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  1. Integrating automotive OEM Class-D amps with after-market automotive amps
  2. Behringer iNuke NU3000 Measurements
  3. [IDEA] Class-D Multichannel amplifier
  4. output coil design for class-d amp???
  5. UcD180AD distorting
  6. TK2050 / TA2022 & Alternatives
  7. Power Amplifier design with multiple speaker drive capability
  9. tas5630 fan noise
  10. Best TK2050 assembled board?
  11. Any Tripath Pro amps similar to TK2050???
  12. Class D question
  13. finding a good mosfet pair
  14. Truepath amp options
  15. Newbie need help for TDA7377
  16. Sure TK2050 Bass
  17. Modifying input sensitivity on a TK2050
  18. Volume control by adjusting Voltage
  19. 6x100W TDA7498 Class-D Amplifier how to set up 5.1 surround
  20. Problem: designing a Class D with second order continuous time Delta-Sigma Modulator
  21. New to Lepai
  22. Sure 4x100w - how to connect to mp3? (newbie)
  23. Looking for project suggestions - Classs D or something else?
  24. Hypex SMPS400 + 2x UCD180 wiring (DC error, Auto Amplifier Enable, Amplifier Standby)
  25. Helder TA2020 MKII Start Up Pop
  26. TDA8924TH compatible replacements?
  27. simple question: is midpoint voltage setting for adjusting the DC Offset?
  28. AMP6-Basic vs. Topping TP20 mk2
  29. Better ICs=More Power?
  30. Class D: Triangle or Sawtooth?
  31. iraudamp9 problem!
  32. Place amp under shielded signal wires?
  33. Party Tricycle: UC Davis!
  34. JL Audio AMP MHD750.1 Turns on! Power goes from GREEN TO RED
  35. Hypex DSP2W with NC400?
  36. Powering Remote control kit for TK2050
  37. Advice on board for 4x OB woofers
  38. TK2050 vs TAS5630?
  39. Need Help With Amp Problem...
  40. Elementary Electronics Class D Amp.
  41. UMAC Class D?
  42. Analogue to I2S & PC to I2S
  43. high frequency switching tone reaching speakers
  44. TA2020 amp powering B&W 686?
  45. Apogee EB2100S
  46. Topping TP-22 / TK2050
  47. Class D amp simulations?
  48. Simulation of Class D amplifier?
  49. Why high voltage rails for Class D amp?
  50. Filterless Class D Switching Distortion
  51. Class D Audio Amps
  52. NewClassD
  53. Montreal T Amp designer wanted
  54. Hifimediy T1 low output with Iphone
  55. Fixing broken subwoofer plate amp. Where to start?
  56. how is digam powersoft. what is it secret ?
  57. UCD 2K for my 2 pcs of 18G50
  58. LDR Limiter for TA2020, TA2024, spirited playback without clipping.
  59. Tk2050 with sure rotary volume board
  60. hi can anyone help me with this circuit
  61. Headphone out circuit for TA2024C?
  62. Sure Tk2050 4x100 really quiet
  63. Class D Amplifiers for tweeters ?
  64. Hypex UcD700 vs NCore
  65. power acoustik bamf 4000/d resistor 101 and 201
  66. i need helping to build class D audio amplifier in 1 week
  67. how do you build direct digitl amp
  68. how do you build direct digital amp
  69. Multi-channel amp for Minidsp
  70. HIFIMEDIY connected to relay board, damaged relays
  71. paralleling PAM8403 two channels
  72. Will this take 4 speakers?
  73. L25D and SILK trafo passive preamp
  74. Ta3020 hybrid tube amp.
  75. System check up, using TA2020...
  76. 25Watt x 2 Amp Recommendation
  77. Anyone heard a Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 LFP-V?
  78. Winsome Labs Mouse best T-amp?
  79. bluetooth boombox noise problems... help!
