembly
  152. Audiolab 8000a vs Class D
  153. Which Hifimediy Board for these speakers?
  154. ICEPower 125ASX2 Measurements and Mods
  155. ta2020 anti "pop noise" relay - really needed?
  156. irs2092 schematic confirmation
  157. First Self Build - Found the Amp, PSU & Case - What Else Do I Need?
  158. Which T-Amp? SMSL SA-S3 or Topping TP21?
  159. New and improved version of my Backpack-Boombox
  160. Need help with TAS56**
  161. Volume control wiring
  162. JL E1400D Repair or Trouble shooting
  163. Topping TP20 mk2 5v
  164. Interfacing Class-D Output w/ Hi-Z Recording Equipment
  165. 8 Channel Class D Project TPA3122
  166. Power Supply for Class D Amplifiers
  167. Need help designing preamp + amplifier
  168. Class D for ultrasonic!
  169. Class D and low impedance load
  170. How do D amps compare?
  171. IRS2092 CSH
  173. Class D in an active 3 way system
  174. Using one channel only
  175. Connecting B & O Icepower 1000ASP with two 500A MKII
  176. Crunch BLX-1000D reanimation with IRS20955 gate driver trouble.
  177. I know this is DIY but where can I buy a Power Supply for my Kingrex?
  178. UPWM
  179. Supply for Class D amplifier not split?
  180. DIY Tripath TA3020 power amplifier
  181. Where can I get a Kingrex PSU in the US?
  182. About TA2022 design designers LJM
  183. MY DESIGN L20D IRS2092+IRFI4020H 200W8R
  184. powerphysics
  185. Matching pre-out Pioneer
  186. Creating a Sub Signal out
  187. Hypex vs. ICEPower vs. Tripath Compare and Contrast
  188. HiFiMeDIY T3 or T4 for Klipschorn & LaScala Woofers?
  189. newbe want to learn
  190. Minimizing distortion in self-oscillating switching amplifiers - some thoughts...
  191. A supersonic problem
  192. Separate Power Supply Case
  193. I blew my amp9.
  194. Alpine MRP-M1000 no sound
  195. rockford fosgate bd1500.1
  196. problem with hip4082
  197. Hifimediy T4 Gain adjustment
  198. simple question about sure 2x2w board
  199. Suggestions for a build.
  200. Triac Before Transformer?
  201. Best way to power a 5.1 system
  202. What Amp Tp Choose for theese Speakers
  203. sweet 40mm˛ 10+10W Amp :D
  204. Schematic Check Please: TPA3016D1
  205. Volume control for class D audio TI-600 amp
  206. 200w class d
  207. TPA3106D1 Class D Small board: 56x34mm
  208. 200 Watt RMS Class D
  209. ICEPower 250A PS
  210. ebay TA2022 amp board w/tube pre ..opinions?
  211. Cheap simple class d amp
  212. Input rail voltage for Class D amp?
  213. 2x 12v T-Amps on 1x 24v supply?
  214. First-timer: advice needed!
  215. Choice of caps for Class-D output filter ?
  216. Purpose-built Boominator PCB project
  217. JLHD750/1 sounds growls very loud!!!
  218. "Gold pin" Texas Instr. tripath TA2020 chips?
  219. Thinking about a wireless digital amp
  220. ICEpower 50asx2 modules
  221. Building the ultra light boombox
  222. Veldyne class D amp consumption?
  223. Problem Osc. Frequency - IRS2092 and IRFB4227
  224. Questions about Arjen's MKII-2020 - What D I Need?
  225. Abletec ALC1000 any experience?
  226. Whats the best budget T Amp?
  227. new MosFETs on the block...
  228. ta2020 power supply?
  229. Searching for producer of completed ,tested boards in China
  230. kicker kx1200.1
  231. Subamp 1000w
  232. Hifimediy T1, T2 or both to drive NHT SB-3's
  233. mtx 4250d powers on but lights out when sub hooked up
  234. No sound from Lepai / TA2020
  235. Cheap T-amp with DAC
  236. A discrete class D with HIP4082
  237. TK2050 with sub?
  238. 41Hz AMP10 input pot?
  239. TPA3122 power and output filter
  240. TK2050 Phono Trouble
  241. Yet another IRS2092 problem
  242. Truepath fets - What are they
  243. Various questions about Class Damplifier feedback
  244. First(ish) Amplifier project
  245. DTA-1 "losing volume"
  246. T106-2 VS T80-2 ?
  247. Fullbridge vs. not
  248. Hifonics BXi2006d not coming out of protect. Any advice?
  249. Class D SDS-254 Break In Period?
  250. Adding a 12volt trigger to B&O ICEPower modules

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