  80. TAS5611 class D amplifier
  81. Sanway
  82. Class D output filter coil
  83. Concerns over powering class D amp
  84. TAS 56XX PCB, pls check it.
  85. Class D from China with Love!
  86. Use a BIPS module or a BTL from ljm with L15d?
  87. Did I break it?
  88. Help needed, reward for solution!
  89. HP Filter and Input Sensitivity
  90. Hifimediy T1 DC Offset problem
  91. Simple and Complete Class D
  92. Help a newb wire L25D
  93. Hypex 3 channel UcD/SMPS amp
  94. full digital amp/dac+computer
  95. Forward error correction of PWM amps
  96. Errr... TK2050 module for $20?
  97. L25D, L20D, or L15D
  98. Adding a PGA2311 a shoe-in?
  99. Building a regulated power supply for Lepai T-amp
  100. Unusual Parallel/Bridged Class D Design. Is it copasetic?
  101. Can L25D amps share a common large heat-sink?
  102. Class D Amp problems
  103. Volume Pot suggestions for Charlize 2
  104. Using 4 x l15d with SMPS500R
  105. Boominator Light
  106. Adding "home style" I/O to a "Pro" Amp
  107. Choosing power supplies for my L25d 8 channel amp.
  108. Arjen Helder TA2020 6ch amp...
  109. Using a tripath amp for a small, portable Karaoke setup?
  110. Help to interface with a TI TAS5508 based amp
  111. Taiwan startup offers Class-D power amp
  112. T amp what should I choose ?
  113. FETs for IRS2092
  114. Incorrect fetdriving?
  115. 6 channel Hypex ucd180 amp
  116. Beginner looking for advice regarding "cheap" DIY Class-D AMP
  117. amp protection light on
  118. Way to improve my Ta2020
  119. UcD on half a shoestring
  120. Has anyone compared hypex to IRS2092 amps?
  121. Suggestions...please...amp for tweeters...
  122. Plug-n-play multichannel amp using PE IRS2092 board?
  123. Whats the best Class D / T Amp?
  124. hifonics bxi1606d 1600 power problem
  125. Power supply question for Sure 2050 board...
  126. Just for fun: UcD on a shoestring
  127. Anyone bought this PE item?
  128. Teac A-L700P question...
  129. Crossfire VR1000D
  130. Pioneer GM-X574 trouble amp
  131. Sure amp board power supply?
  132. Class D Amplifier Choice
  133. iraudamp7s short cut protection
  134. My TAS5630DKD PCB
  135. Behringer iNuke NU3000 w/o any fan...?
  136. UcD project, Subwoofer class d amp, full h-bridge, single supply +50 V
  137. clueless novice in need of advice
  138. Biamping TA2024
  139. Power Amplifier and Power Supply Full PWM
  140. Connexelectronic SMPS & Pc Analog outputs.
  141. OOPS- dropped amp 1 inche, now annoying noise every second
  142. 120watt class d amplifier
  143. Help with Lepai LP-2020a+
  144. multichannel amp using irs2092 boot sync question
  145. IRS2092 Class-D Amplifier
  146. 6x100 Sure Amp Board considerations for HTPC
  147. Is DIY now costlier than (e.g.) Behringer?
  148. Differential phase splitter with level shift capability
  149. What would be a good amp for a first timer.
  150. low cost jitter measurement -117db
  151. low wattage mono amps
  152. Lepai TA2020 Clicking Sound
  153. new 2012 Sure Tripath boards, where are the moddable C's?
  154. Topping TP20 MK2 TA2020 mods
  155. Class D + No load = Shorted tda7492?
  156. Need help setting up new HIFIMEDIY T1
  157. T-Amp - Metallic/tinny sound ?
  158. QSC PL380
  159. Arjen TA2020 Help needed
  160. More output power at higher loads and less power at lower loads. How it is done ?
  161. Power Transistor Choices (New to Class D Design)
  162. Single Supply Class D - Any good ones
  163. PWM to Analog conversion.
  164. Connexelectronics ScalD_Amp2 Yet another IRS2092 amp but with 7? MOSFETS
  165. IRF540 in a jl audio 500/1
  166. Kenwood KAC-8104D replacment Hexfet
  167. New amp with dual power
  168. PAM8610 Issues
  169. Subamp,half or full bridge?
  170. Delay on tripath chips - biamping
  171. Rockford Fosgate T1500bd Spk and Pwr Screw Blocks
  172. Any good articles on Amp design?
  173. Connex 3020 Module mute function (v4)
  174. Planning a new boombox-build, help needed!
  175. How to design a fast level shifter for Boostrap capacitor
  176. Match Your Output Filter to Your Speakers - All Boards Welcome
  177. Commercial 'electrolyte-free' Class-D Power Amp models - Overview wanted
  178. Ultra Simple Class D
  179. Looking for some help on an iPhone speaker setup
  180. IRF PowIRaudio new 2012
  181. Looking at 4 - 2ch X 100watt TK2050's or similar. need suggestions
  182. ICEpower 1000a
  183. maxim 2.1 class d
  184. Can a D class give DC output?
  185. Choose an Amplifier
  186. PCM to PWM conversion 101
  187. Sound leaking on input selector - why?
  188. 200W @ 8OHM Class D HiFi Stereo Amp
  189. Whole-in-one setup for wireless small "audiophile" unit (based on Hifimediy products)
  190. Volume control.
  191. Slight crackle when starting new track TA2020
  192. Just found these... any use in Tripath amps?
  193. First Class D sub amp
  194. HifiMeDIY T2 suggestions for 4ohm loads.
  195. Hiss in Hypex PSC2.400
  196. Hifimediy T4
  197. Class D value for the money
  198. REF1000 Clone
  199. Class-D Output Filter - A Case Study
  200. Class-d for dummies?
  201. How to get THD vs freq graph Pspice.
  202. Soft Start, Loudspeaker protection or other? HELP!
  203. TCC TC-754 Schematics & Mods
  204. HIP4081A
  205. connecting hypex modules - HELP
  206. is it possible to run a sub channel through one of these?
  207. Car amp fryer of voice coils
  208. Sure TK2050 Zobel
  209. PowerPhysics amp question (or any ClassD kit amp)
  210. Will this work? Toroidal > Class D PS > (3) Sure 2X100
  211. Tripath amp from eBay
  212. why this class D power supply no high voltage side electronic cap?
  213. Amp 5 Schematic
  214. Preamp for Hypex UCD180
  215. How to reroute amp knob & dials? (Beginner project)
  216. About FR need help
  217. L25D Toroid
  218. Class D Crest factor?
  219. Simplest Audio Amp with 10 Watts - need help
  220. HELP: Building an amplifier.
  221. Level shifting with half brige
  222. Building a small ghettoblaster for mostly indoor use (TA2020)
  223. twisting cables
  224. Basic questions about the MKll TA2020
  225. Yet Another T-AMP Modder
  226. class D vs class AB current capability.
  227. IR2011 OrCAD Capture simulation model problem
  228. Power two 4*100W TK2050 boards with a 900W computer PSU?
  229. Class-D Output Filter Designs, SURE TDA7498 as example
  230. loop filter design in CT SDM question
  231. Sure Electronics 2x300W (TAS5630) & 2x250W (IRS2092)
  232. DIY PA amp?
  233. SureTA-2024 Board integrated in Lepai LP-2020 - Quad Channel amp
  234. discrete simple SODFA amp - questions
  235. High F noise interference from T-amp?
  236. looking for great sounding amp
  237. Arjen Helder TA2020 build question
  238. New Sure IRS2092 IRFI4020H part # AA-AB32291
  239. T-Amp sound/power - Am I missing something?
  240. anyone know this class D amp?
  241. USB inputs for digital amps?
  242. dual/quad class D inductors?
  243. Toggle between XLR and RCA input on Hypex?
  244. Warning irs2092 and IRFB4227
  245. Inside the MUSE Audio M21 EX2
  246. Error rates on pcbs.
  247. Boomcase Project!!
  248. TPA3125
  249. Hypex ST180 Power Supply LED
  250. Type of Plug for MKll Tripath TA2024 board

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